Genre: Thrash metal, Death metal
Band Members: Delirium – Vocals,
Whitevad – Lead guitars,
Maniac – Lead guitars,
DedMoroz – Bass guitar,
Doctor – Drums, percussion,
Nick – songwriter, sound producer
Hometown: Moskva


1.How was Pokerface created, and were did you start a band?

OlesWe don’t have a manager to support us, so we do it on our own.The band  started because, we wanted to be famous in Moscow in 2013. I like it a lot, that we are famous, and that we travel alot.I created Pokerface with the guitarist Sergey Mordashev and Dietrich.

2. You are on ”Step into Inferno tour”, what do you think about the tour?

DmitryWe have many difficulties playing a tour, because it is not our tour only. We were planing to go on a tour with band Tearless in Serbia and Croatia but they canceled there tour.We hope that the last part of the tour, will be as planned.We have 5 shows. One in Russia, one in Romania. We have concert’s in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Velika Plana and that’s all.

3. Which songs do you most like to play on your concert’s?

We don’t have a particular song, that we play on the concert’s.

4. What can you tell me about your second and latest album ”Divide and Rule”? 

DmitryWe realised the album in a difficult time. We didn’t know were to go or what to do, and we had a concert’s that we needed to play. We made this album step by step, and we found another gitarist, and then we recorded, and realised it in Semptember last year.

5. Which band is your role model?

Vadim: We don’t have a role model, and have our own path. We don’t have a lot of ifluences of other bands.


 6. What do you think about today’s metal scene?

AlexandraWe don’t have a metal scene in Russia. Metal scene is a market. We try to create a good music, for ourself’s.

7. You first EP ”Terror is Law” is it different from ”Divine and Rule”?

Dmitry: Yeah it was certanly differentWe recorded it with our former guitarist Sergey Mordashev. When he left the band. We made our own sound and style of music.

8. What do you think of the progress of the band?

Dmitry:  We became close to be famous band, with the last album. We have more plans for this year.

 9. Where whould you most like to held a concert?

Alexandra: We don’t know. I think that the concerts in Romania and Russia will be amazing.

 10. What would you say to your fans?

Alexandra: We are trying to do our best for you and for us, stay with us, we are trying to create a good music. We put a lot of effort and passion for our music, and we have a lot of passion for our music of course.





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VIOLENT: Check out the video for the song “Die For Thrash”

VIOLENT: Check out the video for the song “Die For Thrash”

  The Thrash Metal band Violent recently released the first video clip of his career. The chosen song was “Die For Thrash”, working music from the debut EP of the band, the well-received “Violent World” released in 2015.


  The direction and production of the music video were made by Andrew Nadler and Chibata Filmes, who have worked with the Jackdevil and School Thrash bands. Check it:


Production: Chibata Filmes

Director: Andrew Nadler

Images: Eani Paulo Apingorah


Related Sites:

Source: Sangue Frio Produções  

NoCleanSinging Streaming New SLUDGEHAMMER Track ‘Demons From The Woodwork’; New Album June 10

NoCleanSinging Streaming New SLUDGEHAMMER Track ‘Demons From The Woodwork’
New Album ‘The Fallen Sun’ Due Out June 10th


Upcoming Show Dates:

May 28 – Peterborough, ON – w/ Cryptelisk, Sacrificed Alliance, Anthropophagy – info

L-R – Chris Szarota – Vocals, Jeff Wilson – Guitars, Tyler Williams – Guitars, Dan Ayers – Bass/Vocals, Fernando Villalobos- Drums
Credit: Hayden John Wolf

       Set to unleash their debut full length album ‘The Fallen Sun’ officially on June 10th, Toronto, ON’s SLUDGEHAMMER have teamed up with for the premiere of their track ‘Demons From The Woodwork’ at the following link: 

“‘Demons From The Woodwork” was the last song written for ”The Fallen Sun”, but it’s actually the first song on the album. Looking back we were in such a great writing groove by that point. It was actually a pretty easy song to put together. We put it as the first track on the album because it kicks thing’s off with a serious jolt of energy. Also, it incorporates all the different elements that we love about metal and being in a metal band!” comments guitarist Jeff Wilson.

‘The Fallen Sun’ features eleven fist pounding tracks of dynamic vocal performances from lead vocalist Chris Szarota and bassist Dan Ayers, along with a showcase of mind bending guitar solos, heavy riffs and blistering drumming fury to follow up their 2014 EP ‘Organ Harvester’. The album was self-produced by the band and mixed by guitarist Tyler Williams and mastered by world renowned producer & engineer Lasse Lammert (Gloryhammer, Alestorm, Teramaze) at LSD Studio in Germany.


1. Demons From The Woodwork (4:02)
2. Intestines Entwined (5:02)
3. The Black Abyss (6:29)
4. Ectogenesis (4:34)
5. Carrion Eater (5:56)
6. Consuming Afterbirth (4:34)
7. Carnivorous Forest (5:08)
8. Utopian (5:45)
9. Revolting (4:46)
10. Organ Harvester (4:51)
11. Casualties (4:34)
Album Length: 55:48

Sludgehammer is a five piece Canadian metal band formed in 2013.  The band began with guitarist Jeff Wilson and drummer Fernando Villalobos jamming together, which quickly resulted in writing songs and searching for a full line up.  Their search led to vocalist Chris Szarota, who possessed an astonishing vocal ferocity and bassist and vocalist Dan Ayers, who passed the audition as a bassist and also revealed a golden voice.  Thus, the first incarnation of Sludgehammer was formed.

The four members worked hard over the next few months to put together a demo, which was released at the band’s first gig on November 22nd, 2013.  The demo was well received even though it was completely self-recorded and the gig offers kept on coming, along with new fans.

With the success of the demo, the band knew that it was time to step things up and hired producer Christian Anderson for their 2014 release, ‘Organ Harvester’.  During the writing sessions, the band decided that Chris and Dan should share vocal duties for this record, as Dan’s voice had been absent from the demo.  The dual vocals proved to be a force to be reckoned with and on August 11th, 2014 ‘Organ Harvester’ was released to rave reviews.

‘Organ Harvester’ gained both new fans and better shows, gathering serious momentum and solid name among the metal community.  However by 2015, after playing many gigs with the ‘Organ Harvester’ material it became very obvious that the fans were hungry for more.  The band began writing more songs for the next release and kept playing gigs, which led them to guitarist Tyler Williams.  Tyler was working as a sound man at the Atria in Oshawa, ON where Sludgehammer was playing, and after their performance, Tyler approached the band.  They set up a jam and in July 2015, Tyler Williams joined Sludgehammer.

The new five piece line up produced a much fuller sound as Jeff and Tyler began working together.  The old songs were given new life and badass new material was being written for their next release, titled ‘The Fallen Sun’.  The new songs featured dynamic vocal performances from Dan and Chris, mind bending guitar solos, heavy riffs and blistering drumming.  As the songs started to pile up, Sludgehammer discussed recording a full length album.  Tyler suggested that they record at his studio, Monolithic Productions.  The band set up shop there and are now ready to unleash ‘The Fallen Sun’ for release on June 10, 2016.

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Metal chaos and destruction

Metal chaos and destruction

metal chaos

METAL FEST-Madvro, Wolf’s Hunger, Pokerface,CounterIgnitioN, Upijtaj Prah (see gallery)


Belgrade Vrtoglavica

At Belgrade, there was held a festival called METAL FEST, held in Belgrade in club Vrtoglavica. There were five bands on this festival, and two of them were Wol’f Hunger and Pokerface. Approuching the club Vrtoglavica, there were people outside the club, waiting to get in the club, for the show to begane.

The bands delayed performances about for a half an hour. The people entered the club, and the first Serbain psychedelic stoner doom metal  band Madvro started playing in the almost empty club. The band played fiarce and loud.

The crowd supported them like they were a very famous band, and also they had a special guest, that played in one of the songs mouth organ, that was fitted awesome with the song.

metal chaos

The second band to play was Serbian thrash black metal band Wol’f Hunger, the club was almost full. The band’s was brutal, loud, in a very rage mood, that lift up the atmosphere in the club. band had a special guest Predrag Milovanovic, who perfomed a punk song with this band, a the song was very addictive.There were most pits,headbanging,screaming and the public gave the full support to the band, as they desirve it.

The next band was Russian thrash metal band Pokerface the stars of the night, they entered the club, and the show begane, the public in the full club went wild, there were ovations, most pit’s, headbanging, complete chaos. The female singer Alexandra Orlova was in a great mood, and also at the begging of the show she said: We are a band from Moscow, we are glad to be here in Serbia Belgrade. Alexandra Orlova the singer of the band, lift up the atmosphere to the most highest point, she was headbanging, dancing, screaming, all over the place, the whole time, and the whole band was in extreme amazing mood.She was cheering the audience, to go crazy with her and the band. The band was fiarce, loud, powerful and very incredible.

The next band that is going to play was Serbian thrash groove progressive metal CounterIgnitioN. They played were loud, powerful, they were great. The public supported them in the best way, in small numbers. The last band was Serbian Wartburg Rock ‘n’ Roll band Upitaj Prah, they music is interesting, and it was interesting to listen to them, they were different from other bands in the festival. This Festival was great, even with the small crowd, the festival was metal to the core. The bands were awesome, the club atmosphere was great. The stars of the night thrash metal Russians are the true thrash metal band, there music is the sweet punch to the face. Ultimate thrash metal band that proved with this concert way they are so unigue and special in thrash metal genre. METAL FEST is one of those festival, that has a cool relaxing vibe to it. Great atmosphere and festival,in the most best way.


Rating concert: 10/10

sapronConcert report: SAPRON

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Sercati sign endorsement deal with IK Multimedia, Pork Pie drums and Tone string cleaner!

Sercati sign endorsement deal with IK Multimedia, Pork Pie drums and Tone string cleaner!

Melodic black metal act Sercati are proud to announce the cooperation with 3 new brands:

Приказује се Приказује се Приказује се Приказује се Приказује се sercati

Ik multimedia for Amplitube 4
Pork pie drums for a drums
Tone gear for string cleaner

Sercati statement:
“SERCATI are glad to benefit from new endorsements : TONE GEAR for the essential String cleaners, PORK PIE PERCUSSION for their powerful drum kit and IK MULTIMEDIA for all the digital stuff, especially AmpliTube.
Don’t hesitate to go check their merchandise. Also, don’t forget our other supports : SKULL STRINGS, NO LOGO PICKS, JOYO PEDALS and MSM WORKSHOP”


About Sercati:

Thanks to Carlo Bellotti Publishing, who found an amazing sound engineer for the recording and a label, Casket Music (Copro records), to produce « Tales Of The Fallen ». For the recording of the album, the band needed a real drummer instead of the rythmbox used before. That is how, in november, Yannick, a good friend of the band, joined them. Still, the whole band thinks that the best pieces are yet to come. Early 2012, the band left Casket Music to sign with a serbian label, Grom Records, to re-release the first album and produce a second one. Steve is sponsored by the strings Skull Strings and picks from Nologo Picks. And it’s in june 2013 that Nicolas left the band and the other members say welcome to Florian and later in 2014, Olivier Clément comes to play guitar in Sercati. Florian left the band few mounth later and finally Simon join the band in december 2014.”
“Sercati’s story began in 2009, after a recording session between Steve, Damien & Nico. Songs were created and recorded for a half a year before a first demo, simply called “Sercati”, was made. The second, “The Night Stalker” was recorded a little while after.

We remind you that Sercati’s last album “The Rise of The Nightstalker” is available for purchase via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group.

Source: WormholeDeath

Carmine Cristallo-Subliminar Fear

Carmine Cristallo-Subliminar Fear

  • Gangre: Melodic Blast Metal – Death/Modern/Electronic
  • Band Members:
    Alessio Morella (Bass)
    Carmine Cristallo (Vocals)
    Doddo Murgolo (Guitars)
    Matteo De Bellis (Vocals)
    Rino Lanotte (Drums)
  • Hometown: Barletta / Baricarmine-cristallo-subliminar-fear

1.How did you came up with the idea to create Subliminar Fear?

Hello, it’s a very pleasure to be here and to talk about our project with you. Initially, SF was born from an idea to have fun only. We wanted to play just our prefer bands songs like In Flames or At The Gates and nothing more. After some years, like all bands, we started to write our material and we liked that we were creating together. If I look in the past years, when we started this project, I realize how many things they are changed in our musical tastes and the way to write songs. About that first line-up, the founder members remained are Alessio, Domenico and me.

2.What do you think about the progress of the band?

I like to think that our first season is finished. When we started this project we played a melodic death metal with thrash and metal-core elements and in our first two albums you can listen this for sure without doubts. In the past, there are been also many changes in line-up and this didn’t help our sound’s evolution. Domenico and me, the main writers of the songs, split from the band for some years and the second album is been released in a strange situation and with no stability. I have to admit that we would arrange the songs and all work in a more professional way. But it is in the past. When we started to talk about a new album and I back in the band, we felt many things were changed with new musical experiences and also many new influences that we wanted to include in our music. We needed to involve our sound in something personal and we worked hard on this. With “Escape from Leviathan” we started like a new life for the band with more defined personality and with improved skills. I can say we are in our best moment and we will continue to work in this way.

3.How can your describe your musical style?

“Escape from Leviathan” presents a modern metal with many influences. Really I don’t like to catalog the music but of course it’s helpful to make understand and describe it to new fans. For me it’s a perfect mix between melodic and extreme metal and also it shows groove-oriented parts and industrial sounds. I think it can be appreciate by all people that love contaminations in music. Now our sound has grown because we has grown like musicians and we needed to evolve all is around us too. We have chosen to change our skin and to make alive our project.

4. Your realised the album “Escape From Leviathan” , what can you tell me about the album, and about the lyrics on the album?

We started to work on this album in the beginning of 2014 and the songwriting process is been quite long cause, like I said before, we decided to arrange songs with a fresh and modern style, going over the genre of melodic death metal. The electronic parts and synths are the very new element in our sound. They are been arranged by Botys Beezart that he has co-produced this album with us. He is really a talented musician and we thank him for to be part of this project. After this I can add to list of new things also the new way to arrange the songs with a more groove-oriented guitar riffing, a more technical drumming and the mix of melodies from many kind of metal genres with extreme parts too. About concept of the album, it’s a futuristic and apocalyptic vision of our society. Concurrently with the music style we changed also the topics of our lyrics. They talk about a society that guide us and control us with new technologies, something is not so much far from reality, and at the same time the machines we created they control us subconsciously. This concept is been inspired by sci-fi movies like Terminator, Matrix and Blade Runner.

5. Which band is your role model, Do you have a influences form other musical genres except metal?

I can say we have many influences but not a real model band that we follow faithfully. We look at their music’s creativity and we hope to repeat these results. I like to listen also other musical genres like pop or rock music but I don’t feel to say they are a real influence in our songs also if in our new album you can hear some echoes from ’80 pop music, specially in some melodies and in synths. 


6. What are you listening the most right know?

Always I try to listen most of the new music released specially of my prefer bands. Now is impossible to follow all new releases like when we were young metal heads! Lately I liked the new albums of two Italian bands: The Foreshadowing and Novembre. This is a demonstration that our scene doesn’t have anything less of the others and of course it needs attention from media.

7. What do you think about today’s metal scene?

The metal scene is yet rich of talented musicians and bands, also here in Italy. Here a bit of things are changed from we started like band. Social networks have changed in positive the way to reach people everywhere but, at least in my country, I see few people in live gigs and this is not good to make alive our scene. The live clubs or events are very difficult to find and if you want play to promote own music only you can hope in some pay-to-play event. I mean it’s not wrong this, but it must not to be the only way.

8.Do you have a plan to go on tour?

Of course yes! In these weeks we are working hard in our studio to arrange our live shows. Soon we will be on the road and I’m curious to see what people will say about new material and about new line up. After September we want to bring our music in many places we can, small or big events don’t care.

9. Where would you most like to held a concert?

Till now, our best live experiences are been in summer festivals. It’s something amazing to share stage with important bands and to know talented musicians also from unknown bands. It makes you grow yourself too.

10. What’s your plan for the future?

The main plan will be to promote the new album with live shows and I hope we will have some opportunities to do it also out of our country. Our new album is receiving good response specially out of Italy thanks also to Inverse Records and their work. I feel like this moment is the best for us and I’m looking to write new material soon.


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Rating cover: AJATARA

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One Man Death Metal Band GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM Stream New Track ‘Burning At The Stake’

One Man Death Metal Band GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM Stream New Track ‘Burning At The Stake’

Debut Album ‘Demonic Inquisition’ Out June 15th via Satanath Records / More Hate Productions

Grotesque-Ceremonium, Burning At The Stake, Demonic Inguistion,One-Man band

A co-release between Satanath Records with More Hate Productions: New album “Demonic Inquisition” from Turkish one man death metal bandGrotesque Ceremonium is set to be unleashed on June 15th. The debut full length is a concept album about medieval dark times and inquisitions during the middle ages where all punishment methods were performed by demons and Baphomets evil army against all believers of God. Lyrical themes touch upon witchcraft, demonic punishments and tortures in the depths of hell and the satanic temple of Baphomet. Dedicated to all evil goats worldwide with eight new songs plus an Incantation cover song ‘Profanation’.

The band’s single ‘Burning At The Stake’ is now streaming at the following link:

Album pre-order

Grotesque-Ceremonium,Burning At The Stake, Demonic Inguistion,One-Man band

1. Defiled Spirits Of Unholy Torments (4:52)
2. Demonic Inquisition (6:28)
3. Burned At The Stake (3:08)
4. Malefizhaus & Hexengefangnis (5:24)
5. Barbaric Apostasy (5:49)
6. Agonized Screams Of The Damned (3:53)
7. In The Cauldrons Of Hell (4:47)
8. Crushing Morbid Death (2:53)
9. Profanation (Incantation cover) (5:04)
Album Length: 42:23

Grotesque Ceremonium was formed in 2014 in Ankara , Turkey as a one man unholy old school death metal band influenced by early 90’s dark, putrid evil with influences such as early Incantation, Autopsy & Winter. Their 2014 debut EP ‘Blasphemous Goat Observance’ was a self-released tape, later unleashed by Mexican label American Line Prods as 100 limited edition copies.

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SUICIDAL ANGELS: New lyrics video ”Capital of War”

SUICIDAL ANGELS: New lyrics video ”Capital of War”

Suicidal Angels, Capital of War, Division of Blood


Legendary Greek thrash metal band realised a second lyrics video of the song ”Capital of War” from thier upcoming album ”Divison of Blood”, which is going to be realised in 27th May, via NoiseArt Records. The limited edition of ”Division Blood” encludes the bonus DVD, conguering Europe with live show from 2015, and a tour documentary and interviews, and also a bastage footage. Enjoy this very apocalyptic thrash metal song and video.




Genre: modern thrash / death metal
Band Members:
Ilya Chikotin – guitars;
Alexander “Jesus” Zyablitskikh (Vspolokh) – guitars;
Denis Kovalev – drums;
Alexander Cherepanov (Sunless Rise) – vox;
Anton Malahov – bass
Home town: Siberia, Russia

  1. How the band started?

Our band formed in 2011. We were playing different covers on band like Exodus, Testament, The Haunted, Annihilator, etc. A year latter we start to write own material, we made demo with two songs called “Justice” and “Holocaust”. After some gigs we made our single “Consumer’.

  1. Which band is your role model?

Probably it’s The Haunted

  1. What do You think about today’s metal scene?

I think it’s hard times for metal, but anyway it will always live, because there much people who like it. Сheap recording and internet made oversaturated market and therefore is very great competition, while people dont have time to hear all of that.

    4. How would you describe in one sentence your work?

Im just a stundent that wants to left some impact in the metal world.

  1. Why did you decide to play this musical direction?

I listen thrash most of time. But we have impact from death, groove metal. All that music exciting and causes a lot of emotion, that makes u feel much better.

    6. Where would you most like to play a concert?

at Wacken Open Air

  1. Do you think that the  metal festivals are enough visited?

In recent years there are not so much people who visits metal festivals as it was 5 years before for example. I think that people are becoming more lazy.

  1. What are you listening to the most right now?

Revocation, Gojira

  1. What would you say to your fans?

Listen our songs, and get prepared to World Wide War

  1. What are your plans for the future?

We wanna to release our first album that called World Wide War. Also we started to write new songs.


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Rating cover: AJATARA

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