Denihilist with In Dying Arms, & Pathways Announce The Blackwater Tour

Denihilist with In Dying Arms, & Pathways Announce The Blackwater Tour


September 21, 2016Denihilist (We Are Triumphant) have announced their joining In Dying Arms and Pathways (Tragic Hero Records) on The Blackwater Tour. For a taste of The Blackwater Tour, check out In Denihilist “Still,” Dying Arms “Blackwater,” and Pathways “Miserae” music videos, below, and check out the trio LIVE!

The Blackwater Tour Dates:

10/28 @ Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD
10/29 @ 3065 Live – Wareham, MA
10/30 @ The Space – Hamden, CT
10/31 @ Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ
11/01 @ Riffhouse Pub – Chesapeake, VA
11/02 @ The Hideaway – Johnson City, TN
11/03 @ The Warehouse – Clarksville, TN
11/04 @ Zeppelins – Biloxi, MS
11/05 @ Eastdown – Houston, TX
11/06 @ Tomcats West – Fort Worth, TX
11/08 @ Dirty Dog Bar – Austin, TX
11/10 @ TBA – Kansas City, MO
11/12 @ The Company Concourse – Bedford, IN
11/13 @ The Red Zone – Madison, WI
11/14 @ The Ritz – Detroit, MI *
* In Dying Arms only


About Denihilist:

Rage occurs when oxytocin, vasopressin, and corticotropin-releasing hormone are rapidly released from the hypothalamus. This results in the pituitary gland producing and releasing large amounts of the adrenocorticotropic hormone, which causes the adrenal cortex to release corticosteroids. This chain reaction occurs when faced with a threatening situation. Rage can sometimes lead to a state of mind where the individual experiencing it believes, and often is capable of doing things that may normally seem physically impossible.

Four young men from Dayton Ohio know this emotion as if it were carved into their chests. The only way to save themselves from being completely consumed by the emotion that defined them… was to start a band. Together they formed DENIHILIST in the spring of 2015, Let down by life, record labels, relationships, families, this all translated into the music they wrote. Bringing you what you hear now.

We’re not here to be pretty, or to sell trendy merch, or to spread the gospel of some faith.

We’re the type of music you listen to when the woman you “love” runs off with some rich, well endowed, corvette driving, dude that never worked a day in his life and got everything handed to him.

Enjoy the ride, DENIHILIST


About In Dying Arms:

Merging frenzied sonic mediations on violence with the occasional moment of heart-on-sleeve plaintiveness, In Dying Arms’ brand of bipolar deathcore covers the extreme ends of both the emotional and sonic spectrums. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, the brutal quintet got started in 2006, going through some initial growing pains before settling into a lineup consisting of singer Orion Stephens, guitarists Jeremy Magee and John Myers, bassist Terence Bright, and drummer Alvin Richardson. With a sound that artfully blends the passion of post-hardcore with deathcore’s technically stunning aggression, In Dying Arms’ anguished, atmospheric riff-fests set them apart from their contemporaries, allowing them to not only play with the dynamics between the two genres, but to create a genuine interplay between them, giving their music an intriguing amount of depth. In 2009, the deathcore outfit made their debut with the EP This Is Retaliation before eventually signing on with Matchless Records (the label of Chelsea Grin’s Chris Kilbourn) the following year, with their first full-length, Deprivation, following closely behind. Keeping busy, In Dying Arms jumped straight back into the studio, following up in 2011 with their eponymous second album. In 2012, the band signed on with Artery Recordings, which put out their third album,Boundaries, later that year.

 In Dying Arms


About Pathways:

Known for their use of dual 8 string guitars, Pathways best describes their music as a masquerade dance with classical waltz movements but, at other times cryptic with certain transitions which keeps the listener on the edge of their seat. The end result is beautiful, yet frightening at times and melodic but in a way that is also haunting.

The band was formed in late 2012 and has solidified their current lineup of Jon Rose (guitars). Jentzen Flaskerud (guitars), Nicholas Scott (vocals), Lorence Drewry (bass) and Wil Lanagan (drums). The quintet aims to deliver an unparalleled musical experience. They strive for a unique and powerful sound showcasing their progressive metal-core background while intertwining classical, melodic and technical influences.

Pathways is no stranger to the studio having a lot of experience under their belts. Their discography includes a self-produced EP called Unconscious Lives (2012), single produced by Dreadcore Productions “Arise” (2013), EP produced byParallel Focus Studios titled “Harlot”(2014), self-produced single called “Xmas Time” (2014), and the upcoming EP produced by Afflux Studios Dies Irae.

In 2016, the band got the attention of Tragic Hero Records President, Tommy LaCombe. Guitarist Rose explains why Pathways felt this was a perfect partnership, “In the end, we wanted to go with a label that provided us with a more personal/hands-on approach. Plus, Tommy is great.”

Pathways released their Tragic Hero Records debut EP, Dies Irae on April 15th.

Source: High Road Publicity


Aske: Advertising date for release of the first video clip of thier career

Aske: Advertising date for release of the first video clip of thier career

 Little miss! The ASKE band finally announced the release date of the first video clip of their career. Seeking to further disclose the current full length “Once …”, the band chose the song “Übermensch” for this work.

 In active since 2009, the ASKE is a death metal band formed in São Carlos – São Paulo, and brings that to this work, as well as music that is based on the book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” from Friedrich Nietzsche an work audiovisual extremely rich in symbologies.

 The music video will be released on October 11, 2016 on the official channel of Sangue Frio Produções on YouTube.

 All information about this release you can get here:\

Register on the official channel of Sangue Frio Produções on YouTube and receive all video clips, lyric videos and singles in your email:ções

To check out all the videos released by the production, visit:

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Source: Sangue Frio Produções

Megadeth’s new live video for the song “Couquer or Die”

Megadeth’s  new live video for the song “Couquer or Die”


Legendary American thrash metal band Megadeth has realeased new video for the song “Couquer or Die. This amazing video, begins with acoustic music, and then the crushing riffs and mindblowing solos came to the game. Megadeath’s traditional style of music, awesome instumental song, with great live video following it.

Watch this video, Megadeath is back to kick some ass, in thrash metal style.



Band Members:

Bass: Bruno Gibson

Drums:Paulo Wallace,

Guitar:Bruno Estrela

Vocal: Leo

Guitar: Hugowar

Hometown: Brazil


1.How the band started?

The band started in 2003 to record a demo with 4 songs, but with this current formation we are in active since 2010.

2.Which band is your role model?

We are inspired by many bands. but there are two that influence us strongly. Judas Priest and Manowar.

3.What do You think about today’s metal scene?

To be honest. The metal scene is experiencing a bittersweet moment today. there are many ways to publicize your sound over the Internet. But the public often leaves to be desired in relation to shows of new bands like us. but we are struggling to change it.

4.How would you describe in one sentence your work?

It was made with the soul.

5.Why did you decide to play this musical direction?

Because I love heavy metal, I love what I do. I play metal to almost 20 years. already gone through good times and bad, and I will continue here. strong. I never surrender, never give up on my dream. heavy metal will Never Die in me.

6.Where would you most like to play a concert?

if in relation to our music, they are like children to me. like all. but especially three: Blade Of Death, Battle Scream and Let Me Live metal. now in relation to the show completely without doubt what I shorter and interaction with the public. the energy that they pass on to the band is wonderful.

7.Do you think that the metal festivals are enough visited?

Here in my country have seen crowded festivals. as I have seen good empty festivals. It is very relative. and sad to see the lack of public support in some situations, unfortunately the reality is that the big bands will always attract the public. already the underground festivals have to work hard to have a public relative to afford. I think that in Europe and North America should be different. But one day I saw pictures of a festival in England that the audience was very small. that’s sad.

8.What are you listening to, the most right now?

I love listening to classic heavy metal, but I always try to listen to new bands, know what is being created again. new bands in my view are to be congratulated. much good coming in heavy metal, I’m listening very a band called Rocka Rollas and another called Blaze Stone.

9.What would you say to your fans?

They did not fail to support the metal scene of your city in your area. go to shows, buy CDs and material bands. support the heavy metal because that’s what he lives. this interaction, metal fans / metal band.

10.What are your plans for the future?

We are currently disseminating quite our CD official battle scream! Also recorded a version of music fire power of the band English Raven. that goes to a tribute band. we are also doing shows here. we are ready to compose new songs, we have some ready. want to do a tour outside the country on soon. in Europe. our goal is to show the sound of thunderspell to the world. we are battling for this happen.


Interviewed by:


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WarFist-Metal to the Bone


Polish blackened thrash metal band realeased the album. This album is black and thrash metal armageddon, this album is more the thrash metal album, than blackened thrash metal album, with the influence of black metal.

On this album it can be heard crushing riffs, great vocals, and also a little bit a punk influence,  it has that fast vibe and sound, that is amazing.The lyrics on the album  have a black metal vibe, so there is also a influence of black metal as well.

Tehnical compliance is very good, acoustic is great, production is awesome.

The album is full of hate,it will devour you with darkness,  make you feel the pain and destroy you in a chaotic manner.

Warfist is a great raw thrash metal band, that will punch you with very fast, insane thrash metal music.


Rating Album:9/10


sapronRating album: SAPRON

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BRUTE FORCZ East European Tour Balkan 2016

BRUTE FORCZ East European Tour Balkan 2016


California based wrestler’s heavy metal band Brute Forcz going to Eastern Europe!

Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce the first European tour of the American Heavy Metal Trio BRUTE FORCZ. The tour aim to promote their releases ‘Kick Ass Heavy Metal’, ‘Out for Blood’ and the recent EP ‘Brute Forcz’.

Below the tourdates:

11/Nov Osijek (CRO) Exit
12/Nov Djakovo (CRO) King
13/Nov Banja Luka (BOS) Jelen Pub “DTA”
14/Nov Tuzla (BOS) Bunt *
15/Nov Smederevo (SER) OKC Svetlost *
16/Nov Nis (SER) Black Stage Caffe*
17/Nov Pozarevac (SER) KB *
18/Nov Sombor (SER) Kafana u sokaku *
19/Nov Krusevac (SER) Zamajac
20/Nov Burgas (BUL) Bar Bez Ime **

* with My Funeral(SWE)/Angry Again(CH)
**with Inflict(BUL)/Slave Pit(Bul)

+BRUTE FORCZ (Heavy Metal/USA – Sliptrick Records) Kiss-Ass heavy metal hailing from Los Angeles, California. The band was formed by ex-pro wrestlers Slammer (Drums) and Jammer (Bass/Vocals) with Tim Thomas on Guitar and are influenced by Motorhead, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Kiss & more.

With one album under their belt entitled ‘Out For Blood’ featuring their debut single ‘Sex Machine’, and a number of prestigious support slots including WASP, Michael Schenker, Loudness, Joey Belladonna & more, the band really are set to take the world by Forcz.

BRUTE FORCZ is a kick ass heavy metal band from Los Angeles, CA. The band was formed in 2010 after ex professional wrestlers Slammer and Jammer decided they wanted to make heavy metal music in the style of Motorhead, Judas Priest, AC/DC and W.A.S.P. The power trio began performing in Los Angeles in the Summer of 2010. They immediately gained attention and a growing fan base opening for bands such as WASP, LA Guns, Loudness, Michael Schenker Group, Joey Bella Donna (Anthrax), Y&T, Steel Panther, George Lynch and many more. They then caught the attention of legendary producers Bob Kulick and Brett Chassen. The band recorded their debut album at Office Studios and features 10 songs that kick major ass. Their music has received huge amounts of press and exposure online within the metal community.


After spending the last few years dealing with Injuries, surgeries, bad finances, departures, and even death, Brute Forcz is back with a new 4 song EP. The EP is self titled, “Brute Forcz”, and features Rowan Robertson (Ex-Dio), on guitar and was engineered and produced by legendary producer Bill Metoyer (Metal Blade A & R, Slayer to name a few) and Skull Seven Productions. As the band is preparing to play and have their music played across the world, there is no doubt it will be “KICK ASS HEAVY METAL.”

Band Name – Brute Forcz
City – Los Angeles, Ca. United States

Robbn “Jammer” Steel – Bass and Vocals
Ronn “Slammer” Steel – Drums
Rowan Robertson – Guitars

“Out For Blood” 2012


XX Anniversary of Black Altar – split with Beastcraft

 XX Anniversary of Black Altar – split with Beastcraft

Due to the 20th anniversary of Black Altar – Odium Records announces a Black Altar Beastcraft split that will be released by the end of this year. It will be issued as a digipack cd and 2 months later as a gatefold LP and a wooden box with cd, vinyl, 2 t-shirts, patch, pin, posters and loads or rarities concerning Black Altar (limited to 50 copies only!). There were also some guests from Vader, Ondskapt, Acherontas and Beastcraft that took part in the recordings of Black Altar stuff.

4. PENTAGRAM SACRIFICE (Beastcraft cover)

6. IN THE HOUR OF THE THORNS (unreleased intro track from 2016)
7. DEATHCRAFT AND NECROMANCY (unreleased track recorded in 2007/2016)
8. BLACKWINGED MESSIAH (previously only released on 7” vinyl, recorded in 2007)
9. BURNT AT HIS ALTAR (unreleased live recording from 2016, taken from the Death is Complete tribute concert)
10. RESURRECTION THROUGH DESECRATION AND CHURCHFIRES  (previously only released on 7” vinyl, recorded in 2006)
11. RECRUCIFIXION (unreleased mix from 2009, with re-recorded drums in 2016)



Metallica realeased new video of the song “Moth Into Flame”

Metallica realeased new video of the song “Moth Into Flame”

Резултат слика за metallica 2016

Legendary American thrash metal band Metallica realeased their first video for the song “Moth Into Flame” from the upcoming album “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” . Well with this video Mettalica  demonstrated that they didn’t forget what the old school sounds like , but they needed a reminder, although this song is not old school thrash  metal,  it is a mixture of the modern thrash metal  with the classic metal thrash metal, with this they have proved that they want, to distance themselves from commercial approach to the music.

Metallica also said this about thier new song, and they return to the scene:

We’re back!! Welcome to track number two from Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, “Moth Into Flame.” As some of you accurately predicted, we gave it the first public spin while hanging out with our great friend Howard Stern this morning in his New York studio. Sitting and chatting with Howard is one our favorite things to do and we were honored that he offered to play it first and let us perform a few additional songs live while we were there. We’re also excited to debut the corresponding video directed by Tom Kirk of Muse fame.

Just to refresh your memories, ‘Hardwired…To Self-Destruct’ hits the streets on November 18, 2016 and was produced by Greg Fidelman, along with James and Lars, and is available for pre-order in a variety of configurations including 12 songs on a double CD, vinyl, digital download, as well as a deluxe version including cover songs and live tracks.
We are just getting started, so keep watching this space for more information, more tour dates and just in general, more Metallica!! IT’S ON!

This is a real suprise, wacth a new video.Enjoy new, or should I say new-old Mettalica, and this kickass video.

Canadian Death Masters NECRONOMICON Announce More US Dates

Canadian Death Masters NECRONOMICON Announce More US Dates

Photo Credit – Myriam Francoeur

 Wrapping up their September USA tour with label mates Greece’s extreme metal titans ROTTING CHRIST and Dutch symphonic black metal trio CARACH ANGREN, Canadian death metal masters NECRONOMICON announce they will be performing the following headlining US show dates.

Remaining Tour Dates w/ Rotting Christ, Carach Angren:
09/26/16 – New Orleans, LA – Siberia

Necronomicon US Dates:

9/28 – Biloxi, MS – Zeppelin’s Pizzeria & Bar
9/29 – Raleigh, NC – Slim’s Downtown
9/30 – Chesapeake, VA – RiffHouse Pub
10/1 – Trenton, NJ – Championship Bar
10/2 – Rochester, NY – The Montage Music Hall
NECRONOMICON unleashed their new album ‘Advent of The Human God’ this past March via Season of Mist.
NECRNOMICON have a well-earned reputation for quality by releasing material only when ready and satisfied with the outcome ever since their demo entitled “Morbid Ritual” (1992) firmly established their name within the underground. “The Silver Key” EP (1996) led to mainstream recognition on a national level, but their debut album “Pharaoh Of Gods” (1999) and the sophomore “The Sacred Medicines” (2003) did even more to establish the band as a household name in Canada. “Return Of The Witch” (2010) marked the international break-through forNECRONOMICON, and saw them performing at prestigious festivals such as Inferno (Norway), Ragnarok (Germany), and the Barge To Hell metal cruise among others, while sharing stages with acts such as CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, BEHEMOTH, and MORBID ANGEL, to name but a few. Their steady advance around the globe grew considerably in impact by their next full-length “Rise Of The Elder Ones” (2013). Now NECRONOMICONare more than ready for the next step with ‘Advent Of The Human God’, their latest brutal assaulting soundtrack now available via Season of Mist for Europe as of March 18th and North America as of March 25th.Delivering a lethal dose of symphonic, blackened death at a new height in their long lasting career, which began as early as 1988 with the founding of the band by guitarist and singer Rob “The Witch” in the deep northern part of Quebec, Canada known as the “Fjord of Saguenay”The Canadian veterans keep their tracks on ‘Advent Of The Human God’ as gloriously epic as furiously massive and harsh. Songs like “The Golden Gods”, “Unification Of The Four Pillars”, “Crown Of Thorns” and “I Bringer Of Light” tell of experienced songwriting and an eclectic wide range of influences that flow into the sound ofNECRONOMICON. Nodding to DIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTH to DEICIDE and SUFFOCATION, these extreme metal addicts carve their own sound out of the much cherished ingredients of brutal dark music.

Music Video – Crown of Thorns – Watch here.

To listen to the full stream of ‘Advent of The Human God’, please visit the following link:
Album order available at

1. The Descent (1:18)
2. Advent of The Human God (5:27)
3. The Golden Gods (4:13)
4. Okkultis Trinity (2:27)
5. Unification of The Four Pillars (3:27)
6. Crown of Thorns (4:30)
7. The Fjord (4:39)
8. Gaia (2:43)
9. I (Bringer Of Light) (4:04)
10. Innocence And Wrath (Celtic Frost Cover) (1:08)
11. Alchemy Of The Avatar (5:14)
Album Length: 39:16
Rob “The Witch”: Vocals, Guitar
Mars: Bass
Rick: Drums

BALFOR signed with Drakkar Productions. New album early in 2017

BALFOR signed with Drakkar Productions. New album early in 2017

is a Ukrainian Black Metal band from Kyiv featuring Khors,Raventale and ex-Hate Forest members. The band plays a style that can be to define as Barbaric Black Metal, a name that only partly explains the kind of dark, dramatic music they play. Music that is an epic, melodic and a blastingly fast mixture of Black and Death Metal.

Band’s frontman, continuously since its founding, is Anton Thorgeir Prymak – lead vocals, guitars and as well as main composer.
The first album “Volki Severa” was released by German label E.O.L.P. Production and received many good reviews. Meantime, band completed their first Ukrainian tour.
Next release “Pure Barbaric” in a move calculated to bring Balforto the attention of a much larger audience was released for free download via a net-label. It was a move that was extremely successful in terms of increasing interest to the band. Using the resources and capabilities of social media Balfor manages to attract new listeners worldwide.

Writing a new album “Barbaric BloodBalfor signed a contract and publishes it on Pulverised Records.  European tour in support of the album was very successful. The band played shows in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. Balfor also take a part on such well-known European metal festivals like: Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL), Rockmaraton (HU), Dong Open Air (DE), Global East (UA), Metal Heads Mission (UA), Kilkim Zaibu (LT), Gothoom (SK), Carpathian Alliance (UA), Metal Crowd (BEL), etc.

After that “Barbaric Blood” was released by CD-Maximum Records for CIS and Baltic countries under the license ofPulverised Records.

Second European tour Balfor shared in the company of black metal bands Emptiness and Christ Agony.

Without dwelling on the achievements Balfor returned to Kyiv and recorded the EP “Haralds Of The Fall”.

And new album “Black Serpent Rising” was recorded shortly in 2015 and is awaiting release. Album interprets dark, barbaric past of humanity and ancient cults.
Having huge experience of live shows, impressive list of club shows and festivals. Band used widely social media platforms and has fan-base all around the world.
Balfor is a worthy representative of Ukrainian and East European metal scene.

While waiting, for the new release, you can listen to their previous work here:

Discography Line Up


Volki Severa 2005
Pure Barbaric 2007
Barbaric Blood 2011
Haralds of the Fall 2013
Black Serpent Rising 2017
Thorgeir – vocals, guitars
Athamas – bass, vocals
Astaroth Merc – lead guitars
Khaoth – drums, percussion