THE APEX Streams Title Track From Upcoming EP ‘Underbelly + Canadian Tour Dates

THE APEX Streams Title Track From Upcoming EP ‘Underbelly + Canadian Tour Dates


L-R: The Apex Album lineup: Brian Gemus (Guitar) | Tyson Taylor (Drums) | Darren Marchand (Vocals) | Jer Candusso (Bass) | Steve Landgraff (Guitar) (Photo Credit Shari Richards)

2015 – Self-Titled – Album Stream – Bandcamp

Music Video – If Detroit River Could Speak – Watch here.

Windsor, ON’s THE APEX will be hitting the road this August for their two week ‘Fresh Out of The Foundry Tour’ with Regina’s The Man and His Machine across Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (dates listed below). The tour is in support of their upcoming EP ‘Underbelly’ that will feature 3 ear piercing blasts of extreme shrapnel for fans. The title track is now streaming at the following link:

The band comments:

“This track is about how things have changed in the music industry and how these changes can bring negative effects to the art itself.”

The ghetto tech metallers have also launched a Go Fund Me / Pre-Order Campaign for fans to support. A full list of perks ranging from limited edition shirts, tapes, CDs, vinyls plus an exclusive performance can be viewed at the following link here.


The Apex – Underbelly (EP)
1. Scabs and Sheep
2. Underbelly
3. Paid in Exposure
EP Credits:
Music and lyrics written by: Steve Landgraff and Tyson Taylor
Recorded at: Empire Recording Studios
Engineered by: Nick Kinnish at Serafina Productions

In additional news, prior to the tour, THE APEX will be supporting THE DILLENGER ESCAPE PLAN in Toronto on August 4th at the Hard Luck Bar. Full details can be found here.

THE APEX, Fresh out of the Foundry tour

‘Fresh Out of The Foundry Tour’:
Aug 17 – Windsor, ON – The Dominion House – info
Aug 18 – Toronto, ON – Coalition T.O. – info
Aug 19 – Montreal, QC – THR Bar – info
Aug 20 – Drummondville, QC – Pur Heriot – info
Aug 21 – Quebec City, QC – La Source de la Martinière – info
Aug 22 – Charlottetown, PE – Babas Lounge – info
Aug 23 – Moncton, NB – Plan B – info
Aug 25 – Sussex, NB – Uncle G’s – info
Aug 26 – Sydney, NS – Embers – info
Aug 27 – Sackville, NS – House Show – info
Aug 28 – Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub – info
Aug 29 – Fredericton, NB – Charlotte Street Arts Center – info


The Apex formed in August of 2013.

They are a collective of individuals from the Ontario metal community, whom over the years have come together from past bands such as, Closed Casket Funeral, Dismata, Blood Shot Eye, The Coalition Design, and Corprophemia to form The Apex.

In a true culmination of talent, dedication, and timing, this group has created a unique hometown sound that is now being called “Windsor Ghetto Tech”. The brutal sonic assault of their music coupled with the emotional reckless abandonment of their live performance, have drawn stanch comparisons to Meshuggah and classic Dillinger Escape Plan rounded out with a distinctly Canadian flair. To add influence, vocalist Darren M. suffers from Neurogenic Stammering, which effects his speech where the brain won’t tell the mouth what to say so he’s unable to carry on a normal conversation, but for some reason he’s able to scream all the lyrics live and that is how he gets to express himself vocally with the band.

In July, 2014 they entered Shark Tank Productions studio in Windsor, Ontario to begin recording their debut self-titled full length album, “The Apex”. They hired engineer Nick Kinnish of Serafina Productions (Johnny Truent, Architects, and more) to aid them in capturing their sound accurately. In November, 2014 they completed their recording and announced the independent release date of February 21st, 2015. In 2016, the band entered Empire Recording Studios to record their next release, the EP ‘Underbelly’ set to be unleashed in August.

This band is no stranger to hitting the pavement to support the music they love to make. In their 15+ years of experience creating music in previous bands, they’ve been support on tour for bands like: Cephalic Carnage, All Shall Perish, Despised Icon, Cryptopsy, Today Is The Day, Killitorous, Erimha and Ion Dissonance to name a few. In previous bands they’ve also shared the stage on festivals with bands like: SOD, Venom, Obituary, Cradle Of Filth, Earth Crisis, God Forbid, Skinless, Beneath The Massacre and more to crowds up to 7500+ in North America.

As their current lineup “The Apex”, they have already invested in a mid-sized tour bus and have began to book many shows and festivals across Canada for 2016.

For more info, please visit

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WORMREICH: Video Footage From Their Recent Minitour Available!

WORMREICH: Video Footage From Their Recent Minitour Available!


[see the selected photos from the tour, featuring also Niklas Kvarforth from Shining]

Just recently the US black metal underground legends WORMREICH concluded their intensive minitour with the Melodic Occult Metallers KHAOTIKA. Fan-filmed video footage has been posted online, check them out here:

– Part 1 from Anticosmic Music Fest:
– Part 2 from Anticosmic Music Fest:
– Drum cam footage:
– Saint Vitus – NY show:




The tour dates were:
7/21 – VIRGINIA – Khaotika / Wormreich / Death Shroud / Voarm @ Riffhouse
7/22 – NEW YORK Wendigo Prod presents: Khaotika, Wormreich, Teloch Vovin Grave Gnosis Mehenet
7/23 – RHODE ISLAND – Anticosmic Music Fest
7/24 – MARYLAND – Khaotika and WormReich at cafe 611

Other upcoming WORMREICH rituals:
11/11 – 11/12/16, Chicago, IL: Wrath of the Goat VI

More rituals to be announced shortly.

WORMREICH was formed in 2009 by guitarist/vocalist Vulk and joined by current and former members of Blood Stained Dusk, Ancient (Nor), and Hallows Eve, and despite tragedy and death, WORMREICH has returned to unleash Satan’s will upon the Earth. WORMREICH is an established touring band, currently signed to Moribund Records, and they have a reputation for putting on air-tight and intense live performances, gaining them great respect and admiration within the extreme metal underground. Currently WORMREICH are working on their next full-length album, to be titled “Vril: Elixir of Death and the Void”.

More information at:

Japanese Release Dates are Announced!

Japanese Release Dates are Announced!

Japanese Release, Aftermoon, Revealing the Conscience, V.I.L.

The Japanese release dates for the albums from Aftermoon, Revealing the Conscience and V.I.L. have been finally unveiled.

Releases are scheduled as follow:

24th August – Aftermoon “Phase One”
24th August – Revealing The Conscience “Time will Reveal”
24th August – V.I.L. “Requiem for a Prayer”


Selfmachine sign with Pimp (Management) and re-sign with Wormholedeath!

Selfmachine sign with Pimp (Management) and re-sign with Wormholedeath!


Dutch modern metallers Selfmachine are proud to announce they have signed a management  deal with Pimp (Netherland based legendary agency).

They have also re-signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath Records for the release of their sophomore album (recorded @ RealSound Studio (Parma) during February)!

Selfmachine stated:

We are very proud to announce that Selfmachine will now be represented by PIMP (Professional Independent Music Promotion). This great agency has over two decades of experience in the music business and we are very honoured that they welcome us into their exclusive roster! Over the years we’ve had talks with different people about managing our band, but it never quite felt right. Peter Schaap from PIMP agency came highly recommended by our friend Eric Hazebroek from Stream of Passion, and after a few meetings we were convinced he was indeed the right man for the job! Together with PIMP and our label WormholeDeath, we are now working on a plan to promote our upcoming album in the biggest and best way possible (stay tuned for more info!). The future is looking bright now that our merry band of musical whores finally has a proper PIMP to represent us!”

About Selfmachine:

Groove and melody, heaviness and catchyness. These are a just couple of words describing the ‘Modern Metal’ sound of Selfmachine. Like a bearded Michael Jackson driving a monster truck through the hills of Teletubbieland. The first seeds for this band were planted by bassist Mark Brekelmans after his previous exploits Xystus and Equilibrio came to an end late 2010. After recording their debut album, the band signed a worldwide distribution and promotion deal with Wormholedeath/Aural music. Digital distribution to all online stores was carried out by the Orchard. Selfmachine’s ‘Broadcast Your Identity’ was released in February 2014. The album received many positive reviews and was even awarded ‘Dutch release of the year’ by Global Metal Apocalypse.
To promote the album, the band recorded a music video for the song ‘Breathe To Aspire’ and played many live shows throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Selfmachine embarked on their first European Tour supporting internationally acclaimed bands Otep and The Agonist In March 2015. The band holds the firm belief that a live-show should be more than just a bunch of guys on a stage, playing music. It should be an experience, something to engage in and something to remember. Selfmachine is there to have fun, rock your socks off and broadcast their identity!

Broadcast Your Identity (2014 – Wormholedeath Records)

Official Videos:





Source: WormholeDeath


Edmonton’s ‘Black Mourning Light’ Doom & Black Metal Festival Reveal 2016 Line-Up

Edmonton’s ‘Black Mourning Light’ Doom & Black Metal Festival Reveal 2016 Line-Up

Edmonton's 'Black Mourning Light' Doom & Black Metal Festival

2016 Edition
October 21, 22, 23 2016
Rendezvous Pub, Edmonton

Event Link:


Edmonton, AB based Black Mourning Light Metal Festival, a celebration of black, doom, and dark death metal presented by Crown of Visery’s from October 21st to 23rd is proud to announce their 2016 line-up of bands from across Canada and USA.

Friday, October 21 will be headlined by Toronto’s Panzerfaust, alongside Montreal’s Erimha, and Edmonton’s Idolatry. Display of Decay (Edmonton), the night’s only death metal band, Calgary’s Vile Insignia and Hive will set the tone. Idolatry and Vile Insignia are the only returning bands from Black Mourning Light 2015.
Saturday, October 22 will see Portland, Oregon’s UADA headline with support from Manitou Spring, Colorado’s Helleborus and Vancouver’s Wormwitch. Norilsk (Gatineau, QC), Cell (Winnipeg), Holocaust Lord (Victoria), Nachtterror (Regina), Dethgod (Calgary), Ye Goat-Herd Gods (Calgary) and Hunted By Ravens (Red Deer) will bring a mix of black, death, and doom to set that night’s tone.
Sunday morning, October 23 will not feature bands performing, but rather bands eating. Sunday will be reserved for The Mourning After, the VIP exclusive breakfast with all the bands.

Tickets are available online through Crown of Viserys (, (service fees apply), Annihilatrix Productions in Calgary, and Desecrate Promotions in Regina.Line-Up:

Friday, October 21, 2016
Panzerfaust (Toronto, ON) – 12AM
Erimha (Montreal. QC) – 11PM
Idolatry (Edmonton, AB) – 10PM
Display of Decay (Edmonton, AB) – 9PM
Vile Insignia (Calgary, AB) – 8PM

Hive (Calgary, AB) – 7PM

Saturday, October 22, 2016
UADA (Portland, OR) – 12AM
Helleborus (Manitou Springs, CO) – 11PM
Wormwitch (Vancouver, BC) – 10PM
Norilsk (Gatineau, QC) – 9PM
Cell (Winnipeg, MB) – 8PM
Holocaust Lord (Victoria, BC) – 7PM
Nachtterror (Regina, SK) – 6PM
Dethgod (Calgary, AB) – 5PM
Ye Goat-Herd Gods (Calgary, AB) – 4PM
Hunted By Ravens (Red Deer, AB) – 3PM

Black Mourning Light is still taking submissions from filmmakers to showcase their work (preferably dark/ horror) at this year’s event. The films will be viewed at The Rendezvous equipped with televisions to showcase films via DVD. Most films will be shown during band performances.

Filmmakers interested in having their work shown at Black Mourning Light 2016, can use the following Filmmaker’s Application, located here.
Watch the video trailer with clips from BML 2015:

black mourning light 2016 trailer


About BML:

Black Mourning Light Metal Festival is the black metal and doom festival founded by Dustin Ekman of Crown of Viserys. Created to fill a void in Edmonton’s black and doom scene.

After a successful debut during Halloween 2015, Black Mourning Light Festival returns for a 2016 edition set from October 21st-23rd. The onslaught will be held at the Rendezvous Pub with a lineup of bands from across Western Canada all in the vein of black and doom metal along with select death styles. Last year’s line up included 11 bands from three provinces such as headliner Idolatry (Edmonton), Altars of Grief (Regina), Noire (Winnipeg), Ossific (Winnipeg), Vile Insignia (Calgary) and more.

Those that attended the 2015 inaugural ritual will not be disappointed by 2016, as they can expect a different while similar experience to that event. Due to the proximity of Samhain, costume prizes will still be awarded to those who wish to dress up early and celebrate the season.

For more info, please visit

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MESHUGGAH New album title and cover revealed , and release date confirmed

MESHUGGAH New album title and cover revealed, and release date confirmed


Legendary Swedish extreme metal band MESHUGGAH revealed new album title called “The Violent Sleep of Reason”, and it will be released in October 7th. The new album title and cover, can be seen in the issue of the Revolver magazine, and here is the picture

MESHUGGAH, The Violent Sleep of Reason

Meshuggah have released a studio report of recordings of their new upcoming with Toumas Haake here it is:

Meshuggah will be on tour with High on Fire this fall.

Get ready for Meshuggah new album, this is going to great.