Ex Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison join forces with Attila Csihar from MAYHEM and SUNN 0)))), and with the members of DRAGONFORCE and CHIMAIRA and created a supergroup SINSAENUM.


Ex Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison join forces with Attila Csihar from MAYHEM and SUNN 0)))), and with the members of DRAGONFORCE and CHIMAIRA and created a supergroup SINSAENUM.

Ex Slipknot member Joey Jordison, Mayhem, Chimaira, DragonForce,Seth


Ex Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison join forces with Attila Csihar from MAYHEM and SUNN 0)))), and with the members of DRAGONFORCE and CHIMAIRA and created a supergroup  SINSAENUM. The bassist of DRAGONFORCE Frédéric Leclercq is also in this supergroup on guitar, and SETH Heimoth on bass, and the former  vocalist Dååth and CHIMAIRA Sean Zatorsky.

SINSAENUM’s debut album will be realised in July 29 via Peccatum Records, the album is called ”Echoes Of  The Tortured”.

DIABOLICAL FUNERAL: Check the name and cover of the new Full Length

DIABOLICAL FUNERAL: Check the name and cover of the new Full Length

Diabolical Funeral, The Black Supper,A Ceia Negra


EPK: http://www.sanguefrioproducoes.com/bandas/Diabolical+Funeral/14

 The Diabolical funeral band recently released art and name of the new job. Scheduled for the second half of 2016 the album will be called “A Ceia Negra” and will feature 15 songs, 13 previously unreleased, a cover of the classic band Burzum and also a song from the band Death Calls with the participation of vocalist Lord Satan.

 The cover was made by the artist Thiago Boller who also worked with the bands Em Ruínas, Harpago, Antroforce and Murdeath. Now check out the new album cover “The Black Supper”:

Diabolical Funeral, The Black Supper,A Ceia Negra


 The band recently released the music video for the song “Ritual Diabólico” that will be present in the new full length, check out:



 The launch will be made by the label Cold Blood Records in partnership with other labels. Interested contact the following addresses:

Site: www.sanguefrioproducoes.com/contato

E-mail: contato@sanguefrioproducoes.com

Contact for concerts and advice: www.sanguefrioproducoes.com/contato

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OUT NOW! Vancouver Symphonic Metal CELESTIAL RUIN New EP ‘Pandora’

Upcoming Show Dates:

May 21 – Vancouver, BC – The Venue – info (CD Release Show)
Aug 25-28 – Metalocalypstick Fest – Valemount, BC – info

Celestial Ruin, Pandora

       Today is day! The box has been opened and what does ‘Pandora’ have in store for you….

Vancouver, BC’s European influenced symphonic metal band CELESTIAL RUIN‘s new EP ‘Pandora’ is now available as of May 20th viaiTunes and www.CelestialRuin.com to follow their 2012 debut album ‘The Awakening’. Combining a heavenly destruction of heavy riffs with beautiful melodies, their catchy, singable and epic tunes draw on lyrical themes of fantasy and horror.

“The music on ‘Pandora’ is about unleashing chaos, beauty and all emotions into the world. It celebrates both the joy and the pain that emotions can create. The lyrics on this release come from a mix of personal experiences and fantasy elements. Most of the were written during a time when Larissa was going through recovery from a surgery and was unable to speak, sing and barely able to stand up. So the frustration, sadness, anger and fear she felt during her recovery created “Pandora”.” says drummer Adam Todd.

EP StreamYoutube | Metal-Rules

Celestial Ruin, Pandora

1. Murder of Crows (3:52)
2. Sense of Exile (4:17) [Free Download | Lyric Video]
3. No Quarter (4:34)
4. Nevermore (5:55)
5. Firestorm (4:53)
EP Length: 23:32

For more info, please visit: http://www.celestialruin.com/



Canadian band CELESTIAL RUIN is styled after European Symphonic Rock/Metal but executed with a decidedly North American flavor. Combining a heavenly destruction of heavy riffs with beautiful melodies, CELESTIAL RUIN create catchy, singable melodies, and rich symphonic textures. The compositions are “epic” by all accounts. Lyrical themes are mainly drawn from fantasy and horror, sometimes implying deeper meanings, sometimes just celebrating the subject matter.
Based out of Vancouver, BC, CELESTIAL RUIN started taking the scene by storm with their debut album “The Awakening”. Receiving favorable reviews in publications such as Rockstar Weekly Magazine professing a 4/5 star rating declaring, “If The Awakening is only the beginning of things to come, you’d best get on board now while the getting’s good.”
After successful 2012 and 2013 summer tours, CELESTIAL RUIN was offered many opportunities that included opening slots with Stone Temple Pilots, Leaves Eyes, Moonspell and being a featured performer for Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week for two consecutive years.
CELESTIAL RUIN is always looking for the next unique avenue to expose their distinctive sound. “We play in the grey area of rock music, we are too heavy for rock, but not heavy enough for metal” comments vocalist Larissa Dawn.
This is a praise that has been mirrored in many live reviews including Beat Route Magazine stating, “Celestial Ruin appears to be in a sub-genre scene of one…their differences are working to their advantage”.
From September- December 2015 they completed a cross Canada tour (Out of Exile) and are now preparing for the release of their 2016 EP ‘Pandora’ produced by Joost Van Den Broek (Epica, Revamp, Xandria).
“As a significant jump forward from our debut album, from song writing to production, this EP was a journey that allowed to us grow, and we hope that fans will grow with us.” says Larissa Dawn.
A collaborative writing effort by CELESTIAL RUIN, the May 20th release of ‘Pandora’ will showcase the best of their best shared with fans new and old alike.

Source: Asher Media Relations

Finnish progressive metal act I/O releases new single!

Finnish progressive metal act I/O releases new single!

Young and powerful Finnish progressive metal act I/O has released a new single called “3 Out of 5”.

Combining progressive metal and classic rock elements, the band delivers catchy and unique-style music. The band is known for their talented live performances and this summer they are performing in one of the biggest music festivals in Finland.

3 Out of 5 in Spotify:


Promo picture by Carolin Büttner (free to publish)

With the support of session members from Cønstantine, the band has made two singles to be released in 2016. The first single ”3 Out of 5” is now available on Spotify, iTunes and all other streaming services.

I/O’s highlight for the summer 2016 is to perform on the South Park-festival held in Tampere, Finland!

The band is currently working on a full-lenght debut which is planned to release on 2017.

Single cover by Dylan Jones (free to publish)


WEBSITE: http://www.iosite.net/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/IOsite/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/iosite

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/islasho/

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7MaJhnFyqzZiH9sGM0Ay2e

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2B6wMVfnRVkiG2d4sMO_rw

BANDCAMP: https://iosite.bandcamp.com/

Source:  Inverse Records

VESPERIA Announce ‘The Tempests Over Ontario Tour’ (May/June)

VESPERIA Announce ‘The Tempests Over Ontario Tour’ (May/June)

The Tempests Over Ontario Tour, Vesperia
L-R – Casey Elliott (Guitar), Morgan Rider (Vocals, Bass), Frankie Caracci (Guitar), Dylan Gowan (Drums)


Live at Wacken Open Air 2015 – Watch here.
EP Stream – The Iron Tempests – Listen here.
Music Video – The Western Tempests – Watch here.


       Recently wrapping up their cross Canada tour with Finnish metal masters KALMAH during the month of April, VESPERIA are proud to announce they will be back on the road for dates in Ontario during the months of May and June for ‘The Tempests Over Ontario Tour’. The tour will also include VESPERIA headlining the Kitchener Metalfest on May 28th plus being local support for the June 1st tour stop of Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and Primal Fear at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto, ON.

“After touring from coast to coast with Finland’s Kalmah, we have decided to do a short run of shows in our home province! All these towns have a significant history for the band and how we got our start. We also cant wait to share the stage with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and Primal Fear during their Toronto stop!” comments vocalist / bassist Morgan Rider.

The Tempests Over Ontario Tour. Vesperia

May 26 – Windsor, ON – Rockstar
May 27 – London, ON – Grinning Gator
May 28 – Kitchener, ON @ Wax Nightclub (Kitchener Metalfest) – Event info
June 1 – Toronto, ON – Virgin Mobile Mod Club w/ Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Primal Fear – Event info
June 4 – North Bay, ON – Fraser
June 5 – Sudbury, ON – The Asylum

After tour, VESPERIA will also be completing the recording of their new album to follow to 2015’s ‘The Iron Tempests’ EP. The album is being recorded at Blue Sound & Music Studios in Toronto, Canada with engineer/ producer Russ Mackay (Mastodon, Iron Maiden, Styx) and will feature an array of famous Canadian guest musicians with the art created by Juno award-winning artist Hugh Syme (Rush, Nevermore, Dream Theater).

VESPERIA launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise over $5,000 to record the new album giving fans many special and unique perks for their contributions, including mead made by the band’s front man Morgan Rider, drinking horns, album pre-releases, the bands stage banners and much more! For all details on contributions, please visit the following link: https://www.indiegogo.com/at/new-vesperia-album


The cloudy beginnings of VESPERIA lay etched in the gorged bodies of former musical projects among the now four-member band. Twisting, writhing and forcing their aural onslaught upon metal audiences across the globe have sincerely ensured the band’s continuity through all the harsh and arduous battles modern metal bands are bound to encounter in their tenures.
Established in 2012 by vocalist/ bassist Morgan Rider, the sound, direction and theme of the music quickly and naturally evolved into the style of fierce and heroic metal the band is now known and praised for.
Shortly after releasing their first full-length album Voyage from Vinland, VESPERIA redefined themselves and further focused their direction with the 2012 demo, The Swordsman. In 2013, the band independently funded and released their 2nd full-length album An Olden Tale, drawing the ears and attention of metal fans around the world and demonstrating their true mastery of their craft. During that same year, the band also independently funded and completed several Canadian tours to support the album.
Early 2015 saw the band enter the studio once again to record some demo material, which would become The Iron Tempests EP. During this time, the band toured Canada from coast to coast and also made an appearance at Wacken Open Air in Germany, where they won the title of 2015 International Wacken Battle Champions, a second time win for the band’s frontman, Morgan.
With their most fierce music written to date and a bounty of opportunity awaiting, VESPERIA continue to hungrily eye 2015 as the year they will make their mark upon the Earth.

Nick Menza Former Megadeth drummer passed away at age of 51.

Nick Menza Former Megadeth drummer  passed away at age of 51.


Nick Menza

Nick Menza a former drummer of Legendary American thrash metal band dies at age of 51, from a heart failure, while perfoming with his band at the club, The Baked Potato in LA with his band OHM.

Dave Mustaine a frontman of Megadeth post a comment about Nick Menza, Saying this at Twitter:

”TELL ME THIS ISN’T TRUE! I woke at 4 AM to hear Nick Menza passed away on 5/21 playing his drums w/Ohm at the Baked Potato”

The Legendary Musician was notably known for his drumming skills and technique. With Megadeth, Menza had recorded albums such as Rust in Peace (1990), Countdown to Extinction (1992), Youthanasia (1994), Hidden Treasures 1995), Cryptic Writings (1997) and since his departure from Megadeth he had collaborated with diverse musicians but yet had done some guest drumming on Megadeth’s album post-Menza.


Blood Moon Hysteria- Crimson Sky

Blood Moon Hysteria front cover
2.Blood Moon Hysteria
3.Crimson Sky

Norwegian atmospheric metal band realised the EP. This EP is guite interesting, and something new to metal music, basicly alternative atmospheric metal album.

On the EP it can be heard this hypnotic atmospheric sound, that made this album very dark and very in trance style, there is also the influence of rock music, that is very interesting influence for the EP.

The clean vocal is guite interesting too, it has that rock trance vibe to it, the uclean vocal is integrated phenomenally with the clean vocal, both sound perfectly with each other.

Tehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This EP will take you throught a ride of darkness,mystery, death, depression, coldness.

Blood Moon Hysteria is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners.This band is a very good atmospheric metal band, with great alternative music influences to it.


sapronRating album: SAPRON

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Blood Moon Hysteria (Norway) sign with Wormholedeath and release their EP “Crimson Sky”!

Blood Moon Hysteria (Norway) sign with Wormholedeath and release their EP “Crimson Sky”!

 We are proud to announce that norwegian atmospheric metal combo Blood Moon Hysteria have signed a deal for the worldwide digital release of their EP “Crimson Sky”with WormholeDeath Records!
The digital release date has been set for June the 16th!!

“Crimson Sky”

Blood Moon Hysteria

2.Blood Moon Hysteria
3.Crimson Sky

“Blood Moon Hysteria was founded in 2015 by Runar Beyond. The reason was to make music that is heavy and atmospheric.
With a focus on electric guitars, deep bass, eerie mellotron and fuzzy vocals. All mixed together with a dose of norwegian melancholy. And the spirit of this crooked world.

Band links:

Source: WormholeDeath

ASKE: “If we do cause some discomfort, then we can touch the wound”

ASKE: “If we do cause some discomfort, then we can touch the wound”


EPK: http://www.sanguefrioproducoes.com/bandas/Aske/27

The Aske band participated in the seventeenth edition of the Sangue Frio Produções radio show and an interesting interview the band talked a bit about its beginnings to its current lineup, citing their current jobs, their future projects, such as the first music video career and also methods used to work in the composition.

Every composition, word or riff has a lot of what we live; a tune that carries some personal emotion and it will always be notorious. On “Once…” the album artwork makes it clear: Jesus, the icon of kindness, is being nailed for a second time – you can see the first hole in his hand. As if we disown the imposed moral or dogma and the doctrine which destroys the wisdom, as often as necessary.
If it causes a stir, we get to touch the wound hosted in the blind morals. Many other bands do that, I know, but if it still causes uncomfort it’s because the society still didn’t get rid of the doctrine which treats the different as minority or in a prejudicial way.”

Now check out issue #17 Sangue Frio Produções radio show:

Read the full interview transcribed into English here: http://bit.ly/AskeInterview

Contact for concerts and advice: www.sanguefrioproducoes.com/contato

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Ragestorm released new videoclip!

Ragestorm released new videoclip!

Italian death metallers Ragestorm released new videoclip!

Death Metal addicts, Beer drinkers, Ignorance worshippers… that’s Ragestorm.

Born in summer 2004 as a joke, the band went through major line up changes and shredded the first stage in 2005.

In the early 2006 they recorded the first demo called “Storm Inside” and did a mini-tour around Northern Italy  supported by a quickly growing following and media hype.

Following the early demo, a new recording titled “Someone Hears?” got released and entered straight the charts as  “Demo of the month” on Metal Hammer Italy, Metalitalia.com and Metal Storm Magazine (USA), also getting air time on Metal Head Radio

By the 2008, Ragestorm got again into the Demo of the month charts on Metal Hammer Italy and Metalitalia.com with the production titled ‘The Passion’, supporting the release with intense live activity throughout 2009 and 2010, playing shows in Swiss, Netherlands (supporting Rotting Christ @ 2009 edition of Eggfest)  as well as Rome, Turin, Brescia and Aosta, also supporting big names like Linea 77, Extrema and Subsonica.

In May 2010 , Ragestorm released their fourth EP called “The Meatgrinder Manifesto” which is the most extreme and complete production thy ever recorded, soon to be followed by The Thin Line Between Hope and Ruin (Sliptrick Records 2016)