Death apocalypse at its full power

 Death apocalypse at its full power

Cattle Decapitation

Legendary American deathgrind metal band held for the first a concert in Belgrade,Serbia at Dom Omladine. While approaching the small hall of Dom Omladine, it can be seen that the fans of this band, were waiting for their favorite band to start playing. The fans waited , with a delay of half an hour for bands begin to play. Finally the fans entered the hall.

Beg Us To Stop, Cattle Decapitation

The support act was a Serbian deathgrind metal band Beg Us To Stop, the show begun. The hall was half empty, the band played brutal, fierce, loud, chaotic. The crowd supported them all the time, there were mosh pits, crowd diving, headbanging, complete madness. The played on, the crowd was satisfied, and they left the stage.

Cattle Decapitation, Beg Us To Stop

Cattle Decapitation enters the stage, there were ovations right from the start. The one problem with the band was that the sound was too loud, so the singers vocal, could not be heard. The band played insane, fierce, loud and brutal. The singer said that they are for the first time here in Belgrade, and that they are glad to be hear for the first time.There was headbanging, screaming, mosh pits, crowd diving, complete insanity among the crowd. The band played each song with, real deathgrind power. This band proved that they are master of this genre, but the sound and the acoustic was too loud, and that was the big problem, but any way great band, played a real good show for the true hardcore fans, and they enjoy it completely, killer show, with very toxic and amazing music.

Rating Concert: 6,5/10

Download live report

sapronLive report: SAPRON

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HEARTACHE launched new video “Breaking News”

HEARTACHE launched new video “Breaking News”

Brand new Official Video by Italian Progressive Rock/Metal band Heartache, for the track ‘Breaking News’ off the upcoming album ‘Skyscrapers and Firefalls’.

Progressive rock, metal, atmosphere and skill are fused with almost pop music flavoured melodies in what becomes the perfect marriage of inspiration and history of the great progressive and rock bands from the seventies until today. Novelty and experimentation that also manage to grant the pleasure of familiarity.
Born during the school years from the minds of friends that show musical affinity and great passion, Heartache began to lay the foundation of what will become its peculiarity: crating original, innovative music, done with care in every detail. After a few important line-up changes, the embryo transformed into what it is today, with its launch in the musical scene thanks to numerous live events that put the band on the scene of important roman clubs such as the Jailbreak and many Italian town squares.
Great amount of ideas, technical ability and style. Such drive will see the birth, in 2012, of the EP “Apophis”, and it will also establish the band’s collaboration with the italian label CNI.
The album consists in a four movement suite, where the events of the myth of Pandora are fused with a real encyclodepia of musical genres, with lyrics telling introspective stories, investigating the human mind.
«What happens in this short but intense Apophis is justified by great passion and skill, there’s no need to go around in circles: the quintet is nothing less than many better known realities and it’s legit to expect something more from them in the future.» this is what the web zine Metal Wave stated in an enthusiastic review of the EP.
Year 2015 will finally sees “Heartache” back in studio to record their first full-lenght, a masterpiece where the same tune and cohesion that described the four movements of Apophis, is now found in all tracks, in a concept album that sees a man, emblem of his time, living in the trap of social isolation, lost in technology’s unreal net.
Every track gives mind to the subject of the appearances and deception of human relationship, in a true spiritual voyage that will take its protagonist to the awareness and detachment needed to  escape from that world to find contact with the reality surrounding him.


MOBILE DEATHCAMP Announce North American Co-Headlining Tour with MACHINAGE!

MOBILE DEATHCAMP Announce North American Co-Headlining Tour with MACHINAGE!


Toledo based speed metal/punk/thrashers MOBILE DEATHCAMP have announced the North-American co-headlining tour with EMP Label Group roster band MACHINAGE! The 12-shows tour kicks off on August 31st in Las Cruces, NM. Check out the dates and details below.

August 31 – Las Cruces, NM @The Warehouse
September 2 – Flagstaff, AZ @Porke’y Pub
September 3 – Las Vegas, NV @MDR Lounge
September 4 – Hollywood, CA @Whisky A Go Go
September 7 – Oakland @MC Studios
September 9 – Boise, ID @The Eclipse
September 10 – Reno, NV @The Rock Bar
September 11 – Red Bluff, CA @OPhidian Studios
September 12 – Long Beach, CA @Blacklight Distruct
September 15 – Los Angeles, CA @5 Star Bar
September 16 – San Diego, CA @TBA
September 17 – Compton, CA @2329 E. 118th St.Los Angeles CA 90059


MOBILE DEATHCAMP has been sawing clubs in half, and leaving crowds with their collective jaws on the floor since the band’s inception in 2008. Formed by Todd Evans at the end of his 6 year stint as Beefcake The Mighty (with legendary shock rockers, GWAR), now allied in sonic architecture by Chad Smith (drums), and JC (bass), this musical terror pocket has been leveling venues across North America. Check out the video “Negative Minds” from the debut album “Black Swamp Rising”:

More information at:
MOBILE DEATHCAMP: http://www.MobileDeathcamp.net

LABEL: http://empmerch.com



Legendary French progressive metal band Gorija realeased a album. This album is different for other albums, of this band. This album is interesting and a not a classical metal album. On the album it can be heard slow generic riffs, that are hypnotic, and has that vibe also to it, that is very well integrated, with the hole concept of the album and the story. All of Gojira’s albums are simular, but not the same they are different from each other.

The atmospheric music is integrated good with the hole album. Tehnical compliance is almost brought to ideal, there are some mistakes in the tehnical way of playing, but nothing special, acoustic is great, production is awesome.

Gojira is the band, that makes music with soul, it’s deep, intense, hypnotic. This is the band that makes some strange, but amazing metal music, with this album they made no mistake, with their unigues. Progressive metal music, that is very special and powerful.



Rating Album: 8,5/10


sapronRating album: SAPRON

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Relinquished signs with NRT-Records and announce new Album for 2017

Relinquished signs with NRT-Records and announce new Album for 2017

Since 2004 the Multi-Metal players from Relinquished were able to establish quite a name in the german Metal-Scene and can look back on a very successful Career. The Quartet from Kufstein (Austria) first drew Attention to themselves when they released their first EP “Rehearshal Doom” in 2004, thanks to this very EP they were able to convince Bookers and Promoters for them.

Their Albums “Susanna Lies in Ashes” and “Onward Anguishes” are Audio documentaries which give a perfect insight into the continuous development of their music. Even though Relinquished stay true to themselves and created their own, unique sound, these 2 Albums are different from eachother, which shows that their Band is steadily developing. Their first album sounded very much like pure Death / Doom with a hint of Black Metal, Onward Anguishes on the other hand already has influences of Alternative- & progressive- & Gothic Metal.

The music videos of the band are remarkable aswell, because similar to their records , they brought in alot of appreciation from their critics and fans. Now Relinquished has signed a record deal with the german Independent-Label NRT-Records and are going to release their third studio album “Addictivities” in the next year via NRT-Records. The label has already tackled the digital re-release of Relinquished’s Backing catalogue. Here’s a very interesting Interview with the Band.

Padded Cell Musikvideo:

Interview with Stefanie Gapp:

Sinister Dreams Video:


For whom all this still isn’t enough, we’d recommend checking out the following links.

Relinquished – Official Website:
Relinquished – On Facebook:



Burn Down Eden to release new album on September 30th!

Burn Down Eden to release new album on September 30th!

“Forst, a city lost deep in the German Hinterland bordering Poland, lays heavily infested with Heroin, Crystal Meth and the living dead. No wonder former members Tom, Jules & William wanted to leave the dark prospects of a perishing local music scene behind… Burn Down Eden was born!

After a few line-up changes, the band found its stability with  Kai (Vocals), William (Guitar), Tom (Guitar), Robert (Drums) and Max (Bass)

While making no mistery of their punk rock influences, the band started to hone their skills and draw inspiration from the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer, Wintersun, Children of Bodom and At the Gates. The result: a supercharged, pissed-off, technical yet ruthless Death Metal, delivered in pure Swedish style.

After their first EP, “Memoirs of Human Error”, the band further sharpened their sound and are getting ready to unleash their debut full-length, “Ruins of Oblivion”–to be released on September 30th on CD and Vinyl. The songs are available for download exclusively at the following link:





Genre: Death metal / Thrash metal

Band members: Bass:Joni
Guitar: Matti

Vocals: Tuomo

Guitar: Jouni

Hometown: Helsinki/Finland


1.How the band started?

Khiral’s history dates back to the end of 2008, when our bassist Joni, original drummer Pete and then vocalist Mari were looking for a guitarist. Matti found their ad on a musicians’ forum and became immediately interested in the style that Mari described as something with heavy guitar riffs and no specific stylistic limitations. Mari sent Matti a single melodic vocal track from which Matti made the band’s first song, before even hearing the first drum beat! The style at that time was still a bit more rock-oriented, but there were some metal elements too. Also, being brought up by his hometown’s vibrant punk and hardcore scene, it was only natural for Matti to bring some of the rhythmic elements of modern metallic hardcore into the mix. And that’s how it all started. Even though the “boys” noticed later on that they preferred the heavier stuff, whereas Mari wanted to proceed with a more melodic approach and ended up leaving the band, the genre-free style of writing music remained. The path definitely hasn’t been the clearest one, and there have been quite a few setbacks, but finally in 2016 we’re happy to see positive things happening.

2.Which band is your role model?

It’s impossible to name just one. Musically there are such interesting chameleons as Lamb of God, Pantera and Machine Head that must have definitely affected our songwriting, since those guys have done it the hard way and created their own style. But then again there are those “old schoolers” such as Behemoth who really have shown their capability to adapt to the 2010s, not just musically but also by demystifying all that rock’n’roll bullshit that used to be the norm before the internet and social media. And of course, to be honest, being part of the generation that’s grown up with early Metallica, Megadeth and Sepultura must have left its mark too.

3.What do You think about today’s metal scene?

It’s nice to see that not everybody’s playing old school, and there are totally new subgenres being born. Of course there’s still plenty of room for those old school bands as well, and from an artistic point of view it might be even harder to make traditional thrash/death/black/younameit metal and still differ enough from other bands.

4.How would you describe in one sentence your work?

When the easiest way is not good enough, haha!

5.Why did you decide to play this musical direction?

It was never a real decision, or at least nobody said it out loud. Perhaps it was just natural to start playing heavy riffs and beats, and to mix styles as the band consisted of people with quite different musical backgrounds. At some point we just settled to the fact that we can’t put a label on our music, but let it speak for itself instead. We’re still evolving and hopefully will always be.


6.Where would you most like to play a concert?

Anywhere with like-minded audience who’ve come to search for musical inspiration instead of just beer and pizza. Yes, we know, in Finland every band has to play at least one gig in a crappy pizzeria with a handful of people yelling at you to turn it down.

7.Do you think that the metal festivals are enough visited?

What is enough depends on the organizers and their sense of realism. In Finland there seems to be a metal festival almost every summer weekend, but the gut feel is that there’s still plenty of audience considering we’re a relatively small country and the tickets are not that cheap.

8.What are you listening to the most right now?

Of course the old time favorites will always stay on our playlists, and not just from metal, but also stuff like Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Alice in Chains and Faith No More, just to name a few. When it comes to new music, we tend to be quite picky. You no longer get that easily interested in bands whose style is too close to another one’s, unless they’ve really found their way of doing it by their own rules. For example we have these young talents like Lost Society, who make old school thrash metal, but with exceptional attitude and energy. Guess you could throw Brazilian Nervosa into that bucket as well.

9.What would you say to your fans?

Hold on guys and girls, we’re coming! It’s been over four years already since our last show, and what we remember of that gig is that it was a full house but nobody dared to get 5 meters closer to our apparently intimidating frontlady, haha. We still had a blast! Well, the situation was unclear for a long time after Tiina left the band, but in 2016 we decided that we have to do this now or never. And we’re NOT going to limit this thing to places at a driving distance, so beware, we might be visiting even Your neighborhood shortly.

10.What are your plans for the future?

We want to play gigs, because that’s where you really feel alive, and there are not too many things you can do with your clothes on that feel as good as presenting something you’ve put your heart and soul into. Also, we’re releasing a few more songs in the near future, maybe an EP. Current two released singles Orphanage and UltravioleNt are free to listen and download on the internet, and that’s basically something we 30+ guys have had to realize, that you can’t nowadays hide your music behind the copyrights and share it to only those who’re willing to pay for it. Physical copies tend to have mostly sentimental value for the people of our generation, and almost none for the younger, but let’s see. We might even surprise ourselves and release an album, because it’s certainly not about the lack of material.


Khiral links:

Email adress:


Twitter: @khiralband

Instagram: khiralband

Interviewed by:


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HELLEBORUS Announce ‘The Carnal Sabbath Tour’ Presented by

HELLEBORUS Announce ‘The Carnal Sabbath Tour’ Presented by

Colorado Springs, CO black metal blood brother duo Jerred & Wyatt Houseman’s HELLEBORUS will be hitting the road with the band’s live line up for dates across the US and Canada for their first North American tour presented by Joining them on the tour for select dates, will be Destroyer of Light and UADA (details listed below). The tour is in support of their debut album ‘The Carnal Sabbath’ released this past June via Satanath Records (Russia) and Black Plague Records (USA). A full stream of the album can be heard at the following link

Sept 4 – Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep – info
Sept 7 – Haittesburg, MS – The Tavern * – info
Sept 8 – Jackson, MS – Big Sleepys * – info
Sept 9 – Birmingham, AL – The Nick *
Sept 10 – Macon, GA – Back Porch Lounge *
Sept 12 – Raleigh, NC – Slims Downtown Distillery *
Sept 16 – White Hall, MD – Shadow Woods Metal Fest – info (Hall Stage – Set Time 11:10pm)
Sept 19 – Cincinnati, OH – Funkers
* = dates with Destroyer of Light

Oct 15 – Colorado Springs, CO – The Flux Capacitor
Oct 19 – Billings, MT – The Railyard
Oct 20 – Kalispell, MT – Order of The Eagles #
Oct 21 – Calgary, AB – Distortion #
Oct 22 – Edmonton, AB – Rendez Vous (Black Mourning Light Metal Fest) #
Oct 24 – Vancouver, BC – Red Room # w/Erimha, Panzerfaust, Idolatry
Oct 26 – Seattle, WA – The Highline #
Oct 27 – Portland, OR – Ash Street Saloon #
Oct 29 – Sacramento, CA – Starlite Lounge ^
Oct 30 – Oakland, CA – The Golden Bull ^
Oct 31 – Long Beach, CA – Blacklight District Lounge ^
Nov 1 – Phoenix, AZ – Yucca Tap Room
Nov 2 – Santa Fe, NM – The Skylight
# = dates with UADA
^ = dates with Lotus Thief

1. Helleborus Black (6:51)
2. Coils (5:06)
3. Edge Of Black Waters (6:17)
4. Colored Spores of Yuggoth (5:42)
5. Draconian Discipline (4:40)
6. The Poison of Sleep (5:23)
7. Temple of Seventh Death (4:24)
8. A Gift of Renewal (7:08)
9. The Carnal Sabbath (9:17)
Album Length: 54:50


Conceived within the womb of Execration, Helleborus is the latest emanation of Jerred & Wyatt Houseman. Like the enigmatic and deadly winter flower from which the project takes its name, Helleborus pushes the exploration of traditional black metal into the uncharted territory of sensual duality and mysticism. Building on their professional experience with Execration and personal experiences through Akhenaten, the Houseman brothers sought a deeper expression of their experiential-driven musical style that audiences can connect with through a union of opposites.

“We’ve always had a vision for the type of black metal project Helleborus would be. We wanted to explore and deliver a darker and yet more romantic side of black metal. There is an unknown side of metal that is masculine and powerful, yet sensual and respectful; controlled chaos.” comments vocalist Wyatt Houseman.

Album Band Line Up features: Wyatt (vocals, lyrics) & Jerred Houseman (producer, all instruments)

Live Band Line Up features: Brent Boutte’ – Drums, Jerred Houseman – Guitar & leads, Wyatt Houseman – Voice, Ian Horenman – guitar & rhythms, Michael Hylands – Bass

For more info, please visit the following links:


Source: Asher Media Relations


Metallica realeased new music video of the song “Hardwired”

Metallica realeased new music video of the song “Hardwired”


Legendary American thrash metal band Metallica realesed the music video for the song “Hardwired” from their upcoming album ” Hardwired…To Self-Destruct”which will be out in 18th November. With Metallica’s comercial approuch to music, with this new song, they are going back to thier roots in the beggining of thier musical carrer. Enjoy the video, with new Metallica, or should I say the old one.