Elegy of Madness released music video for the song ”Apokalypsis”!

Opera core metallers Elegy Of Madness are proud to announce that their video for the song”Apokalypsis” is out today via VEVO. The video, directed by Cesare Bignotti (EVES Vision) for Opera Core / Wormholedeath, will launch the band’s third album “NEW ERA” with the following release dates:

Digital : 16/06/2017
(Wormholedeath/The Orchard)

USA :   14/07/2017
(Wormholedeath U.S.A.)

Aural : 22/09/2017  (Aural Music Group)

Japan : TBA
(Wormholedeath Japan/DiskUnion)

About Elegy of Madness:

The Elegy Of Madness is an Italian Shymphonic Metal band founded in 2006. In the same year it was released the first Promo “Another Path” that mixed together gothic and progressive sound, arousing a great interest as many reviews can show.
After many gigs, the band signed the first contract with ”Sweet Poison Records”in 2009 and recorded the first Full Lenght ”The Bridge of Sighs”promoted through media all over the world, live performances, radio and television broadcasting, confirming their symphonic metal vocation.
In 2013 the Elegy Of Madness signed with WormHoleDeath /Aural Music / Dreamcell 11/ Warner Chappell. In May 2013 the band recorded their second Full Length ”Brave Dreams” in the Real Sound Studio (Parma –Italy) mastered by Mike Jussila (FinnvoxStudio-Finland), broadcasted also in a Japanese limited edition.
In July 2014 they performed at Exit Festival (Novi Sad-Serbia) with Arkona, Sabaton, Skrillex and many other great artists. Actually the EoM are working on a new album called “New Era” that will be released at the beginning of 2017.
Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJUlS3z82Sg

Goatwhore is going to release new upcoming album ”Vengeful Ascension” , and they released the lyric video for the song ”Chaos Arcane”!

American metal giants Goatwhore is going to release their  new  upcoming album ”Vengeful Ascension” via Metal Blade Records on June 23th.

Резултат слика за Goatwhore 2017

Thier upcoming album ”Vengeful Ascension  was recorded at Earth Analog in Tolono, Illinois with Jarrett Pritchard (1349, Gruesome), and it was mixed by Chris Common (Tribulation, Pelican),  mastered by Maor Applebaum (Faith No More, Halford, Today Is The Day).

The new song “Chaos Arcane” is very fast, and it will destroy the minds of fans, with crushing fast riffs,  and groove rhythm, the song is combination from hell, fast and furious, right up in your face.

Резултат слика за Ben Falgoust 2017

Vocalist Ben Falgoust stated this about the album:

”This is the first time in four album that Goatwhore has not recorded with Erik Rutan, and the band just wanted to change it up.”

Pre-order  of the ”Vengeful Ascension” can be done here.

Thrash Champions MUTANK Return With New Demolisher “P.O.P.U.L.O.U.S.”!

Montreal thrash champions MUTANK return with a new EP “W.H.A.T.S.T.H.A.T.” due out June 16th via Boonsdale Records plus will be embarking on their first ever cross Canada tour with legends ANNIHILATOR(dates listed below). The new EP from the ”2014 Wacken Metal Battle Canada” winners is short, but sweet to follow their debut cassette EP “M.E.C.H. Metal” and is a taste of what’s to come from the band’s full length planned to be unleashed later this year. The five track demolisher “W.H.A.T.S.T.H.A.T. was produced with Topon Das (Fuck The Facts) and is a step up from what people have heard from MUTANK thus far.

Vocalist/bassist Stephen Reynolds comments:

“Someone is gonna hurt their neck listening to this…This upcoming EP ‘W.H.A.T.S.T.H.A.T’ sort of started as a joke. I just thought it would be funny to force an acronym for ‘what’s that?’ and I came up with ‘We Have Alottta Thrash Songs That Have Abbreviate Titles’. From there we came up with the concept of an EP with a bunch of forced acronym titles. The EP itself was written somewhat conceptually with the individual songs being very short thrash songs that come together to make one longer progressive thrash track, which harkens back to the title since we don’t even know what it is! We have a ton of new material in the works as well, people can expect new stuff sooner rather than later!”

MUTANK‘s first single off the EP, “P.O.P.U.L.O.U.S” is exclusively streaming now with an interview on Decibel Magazine at the following link: http://decibelmagazine.com/blog/2017/5/25/track-premiere-introductory-interview-saying-hello-to-mutank

EP Pre-Order here.

Live video MUTANK at Wacken 2014 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQrLaG8BPL4

Track Listing:
1. L.I.F.E. (1:01)
2. I.D.I.O.T. (2:06)
3. P.O.P.U.L.O.U.S. (1:40)
4. F.O.G. (1:33)
5. D.E.A.T.H. (3:50)
EP Length: 10:17

EP line-up:
Stephen Reynolds – Vocals/Bass
Ahmed Daas – Drums
Costa Skoulikas – Guitar
Lee Whiskey – Guitar

Live line-up:
Stephen Reynolds – Vocals/Bass
Ahmed Daas – Drums
Costa Skoulikas – Guitar
Chris Nasty – Guitar

Ripping Through Canada Tour w/ Annihilator, Mason
June 13 – Victoria, BC – Distrikt Nightclub
June 15 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre
June 16 – Calgary, AB – Dickens Pub
June 17 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
June 18 – Saskatoon, SK – Saskatoon Event Center
June 19 – Regina, SK – The Exchange
June 20 – Winnipeg, MB – Park Theater
June 23 – Waterloo, ON – Maxwells
June 24 – Toronto, ON – The Opera House
June 26 – Ottawa, ON – The Brass Monkey
June 28 – Quebec City, QC – L’Anti
June 29 – Montreal, QC – Café Campus
June 30 – Cornwall, ON – The House
July 1 – Cornwall, ON – The House

For More Info:

Devangelic drum session for the new album “Phlegethon” is done!

Devangelic’s drummer Marco Coghe finished the recording session for the new album ”Phlegethon” out Worldwide on 10.27.2017 via Comatose Music.  Here a couple of samples recorded at Ex Oblivion Studio (Oristano / Italy).

New Devangelic album “Phlegethon” out on 27.10.2017 via Comatose Music!

Statment of the band: ”PHLEGETHON is based on Dante’s “Inferno”; the concept it’s a kind of journey through the darkest and most brutal elements that characterize the masterpiece of the Greatest Italian Poet and will consists of 100% pure US Brutal Death Metal mixed with unrelenting guitar riffs, dark atmospheres, intense blasting and ultra guttural vocals. For fans of US Disgorge, Condemned, Disentomb!” 

1. Plagued By Obscurity
2. Mutilation Above Salvation
3. Of Maggots And Disease
4. Malus Invictus
5. Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed
6. Condemned To Dismemberment
7. Wretched Incantation
8. Manifestation Of Agony
9. Decaying Suffering
10. Asphyxiation Upon Phlegethon
11. He Who Sleeps (Morbid Angel cover) *
12. Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed (Promo 2016)*

*Available only on limited Digipack Edition

Cover art by Sarafin Concepts

Drums recorded at Ex-Oblivion Studio (Oristano / Italy)
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at VT41 Studio (Rome / Italy)
Mixed and Mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun Productions

Here is the link to drum sessionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CenfrmZLFqc

Norwegian Sludgelords Timeworn Share New Song “Night Of Owls” Via Decibel Magazine!

Norwegian sludgy noise makers Timeworn have just revealed a new song titled “Night Of Owls” via Decibel Magazine.

The track is one of the nine songs to be found on the band’s second full-length album “Venomous High”, which is set for release on June 2nd via Fysisk Format. The follow up to 2015’s critically lauded debut “Luminescent Wake” was recorded at Oslo’s legendary Caliban Studios (Sibiir, Blood Command, Djevel, etc…) and pre-orders are now available at this location.

Listen to “Night Of Owls” now here.

Check out the first single “The Infectious Gloom” still streaming via Terrorizer Magazine at this location.

1. Measure of Gold
2. All Chiefs
3. The Trail
4. Black Peak Blues
5. The Infectious Gloom
6. Ur Syntax
7. Night of Owls
8. Traitors to the crown
9. Venomous High



Bandcamp: https://timeworn.bandcamp.com/

Site of the labelhttp://www.fysiskformat.no/wp_ff/

SCALA MERCALLI Release New Making-of Video For “Hero of two Worlds – (Giuseppe Garibaldi)”!

Heavy metallers SCALA MERCALLI have released a “making of” of the videoclip of their song “Hero of Two Worlds“. The song is about Giuseppe Garibaldi and is from their new album “New Rebirth” (released on October 10th 2015, worldwide, via Art Gates Records), which is mostly about the Italian Risorgimento.

In the “making of“, the band explains the reason why they chose to talk about this character and about his great importance on italian and world history on nineteen century, particularly referring to some analogies between the past and the present days.

Here is the band’s statment about  the video: “Explaining in music the deeds of such a character can help us to remember that we still have to be united, because, as he taught us, when we are united, everything is possible”.

Watch the Making Of video here:


“Hero of two Worlds – (Giuseppe Garibaldi)” Video:


More information at:
BAND: http://www.scalamercalli.com
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement

Metal Injection Premiere Album Stream DIVINITY “The Immortalist” is available for free !

Calgary, AB progressive death metal band DIVINITY will be unleashing their new album “The Immortalist” on May 26th. The album is a culmination of 5 years of hard work and dedication to DIVINITY‘s craft.  The album features 12 tracks that include their two previous EP releases “The Immortalist, Pt. 1 – Awestruck” and “The Immortalist, Pt. 2 –Momentum” with their 3rd EP “The Immortalist Pt. 3 – Conqueror” now completed to finish off the trilogy series as one huge full length album. All the tracks on the album are re-mixed and re-mastered by the talented Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Grid Productions) to make the songs more cohesive and work as a full-length experience. This album also features Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid of Soilwork on vocals for the song ‘D.M.T.’.

Teaming up with MetalInjection.net, DIVINITY is exclusively premiering the full stream of the release for fans before it’s officially out later this week.

The band stated this:

“We’re very proud of our new album! Our dedication to song writing, recording and producing these 12 songs over the past 5 years has been a crazy musical journey and a huge learning experience that we will never forget. Our lyrical content and artwork is based on an original science-fiction concept story about a character who wakes up in a random field within an intricate crop circle with no memory of who he is or how he got there. The character is then thrown into a crazy adventure and eventually learns who he is and how to become immortal. There’s so much more to the story but we don’t want to give it all way just yet.”

To listen to “The Immortalist” in full, please visit the following link on MetalInjection.netat http://www.metalinjection.net/latest-news/listen-to-technical-metal-masters-divinity-wrap-up-their-trilogy

Pre-order of the album is available on Divinity.ca, iTunes or Amazon plus an exclusive digipak CD available on their website for those who like to support the band directly. The digipak CD contains a 24-page booklet that showcases this entire concept giving fans way a full physical experience to the story, songs, lyrics, and visual aspect of the new album.

Music Video for the song “Atlas” :


Music Video for the song “Manhunt” :


1. Manhunt (4:25)
2. Atlas (4:42)
3. Hallowed Earth (6:04)
4. DMT (7:36)
5. PsyWar (6:36)
6. Distorted Mesh (3:48)
7. The Dead Speak From Behind (7:05)
8. Lucid Creator (4:52)
9. The Reckoning (4:24)
10. All Seeing Eyes (5:40)
11. Momentum (5:21)
12. Conqueror (7:20)
Album Length: 1:07:56

Sean Jenkins – Vocals
Jeff Waite – Vocals
James Duncan – Guitars
Brett Duncan – Drums
Keith Branston – Bass

About Divinity:

Divinity, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, started in 1997 and began playing live shows in 1999. In 2001, the band released its first EP album called “Intensify” which received a lot of local (Canadian) praise after sending in a couple songs to BWBK’s ‘Knuckletrack’ CD sampler. A music video was released for the song “World of Pain” in 2003 and the band played local shows building its show experience.

Fast forward to 2007, Divinity independently releases their first full-length album called “Allegory” and is picked up by Nuclear Blast Records just 3 months after the independent release. Obviously, this was a major turning point for the band!

In 2008, Divinity took on its first major tour by joining the ”Summer Slaughter Canada tour”. This gave them the opportunity to connect to high-calibre booking agents and other acts such as Dying Fetus, Whitechapel, and Necrophagist.

In 2009, Divinity spent it’s time creating their 2nd full-length album, called “The Singularity” which was released under Candlelight Records with a very positive response from numerous reviewers and listeners.

Since the release of ”The Singularity”, Divinity has toured Canada numerous times over and has received massive support and praise from around the world.

The band is currently releasing a trilogy EP concept album now turned into a full-length LP, called ” The Immortalist” available May 26th, 2017 at all digital music stores and as a special limited run CD Digipak.

For more info, please visit www.Divinity.ca.

CORPSE HOARDER Win 2017 Wacken Metal Battle USA Final!

It was a battle of the best from the Philadelphia and Boston areas for the first ever Wacken Metal Battle USA to send one American band to play at this year’s Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany as part of the festival’s international Metal Battle competition. The final four came down to Corpse Hoarder (Philadelphia), Goblet (Boston), Power Theory (Philadelphia) and Upheaval (Boston) for one to play the stage at Wacken. Bringing their blasts of metal ranging from power, black, death, thrash and a mixture of more, the first ever Wacken Metal Battle USA champion was crowned to Corpse Hoarder who brought an exciting, energetic set of their blend of groove death grind metal that the judges could not deny being presented to the Wacken stage.

The Wacken Metal Battle USA final was held in Philadelphia on May 20th at the Whiskey Tango.

Wacken Metal Battle USA Finalists 
Corpse Hoarder (Philadelphia) – https://corpsehoarder.bandcamp.com/ – WINNER
Goblet (Boston) – http://goblet2.bandcamp.com/
POWER THEORY (Philadelphia) – http://www.sentinelmusic75.wix.com/powertheoryand
Upheaval (Boston) – http://upheavalboston.bandcamp.com/

Wacken Metal Battle USA will be returning for 2018 with an announcement of participating cities and submissions.
Please follow them at http://www.metalbattlusa.com and  https://www.facebook.com/metalbattleusa/.

For over a decade at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival Wacken Open Air, independent metal bands from around the globe have been performing in front of thousands and competing against one another for one to be crowned champion of the world along with winning multiple prizes (prizes info). For the first time ever, Wacken Metal Battle USA is coming to America for its inaugural year and will be hosting qualifying rounds in various cities. The national champion of those battles will perform at the 2017 festival taking place from August 3rd – 5th. Please watch the following video trailer to see all the metal fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_xjt8Qp3TE

How it works:

Each city will hold their qualifying rounds plus city finals, selecting the top band to move forward to the national final (city and date to be determined) with one being selected to perform at the 28th edition of Wacken Open Air. All bands will be judged during battle rounds by respected local music industry.

For more info on Wacken Metal Battle USA, please visit these links:

Official Website: http://www.metalbattlusa.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metalbattleusa

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/metalbattleusa

For more info on international battle, please visit: http://www.metal-battle.com

For more info on Wacken Open Air, please visit http://www.wacken.com


All bands, that wish to participate in the Metal Battle, must read the following rules and guidelines. Bands who send in an application automatically agree to the rules and terms.

  • Your band doesn’t have a deal and isn’t about to sign to a label in the near future.
  • Your band can easily play a 25 minute set consisting of your own songs. (No Covers). Full set performance time is 25 mins.
  • PA, lighting, and sound engineer will be provided for all bands.
  • Backline arrangements TBA.
  • The bands must bring their own instruments such as guitars, bass, drum breakables, keyboards and effect pedals and may also bring and use their own guitar amps.
  • To keep the changeover times as short as possible, bands with left handed drummers will play as first or last band. All bands have to follow the directions given by the promoters or stage manager.
  • Semi playback is not allowed. All bands must play live. Background orchestrations are ok as long as all vocals, guitars and bass are live. Intros / interludes are also ok.
  • Jury of respected music industry folk will decide the winners each night.

If a band overruns its allotted performance-time, then the band-members should be aware of the fact that in this case their sound will be faded out. The running order for the concert will be released a few days before the event takes place.

Please note:
Travel for the winning band to go to Germany is at their own expense and accommodations at the festival will be in the form of camping in the VIP area.
Full professional back line will be provided for performance.

Sponsors / Media Partners:

ANCIENT Re-Release “Trolltaar” EP is Out Now!

Norwegian extreme metal titans ANCIENT have re-released their “Trolltaar” EP (1995) by Sleaszy Rider Records! This 2017 edition includes 3 live tracks from Norway in 1993, and not only.. The vinyl will also soon be available. For more information and orders, go here: www.sleaszyrider.com.

Upcoming ANCIENT Shows:

July 20 – Gothoom Festival  Ostry Grun – Slovakia
December  2 – Into Darkness Festival  IV –  Leeuwarden –  Holland
December  3 – Baroeg  Rotterdam –  Holland

May  12 – Under The Banner of Black Light Fest –  Graz –  Austria

More shows TBA.

ANCIENT released their long awaited 7th studio album, “Back To The Land Of The Dead” on September 16th in North America via (Megadeth bassist David Ellefson’s) EMP Underground/EMP Label Group, and in the rest of the World by Soulseller Records.

Order ”Back To The Land Of The Dead” in various CD, LP and bundle configurations at:

EMP Underground/EMP Label Group: http://empmerch.com
Soulseller Records: http://www.soulsellerrecords.com/mailorder

Back To The Land Of The Dead” is a comeback for ANCIENT, 12 years after the previous release “Night Visit”. The album was recorded in 7 different locations, in Norway, Denmark, Italy and Greece, mixed in Elfo Studios in Italy, and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios. The album was produced by Ancient.

With Nick Barker behind the drumkit, the album is, as expected, the most aggressive and fastest album of ANCIENT, yet still with a good amount of clean guitars, and various dark atmospheres as the band is known for. The music was composed by Zel and Dhilorz. The lyrics on the album are all written by Zel, many of them speaking about the devil, the spirit of the devil and how it influences us in various devastating and destructive ways, as well as some fantasy lyrics, still somehow connected with the”old Nick subject”. The album cover shows a hooded figure coming back to ”The land of the dead’‘ to wake up the “spiritually dead people there”. The album is 66 minutes long and has 13 tracks, including a cover of Bathory13 Candles”.

ANCIENT frontman Zel stated: “Death is just the beginning… “

The track listing is as follows :

1. Land of The Dead ( Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Dhilorz and Zel)
2. Beyond The Blood Moon (Music and lyrics by Zel)
3. The Sempiternal Haze (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)
4. The Empyrean Sword (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)
5. The Ancient Disarray (Music and lyrics by Zel)
6. Occlude The Gates (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)

The Excruciating Journey:

7. Part I Defiance and rage (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)
8. Part II The Prodigal Years (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)
9. Part III The Awakening (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)
10. Death Will Die (Music and lyrics by Zel)
11. The Spiral (Music and lyrics by Zel)
12. Petrified By Their End (Music by Dhilorz and Zel, lyrics by Zel)

Bonus track :
13. 13 Candles (Music and lyrics by Quorthon)

ANCIENT line-up:

Zel (aka Aphazel) on vocals/guitars/keyboards
Dhilorz on guitars/bass
Nick Barker on drums

Live sessions:
Ghiulz Borroni (Bulldozer) on guitars

For more information:
ANCIENT: http://www.facebook.com/ancientband | http://www.ancientband.net
EMP LABEL GROUP: http://empmerch.comhttp://emplabelgroup.com
SOULSELLER RECORDS: http://www.soulsellerrecords.com
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement


Check out the album teaser here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVLRDLg_G_U

Album Review: Dawn of Ashes-Daemonolatry Gnosis

1.The Initiation

2.Gods of the Antinomian Path

3.Smash Thy Enemies

4. Guardians

5. Core of the Black Sun

6. The Ritual

7. Augoedies

8. Sermon From the Horned God

9. I am Nephilim

10. Rulership of the Inner World

11. Magick of the New Aeon

12. Freezing Moon

American industrial black metal monsters Dawn of Ashes are going to release this upcoming album in June 9th. This release is has a strong and powerful vibe to it, the hole album is a soundtrack to some si-fi movie with the hole music of course, which is something unigue, and it gave the album, that si-fi story and the full concept to it. The album begins with the intro called ”The Initation”, this is like a introduction to the album, but also to some movie as well, which is amazing.

The first thing I noticed about this release, that it has so many great symphonic elements and music, so well combined with the hole blakcened death metal music and industrial part, which this album has the less.

Crushing riffs, with blast beats can go wrong, the atmosphere on the album is intense because of this, in a very good way. The influences of black metal, death metal, symphonic music, and a little bit of eletronic music, created some cosmic metal, I can’t explane this by words, but it’s something quite unigue. The band got back to a musical style from their first album ”Genocide Chapters” in some way, but it has something different to it, the approuch to the music is not the same completly, the symphonic music, that remaind’s me of a movie soundrack, gave that new sound to the album.

The song on the album ”Magick From The New Aeon” featuring. Linsday Schoolcraft one of the vocalist’s and keyboardist from  Legendary Britsh metal band Cradle of Filth, is magical, it is some sort of  love epopee, the vocals are combined so perfectly with each other, Linsday showed that her amazing voice can create, some very hypnotick beautiful atmosphere, it made the song so pure and so sinister at the same time, and vocalist Kristof Bathory gave that creepy but interesting vibe to hole song, and his growl vocals, were literally not from this from, but from out of space.

One more song that is quite different from the rest of the album is ”The Ritual” , it is a classical symphonic song, with growl vocals,  it sounds really good. This song is a classical movie song, I can imagine this song in some movie, just perfect symphonic song , and a introduction to the rest of the story on the album.

On the album the last song is a cover of Norwegian black metal titans Mayhem of the song ”Freezing Moon”. This band kind of added their own sound to the cover, which I like, because it’s not the same as the original, of course it can not sound as original, but no one can do it better that Mayhem, this cover has true black metal vibe, also that the original has too, but it has different energy to it, and the production made it different and fresh, great cover, by the amazing band.

Tehnical compliance is amazing, every tone is in the right place, acoustic is totaly balanced, production is not of this world, it ‘s awesome. Negative side of the album is that, in some parts of the album the symphonic music can’t be heard because of the crushing slam riffs, and  in some moment’s the symphonic music is louder than riffs. But it’s not such a big problem, the songs are perfect as they are, and each song has story behind, but music itself  is telling the story too, just perfect and rare, for any kind of music.

Dawn of Ashes is the band, that has always , had unigue approuch to music, with this album they showed that they are as a band on a higher level. For the fans this album, will be paradise for the ears, a story to tell, to live on and on forever.

Rating Album:9/10

Rating album: SAPRON

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