EXCITER Comment On Original Line-Up Playing First Time Since 1985 at Calgary MetalFest


EXCITER Comment On Original Line-Up Playing First Time Since 1985 at Calgary MetalFest

EXCITER,  Calgary MetalFest

Canadian thrash legends EXCITER will be taking the stage at this year’s Calgary Metalfest on September 17th at Flames Central presented by Big Nate Productions. Their performance is one for the history books as they will be reuniting their original line up for the first time since 1985 plus sharing the stage with fellow Canadian thrash pioneers ANNIHILATOR, RAZOR and SACRIFICE. All have never before performed on the same stage together, making the concert a historic moment in metal.

EXCITER guitarist John Ricci comments:

“We are really stoked to participate at the fest with such great bands that came out of Canada and went on to establish themselves as serious contenders in the metal market around the globe. The last time the original line-up played together was the summer of 1985, our last tour together across the USA. When we got back together in 2014, it was like we never broke up, it was like instant musical chemistry!”

Tickets and VIP Passes on sale through https://calgarymetalfest.com and at Sloth Records in Calgary.

New this year, VIP packages will be offered and include sound check viewings, band meet and greets, and autograph sessions. Check out http://calgarymetalfest.com and http://bignateproductions.com for more info!

Friday, September 16th at Dickens Pub, Portland-based TOXIC HOLOCAUST will headline their first Calgary appearance since 2011. Support by DISCIPLES OF POWER, THE ORDER OF CHAOS, FORNICATION, BLACK PESTILENCE and CONCRETE FUNERAL. Info here.

Thursday, September 15th at Distortion sees THE EXALTED PILEDRIVER in their first ever Western Canadian performance with support from CRYSTAL MESS, SAVAGE STREETS, PROFITS OF CRIME and ACCOSTAL. Info here.

Wednesday, September 14th Kick-off Party at The Ship and Anchor, FREE SHOW with THE CADAVOR DOG, W.M.D., IN/VERTIGO, BLACKBIRD ELECTRIC, OUTLETS BAND. Info here.


Calgary Metalfest, in its fifth annual year, started in 2012 by Nathan “Nate Reno” Renaud after his experiences working at Monsters of Rock in 2008 and as Stage and Production Manager of Noctis Metalfest from 2008 to 2013. Nate also founded and plays bass in KYOKTYS and is a live and studio audio engineer with over forty titles and hundreds of shows to his credit. Check him out at http://bignateproductions.com.

Through its live charity auction, Calgary Metalfest has raised a total of $4000 for Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta and is shooting to sponsor an entire $10,000 Wish this year! Auction items will include autographed posters, guitars, art, festival tickets, and more.

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Calgary Thrashers ILLYRIAN Posts New Lyric Video ‘Round 2: Fight!’; New Album Out October 7th

Calgary Thrashers ILLYRIAN Posts New Lyric Video ‘Round 2: Fight!’; New Album Out October 7th


L-R: Scott Onofrychuk (Guitar/Vocals) | Jeff Perry (Bass/Vocals) | Brandon McNeil (Guitar/Vocals) | Darren May (Drums)
Photo Credit: Brad Scott

Originally formed in 2011, the Calgary thrashers formerly known as Hellborn Death Engines are beginning their resurgence under the new moniker ILLYRIAN with the recent additions of bassist / vocalist Jeff Perry (Sikarra, ex-Animus Labyrinth) plus British drum sensation Darren May (ex-Deacon Birch) who have brought new and progressive musical mindsets into the band to join original and founding members Scott Onofrychuk (guitars/vocals) and Brandon McNeil (guitar/vocals).

Evolving into a highly technical group playing thrash metal with their erratic and precise on-stage delivery, rapier wit, along with nostalgic charm, ILLYRIAN have removed the constraints of conventional metal sub-genre formula to replace their sound with a melting pot of technical thrash riffs, blistering solos, prog-influenced rhythms along with the band’s signature tri-vocal attack all showcased on ten new thrashing tracks on their new album ‘Round 2: Fight!’. The album is set to be unleashed on October 7th and was co-produced by the band with Casey Lewis at Echo Base Studios plus mastered by Sacha Laskow (Every Hour Kills, ex-Divinity) at Perfect Fifth Studios.

Their first single and the album’s title track is now streaming in the following lyric video:

ILLYRIAN, Round 2: Fight

Album pre-order at the following link: http://illyrian.bandcamp.com/album/round-2-fight  

1. Walking In Sunshine (5:41)
2. Round 2: Fight! (4:31)
3. Opulent & Imperial (3:58)
4. Chaotic Neutral (3:28)
5. Zeta Reticulan (4:29)
6. Mindbender (4:25)
7. Five by Five (The Dark Slayer Comes) (4:06)
8. Wings of Freedom (4:47)
9. Technodrone (3:50)
10. Sound of The Serpent Siren (4:47)

Album Length: 44:05

For more info, please visit: http://www.facebook.com/illyrianband.

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TAIGA Unleash New Track ‘Вверх’ Off Upcoming Album ‘Sky’ Out Sept 16th via Satanath Records

TAIGA Unleash New Track ‘Вверх’ Off Upcoming Album ‘Sky’ Out Sept 16th via Satanath Records


Russian atmospheric/depressive black metal band TAIGA are now streaming their first single Вверх’ off their upcoming album ‘Sky’ set for release on September 16th via Satanathc Records sub label Symbol of Domination. The album tells the story about those moments in life when people are aware of their own insignificance and can not overcome the emotional pain. Everyday is torture for them as loneliness is the guard of their cage and they feel there is no escape. In hope of change, they turn their eyes to the sky.

To listen to Вверх’, please visit the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksLCXzQi93w

Album Pre-order – https://symbolofdomination.bandcamp.com/album/sodp072-taiga-sky-2016



TAIGA was founded in the Siberian city of Tomsk by Nikolai Seredov from the thrash band “Стахановцы” (Stakhanovtsi) and the funeral doom band “Funeral Tears” along with Andrey Chernov, guitarist of the military/martial industrial metal band “Panzertank”. In December 2013, they released their first two songs, “За чертой” and “На битом стекле”, which marked the beginning of the project. People suffering from mental disorders caused by public misunderstanding, undivided love and their own weakness are the main influence in TAIGA’s lyrics. In January 2014, TAIGA released their the first EP called “Ты всё ещё дышишь” (You Are Still Breathing), which was immediately followed by another EP in February 2014, entitled “Прах к праху” (Ashen To Ashen). With great feedback on their EPs, TAIGA revealed their debut full length “Ashen Light” during March 2014. The album featured new arranged tracks from the first two EPs and was co-released by labels Satanath Record, Metallic Media and and Le Crépuscule Du Soir Productions. In 2015, they released their second album “Gaia” via labels Symbol Of Domination and Metallic Media. In 2016, band recruited Aleksey “Satanath” Korolyov as their keyboardist/ambient sound maker to add to their mystic atmosphere. Quick Note: Andrei Chernov was not involved in the recording of the new album ‘Taiga’, but is still involved as a member of the band.

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ARCH ENEMY is going to headline new Scottish metal festival

ARCH ENEMY is going to headline new Scottish metal festival

 Arch Enemy Legendary Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy  have been, annouched as headliners for a brand new metal festival in Scotland, next year.

Heavy Scotland will take place at the “Corn Exchange” in Edinburgh on April 1 and 2, 2017 ,also other acts confirmed so far will be  Sodomized Cadaver, Dyscarnate and Disposable with more to come.

Go see the show in Scotland, enjoy and lose your head to Melodic death metal masters ARCH ENEMY.

Until the show, you can watch their  show from Wacken:




Band Members:

Christian Botero: Destructive Sounds/Words –

Matthieu Garin: Abrasive Rhythms –

Youri Benaïs: Dissonant Chords –

Arthur Leparc: Low End Heaviness

Hometown: Paris, France

1.How the band started?

The band was officially born in 2011. After rehearsing with several musicians and the arrival of our drummer Matthieu Garin, it was crucial to materialize our sound.Then two year later, lead guitarist Youri Benaïs and bass player Arthur Leparc joined us. We had struggled to establish a solid line up with a singer, so rhythmic guitarist Christian Botero decided to do the vocals.

2.Which band is your role model?

Honestly, we don’t have a role model band, each of us have different influences and a lot of tastes in common, especially in extreme music. We just play sincerely what we like with a direction and a esthetic of what we want to show. Being us and not trying to emulate bands that we like.

3.What do You think about today’s metal scene?

It’s nice to see that not everybody’s playing old school, and there are totally new subgenres being born. Of course there’s still plenty of room for those old school bands as well, and from an artistic point of view it might be even harder to make traditional thrash/death/black/younameit metal and still differ enough from other bands.

4.How would you describe in one sentence your work?

Happiness is nothing but an illusion – Loneliness, Depression and Suffering!

5.Why did you decide to play this musical direction?

By nature, exorcise all kinds of emotions through sounds that can evoke as close as possible each of our thoughts.

6.Where would you most like to play a concert?

At La Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá, Colombia. Magnificent to give a ceremony!

7.Do you think that the metal festivals are enough visited?

In Europe it works very well, obviously there are small festivals that struggle to survive but as usual if the line up is really good and the organization doesn’t make grotesque mistakes especially with bands, people would come back.

8.What are you listening to, the most right now?

Several classics: “Wildhoney” from Tiamat, “October Rust” from Type O Negative, the latest Christian Death, Secrets Of The Moon, etc…

9.What would you say to your fans?

For those who want to contact us, follow news or just buy our album you can do it at: http://ceremoniaband.bandcamp.com http://ceremoniaband.bigcartel.com http://www.facebook.com/ceremoniaband It’s important that music can be shared!

10.What are your plans for the future?

Continue promoting our first album “La Existencia Humana Debe Ser Un Error”. We hope to do some shows in Europe and continue writing our next release, an EP that we hope to record in winter and release before the next summer. † La Existencia Humana Debe Ser Un Error †.

Ceremonia links:

  • @ceremoniadoom(Twitter)
  • http://ceremoniaband.bandcamp.com
  • ceremoniaband@gmail.com

Interviewed by:


My name is Vladimir Cincović. This blog was created out of love for music.Support the magazine and blog Demon Reports, We need your support.

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THRUST: Live Footage “Posers Will Die” From Keep It True Festival Available!

THRUST: Live Footage “Posers Will Die” From Keep It True Festival Available!


US heavy metal Legends THRUST performed at Keep It True Festival at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Koenigshofen (Germany) on April 29, 2016. New fan-filmed video footage for the song “Posers Will Die” has been posted online, watch below.


Also check out “Scream Girl Scream”, which was posted online earlier this year:


THRUST – founded in 1981 – started the metal scene in Chicago opening for such acts as Motorhead, Michael Schenker, Twisted Sister, and many more. The famous Metal Blade Records debut album “Fist Held High” became right away a cult classic. Furthermore the band toured with Judas Priest on their “Screaming for Vengeance” tour.

In celebration of THRUST’s 35th anniversary Metal Blade Records released in March 2015 the ultimate edition of the band’s classical 1984 album “Fist Held High”. Including the entire album, live and demo tracks from the beginning until the late 80’s plus the so far UNRELEASED studio album “Reincarnation”, produced and engineered by Pat Regan and Bob Kulick!

Ron Cooke: Guitar
Andy Beaudry: Vocals
Angel Rodriguez: Guitar
Ray Gervais: Bass
Joe Rezendes: Drums

More information at:
BAND: http://www.thrustonline.comhttp://www.indiemerch.com/thrust
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement
LABEL: http://www.metalblade.com/thrust


THE BROOD “The Truth Behind” lauched album pre-orders!

THE BROOD “The Truth Behind” lauched album pre-orders!

The Brood is a hardcore/grindcore band from London, UK. Founded in April 2014 in the purulent womb of London’s underground scene, it is composed of Aitor Gazzoline (drums), Senen Garcia (guitar), Nando Thommessen (guitar), Donnie Burgess (bass) and Thibaut Jombart (vocals). After releasing a five-tracks demo CD, a single, two music videos, and playing on various stages of the UK as well as Spain, the band has recorded its first full-length album titled “The Truth Behind” over the summer 2015. Mastered by grindcore legend Russ Russell, The Truth Behind will be released in early 2016.

Musically, The Brood is best described as a punchy, grinding hardcore incorporating elements of crust punk and black metal to achieve an aggressive yet catchy musical onslaught. Lyrics borrow from gory and decadent horror themes to paint a bitter criticism of society and incite revolt against a brainwashing, cynical system. Fast as a zombie from World-War Z, aggressive as a Sumatran rat-monkey, and catchy as norovirus, The Brood is set to make fans from all horizons, ethnicities and genres bang their heads with orgasmic rage.

Purchase links:


PSYCHOLIES Confirmed as Main Support for TIAMAT in Kiev!

PSYCHOLIES Confirmed as Main Support for TIAMAT in Kiev!


Industrial dark glam metallers PSYCHOLIES are confirmed, as main support for TIAMAT show in Kiev, taking place on September 15th at Sentrum!

The band stated:
“We are proud to share the stage with TIAMAT. See you there to burn the stage together. Soon we’ll announce also other gigs in Ukraina. Stay tuned!”

PSYCHOLIES – formed in 2014 – are a four-piece industrial dark glam metal band from Bari (Italy), coming from previous musical experiences, with a huge number of live sets on their sholders. The band’s sound is a mixture of Industrial Metal, Softcore, Dark and Glam merged into a unique and unmistakable style. The Debut Album will be released in October 2016, for a big German Label. In these two years of work on the album, the band has played at festivals such as the Total Metal Festival 2014 (Bari), Trash Fest VII (Helsinki), Gothic Castle (Germany), furthermore PSYCHOLIES has toured Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Austria.


Check out PSYCHOLIES live @Total Metal Festival 2015, performing “I Really Want”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZxLg3SDtic

More information at:
BAND: https://www.facebook.com/psycholiesofficialhttp://www.psycholies.com
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement






Italian Gothic Metallers LIGHTLESS MOOR are confirmed to support the Finnish Folk Metal Lords KORPIKLAANI and Iceland’s Metallers SKALMÖLD on their shows in Tallinn and Riga, see the details below.

October 22nd
at Rockclub Tapper – Tallinn, Estonia
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/892860097485784/

October 23rd
at Melna Piektdiena – Riga
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1148740015198418/

LIGHTLESS MOOR’s new album “Hymn for the Fallen” is out via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group through worldwide digital market and CD


Watch “Qualcosa Vive Attraverso” official lyric video here:

More information at:
LIGHTLESS MOOR: http://www.lightlessmoor.comhttps://www.facebook.com/LightlessMoor
MANAGEMENT: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement

KORPIKLAANI: https://www.facebook.com/korpiklaani
SKALMÖLD: https://www.facebook.com/skalmold

Heavy metal band TYTUS signs with Sliptrick Records, to release new album in October

Heavy metal band TYTUS signs with Sliptrick Records, to release new album in October

TYTUS plays heavy metal in the glorious tradition of bands like Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Megadeth and so on. The band is a classic four-piece: Mark Simon Hell and Ilija Riffmeister on lead guitars, the second handling also lead vocals, Markey Moon on bass and Bardy on drums. All of them made are experienced former members of bands like Gonzales, La Piovra, Eu’s Arse, Upset Noise, active for years in the punk, rock and hadcore european scene. While rising from the muds of 80’s hard rock, the four-headed monster stomp its big feet in the swamps of stoner rock with the urgency of punk rock.

TYTUS, Rises
Their very first full lenght opus “Rises” will be published in october 2016 by Sliptrick Records. There is a sort of subtext behind “Rises”. In some billions years our Sun will start dying, becoming a red giant star devouring the whole Solar System. How will be the condition of human beings in those days? Will they be able to survive? Probably so, probably they will manage to live underground near the very rare last water springs. Everything has been destroyed and reduced to a desert land, everything they trusted and loved has gone forever. All their cults back again where everything started: the worship of the Mighty Sun who purifies the Universe through destruction.

Given the setting, the songs of the album are reflections about human beings’ existence on planet Earth along the centuries: war, exploitation, rebellions, state religions, migrations, revolutions. But also the untamed necessity of breaking the boundaries, physically and mentally speaking, and all the great achievements made possible by this exclusive feature of the human race. So, is this the end or there will still be hope? The album has been recorded an mixed at Track Terminal Studio in Trieste by drummer Bardy, and then mastered at Dead Air Studios in Leverett (MA, USA) by Will Killingsworth. It features guest appearances by Will Wallner (White Wizzard) and the german singer and songwriter Conny Ochs. Conny Ochs contributed also with the cover artwork.