Grammy Award Winning Mix Engineer Bob Horn Discusses Importance of Collaboration & Cooperation Between Musicians & Producers

Grammy Winning Mix Engineer Bob Horn (Michael Jackson, Usher, Timbaland, Ashanti, Dave Koz, Akon) recently sat down with Joey Sturgis Tones for their series Unleash Your Creativity to discuss the importance for musicians to understand the recording process on a more practical level; by being familiar with how things work in the studio, musicians can better communicate their vision to the production team. Horn discusses why he chooses JST Plugins for not only their unique sound, but the efficiency in creating the best sounds almost immediately.


In my opinion, the key to a great production is not over-producing. So many things these days have just layers and layers of sounds and tracks and kind of, to me, distract from the song. The lyrics and melody and the vocal in most genres are what you’re selling, and if the production is too dense and too distracting, it can really take the listener away from the song. So the maturity of just putting exactly what’s needed to enhance the song itself is the best way to go about production

I have been able to manipulate audio in a way that nothing else has been able to do as smooth

JST Transify is a particular favorite of Bob’s, as he points out “You can do really amazing things [using Transify on] reverbs, choosing which parts of the reverb you want to elongate or shorten. I put it on piano today, it really brought out the attack…which normally I would have to use a lot of EQ to do that.”.” Using Transify on more than just drums, Bob has proven the versatility of JST Plugins.

Bob Horn

METHEDRES Xmas Announcement: Crowdfunding Campaign Launched in Support of Upcoming U.S. / Canadian Tour


In addition to wishing fans a very Metal Xmas, Italian Death/Thrash Killers METHEDRES have announced a crowdfunding campaign in support of its first ever U.S./Canadian Tour. Those interested in booking a gig should get in touch with One month in and the band is halfway to meeting its funding goal. Please visit to donate. 
Confirmed dates thus far are as follows:
1/26  Queens, NY
1/27  Clifton Park, NY
1/29  Lansing, MI
1/30  Chicago, IL
1/31  Des Moines, IA
2/4   Corpus Christi, TX
2/9   Washington, D.C.
2/10  Baltimore, MD
2/11  Norwich, CT
2/12  Philadelphia, PA

In other news, METHEDRES recently released a live video of the band performing “Dead Memories,” a track from 2014 Pavement Entertainment release System Subversion. The video was filmed in December 2015 at Sentrum (Kiev, Ukraine) during a performance in support of KREATOR. View the video below:

Order System Subversion from Pavement at this location and directly from the band here.

METHEDRAS undertook their personal warpath against everything and everyone, an endless spiral of revenge, madness and suffering in order to claim the ultimate System Subversion and break the wall of hypocrisy! A deep voyage into the hugest sacrifices to get a fake freedom, the mankind blame for an imminent nuclear disaster, the last standing against misery and poorness, the strongest answer to our worst nightmares and an intimate hope for a final resurrection, without forgetting what is really important for every one of us: true friendship, good feelings, human dignity and mental sanity… the sensational comeback of the one and only Italian Thrash-Death-Killing-Machine, taking no prisoners at all!

FREE Download: Asher Media Relations Offer Holiday Sampler ‘Happy Metal Annihilation Vol. 6’


‘This is the season to headbang….. Asher Media Relations is proud to present the next volume of its annual holiday sampler ‘Happy Metal Annihilation Vol.6’. The compilation features over 40 tracks and nearly four hours of mosh pit ready tunes from bands Asher Media Relations has worked with during 2016. Tracks range from metal, rock and all sub-genres in-between. Get ready to annihilate your holiday fun!

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For more info, please visit the following links:
Twitter: @AsherMedia

FALL HAS COME – Video Reportage from Scotland, Ukraine and Russia Available!


Alternative rockers FALL HAS COME have posted on their Youtube Channel a video reportage from their last tour in Scotland, Ukraine (supporting Kongos) Moscow and St.petersburg (supporting Yellowcard), watch it below. (In the photos FALL HAS COME on stage in Moscow and St. Petersburg)

Via Facebook:
Via Youtube:

Commented the band:
“We can never thank enough the thousands of people who supported us through this wonderful experience. Thankx for all your help during these amazing gigs. We hope to see all of you, soon. Impossible, will be, forget all this. Thankx”

FALL HAS COME tour line-up:
Enrico Bellotta: voice
Enrico Pascarella: guitar
Raffaele Giacobbone: guitar
Alberto Laurella: bass
Salvatore Laurella: drums

FALL HAS COME is an alternative rock band from Italy formed in late 2014 by Enrico Bellotta (vocals, bass), Raffaele Giacobbone (guitars), Enrico Pascarella (guitars). In 2015 came out their debut album that has had good feedback in Europe and some radio streams in Galles and Scotland. The band takes insipration from personal issues, life experiences. In their music can be found every kind of rock, and their lyrics are about all the feelings of the human soul: passions, dreams, love, hopes, illusions… All the band members have a great experience in music composition and in live performances. Also check out “Start to be Free” (official video): and “I Will” (official video):

More information at:

VULCANO: Check out the cover and tracklist of the new album “XIV”


 Finally! VULCANO’s new album is ready, titled “XIV” the full lenght will be available in stores and online sales starting January 31, 2017.

 “’XIV’ promises to be an album that maintains the irrefutable originality of VULCANO, as well as providing the fans with the singular soundness that the band has always held since its beginnings, but far from nostalgia. This production abandons the low tunings used in the last two albums returning to the truly original timbres in which guitars sounds like guitars and drums as drums. The cover has the format ‘Digipack’ with a very simple design, as should be all packaging that accommodates a jewel or a relic. It has only enough information that interests the listener to lyrics that have the same importance as music. The theme covered in this album is the one-sided covenant of a God to his chosen people where faithfulness and faith are angrily kept with curses, destruction, blood sacrifices and cruel punishments, a vengeful and cruel God reigning through fear. Also some songs, the theme permeates the ecstasy of the soul of a true ‘headbanger’ with its intrinsic nature in the exaltation to Metal, pure and honest.”- Complete Zhema Rodero (guitarist and founder of the band)

 One more album released by the label “Renegados Records Brazil”, licensed for Vingança Music with distribution by “Voice Music” and “Sangue Frio Records”. Check out the cover and tracklist of the new album “XIV”:

01 – Propaganda and Terror
02 – Thunder Metal
03 – The Tides of Melted Metal
04 – Necrophagy
05 – Behind The Curtains
06 – Thou Shalt Not Kill
07 – Paradise On Holocaust
08 – The Face Of The Abyss
09 – To Kill Or Die I’m Back Again

 In an interview with the program ” Radio Oz Rock”, Zhema Rodero released details of the upcoming album, besides making it available for audition. Check it out:

 Soon the band VULCANO, together with Sangue Frio Produções will make the “premiere” of the new full length for reviews, via e-mail. Press interested please contact us at the following address:

Contact for shows and advice:

Related Sites:





Source: Sangue Frio Produções

Death Metal Pope – US tour kicks off on January 7th, 2017


Following three tours of the eastern United States, NY doom band Death Metal Pope will be bringing the horror to Texas and more starting early January. The tour is set to begin on January 7th in Marietta, GA, and will conclude on January 23rd in Richmond, VA. The band will be performing all of their most recent release, as well as HARVEST EP and more of  thier  songs of doom and terror.

You can purchase Harvest directly from the band at:

Visit for more information.


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1.How the band started?

Arcania started in 2007, when guitarits and vocal Luis Oropeza, drumer J.C. Chavez, Bass player Alberto Morales and Guitarrist Felix Carreón tried to play something different and begin to mix death metal with some latin jazz style. They record “In Peaceful Chaos” E.P. and begin they search to a new musical genre that they call “latin metal”.

2.Which band is your role model?

Wow, I don’t know if I can narrow it down to just 1 band. All my favorites have unique qualities that I try and make into my own. I love their music of course, but their personal endeavors as a band influences me as well. I’ll just name a few: Overkill for their unending drive of always delivering the music. Metallica for their tenacity of being at the top of the Metal food chain. Testament  for their perseverance.

3.What do you think about today’s metal scene?

The Metal scene on the global scale is bigger than ever! The number of sub genres of Metal is insane and there seems to be more and more popping up each year. I find that totally awesome and inspiring. The fact that there are that many Metalheads out there playing music is just a beautiful thing.

4.How would you describe in one sentence your work?

Death metal mixed with energy and latin flavour.

5.Why did you decide to play this musical direction?

When Acrania began to play we were thinking how could we play different from the other bands, and we undertood that we had to mix our reallity with our music, and our reallity is full of latin rhythms, salsa, son, latin jazz etc so we decide to mix this with death metal.

Image may contain: 4 people, people playing musical instruments, people on stage, concert and crowd

6.Where would you most like to play a concert?

Finland, to see the reaction of finnish people listening death metal with trumpets and saxofon.

7.Do you think that the metal festivals are enough visited?

Well, at least in Europe we think they are.

8.What are you listening to the most right now?

New Obscura album, we love it.

9.What would you say to your fans?

We invite them to stay in touch and be pendient throw our facebook “acraniaofficial” to listen our new stuff and videos.

10.What are your plans for the future?

We are planning an European tour.

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Interviewed by:


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HERETIC’S DREAM Confirmed as Main Support for AMORPHIS in Moscow and St.Petersburg!

Italian progressive rock/metal band HERETIC’S DREAM are confirmed as main support for Finnish progressive metal masters AMORPHIS’ 10th Eclipse Anniversary Shows in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as follows:

May 12, 2017 – Moscow at Volta
May 13, 2017 – St.Petersburg at Club Zal

As recently we announced, HERETIC’S DREAM will start the new year with a blast, joining DELAIN, as main support in Russia:

January 20, 2017 – Saint-Petersburg at Opera Concert Club
January 21, 2017 – Moscow at Volta

HERETIC’S DREAM is a female fronted five piece Rock band that can’t easily be labelled as playing anyone type of Rock music! Their music is Hard Rock, Alternative, Progressive and Metal, combining unusual and complex rhythms with a fierce energy, making their music unique! Check out their latest video for the song ‘Secret Place’, taken from the fortcoming album ‘Floating State Of Mind’ here:

More information at:

DAVID ELLEFSON to Appear at London Bass Guitar Show on March 5th!

MEGADETH bassist and EMP LABEL GROUP‘s President David Ellefson will perform on the Main Stage at The London Bass Guitar Show 2017 on Sunday, March 5. Tickets are on sale now; early bird tickets end December 22.

Furthermore the London Bass Guitar Show organizers issued:
David’s aggressive plectrum style of bass playing has been at the foundation of Megadeth’s vast catalogue of metal classics from the beginning, including “Symphony of Destruction”, “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying”, “Hangar 18”, and “Holy Wars” to name just a few.

David and the band recently enjoyed a Billboard hit with their 15th studio album “Dystopia” which landed in the #3 spot on the Top 200 album chart. Far from their first major accomplishment, Megadeth has been awarded numerous gold and platinum awards, 13 Grammy nominations and has sold over 30 million albums worldwide during the span of their 33-year career.

Ellefson is also an accomplished producer, clinician, music business lecturer and entrepreneur presiding over a global brand including his own record label EMP Label Group/Ellefson Music Productions . He also helped forge the artist friendly merchandising venture MerchLive, and his own boutique coffee brand Ellefson Coffee Co.

David’s signature product collaborations include Jackson Guitars, SIT Strings, Ovation Guitars, Hartke Amplification, Peavey Electronics and endorsements with EMG Pickups, Planet Waves, Providence Pedals, Peterson Tuners, Blackstar Amplfication and ISP Technologies.

Ellefson’s canon of literary works includes his music business self help guide “Making Music Your Business…A Guide for Young Musicians” (Hal Leonard) and his autobiography “My Life With Deth” (Howard Books/Simon & Schuster) which was co-written with BGM editor Joel McIver.
Details at

More information at:
EMP Label Group: http://empmerch.com
ALPHA OMEGA Management:

Blank TV Premiere SHOTGUNNER’s Holiday Video ‘Feliz Navidad’; Streaming New Xmas EP

Приказује се

Edmonton, AB’s post apocalyptic party metal band SHOTGUNNER have teamed up with Blank TV for the exclusive premiere of their new holiday video ‘Feliz Navidad’. The video is in celebration of the band’s new same titled holiday EP that was unleashed earlier this week to follow their 2015 Xmas release ‘A Shotgunner Christmas’.

Watch ‘Feliz Navidad’ at

“We’re excited to release another Christmas EP! We hope when you play it around the Christmas table, it’s able to make you headbang as well as further alienate you from your loved ones.” comments guitarist / vocalist Diego Fernandez.

‘Feliz Navidad’ EP Stream available here.

‘Feliz Navidad’ available for digital download via Bandcamp, CD Baby and iTunes.

1. Let’s Party Merry Gentlemen (3:05)
2. Lay Ride (3:10)
3. Holy Pint (1:50)
4. Feliz Navidad (3:15)
EP Length: 11:22

SHOTGUNNER released their debut album ‘Lock and Loaded’ this past July, which can be heard in full at the following link

For more info, please visit the following links:


It’s not every day a band creates a whole new genre: So all hail the splendidly-named Shotgunner with their ‘post apocalyptic western party metal’.

Indeed, if you can imagine the soundtrack to an inebriated Mad Max and Snake Plissken living the vida loca in Las Vegas, you’re still only halfway to imagining the party metal mania that Shotgunner invoke.

Shotgunner aren’t letting the grass grow under their feet, as they follow up their debut ‘Locked and Loaded’ album with a Christmas EP entitled ‘Feliz Navidad’, which guitarist / vocalist Diego hopes their fans will “take as an opportunity to play for their families and further alienate themselves from their loved ones”.

Yehaw! That’s what Christmas is all about!

Diego reveals Shotgunner has a bottomless pit of party inspired metal. “We have an ever-growing list of hundreds of funny ideas, song titles, specific lines and themes. From that list we create songs that match the idea. Luke and Brandon will then flesh out the lyrics for the song. We’ll then enter the studio, consume many beers, and hit record. For the songs to have that genuine party sound, we figure we have to be partying while create them. If it makes us laugh then we know we’re on the right track! For instance, ‘Let’s Party Merry Gentlemen’ is a take on one of the most metal-sounding Christmas songs ever. With a simple, groovy rhythm section, the riffs and vocals are able to stand out. This will definitely be a live staple for the foreseeable future!”
You have to admire a band that practices what it preaches! Diego sums up the ethos of Shotgunner thusly. “We strive to be as entertaining as possible. Ridiculous song titles, funny interludes, burped gang vocals, creative uses of our instruments, anything we can do to make our music stand out from the bunch!”

Source: Asher Media Relations