• Genre: Oriental Metal
  • Band Members:
    Helle Bogdanova — clean & extreme vocals, lyrics
    Evgeny Zhytnyuk — keyboards, extreme vocals
    Xander Kamyshin — bass
    Dmitriy Vinnichenko — guitars
    Ivan Kholmogorov — drums
  • Hometown: Kiev, Ukraine

1.What inspired you to create music?

We get inspired by lots of things. For example, when creating our EP “Sputnik”, we were obsessed with space, Mars and all the stuff. We’ve been watching lots of space-related movies. “Petrichor” is based on mythology, and “Alga” is more related to politics. Tracks from our upcoming album are very diverse, from religion and terrorism to philosophy. Thus, purely anything that surrounds us or bothers our minds turns into music of IGNEA.

2.As an oriental metal band, what can you tell about oriental metal as a genre, and why did you choose it?

Oriental metal is not a widespread genre, as you can see. The music is, in fact, a blend of heavy sound with traditional Middle Eastern melodies. The music is mostly written by Evgeny, the founder, keyboardist and composer of the band, and an admirer of oriental metal genre. Although the very first music (unreleased) didn’t sound like oriental metal, it eventually grew up into what it is now. However, we are not bound by this genre and experiment a lot. As you may know, most of our popularity is due to the video for “Alga” track, which has only a tiny bit of oriental metal and is mostly just symphonic metal. But, on the upcoming album, we are going to have 100% oriental metal, stay tuned.

3.Your first video for the song “Alga”, what do you think about the reactions to the video?

We are still thrilled to see how much attention and views this video gain. In fact, we were not planning to make a video at all. We were just offered to record the track with the real orchestra and thought that this should be marked in the history of the band properly. Ironically, this brought lots of new fans to our band, which is awesome. The video has been released almost a year ago, and we still get lots of new warm words. This is highly motivating.

4.You are going to open a concert with Orphaned Land in Kiev, 28th of October, are you excited about that?

Surely, we are. Orphaned Land are pioneers of the genre we are playing, so this is the best thing that can happen to us at the moment. And we are looking forward to meeting them in person.

5.What do you think about the progress of the band?

We think that we have developed a lot over the past several years, and considering that we have played only 8 shows throughout the whole history of the band, and haven’t been signed by any label yet, our fanbase is pretty big, and we gained much attention on the web. If only we had more time to play music and develop as a band (we all have regular jobs, you see), we’d deliver more music and videos to this world. But, we’re still young (the eldest of us is 25), so we are hoping that the best things are only about to happen.

6.Tell me which message do you want to send to your fans, through your music?

As our lyric themes are very diverse, it is hard to tell about only one message. But, if you listen to our words properly, you will find lots of philosophy of our minds, especially in the upcoming album. It is up to fans to agree with it or not. It’s just a reflection of our inner world and imagination.

7.Which your concert was the best one in your opinion?

We believe that the best gigs are still to come, but so far, the best gig was in Odessa, UA, in 2014. This was our third gig in general, but we felt very confidently on stage, the audience was just amazing… What was interesting, the promoters decided to cut our show from 6 to 4 songs to be along with timing, and the audience shouted out our band name during half of the show of the next band. We were stunned.

8.What does IGNEA mean, can you tell me something about that?

IGNEA means “flaming”, “fiery” for a female gender, if that makes sense.

In your opinion, what is the best experience for your in the bands, the good or the best sides of being in the band?

9.It’s like having one more family, you know. But the family you choose, not the one you already have. And that feeling of sharing the stage with them and playing the music you have created together is just incredible.
10.What can you tell me about your normal day, without the band, and the shows?

Well, we all have regular jobs or studies, you know, so it’s pretty boring to speak about.


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Prisoner-See The Scars


  1. Hung,Drawn & Quartered
  2. Messiah
  3. Deceived
  4. Lifless
  5. Risen From The Grave
  6. The Beast In The Mirror
  7. Prisoner
  8. Something to Fear


Last year Serbian speed thrash metal band Prisoner released this album. This album, as I see it myself as a listener, is some insane old school thrash metal album, with the best sides of the old school sound and style.

On this album there are crushing riffs, powerful solos and melodic sound, that is very well combined with the rest of the stuff. The band is presenting with this album something unigue, it’s more than a music, it’s a story about life itself, the bad sides.Lyrics are also integrated very well with the sound of the band, it can be felt that the lyrics and music are one with each other, that every emotions excited in the sound.Influences of old school heavy metal are present too, with the old school thrash metal, so in some moments on this album, it can be heard the best of both genres.

Tehnical compliace is awesome, every thing is precise and the good production to it makes it even better, and with clear acoustic. Pain, depression and darkness are things that this album is all about, and the lyrics are about it. Vocals are interesting and different in the good way.

Prisoner is one amazing band, with some powerful thrash metal music. Old school thrash metal is once again alive, giving a punch to a face with this album.

Rating Album:9/10


sapronRating album: SAPRON

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THREE THIRTEEN Featuring Randy Weitzel (In This Moment, Blackfall) Release Horror Themed Video For “Brain Damage (Undead)”

THREE THIRTEEN Featuring Randy Weitzel (In This Moment, Blackfall) Release Horror Themed Video For “Brain Damage (Undead)”


October 24, 2016Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles based Thrash band THREE THIRTEEN, featuring Randy Weitzel (In This Moment, Blackfall) have released their horror themed music video for “Brain Damage (Undead)”. Originally premiered on The Huffington Post, the track is from the band’s upcoming albumDawn of the Shred which is slated for release later this year, and the video was directed by renowned music video director Matt Zane (Zakk Wylde, John 5, Run DMC, Orgy, Dope, Wayne Static, Blackfall). The album is available for pre-order now on Phantom Republic’s website.


Three Thirteen is the angry, bastard child of multi-talented guitarist Randy Weitzel. Weitzel has made a name for himself as the snarling axeman of Atlantic Records recording artists In This Moment. During his latest ITM tour hiatus, the brutal shredder joined forces yet again with his 3/13 bandmates, guitarist Steve Marshall (Blackfall), bassist Elaina Bangma (Blackfall), drummer Jimmy Schultz (Sunflower Dead) and Director Matt Zane (Zakk Wylde, John 5, Blackfall) to produce the first single “Brain Damage” from their upcoming full length album Dawn of The Shred.

Source: High Road Publicity


Standing Ovation’s guitar player Samuli Federley on Finnish Got Talent!

Standing Ovation’s guitar player Samuli Federley on Finnish Got Talent!

Резултат слика за samuli federley

Guitar God Samuli Federley presented an amazing potpourri and even got one of the judges to tears. Note that the backing tracks are arranged by Samuli himself. Standing Ovation is busy as they are composing their third album. The release date will be announced later. See Samuli’s act here:

Watch this amazing musician play,and reactions of judges and audience.

Source:  Inverse Records

Wacken Metal Battle USA Launch Submissions For One Champion To Play At Wacken Open Air

Wacken Metal Battle USA Launch Submissions For One Champion To Play At Wacken Open Air

Wacken Metal Battle

For over a decade at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival Wacken Open Air, independent metal bands from around the globe have been performing in front of thousands and competing against one another for one to be crowned champion of the world along with winning multiple prizes (prizes info). For the first time ever, Wacken Metal Battle USA is coming to America for its inaugural year and will be hosting qualifying rounds in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia (more may be announced). The national champion of those battles will perform at the 2017 festival taking place from August 3rd – 5th.

Submissions for Metal Battle USA will begin October 21st and end on December 2nd at 11:59pm EST.

Band submissions can be made at the following link: https://metalbattleusa.com/apply/ 

Please watch the following video trailer to see all the metal fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_xjt8Qp3TE

wacken metal battle - trailer (usa)

How it works:

Each city will hold their qualifying rounds plus city finals (dates to be determined), selecting the top band to move forward to the national finals in New York City (date to be determined) with one being selected to perform at the 28th edition of Wacken Open Air. All bands will be judged during battle rounds by respected local music industry.

The finalists will be selected as follows by city.

2 Finalists from Boston
2 Finalists from Philadelphia
2 Finalists from New York City
National Final in New York City

For more info on Wacken Metal Battle USA, please visit these links:

Official Website: http://www.metalbattlusa.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wackenmetalbattleusa/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WackenBattleUSA 

For more info on international battle, please visit: http://www.metal-battle.com

For more info on Wacken Open Air, please visit http://www.wacken.com


All bands, that wish to participate in the Metal Battle, must read the following rules and guidelines. Bands who send in an application automatically agree to the rules and terms.

  • Your band doesn’t have a deal and isn’t about to sign to a label in the near future.
  • Your band can easily play a 25 minute set consisting of your own songs. (No Covers). Full set performance time is 25 mins.
  • PA, lighting, and sound engineer will be provided for all bands.
  • Backline arrangements TBA.
  • The bands must bring their own instruments such as guitars, bass, drum breakables, keyboards and effect pedals and may also bring and use their own guitar amps.
  • To keep the changeover times as short as possible, bands with left handed drummers will play as first or last band. All bands have to follow the directions given by the promoters or stage manager.
  • Semi playback is not allowed. All bands must play live. Background orchestrations are ok as long as all vocals, guitars and bass are live. Intros / interludes are also ok.
  • Jury of respected music industry folk will decide the winners each night.

If a band overruns its allotted performance-time, then the band-members should be aware of the fact that in this case their sound will be faded out. The running order for the concert will be released a few days before the event takes place.

Please note:
Travel for the winning band to go to Germany is at their own expense and accommodations at the festival will be in the form of camping in the VIP area.
Full professional back line will be provided for performance.

Source: Asher Media Relations

Nordjevel released first music video of the song “Djevelen I Nord”

Nordjevel released first music video of the song “Djevelen I Nord”

 Nordjevel ,Djevelen I Nord

Famous Norwegian black metal devils  Nordjevel released first music video for the song “Djevelen I Nord” from their first album “Nordjevel”.

This amazing video which is produce so well, is about norwegian history and mythology. In the video it can be seen a war with giants and demons.Viking warriors fighting against them, its all about Ragnarok the end of the world.The singer Doedsadmiral in the video looks sinster, dark and like a evil prophet.

Watch the video here, and enjoy every minut of it:

Hrast Festival- Join the Slavic pagan celebration in pagan metal style

Hrast Festival- Join the Slavic pagan celebration in pagan metal style

Приказује се hrast plakat.jpg

Second Slavic festival Hrast is going to be head at club Sioux at November 5th 2016. in Belgrade. After the first successful first edition of the festival, organized by “Route 011”. Again the festival is going to gather, many slavic pagan metal bands in one place.

The bands that are going to play on the festival are:


Hrast Festvial, Percival

Polish folk pagan band is most associated with music for the video game “The Witcher Wild Hunt”,and it is one of the most important folk metal and ethno acoustic bands in Poland, even in Europe. Music and the sound are inspired by slovenian myths, and the hole tradition of  slovenian people. The band was formed in 90’s by Mikolaja Ribackog and Katarzine Brominske, and they were before Percival, a members of the another folk band Rivendel. Which they played their music, across the Europe, with symphonic orchestra and the choir under the direction of Auard Sora (Composer of music from the “Lord of the Rings”). Band is covering the traditional folk songs of the all slovenian people, and there are perfoming the songs on the original language, as they are written in that way. Are responsible for the growth of Slovenian culture and tradition among western nations.

Here is the video clip of the band,enjoy:

2. Kalevala

Hrast Festival, Kalevala

Kalevala is a pagan folk metal band from Russia, they exist 8 years on the metal scene. This is band that combined a pagan folk metal sound with heavy guitar sound, and there are one of the best folk metal bands in Russia. Music of Kalevala, can be described as happy and melodic, with heavy sounds of metal, with emotional female metal vocal, and traditional russian instruments, wich are balalajka and accordion. In there music in which aremotifs from fairy tales, myths and legends dominated trough thier music in large extent, which are from different nations from all over the Russia, such as Slavs, Cossacks, Marianne, Karelia. In Belgrade they had a concert in March this year,as a part of their spring tour.

Here is the video clip of the band,enjoy:


Hrast festival, Woodsream

This Rusian folk pagan metal band is one of the most important bands of the folk metal scene in Petrovgrad. Formed in 2006. The music of this band represent’s symbiosis of different modern metal styles, combined with with medieval,also as original slavic music.The atmosphere of this band is energetic, powerful and dark in some moments, this can also be  be experienced in their lyrics.

Here is the video clip of the band,enjoy:


Hrast Festival, Groteska

Band was formed in 2006. This band was formed, with an idea to develop musical genre that is influenced  by dark metal and gothic metal bands.They play dark and melodic music whose quality does not depend on the model of the guitar process, and vocals depends on unadulterated impressions. The lyrics are on the serbian language.Avoiding the trend of banal and simplistic refrains, deep lyrical tone is the standard, stands by to it.

Here is the video clip of the band,enjoy:

Beside the perfomances of  the bands. There  will be presented work of the art workshop “Rod” which makes and sales a souvenirs inspired by the Serbian and Slavic mythology, and it had a remarkable performance in the first “Hrast “festival, also Slobodan Marinic, blacksmith of swords, armor production and port. He will present a peace of his creation related to medival Serbia and held an interactive workshop during this period of time.

Support the festival, and also learn more trough music and art, about slavic metal culture, and bang your heads with folk pagan metal music.

Lena-Infected Rain

Lena-Infected Rain

Infected Rain


Interview with Lena singer of the Infected Rain, on metal punk festival “Belgrade Riot Fest” at Dom Omladine in Belgrade. In this interview I was talking with Lena about, the good and the bad sides of being in the band, about todays metal scene, their new album, their tour and lyrics. So listen to the interview and stay metal until you die.

Here is the interview, enjoy it:


STRIKER Wins Western Canadian Music Award For Metal /Hard Artist Of The Year

STRIKER Wins Western Canadian Music Award For Metal /Hard Artist Of The YearSTRIKER

Album Stream – Stand In The Fire – Listen here.
Music Video – Too Late – Watch here.
Lyric Video – Locked In – Watch here.

It’s been an award winning year for Edmonton, AB’s STRIKER, having won the Edmonton Music Prize along with the Edmonton Music Award for Metal Recording of The Year for their track ‘Too Late’ from their latest album ‘Stand In The Fire’. Now adding to their list of awards, the power new wave metallers have been celebrated with this year’s 2016 Western Canadian Music Award for Metal /Hard Music Artist of The Year.

The band comments on their win:

“We are so very honoured to receive the award for Metal Artist of The Year from the Western Canadian Music Awards! Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us in getting our music out into the world, and we hope everyone is ready for another dose of Striker coming soon!”

STRIKER were nominated alongside the following Western Canadian bands listed:

Metal/Hard Music Artist of the Year
KEN mode (MB)
Shooting Guns (SK)
Striker (AB)
Third Ion (SK)
Van Halst (AB)

The awards were held in Regina, SK on October 13th. For more info, please visit the following link here.

About the album:

‘Stand In The Fire’ is STRIKER‘s most uncompromising record to date. A record packed with incredible riffs and colossal anthems, all laced together with epic harmonies. Inspired by legendary bands like Iron Maiden, Striker wears their hearts firmly on their battle jackets, soaking up the power and influence of classic rock and metal.

The band; Dan Clearly (vocals) Tim Brown (lead/rhythm guitars) William Wallace (bass) Adam Brown (drums) recorded the album themselves with the help of Randy Black (who filled in on drums while Adam was away…) and mixing genius Frederik Nordstrom (Bring Me The Horizon, In Flames, Opeth) giving them not only the time and space needed but the freedom to set up the release direct to fans worldwide.

‘Stand in The Fire’ available on limited edition orange vinyls at Striker-Metal.com plus digitally on iTunes, CD Baby.

To hear a full stream of the album, please visit the following link here.


Track Listing ‘Stand In The Fire’:

1. Phoenix Lights (3:38)
2. Out For Blood (3:51)
3. Too Late (4:52)
4. Stand In the Fire (3:39)
5. The Iron Never Lies (4:06)
6. Escape From Shred City (2:53)
7. Outlaw (4:35)
8. Locked In (3:45)
9. United (4:06)
10. Better Times (3:37)
11. One Life (4:17)
Album Length: 43:23

About Striker:

STRIKER formed in Edmonton, Canada in 2007 and they were signed to German label Iron Kodex off the strength of their first demo. They made two albums with the label and recorded 2nd album Armed To The Teeth with acclaimed producer Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Skid Row, Metallica). They played shows with Metallica in Canada and hit the road for what eventually became a full world tour with shows across Europe and Japan. They used their time in Europe to work with Frederik Nordstrom and were snapped up by Napalm Records in 2012 for the release of the acclaimed album City Of Gold.

For more info: www.Striker-Metal.com.

Source: Asher Media Relations

BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION Confirmed as Main Support for SOILWORK/ABORTED show in Riga!

BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION Confirmed as Main Support for SOILWORK/ABORTED show in Riga!


ALPHA OMEGA Management has a huge pleasure to announce that the Swedish dubcore metal masters BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION are confirmed as main support for SOILWORK/ABORTED show in Riga, on 14 February 2017 at Club Melna Piektdiena.

BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION was formed in 2011, featuring David Söhr (Vocals), David Eriksen (Guitar), Paul Gidlöf (Guitar), Pontus Bergström Warren (Bass), Sebastian Maxe (Drums). After released two EP’s (‘Now or Never’ and ‘This is Dubcore’), and signing with Napalm Records in 2012, the band released their debut full-length ‘Drop = Dead’, gaining right away a global fanbase. Keen to keep the creative juices flowing, BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION released ‘Our Illusion’ at the end of 2014 to provide a taste of what was to come on their highly anticipated follow-up album. After a small line-up change in the middle of 2015 the band, now back to their core members, they are ready to continue where ‘Drop = Dead’ and ‘Our Illusion’ finished and dare to take a step even further away from the ”core-scene” by removing the classical breakdown theme and add more groovy and crunchy riffs instead, still with a nose bleed forcing heaviness. With this new album, BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION are ready to head back out touring and secure their position as the innovative band who always succeed to amaze. With an innovative sound and a new unique image, which soon will be revealed, the band is eager to work towards the next level.

BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION released their self-titled album on May 27th, via Gain/Sony Music. Just recently the band unleashed the first single/music video for the song “Kill(h)er”, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUQ8BbWvdb8

More information at:
BAND: https://www.beyondallrecognition.net
MANAGEMENT: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManageme