Direktori as Headliners will make a Riot for the second time in Belgrade

Direktori as Headliners will make a Riot for the second time in Belgrade


With the return of the punk band Direktori,six bands will play also on the Second Belgrade Riot Fest. After the successful premiere of the First Belgrade Riot Fest. Route 011 decided this fall, to gather as many musicians from the alternative scene as possible.

Приказује се Direktori 1.jpg

After many years of not playing, we are now playing  for some old friends and young forces, which did not have a chance to hear us uzivo.Here we are again at the “Dom Omladine ” after twenty years on “Riot” at Americana hall, 3 days after 5th October. We are preparing some raw punk and ska hits, and we promise, that we are going to make a great atmosphere. Come on the concert, if you dare.

This is a statment about their concert on the “Second Belgrade Riot Fest”.

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Punk rock  band N.B.G. said this about thier concert and the “Second Belgrade Riot Fest”:

Punk is coming back in Belgrade. N.B.G is calling you to come on the “Riot Fest”.You are going to listen to many good bands, also we will play a premiere of our song “Akcija”.We are going to make a madness, and we are celebrating 32 years of existence.Friends. We are waiting for you on the concert.


The bands that are going to play on the festival are:


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The band was formed in 80’s, and they began recording music in 1990, such as these few songs they recorded “Mrzim Hajduk” then “Cisticete Ulice”,”Ide Voz”, “Bando Crvena”, “Ko je Svestski Sampion”, “Volimo Pivo”


Приказује се NBG 2.jpg

This band is reunited again. They were formed in 1984, as a part of the authentic rock,punk and rap scene. Their first album from 1997, and it is talking about Novobeogradskog(New Belgrade) way of life.




The band was formed in 2003. With the friend from school, to play kickass thrash metal music, they began there jorney, when thrash metal was almost dead in the Serbian metal scene. To keep honesty and energy, as basic mark of their music style.


Band is formed in 1993 in Nis. Musical style of the band is between crossover hardcore and metal. The lyrics are about personal, social, love themes.They have bare and personal attitudes.



Band was formed in 2014. The band is made up of eight people for the love of the irish traditional music, as well as punk. There wish and they wanted to add on the scene of Irish music in Serbia, a band with more aggresive and heavier sound.

6.Blanquito Cojones

This rock and roll band was formed last year. They recorded covers of the most famous  old school punk bands, and aslo they recorded their own songs in Serbian language.

7. Infected Rain

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This band is a alternative/nu metal band from Moldova formed in 2008 and made its debut on August 3, 2008, also they perform  in a concert dedicated to Slayer.In June, the band played at OST fest 2012 in Bucharest on the same stage with Dimmu Borgir and Motley Crue.

Fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/496179493910120/#


Adventum Diaboli

Adventum Diaboli

Band Members:

Guitars/ Lead-Backing Vocals/ Studio Keyboards:Leviathan

Drums: Panas

Lead Vocals/Bass:Charon

 Hometown: Greece

Adventum Diaboli

1.How the band started?

The band started as one man project from the guitarist and founder ”Leviathan” soon in 2012 two members ”Mephisto” and Pan joins and Adventum Diaboli Become a full band with leviathan in guitars mephisto in vocals bass and keyboards and pan in drums. now the lead vocalist and bassist is Charon.

2.Which band is your role model?

Well norwegian and scandinavian bands like Darkthrone , Satyricon , Bathory, Mayhem, Celtic Frost, Behemoth etc.. and some greek bands like Rotting Christ And Naer Mataron.

3.What do You think about today’s metal scene?

I think that the metal scene is growing stronger over the years but unfortunately not here in greece…we have a big metal scene but not big support in local bands and shows. and there is very good and promising bands here. i hope this change in the future…

4.How would you describe in one sentence your work?

The Devils Work Or Satanic Art..

5.Why did you decide to play this musical direction?

We decide to play this music to express our personal beliefs and for our passion to this music.. to this feeling that black metal music gives you.. we decide to play this music to give a freedom to ourselves and declare a war against pseudochristianic and relegious ideas…

Adventum Diaboli


6.Where would you most like to play a concert?

We haven’t play a concert yet…but when we do we prefer to start from greece.. of course not in our town there is no metal scene here!!…

7.Do you think that the metal festivals are enough visited?

As I recently attended an important metal show in Greece of a popular black metal band, I can certainly say that things are a bit obscure at least as my generation is concerned.

The majority of the people there was over 30 or even 40 years old and the minority under 25 or 20.

The worse is that this band became popular during 2016…
the only certain fact I can see is that metal both as music and as lifestyle is not so popular in young people as it was before..
8.What are you listening to, the most right now?
Well I listen genres like hard rock , black metal, Suicidal black metal and etc… I am in a weird mood this period…
9.What would you say to your fans?
I will say to keep an eye on us and on our new work… you will not regret it.. we work hard for our new release.. for our plans…for our music and ideas.. and we will not stop !!!!
10.What are your plans for the future?
Our primary plan is to release the 3rd full length album called “O Λογος Του Σκοτους” (The Word Of Darkness) Chapter I.. and when the album finished we are planning to play some concerts here in greece to promote our work to the metal scene of Greece.

POKERFACE Offical new music video of the song “The Chessboard Killer”

POKERFACE Offical new music video of the song “The Chessboard Killer”


Russian death/thrashers POKERFACE have just unleashed their first videoclip for the song “The Chessboard Killer” off their debut album “Divide And Rule”. The record came out in December 2015. Since then the band has revamped the lineup with new guitarists and the singer.

Lineup: LadyOwl – Vox, Xen Ritter – Guitars, Whitevad – Guitars, DedMoroz – bass, Doctor – drums.
Location: Lemoor Studio (https://vk.com/lemooor_studio2)
Overall production: Irina Emelina (https://vk.com/mm_jacket)
Post-production and effects: Irina Emelina (https://vk.com/mm_jacket)

Source:  Wlodzimierz “Vlad” Nowajczyk

ANCIENT Frontman Zel Announced for MORTUARY DRAPE’s 30th Anniversary Show!

ANCIENT Frontman Zel Announced for MORTUARY DRAPE’s 30th Anniversary Show!

Italian black metal gods MORTUARY DRAPE have announced ANCIENT’s Frontman Zel (aka Aphazel) for the band’s 30th anniversary show, taking place on November 12th at LAB in Alessandria (Italy), read below the announcement:

“More great guests have been confirmed to the MORTUARY DRAPE’s 30th anniversary show. Besides Erik Danielsson (WATAIN) and AC Wild (BULLDOZER), Andy “Bull” Panigada (BULLDOZER’s guitars player), Al De Noble (DEATH SS and SECRET SPHERE’s guitars player), Aphazel, frontman of the mighty Norwegian extreme metallers ANCIENT – well known for their classic album “Svartalvheim” (1994) and they just released the new album “Back to the Land of the Dead” – will take part of the show.”

ANCIENT released their long awaited 7th studio album, “Back To The Land Of The Dead” on September 16th in North America via (Megadeth bassist David Ellefson’s) EMP Underground/EMP Label Group, and in the rest of the World by Soulseller Records. Check out the album teaser here:

Stream “Death Will Die” and “Land Of The Dead” here:

Order “Back To The Land Of The Dead” in various CD, LP and bundle configurations at:
EMP Underground/EMP Label Group: http://empmerch.com
Soulseller Records: http://www.soulsellerrecords.com/mailorder

The new ANCIENT line-up is:
Zel (aka Aphazel) on vocals/guitars/keyboards
Dhilorz on guitars/bass
Nick Barker on drums

Live sessions:
Ghiulz Borroni (Bulldozer) on guitars

Ancient, Mortuary Drape

For more information:
ANCIENT: http://www.facebook.com/ancientband | http://www.ancientband.net
EMP LABEL GROUP: http://empmerch.comhttp://emplabelgroup.com
SOULSELLER RECORDS: http://www.soulsellerrecords.com
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement


Belgrade Riot Fest, punk madness is coming your way

Belgrade Riot Fest, punk madness is coming your way


The second Belgrade Riot Fest is going to be held at Dom Omladine , in the hall “Americana” at 19:00 pm 8th October. The bands that are going to play on the festival are:


2.Gavrilo Princip

3. NbG


5. T-Error


7.Blanquito Cojones

8.Infected Rain

Here are some video clips as annouched of the festival:

The first video is censored.

Here is the second with uncesored version:


Support this festival and this great bands at Belgrade. Be Punk.


THEATRES DES VAMPIRES Release First Song And Video “Morgana Effect” from New Album!

THEATRES DES VAMPIRES Release First Song And Video “Morgana Effect” from New Album!

Theatres De Vampires

Italian “Vampiric Metal” legends THEATRES DES VAMPIRES will release their new album ‘Candyland’ on October 14th via Scarlet Records. Today the band has unleashed the first video “Morgana Effect”, taken from the new album. Watch it below. The video was directed by Luca Cavallari, edited by Christian Ice. See also the video still shots enclosed.

Theatres De Vampires
“Candyland” sees also a very special guest appearance by legendary MOONSPELL frontman Fernando Ribeiro on the song ‘Seventh Room’.

THEATRES DES VAMPIRES is an Italian Gothic Metal band with strong symphonic influences, formed in 1994 and renowned for the predominant theme of vampirism in their lyrics. ‘Candyland’ has been inspired by a room of the infamous Pennhurst asylum in Pennsylvania, a room which was different from all the others, with colored walls and bars on the windows, described as hell on earth by the patients of the facility, where adults and children with severe mental problems have been hidden from the public eye for decades. ‘Candyland’ was the name of that room. Obsession and madness characterizes THEATRES DES VAMPIRES’ latest work, their sound is forceful and sensual at the same time, pervaded with those wistful and melancholic bursts which the band is renowned for.

Theatres De Vampires, Candyland

The tracklist is a s follows:

1. Morgana Effect
2. Resurrection Mary
3. Delusional Denial
4. Parasomnia
5. Candyland
6. Your Ragdoll
7. Pierrot Lunaire
8. Photographic
9. Opium Shades
10. Seventh Room (feat. Fernando Ribeiro)
11. Autumn Leaves


The band comments the video:
“It is a great Day for us, after 3 years of a long work We finally released the first song of our new album “Candyland” out on October 14 th via Scarlet records. We decided not to publish anything before cause We wanted to give to our fans a direct messgage, a new strong sound together with the images of the new video ” Morgana effect”. The video is directed by Luca Cavallari (that is also our great photographer) that become mad during the shooting to coordinate all of us.. (We Are not so quiet!) and Edited by our producer Christian Ice (which is crazy by himself so no problem). We had also some special actors like Sara and Federico, the 2 scary children, the sweet and evil witch Nicole Zuppardi and Billy T Cooper, singer of the band JTR SICKERT as the black angel. 2 different locations, a great Make up team directed by Gianluca Terracina and our personal best fashion designer Diktator. All of them helped us to realize “Morgana Effect” in the best way! We Are thinking already about the next one…so more news will come soon!”

Theatres De Vampires
For CANDYLAND pre-orders:
Ebay: http://ebay.eu/2dtdpks
iTunes: http://apple.co/2dnndYd
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2d7duYk
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dtqoOJ
Emp: http://bit.ly/2dcnLkZ

Theatres De Vampires, Candyland

Watch “Morgana Effect” here:

More information at:
BAND: https://www.facebook.com/TheatresDesVampires
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement
LABEL: http://www.scarletrecords.it