Metallica released third new song “Atlas, Rise!”

Резултат слика за Metallica 2016

Thrash metal giants Metallica released their third song “Atlas, Rise!” from their 10th upcoming album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” which is going to be released in 18th November.

Here is what Metallica said about the album and the song:

“Less than three weeks now until all 12 new tracks from Hardwired…To Self-Destruct_are cut loose for good and today we’re proud to bring you the third and final sneak peek from the album, _Atlas, Rise!

“Hopefully, you will hear it on your local radio station and check out the video by Clark Eddy, our master editor and the unsung hero of the making-of-the-album “behind the scenes” clips that have graced and Mission Metallica over the years.

“It’s been a crazy, exciting, hectic, insane wild ride since we unleashed the first song and title track to the album on August 18 and if you have somehow managed to avoid us since then, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct hits the streets on November 18, 2016.

“The album was produced by Greg Fidelman, along with James and Lars, and is available for pre-order in a variety of configurations including 12 songs on a double CD, vinyl, digital download, as well as a deluxe version including cover songs and live tracks.

“We’re looking forward to celebrating with you in the coming weeks, months and years as we’ll be visiting Europe in a couple of weeks, have a few other tricks up our sleeves for the remainder of the year, and of course, the WorldWired tour invades in 2017. See you soon!”

So Metallica is back again, and this time for sure with their old sound. Great riffs, fast thrash metal tempo, that will blow your mind, be thrash, stay metal to the flesh and bone.

Halloween Special Deaosophic Metal band DYS INBUNDEN cover “Buried by Time and Dust”

Every genre of metal has its culminating album: recordings which capture and define a movement or era. For Norwegian black metal, Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is that record.

Following the release of their latest single “Riders of Malign” Dys Inbunden strike again by covering the legendary Mayhem track “Buried by Time and Dust” , a track which is in line with the band’s philosophy and musical style. Dys Inbunden play self-proclaimed Deaosophic Metal.
As “Wisdom is derived from death” their sound is primarily Black Metal with Death,Thrash, Progressive and Melodic influences.

Their 2013 album release ‘Pandemonium Unchained ‘ is a classic tribute to the underground Black Metal scene; this was followed by their second opus “One with morbidity, the opus misanthropy” .

In line with Mayhem’s air of terror, mystery and evil Gefandi Ör Andlät adds his own unique vocal elements to “Buried by Time and Dust” . This is one of the only tracks where Atilla uses the usual throaty growls black metal is known for in their album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. The cover speaks for itself and pays homage to the might Mayhem on the eve of Halloween.

If you are after something new from Dys Inbunden make sure to check out their latest single
“Riders of Malign”. This is the first sneak peek of new material from their upcoming album here:
Dys Inbunden current Lineup:
Gefandi Ör Andlät – Vocals , Lead Guitar.
Magister Nocturnal – Bass, Piano Orchestrations.
Mephitz – Drums.
TBA- Rhythm Guitar

Home Town: Stockholm, Sweden

Source:Agentur EAM

Vader released offical track and lyrics video of the song “Angels of Steel” from their upcoming album


Legendary Polish death thrash metal band Vader released the offical song and lyrics video of the “Angels of Steel” from thier upcoming album “The Empire”, which is going to be released in November 4th via Nuclear Blast Records. The video is about apocylpse in Vader’s style as usual, talking about war and destruction.Vader is back once again to destroy the world with metal. Enjoy the video:

Skullwinx-The Relic


German epic speed metal band  released the album. This album present’s the full power of old school metal sound, it has that old school vibe to it.

On this album it can be heard many influences, the band wanted to combine this influences to create some real good epic metal. These influences are power metal and heavy metal, this two combined together create’s some great fast and melodic music.

Solos on the album are powerful and unique, vocals are very good, it has that strength and power in it, and made this album more magical. Tehnical compliance is amazing, everything about it, is in perfect balance, acoustic is great, production is awesome too. This album is all about fiction, the lyrics are decitated to history themes, that are very well combined with the genre itself’s.

Skullwinx is the band with some awesome speed and power metal music, with this album they showed, that they are the band you can enjoy listening, if you prefer this genre, amazing power epic speed metal music.


 Rating Album:10/10

sapronRating album: SAPRON

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Mayhem will perform entire cult black metal classic ” De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” on their 2017 tour

 Mayhem, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Mayhem is going to play their ” De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” cult black metal album, on their ” De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” 2017 tour.

Band known for controversy of the band’s history with Varg Vikernes, the band has become an icon of black metal music, the band decided to come back to their former glory on their 2017 tour.

 Mayhem, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

The singer Attila Chisar said this about their cult album:

“Time passed and the whole band got stronger and more experienced. So now suddenly we felt it was the time to play that whole record finally, to release that beast after more than two decades.

“So De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas finally becomes alive!”

So for sure Mayhem is back again, too awake their demons inside them.

Blastfest Announce More Bands, Day Schedule, Club Show & Hotel

In the heart of winter, in the shadows of the mountains and in one of the most renowned for metal and beautiful cities in the world, Blastfest takes place next February in Bergen, Norway. The four day festival runs from 22nd to 25th February 2017, and since this year’s one time only celebration of the Norwegian metal scene, which featured the likes of Abbath, Gorgoroth, Ihsahn and Green Carnation, there has been a steady stream of band announcements for the next edition of the festival, including an exclusive heavy set from Devin Townsend Project, an exclusive Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gatheredset from Marduk, and with more bands including appearances from ex-Bolt Thrower & Benediction members new band Memoriam, Between The Buried & Me, Dying Fetus, Hell, Akercocke and the world debut performance of Phil Anselmo’s new Scour project.

Now it’s time for some new announcements which brings the festival ever closer to a complete lineup… Elizabeth, Kronos & Sigh!

In conspiracy with Satan, Blastfest presents a little special something! Sweden’s Bathory are by many considered among the very godfathers of the black metal genre. In honour of their three first album releases, members from Gehenna and Throne of Katarsis have gathered to summon the spirit of old with Elizabeth. Yellow goat in your possession or not, this will be an epic return to darkness and evil… Raise your fists, raise the dead!


From France hails the mighty Kronos! Their crushingly brutal death metal has been likened to that of bands like Blood Red Throne, Prostitute Disfigurement, and the almighty Nile. Insane energy, catchy guitar riffs, frenetic solos, and glorious breakdowns all come together in Kronos’ hymns to the old gods of Greek mythology. It’s going to be one hell of a history lesson!

Infamous Øystein ‘Euronymous’ Aarseth signed the Japanese horde of Sigh back in the early days of the second wave of black metal. Their album Scorn Defeat from March 1993 was actually one of the only nine releases on Aarseth’s label, Deathlike Silence Productions, before he was murdered in August of the very same year. Since then Sigh have kept on releasing one quality album after the other, with one of their career highs being Graveward of 2015. As much as the band started out as a pure black metal band, they have evolved constantly through the years, and have produced some of the most innovative and creative music in the extreme metal genre, never limiting their expression. The band has never feared the inclusion of classic rock, jazz, psychedelia, classical music, or other musical elements, and have always been pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Having never played in Bergen before, everyone should look forward to seeing them at such a historical metal location! Blastfest might have conjured up feelings of scorn in a small group of individuals lately, but that does not equal defeat! Hail horror, hail!

Going back to the very first incarnation of the festival the first day of the 2017 event, the club show, will be taking place at Hulen. An iconic Bergen venue, Hulen was once an air raid shelter which was converted into a club in the late 60’s and has played host to many acts from the world over. With a lineup including Gehenna, Lucifer’s Child, Abyssic, Aspherium, Overoth & Burning Hatred this is an amazing opportunity to witness metal inside a mountain.

Day schedule & day tickets have now been released, the complete lineup to date can be viewed in the below poster.
Blastfest 2017
Bergen, Norway
Hulen (22nd) & USF Verftet (23rd – 25th)

Devin Townsend Project / Scour / Marduk / Hell / Between The Buried & Me / Dying Fetus / Leprous / Hour Of Penance / Angelcorpse / Batushka / Memoriam / Akercocke / Elizabeth / Sigh / HateSphere / Benighted / Blood Red Throne / Gehenna / Ajattara / The Monolith Deathcult / Misþyrming / Torture Killer / Nordjevel / Regarde Les Hommes Tomber / Cut Up / Zhrine / Emptiness / Lucifer’s Child / Auðn / Deluge / IXXI / Kronos / Abyssic / Aspherium / Trident / Beneath / Darkend / Burning Hatred / Avslut / Overoth / Ade / Doomas Plus More TBA

Check out the official Blastfest Spotify playlist!

Tickets on sale now (day tickets now available):

As with previous years the official hotel will be the Augustin, book online at using the booking code BLASTFEST 2017 to receive discounted rates.


Source:Future PR

Russian Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal TAIGA Streaming Full Album ‘Sky’

Taiga, Sky

Russian atmospheric/depressive black metal band TAIGA are streaming their third studio album ‘Sky’ that was released on September 16th via Symbol of Domination, a sub-label of Satanath Records. The album tells the story about those moments in life when people are aware of their own insignificance and can not overcome the emotional pain. Everyday is torture for them, loneliness guards their cage where they feel there is no escape. In hope of change, they turn their eyes to the sky.

Album Stream – Sky –

Album Order at

Taiga, Sky

01. Intro

02. Признавая ничтожность

03. Картины забытой боли

04. Вверх

05. На коленях

06. Небо ещё не погибло

07. Похоть

08. Надежда

Length – 58:51


TAIGA was founded in the Siberian city of Tomsk by Nikolai Seredov from the thrash band “Стахановцы” (Stakhanovtsi) and the funeral doom band “Funeral Tears” along with Andrey Chernov, guitarist of the military/martial industrial metal band “Panzertank”. In December 2013, they released their first two songs, “За чертой” and “На битом стекле”, which marked the beginning of the project. People suffering from mental disorders caused by public misunderstanding, undivided love and their own weakness are the main influence in TAIGA’s lyrics. In January 2014, TAIGA released their the first EP called “Ты всё ещё дышишь” (You Are Still Breathing), which was immediately followed by another EP in February 2014, entitled “Прах к праху” (Ashen To Ashen). With great feedback on their EPs, TAIGA revealed their debut full length “Ashen Light” during March 2014. The album featured new arranged tracks from the first two EPs and was co-released by labels Satanath Record, Metallic Media and and Le Crépuscule Du Soir Productions. In 2015, they released their second album “Gaia” via labels Symbol Of Domination and Metallic Media. In 2016, band recruited Aleksey “Satanath” Korolyov as their keyboardist/ambient sound maker to add to their mystic atmosphere. Quick Note: Andrei Chernov was not involved in the recording of the new album ‘Sky’, but is still involved as a member of the band.

Source: Asher Media Relations

Zero Tolerance official Death tribute band with Absendent on “Eastern Europe and Balkan Area tour”

Zero Tolerance, Absendent

Italian tribute metal band Zero Tolerance (Death tribute) is going on the “Eastern Europe and Balkan Area Tour” with Abscendent italian death/thrash metal band. So support the bands on their tour trought Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, and enjoy the music of the legendary metal godfathers Death with offical tribute band Zero Tolerance.

Here are some video clips of the bands:

1.Zero Tolerance 


DOPE Release Lyric Video for “1999” Off Upcoming ‘Blood Money Part 1’; ‘Blood Money’ Out 10/28 Via eOne Entertainment!

Dope, Bood Money Part 1

October 24, 2016DOPE has released the lyric video for “1999” off of their hotly anticipated Blood Money Part 1 LP. Originally premiering on Loudwire, the final single anticipates the release of Blood Money Part 1 this Friday, October 28.

After much anticipation, the release date for Blood Money is finely upon us..
We’ve already dropped 3 full length music videos and today we are dropping a lyric video for the song 1999.
I anticipate that this song will be one of the fan favorites off the new record..
Looking forward to Friday!
Edsel Dope

Dope, Bood Money Part 1

Blood Money Part 1 Track List

1) Intro: Confessions of a Felon
2) Blood Money
3) Shoulda Known Better
4) Lexipro
5) Hold On
6) 1999
7) Razorblade Butterfly
8) Drug Music
9) A New Low
10) Hypocrite
11) X-Hale
12) End of the World
13) Selfish
14) Numb
15) Violet

Dope is concluding its first full USA tour in 6 years which featured a number of sold out performances. The tour will conclude at the whisky on October 30th before the band heads to Russia, the Ukraine and the U.K. For select shows in November.

Dope, Bood Money Part 1

10/24 – Lubbock, TX @ Backstage
10/25 – Gallup, NM @ The Juggernaut
10/26 – Phoenix, AZ @ Joe’s Grotto
10/27 – San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
10/28 – Las Vegas, NV @ Counts Vamp’d
10/29 – Anaheim, CA @ City National Grove of Anaheim
10/30 – W. Hollywood, CA @ The Whisky
11/02 – St. Petersburg, Russia @ Zal Ozhidaniya
11/03 – Krasnodar, Russia @ Arena Hall
11/04 – Mosco, Russa @ Volta
11/05 – Ufa, Russia @ RK Ogni Ufy
11/06 – Kiev, Ukraine @ MonteRay Club
11/07 – London, England @ 02 Academy

About DOPE:

In all genres of music, we have witnessed countless successful bands that were here today and gone tomorrow. The true art that endures time and trends is often driven by a rare breed of dedicated and unrelenting individual, one who is borderline possessed with the need to get whatever is inside of them out. Money is great and fame can be cool, but these are the types of people who would be doing what they do with or without the rewards. They are making music and building visual representations because, deep down inside, they simply “need” to.

DOPE is exactly such a career entity: an endlessly creative, prolific and provocative force. DOPE inspires the full spectrum of reaction from their devoted legion of followers, and from those whose tastes penetrate deeply into the dark past of driving industrial music to the hard-partying savage beasts hungry to deploy and destroy to a cinematic soundtrack. DOPE is as much an idea as a band, a lifestyle and a cultural force; the brainchild of a singular, visionary mainstay known as Edsel Dope.

EDSEL DOPE continues to triumph against the odds, beginning as an independent Dope slinger in NYC who rose to the heights of daytime MTV, rock radio, major labels, and everything in between. Edsel and his fraternity-like assemblage of merry, roaming pirates, have recorded 6 full length albums, successfully toured the globe, while building a rabid “cult like” following who has consumed more than a million Dope albums around the world.

Dope is a unique story of a consistently successful band that has never had that one, universally identifiable song, which catapulted them into the mainstream, nor was Dope spun out of the success of another association. Instead, Dope is a band that has built its fan base through compelling live shows and remains connected to its audience through a deep catalog of music, which challenges its listeners to agree on any one favorite piece of work. Those loyal and dedicated fans are eagerly awaiting the latest Dope work, appropriately titled Blood Money (Part 1).

Blood Money has taken a bit longer to arrive than previous Dope albums. Because of this, there is a tremendous amount of new Dope music in the works, and, as a result, Blood Money will be at least a two part album.

“We toured virtually non-stop for more than 10 years” says Edsel. “It was just time for a little break from the ever present gypsy life. Once I was off of that unrelenting roller coaster for a minute, it became time for me to prioritize some other areas of my life, and to focus on some very important things that I had been neglecting for quite a while. During the down time I continued to write new material and the band continued to play regional dates, but there was definitely a shift from the (pedal to the metal) philosophy that had become the status quo, since the band first hit the scene. Because of this, it seemed to many that the band had gone into hiding, while the truth is, we simply shifted gears for a while.”
“The collection of songs written for Blood Money, represent a larger chunk of my life than previous albums. It only feels appropriate for me to keep all of these songs under the same title. Now that this process is fully in motion, I anticipate that Blood Money part 2 will follow part 1, relatively quickly…”

Blood Money picks up where our last album No Regrets left off” says Edsel.
“It is heavy, melodic, and technical, and like all Dope albums, it is very broad in its song selection and sound, while also touching on a variety of topics. Saying all of that, Blood Money is also a bit more of a personal album for me, a bit more of a look inward, rather than me looking outward on this album. I went through allot of growth, on a personal level, over the last few years and some of that is depicted in the new music.”

The massive hard work and undertaking that went into 2009’s No Regrets was somehow taken a step forward with Blood Money, breathing a refreshed sense of excitement and anticipation into the Dope community.

The video for the title track “Blood Money” goes above and beyond the modern standards. In a world where hard rock / metal bands are churning out low budget performance videos, or often times simple lyric videos to support their musical works, Dope continues to take their visual elements to a whole other level.

“The music videos and the artwork that surround the recordings are every bit as important to me as the music” says Edsel. “The music video for ‘Blood Money’ is one of my proudest works to date. I put a tremendous amount of time and effort into writing and producing the song, as well as in writing and directing the video.”

In addition, the band has already released music videos for the song “Selfish,” which is a destructively heavy track and like “Blood Money” is the type of Dope anthem that could have just as easily been on their very first album. “There are lots of flavors on this album” says Edsel, as demonstrated through the dynamic music video for the song “Hold On,” which celebrates the more melodic / soulful side of the band as well as showcasing some of their more modern and technical guitar work.

There are several more music videos in the works for the tracks “1999”, “Drug Music”, “A New Low,” and “Violet”, once again expressing the band’s commitment to its visual content.

“’1999’ will be the next video that we release” says Edsel. “The song is very much, a classic Dope song. Heavy as hell with an anthem style hook that the old school fans will certainly appreciate.”

Blood Money follows Dope’s No Regrets and American Apathy, both of which continued to fuel the bands post major label career and have combined to move over 150,000 copies in the USA alone. These work also achieved the highest chart positions for Dope albums thus far, proving that the band has been trending upward since returning to its independent roots.

The enormous Fast and Furious franchise, Scream series, Guitar Herophenomenon and cult thriller American Psycho all bear Dope’s bloody fingerprints. The bands music continues to serve as the landscape for multiple video games, tv shows, and films, continuing to demonstrate Dope’s sonic appeal.

The albums Felons and Revolutionaries and Life represent the bands major label debut and sophomore efforts, setting the world ablaze with anthems like “Everything Sucks”, “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record),” “Now Or Never,” and “Die Mother Fucker Die”. The bands 3rd album, Group Therapy, was released independently, was self produced and contained a full length music video for every song on the album, a creative feat which, at the time, had not been accomplished by another artist.

Over the course of an increasingly impressive career, Edsel Dope has continued to handle the majority of Dope’s workload. His responsibilities on Blood Moneyinclude producing, engineering, mixing, programming, art conception, video direction, vocals, & live drums, as well as sharing writing and performance duties on guitar, bass, and more. All of this has combined to make Edsel an unstoppable Renaissance Man.

Blood Money features a unique mix of support musicians. Dope mainstay guitarist Virus can be heard on multiple tracks, while new musical partner Nikk Dibsplayed a large role in guitar / bass / programming and production. FormerChimera guitarist Matt Szlachta and Chicago shredder, DJ Nelson were also recruited by Edsel, for some of the guitar work and collaborations on Blood Money.

“I appreciate all of the people that contributed to this album and to Dope, in general throughout the years” says Edsel. “I have a talented support group, and a great team of (go to guys) for touring and recording. Every album has consisted of a different line up, so I have allot of talented people to choose from at any given time.“

“We are all grown ups and I have a truly great relationship with all of these guys” says Edsel. “Dope has been a bit of a breeding ground for talent.. So many of the dudes that came up through the Dope fraternity have gone on to be part of some very successful things”: Device, Static-X, The Murder Dolls, Joan Jett & The Black Hearts, and most recently Marilyn Manson and The Misfits Reunion, just to name a few.

Dope is currently engaged in the Die Mother Fucker Die Reunion Tour, which features the classic Dope line up of Edsel Dope, Acey Slade, Virus, and Racci Shay. The line-up recently recorded Dope’s first ever (live album) , Live From Russia, Fall of 2016.

“This tour has been a lot of fun,” says Edsel. “It’s been a long time since the four of us have toured together. The Live From Russia album is one of the coolest things Dope has ever done. It consists of 21 of your favorite Dope songs, all together on one killer sounding record. We recorded it half way across the globe and is packed full of live energy and emotion. It was allot of work, but well worth it, it really sounds great!”

The Dope manifesto is simple: individualism, self-empowerment, resistance to authority, and a take-no-shit from anybody attitude, balanced with a non-pretentious sense of humor. There will always be people committed to saying what they feel, to break out from the pack, and to simply be themselves. For those people, let there always be Dope.

Source: High Road Publicity

Darkyra signs with Sliptrick records to re-issue “Fool”

Darkyra signs with Sliptrick records to re-issue “Fool”

Australian female fronted symphonic/cinematic metal band Darkyra signed deal with Sliptrick records!

Band states:
“It’s always hard to take that first step of signing with a label, uncertain at times if you’re making the right decision but at some point you have to stop saying no and take a risk. So here we go. We’ve just signed with Sliptrick records. They’ll be re releasing Fool and we’ll see how we go with them from there.”

Darkyra is a five piece Symphonic Hard Rock band based in Perth Western Australia.
It’s members consist of Gina Bafile – vocals, Dave Lyon – Guitar, Kim Siragusa –
Keyboard, Dan Grainger – drums and Maciek Mastalarczuk – bass.

After the successful release and rave reviews of two high production studio albums
(a solo project of Gina Bafile under the name Darkyra Black), Darkyra Black was thrown
into the spotlight as a strong emerging artist within the world of female fronted metal
and rock, fueling the desire of talented singer Gina to take the music on the road.

In 2015 the focus was to project the brand as a complete band which led to the recent
name adjustment from ‘Darkyra Black’ to ‘Darkyra’, and with the new found Australian
members the transition from solo artist to a working band was complete.

Keeping within the traditional Darkyra Black style, the relatively young band begin
their creative journey together. With a new album concept on the horizon,
their very first collaboration, ‘Against all Odds’ is now taking shape.