Female metal power

Female metal power


Nemesis, Jenner, Wolf ‘ Hunger, Nervosa, War-Head (see gallery)

Nemesis, Jenner, WolfHunger, Nervosa, War-Head- On the boat in Belgrade, Legendary female- Brazillian thrash metal band Nervosa held the concert. When approuching the boad, it can be seen that the fans where waiting to enter the boad. The small crowd in front of the boad, where true fans of the band, and the other bands, and they where here to gave a support to all of the bands on the boad, the bands were late about 30 minutes, so after that the show has begone.

The first act to perform was Serbian female melodic death metal Nemesis. The ladies were amazing , they were fearless, fast, loud, and in a good mood. The crowd support them fully, they were headbanging, screaming, cheering. The band also played a covers of, Legendary Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy, the songs where Nemesisand War Eternal, The live covers where awesome, the vocalist Sanja, completly demonstrated the power of melodic death metal, with her vocals, and she sounded almost the same, as the singers of Arch Enemy. The girls rocked the boad they were in good mood, and the crowd was saticfied.

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The second act was Serbian female speed thrash metal band Jenner, the crowd was cheering, supporting the band, and every time they finished the song, the band got the ovation, the crow hadbanged, screamed. The band played cover of the Legendary American thrash metal band Megadeth, and the song was Tornado of Souls, the cover was very interesting in female version, it gave the song something different to it, the rest of the band totally mastered the song, awesome live cover. The band was playing fast, loud, powerful. The band got of the stage, leaving the fans saticfied and happy. The third act was Serbian black thrash metal band Wolfs Hunger they got on the stage, and the show began. The crowd was hadbanging, screaming, the band played brutal, raw, loud, fast. They had a special guests Predrag Milovanovic and Srcan Ranisavljevic from the Serbian thrash hardcore black  metal band Putrid Blood , Predrag perfomed with the band a punk song, and the crowd reacted very good to it.The band keep on playing on and they left the stage.

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The finally, the time has come for the Legendary Thrash metal band Nervosa to play. They got on the stage, and the crowd went wild, crazy, totaly insane, they played brutal, fast, fearless, with the anger in their eyes, like real thrash metal band. The singer Fernanda said, thank you for coming, we are glad to be first time in Belgrade, and the show continued, there were headbangging, screaming, ovations every time they announce the next song, they played there songs from their new album Agony, and the older songs too, the most amazing thing was that they let the crowd sing with them on the stage, it was insane the fans sing the songs with them on the stage, amazing and awesome atmosphere, the time went on, and the band played their last song, and got of the stage.


The last band was Croatian death thrash metal band War-Head, they played brutal, fast, loud, fearless. The band played on, the crowd was saticfied, and they left the stage. Nervosa showed why the girl power in metal is needed, they showed they can be brutal, as every thrash metal band out there, The Legendary band gave a night to remember, metal steel in thrash metal style. 

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Rating concert: 10/10

sapronConcert report: SAPRON

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  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Band Members:
    Doedsadmiral – Vocals
    Nord – Guitars
    F.Widigs – Drums
    Dzepticunt – Bass


1. Where was Nordjevel created, and when did band started?

Nordjevel had its bloody birth in Norway, spring of 2015. It was a matter of like-minded souls connecting, and the process began at day one.

2. You first album “Nordjevel” is out, what can you tell me about the album, and the lyricks on the album?

The album went through a really strange creation. The writing process flew by really fast, in a matter of weeks. There was a special atmosphere during the that period, which is manifested through the music. The lyrics deal with personal anguish, dark national romanticism, death and war. The true northern european mindset pretty much.

3. What do you think about metal scene, and metal scene in Norway?

The metal scene seems very fragmentet at this point in time. There is basically no scene in Norway. Each band works on their own, and for their own. The social environment is gone, though it seems some people try to mimick the old beer drinking “unity”.

4. Do you have a plan to go on a tour in 2017?

Yes, we have plans for several tours. We will go anywhere people want to hear us, which seems to be quite extensive.

5. Which band is your role model?

We have built our own role model. That was basically the basic idea behind the band. Of course we have our musical influences, but we don’t look up to any particular bands in relation to our own. Idols are for children and religious people.

6. What do you think about underground black metal bands?

There are several good bands that has kept themselves underground, and a whole lot of bands who are underground for a reason. Because of the internet I don’t feel the underground really exists anymore. The good bands will get an audience, and the rest will just be ignored. Maybe the latter part is the new underground..

7. Where whould you most like to play a concert?

In a catholic church. Maybe the St. Bavo cathedral in Holland. The acoustics would probably be a little challenging though..

8. What are you listening the most righ now?

Right now I’m stuck in the Peter Gabriel era of Genesis. I listened to it a lot back in the day, but for some years I forgot about how magnificent those early albums are.

9. Is there any band, that you want to be your support on the concerts?

We brought Ethereal (UK) over to play with us at our release party. It’s a great band consisting of good folks, and we would be more than happy to take them out on the road. Actually we have some plans regarding that..

10. What would you say to your fans?

Thanks for recognizing real quality. Horns up!

Photo: Helge Brekke

Nordjevel links:

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My name is Vladimir Cincović. This blog was created out of love for music.Support the magazine and blog Demon Reports, We need your support.


URBAN ALIENS Post New Music Video ‘Buried Under The Chalet’; Performing At Amnesia Rockfest

URBAN ALIENS Post New Music Video ‘Buried Under The Chalet’; Performing At Amnesia Rockfest June 23rd

Urban aliens, Buried Under The Chalet
Album Stream – 7 tounes d’EPais – http://urbanaliens.bandcamp.com/album/7-tounes-d-pais

        Montreal, QC’s francophone porncore / desh metallers URBAN ALIENS have posted a new video ‘Buried Under The Chalet’ in support of their upcoming performance at this year’s Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, QC on June 23rd on the Tony Sly Stage 2 (7:10pm set time). Full details found here.

‘Buried Under The Chalet’ is off their latest release 2015’s7 tounes d’ÉPais‘, the follow up to their 2011 LP ‘TRUI3’.

To watch ‘Buried Under The Chalet’, please visit the following link:

Urban aliens, Buried Under The Chalet

1. Buried under the Chalet (3:19)
2. Machobiotique (3:49)
3. Total bruntage (4:31)
4. White Knight (3:18)
5. Vegan-Abattoir (2:47)
6. Tales from Morningwood (4:05)

7. Le bat en feu (3:04)


Spending the last decade addicted to GHB in a messy cottage basement has lead Montreal, QC’s URBAN ALIENS to pioneer a sound they dub porncore / desh metal. With various members having over 12 years experience in punk and extreme metal scenes along with performing in wheat fields and suburban garages, sharing the stage with big and small acts in as many holes as possible. These degenerates are striking once again with their latest album ‘7 tounes d’ÉPais’ released on May 14, 2015 to add to their catalog of disgust 2011’s ‘Trui3’, 2006’s ‘Perdition’, 2005’s ‘Corporate Punk for Rich People’ and DVD ‘Live au 1833’.
For more info, please visit www.urbanaliens.com.

Nordjevel- Nordjevel

Nordjevel- Nordjevel


1.The Shadows of Morbid Hunger
2.Sing for Devastation
3.Djevelen i nord
4.The Funeral Smell
5.Denne tidløse krigsdom
6.Blood Horns
7.Det ror og ror
8.Når noen andre dør…
9.Norges sorte himmel

Famous Norwegian black metal band realesed the album. This album is powerful masterpiace of black metal, with many influences on it.

On this album it can be heard the influence of atmospheric and melodic music, that is ideally fitted with the hole album and the songs, and it can be also heard this modern black metal sound, with the vibe of the old school black metal sound, making this album a crushing and amazing black metal album. The solos on the album, are guite suprise, they are melodic, chaotic, powerful and magical.

There is a cover of the Legendary American thrash metal band, one and only Slayer and the song is called “Angel of Death”, the cover is awesome and mindblowing in every way, a black metal version of the original song, not only that but it sounds almost the same as the original, it has that Slayers thrash metal sound, making this cover one of the best of this song. The cover is beyong amazing, and brutal as the hell itself, in the most evil way. Tehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome.

This album will take you through a jorney of coldness, darkness, evil, chaos, apocylpse,destruction, total blackness in Norwegian black metal style.

Nordjevel is a band that has a unigue black metal sound, a ultimate black metal band, that has yet more to show awesome music to the world, this band is a black metal band, that has everything, to be a True Norwegian black metal band, with pure unholy black metal music, in the most best way.



sapronRating album: SAPRON

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Rating cover: AJATARA

My name is Jelena Indjic and I chose the name Ajatara because it is a demon that has the most influence in my creative work.

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Tearless-Zlatko, vocals, songwriter, lyrics


  • Genre: Dark Metal
  • Band Members:
    Zlatko – Vocal
    Miran – Drums
    Miroslav – Guitar
    Siniša – Lead Guitar
    Rudolf – Keyboards
  • Hometown: Ivanec/Lepoglava

1.When did Tearless started and when it was created?

The band was formed in 2013. We started as a cover band, playing some Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Battlelore, Sentenced, Stratovarius and Moonspell covers. Eventually, we started to write our own music and the story of Tearless as a author band was “born”.

2. What can you tell me about your last album ”Step into the Darkness”, and also what can you tell about the lyrics on the album, of the songs?

It´s actually our first full-length studio album. It took a long period of time for this album to see the light of the day. Due to many band members change during all this time and readiness to complete the financial structure of the album, the album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Mazzeo at Mathlab recording studio in Prato, Italy. We have also signed for Italian label called Wormhole Death Records and I use this opportunity to say a big thanks to the man that has helped us a lot with all of this, Carlo Belotti. Step into darkness represents a gathering of songs that were made during the period before we´ve entered the studio, so the lyrical themes are based on some personal experiences as well on some imaginary stories. They are picturing the intensity of darkness and grief, pain, sorrow and all the emotions that are so strong that they could almost physically manifest themselves.

3. You cancelled you tour ”Step into the Darkeness”, can you tell me way?

There were several reasons for canceling the tour. Of course, we are very unhappy about it, but it just turned out this way. As always, the most important issue was of a financial kind. We were depending on money donation from our “sponsors” which failed “at the last moment” so we were forced to cancel the tour. Further on, that event has even more “rocked the boat” inside the band relations, so our female vocalist and our bass player decided to split-up with the band. That was a nail into the coffin for the planned tour.

4. Which band is your role model?

My personal heroes are guys from Moonspell. The band that is together for more than 23 years now, doing the amazing music, actually a very underrated band. They have a unique way of transferring their ideas into the music and year after year surprising with great records. And the Extinct is just another confirmation of that.

5. What do you think about today’s metal scene?

A rather difficult question. Since I am the fan of “old” bands. I have started to listen metal music somewhere in 1995, and most bands I listen to now days are the ones that have released their albums in the period from 1995-1997. Lot of them are not even active at this point. But there are many new bands that create quality music, even though is hard to invent something “new”. But I think there is a certain lack of appreciation for this genre of music, and only small amount of bands can afford to live from what they do. But for most bands, and for us too, playing metal is more of a personal satisfaction than a way to get the money or to be “famous”.


6. What do you think of the progress of the band?

At this point, we are still struggling with introducing the new members into the band, trying to keep all together at one piece. Is hard to balance that, having seven people with similar, but at the same time very diverse aspirations. But the most important thing is to keep the machinery running. We are working on new songs, we hope that by the end of the year we will be able to finish the video for “Dreams of you” from the Step into darkness album, and at the same time to present our new band members.

7. Where whould you most like to held a concert?

Well, to be honest, I have never “dreamed” about that stuff. A gig is a gig, no matter where. If you really like what you are doing, if you feel good about it and the people see that and enjoying it as you do, than it´s all the same, no matter where you are playing. The point is to meet new people, to have fun.

8. What makes your album ”Step into the Darkeness” unigue and different?

It´s unique to us, because it´s basically a story of a band which we were able to put together on this record. With every song, we have different memories, and this is the way we were able to make all those moments “immortal”. Perhaps what also makes this album different is the thing that it give you an archaic gothic metal “feeling”, a combination of gothic metal from the end of the 90´s and metal from now days.

9. Do you have a plan to go an a new tour?

Haha. We have a lot of plans, indeed. But we will take all now step by step. Because we don´t want to disappoint nor our fans nor ourselves anymore. So, yes, we have plans for that, and we are hoping for the next time, we will be prepared.

10. What would you say to your fans?

Well, I have to say that we have received a lot of good critics considering our album from a lot of people all over the world. And I just want to say thanks to all of you for your support and kind words. We are glad that you like what we are doing and we hope that we will see us on some of the live gigs soon. Until then, have fun, enjoy your every day. And if you want to help the band, you can do it by ordering our official merchandise. Thank you for this interview and cheers from Croatia to all of our fans and to all metal fans in general!


Tearless likns: 

Headlining by PROJEKT F ‘GothFest’ In Montreal June 19th; New Video ‘Unbegun’

Montreal Industrial Monsters Headlining by PROJECT F  ‘GothFest’ In Montreal June 19th

Posts New Video ‘Unbegun’

New EP ‘The Butterfly Effect’ Out Now!

Upcoming Dates:

June 19 – Katacombes – Montreal, QC (GothFest) – info

Industrial monsters PROJEKT F are proud to announce they will be headlining day 2 of the first edition of GothFest in their hometown of Montreal, QC this week on June 19th at Katacombes. The festival features 14 dark bands from across Quebec, Ontario and New York. For full details, please visit the following link here.

“We are proud to be part of the first edition of Montreal’s Gothfest. It’s great to see that there are still people who care about the underground scene and who want to keep it alive!” – William Hicks, Bassist for Projekt F

The band is performing at the fest in support of their newly released EP ‘The Butterfly Effect’. The EP is their loudest release to date featuring seven pinnacle tracks that revolve around the Chaos theory. It is a direct sequel to their previous conceptual effort ”Skins” (2013).

To watch the band’s new video ‘Unbegun’,

Album Stream – The Butterfly Effect

1. The Butterfly Effect (1:32)

2. Tongue (4:53)

3. Cut Your Wings (3:46)

4. Unbegun (3:49)

5. 03:47:09:08:1945 (1:58)

6. Fatman (4:24)

7. When the Angel Fell From the Sky (4:56)

Album Length: 25:22


Projekt F was founded in 2006 by Jonh M. Miller, lead singer and main composer of the band. Inspired by rock/industrial/metal music of the 90’s, Projekt F quickly made a name for themselves in the underground music scene of Montreal. Miller was joined by William Hicks (bass) in 2010, Simon Sayz (guitar) in 2013, and Fred Linx (drums) in 2014.

Their first EP named “0000” saw the light of day in 2009 with 500 physical copies made by the band being sold out in no time, and more than 1000 digital copies downloaded. Continuing to evolve in the Montreal Industrial scene, the band accumulated a large number of shows across the Province of Quebec and Ontario with their musical originality and their intensity on stage. In 2012, the band was invited to play alongside Combichrist at the biggest industrial music festival in Canada, Kinetik Festival, and a second time when Combichrist returned to Montreal. During the last few years they have shared the stage with international bands such as Motionless In White, Revolting Cocks, Angelspit, Nachtmar, Dope, Left Spine Down, Slaves on Dope, New Years Day, For Today, Ice Nine Kills and have played festivals and events in Canada and the United States.

Projekt F has also had the opportunity to do a performance of their song “Room 13” in a TV pilot called “Cause and Effect” (produced by Vaas Media). Their song “Oophorectomy” is also featured in a short movie called “Purple Love” (produced by Les films de la meute), featured at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Projekt F released their fourth album in March 2016, ‘The Butterfly Effect’, to ongoing rave reviews.


Jonh M. Miller – Vocals/Piano/Synth

William Hicks – Bass

Simon Sayz – Guitar

Fred Linx– Drums

For more info, please visit www.Projektf.net.

Source: Asher Media Relations

Giordano Boncompagni unveil cover artwork and new album release date

Giordano Boncompagni unveil cover artwork and new album release date

Italian guitar hero Giordano Boncompagniunveiled cover artwork and new album release date!
Long awaited album “New Shred Generation” will be officially released by Sliptrick records on June 30th!

Giordano Boncompagni,  New Shred Generation

New shred generation is one solo instrumental project of the italian shredder Giordano Boncompagni (lunocode) with amazing world class musicians such Aquiles Priester (drums) Tony Macalpine (keys) and Franck Hermanny (Bass)
Produced by Giordano Boncompagni and mixed by simone mularoni (dgm) at domination studio.
with extra guest guga machado (percussions).




  • Genre: Ceremonial Black Metal
  • Band Members:
    Morgan Weller – Bass/Vocals
    Geoffrey McWhorter – Guitar
    Cory Keister – Drums
    Zachary Lee Cook – Guitar
  • Hometown: Panama City, FL


1. How the band started?

Lustravi began in the ashes of other projects. I (Morgan Weller) was absolutely sick of playing in other peoples projects not playing the style of metal I’ve always wanted. It took me about a year to find the right musicians, given we live in the southeastern US and not many people were okay with the idea of the Occult or even playing along side a female musician.

2. Which band is your role model?

My all time favourite is Dissection. I also love Peste Noire, Nargaroth, Sargeist, Archgoat, and many many more. We all love Death, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Nile and more death metal style bands as well.

3. What do You think about today’s metal scene?

“That really depends on where. A lot of places where we are in the Panhandle of Florida are hit or miss. Alabama has been surprisingly good to us though. I’ve noticed that in the south people are hungry for opposition to the mostly Christian demographic here, which is really awesome for bands like us.

As far as the metal scene as a whole, there will always be trends and bands that follow those trends that die out fast. There are also the bands that refuse to follow those trends. Black and Death metal will always have the solid and die hard fan base that will never die in the underground music scenes .”

4.How would you describe in one sentence your work?

Lustravi is a spiritual experience, made to either terrify you or enthrall you with no in between.

5. Why did you decide to play this musical direction?

I’ve been a fan of black metal since I was pretty young and I have always wanted to play black metal. For one reason or another, it just never lined up the right way until years later, so now here we are and I couldn’t be happier.


6. Where would you most like to play a concert?

I think my pipe dream show of the ages would be Wacken Open Air or Hellfest. Maybe one day that will happen but until then I love playing where ever there’s people that are receptive to the message.

7. Do you think that the metal festivals are enough visited?

I so wish we had more metal festivals over here and I’m not sure why the USA doesn’t have many.

8. What are you listening to the most right now?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Neblinum. I’ve recently discovered them and its really fit the mood lately.

9. What would you say to your fans?

Thank you all for all the support you’ve given us! Its really been overwhelming and we appreciate every last one of our fans.

10. What are your plans for the future?

We plan on getting as many tours under our belts as possible, keep releasing material and keep pressing forward as hard as we can.


Lustravi links:

Email: LustraviBand@gmail.com

Website: http://LustraviBand.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lustravi

  • Interviewed by: 


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My name is Jelena Indjic I chose the name Ajatara because it is a demon that has the most influence in my creative work.

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