Black/Folk Metallers Hexenklad Release new video for the new song”Return”!

The story of Canadian blackened folk metallers Hexenklad began with the planting of a seed, an idea: to create a band that was as deep in meaning and feeling as it was heavy and aggressive in sound. Over time, this seed grew to envelope the forest floor, sprouting new life in its terrestrial journey. Of interesting note, the band features within its ranks both father and son – the old, wisdom-endowed seed and seedling, working together to germinate this Northern boreal with new life. Out of this was born ”Spirit Of The Stone”, the band’s debut album.

Release date for ”Spirit of the Stonewas is July 28th 2017 via CDN Records in CD/digital format. Pre Orders can be made here.


Timothy Johnston – Vocals
Michael Grund – Guitar
John Chalmers – Guitar
Clare B – Keyboard
Jon Kal – Bass
Andrew C – Drums

1. In This Life or the Next
2. To Whom Veer Sinistral
3 At the Ends of Existence
4. Returned
5. At Dusk
6. In Waking Tymes
7. Path to Ruin
8. An Offering

Session/Guest Musicians:
Alex Snape – Bass
Sterling Dale – Drums
Raphael Weinroth-Browne – Cello

About Hexenklad:

Its branches spread in late 2015 with the addition of guitarist JohnThe Ancient OneChalmers (Pagan Ritual), who helped round out the music. In 2016, after having recorded the drums for the new album ”Spirit of the Stone ”, Sterling Dale left Hexenklad and TimothyVoldamaresJohnston (Eclipse Eternal) joined as vocalist, who expanded the sound still further. With the vision of the album and band now fully formed, comrades were called upon to complete the recordings. Alex Snape (Unbowed) did a guest appearance to add his signature bass sound, while guest cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne (The Visit, Musk Ox) added his wizardry to several tracks. Now-permanent member Clare B. (Eclipse Eternal, ex-Operus) deepened the sound with keyboards to put the final touches to the tapestry. Having now completed the debut album”Spirit of the Stone”, Hexenklad branched out again, growing this time to include new permanent members Jon Kal (Pagan Ritual) on bass and Andrew C. (Pagan Ritual) on drums.

Co-created by guitarist Michael Grund (SIG:AR:TYR, ex-Battlesoul) and drummer Sterling Dale, Hexenklad’s roots sunk down after Grund made the drastic decision to move to the forests of Bancroft, Ontario, leaving city life and materialism behind. With this mental shift in place, and with the first two Hexenklad songs composed in those very woods, Hexenklad was born: a melodic, folk-inspired black metal band with thematic leanings towards nature, a respect for magick and ancient religions, and personal enlightenment and freedom.

CDN Records Facebook: cdnrecords/
CDN Records Website:
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Check out the video for ”Returned” here, enjoy it:

The Order of Chaos released music video for “Indoctrination”, shot during Midi Fest In China, premiered at Bravewords!

In April 2016, Edmonton, AB’s The Order of Chaos had the distinct opportunity to play the MIDI Festival, China’s second largest international outdoor music event. It was an experience like no other that the power metal quintet will not soon forget. The sheer energy from the crowd was immense and thrilling for them to play for an audience that is still just beginning to embrace Western music.

The band’s new video “Indoctrination”, was all shot on location during the fest and has the exclusive premiere.

The band stated this:

“Our tour in China last year was an incredible experience. Walking into the midi festival and seeing a veritable ocean of dedicated metal fans ready to lose their mind to our songs was mind blowing. We think this video captures the energy perfectly.”

“Indoctrination” is off The Order Of Chaos latest album “Apocalypse Moon” released via German label Killer Metal Records to follow 2013’s “Sexwitch” EP. The album was recorded/mixed and mastered at the Physics Lab by Terry Paholek in Edmonton and features twelve tracks that showcase the talent and diversity of one of Canada’s up and coming heavy metal bands. The album features Amanda Kiernan (Into Eternity) on vocals, John Simon Fallon and John Saturley on guitar, Tim Prevost on drums and Duncan Hickerty on bass guitar whom has been replaced by Barrett Klesko of All Else Fails for live performances.


Track Listing for the ”Apocalypse Moon”:

1. The Anthem of Pain (5:25)
2. Death After Life (3:56)
3. Indoctrination (4:19)
4. Downfall (4:42)
5. Evil Surrounds Me (4:32)
6. Survival of The Richest (4:17)
7. Apocalypse Moon (4:50)
8. The Venom (2:55)
9. Sexwitch (3:50)
10. Victim of Circumstance (4:26)
11. Deceiver (4:49)
12. The Devil That You Know (6:24)

Show Dates:
Aug 5 – Loud As Hell Fest – Drumheller, AB – info


About Order of Chaos:

Chaos and Order, two seemingly opposing forces that, when observed closely enough, work together subtly to create art in its most divine form. Enter The Order of Chaos, a highly regarded and well respected heavy metal tour de force from the northern wastelands of Alberta Canada. For the last 10 years, trudging through the snow covered landscape, this band has cut its teeth in the most demanding gigging environment this side of the equator. Now, bringing their unique, fresh and well developed sound to a style of music so saturated with sound-a-likes and copy cats, The Order of Chaos has their sights set across the Atlantic Ocean on the homeland of Heavy Metal… Europe.

With two albums and an EP under their belt, the band is prepared to unleash a torrent of brand new material that will redefine genres and carve a path no heavy metal band has even attempted to produce. Meet Amanda Kiernan, a hurricane of live intensity and energy unmatched by her peers. From soaring melodic choruses to gritty, in your face thrash she doesn’t let up for a moment. Her unique take on metal vocals and prowess as a hybrid singer has affirmed her place in metal history. Backed by the duelling guitar virtuosity of John Simon Fallon and John Saturley, and the brick wall rhythm section of Duncan Hickerty and Tim Prevost, this band is something that must truly be seen to be believed, (just ask anyone who has attended their shows).

In September of 2012, after signing with Red Lion Music, The Order of Chaos made their first appearance overseas, stunning fans at the Turock Open Air Festival and in clubs across central Europe. Then again, just seven months later they returned with Vicious Rumors supporting them on their Electric Punishment Tour, gaining many new fans and quickly securing a solid reputation as a phenomenal live act to behold.

With the future looking bright, the determination to succeed, and the creative talent to put forth a fresh sound for heavy metal lovers everywhere, The Order of Chaos is primed for an assault on stages, record stores and headbangers everywhere.

Streaming of the album, can be done here, enjoy it:

For more info go to:


Check out the music video for the ” Indoctrination”, here enjoy it:

Also check out music video for “Indoctrination”, directed and edited by guitarist Barrett Klesko, whom also runs FadeBack Studios, on the following link at Bravewords

Right to the Void Announce “Lūnātĭo” EP and Release a Teaser!

Wormholedeath is proud to announce that french metallers Right to the Void’s new EP “Lūnātĭo” will be released via Wormholedeath/The Orchard (release date TBA)!

Lūnātĭo” EP has been recorded at The Grid Europe (Montale, Italy) by Jonathan Mazzeo and mixed/mastered by Christian Donaldson at The Grid (Montreal, Canada).

To celebrate this event, the band revealed the cover, the tracklist and unleashed a teaser.

“Lūnātĭo” tracklist:

1. Lines
2. 3.474
3. Let the Ruins Fall

Right to the Void stated this:

“We are very proud of our hard work on these 3 new songs. Our music is taking a new path and we can’t wait to share it with you all.”

Check out the teaser for “Lūnātĭo” EP here, enjoy it:

Website of the

Astaroth Incarnate announce New EP ”Omnipotence – The Infinite Darkness” , details and tracklisting are revealed!

Astaroth The Great Duke of Hell, in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer; he is an integral part of the evil trinity.

Astaroth Incarnate the Great Dukes of Hell – hell, in this case, being Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The hierarchy is one that sees five demons summoning forth the gates of hell through their brand new album, entitled ”Omnipotence – The Infinite Darkness”, via legendary Canadian label, CDN Records.

Release date for Omnipotence – The Infinite Darkness is Sept. 8th via CDN Records.

1. Obscurity
2. Curse of the Black Plague
3. Unfleshed
4. Sanctum of Torment
5. Re-Creation

Recorded at Monolithic Productions by Tyler Williams
Mixed and mastered by Tyler Williams
Artwork by Dee Gozali / Dee Artwork
Photos by Jordanna Clarke

Statment of the frontman Sam about the band:

“The vision of bestowing the ideologies of Astaroth to our hell spawns through our interpretations and relating them to our world and society of today. Our goal is to create extreme metal which feels limitless in its creative form while staying true to our roots and influences in metal.

With each member coming from a different musical background, it allows us to craft each song with a different mindset, in an effort to intrigue the listener and entice their mind to dissect the lyrics which are encrusted with multi-layered meanings.

All of our songs, music and lyrics combined, are built around personal exploration for each spawn to experience in their own way.”

Combining a cornucopia of the extreme, Astaroth Incarnate are not easily categorized, though their approach is one that coalesces black metal with elements of death, thrash, melodic, doom, and groove.

Too sum up, Astaroth Incarnate is a mix of sub-genre fluctuations, which includes a wide spectrum of vocals, progressive drumming, and technical yet groovy bass lines all driven by memorable riffing and solos.



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Nox Vorago Confirmed As Main Support For Children Of Bodom in Minsk for ”20 Years Down & Dirty” Tour!

Alpha Omega Management is thrilled to announce that the atmospheric Death/Black act Nox Vorago will join the Finnish metal superstars Children Of Bodom, as their main support on September 15th in Minsk, on their “20 Years Down & Dirty” tour.

Next Nox Vorago Shows and Festivals:

September 15 – Main Support for Children Of Bodom – Re:Public – Minsk
November 16 – Metal Gates festival Romania – Bucharest, Romania
January 27 – Dark Winter Meeting 2018, Malta – Siggiewi, Malta

Formed in 2006, Gothenburg’s atmospheric Death/Black act Nox Vorago‘s goal has always been, and always will be to create something inspired by the entire width of the metal scene, thus incorporating the elements they like into their music and creating a well-written chaos without confines. Nox Vorago released their new full-length album ”Al Chem” on February 26th, 2017. Order your copy here:!

Check out the short promo-video showcasing the band image (The video is directed and produced by Max Ljungberg), here enjoy it:

More information at:

Survive announce “Immortal Warriors Tour 2017” in Japan!

Tokyo based “Samurais from Hell“, Survive  just recently concluded their ”Human Misery Assault” headlining tour in Baltia, Ukraine and Russia, including also a show in Kiev, supporting Overkill. They have announced their “Immortal Warriors Tour 2017” in Japan, kicking off on August 25th in Okayama! Check out the dates and venues below.

Statment of the band:

“We just finished our “Human Misery Assault Tour 2017” in Baltia, Ukraine and Russia. Our latest full-length album “Human  Misery” got awesomely high feedback, confirming that the Japanese heavy metal scene is acting strong, not only in Japan but also overseas. Now we are ready to announce our next tour, the follow up to our last year’s Japan tour, check out and see you on the road!”

Immortal Warriors Tour 2017dates:

August 25 – Okayama Image
August 26 – Kagoshima Speed ​​King
August 27 – Kumamoto Navaro
September 9 – Kobe Kingsx
September 10 – Kyoto Mojo
September 23 – Koriyama Peakaction
September 24 – Sendai Birdland
September 29 – Matsuyama Salonkitty
September 30 – Kochi Caravan Sary
October 8 – Fukui Chop
October 9 – Shiga U ☆ Stone
October 22 – Shibuya Cyclone

Japan, Tokyo based Thrash Heroes Survive who just recently concluded their successfull headline tour in Baltia, Ukraine and Russia, including also a show in Kiev, supporting Overkill that was formed in 1998 releasing so far 9 albums, 1 DVD and playing several festivals (Loud Park, Beast Fest, Multiplex-motorbike event, Korean Live Rock, Formoz Festival, Asia Metal Festival, Dongducheon Rock Festival, Trendkill Extreme Feast, etc). Survive has toured all over the world with Behemoth, United, KillSwitch Engage, Dope, Pulling Teeth, Testament, Outrage, Antrax, HateBleed, Napalm Death, just to name a few of them. Survive released their latest album ”Human Misery”, on September 30th, 2015 via Rebel Recordings.

Check out music video for ”Shred them All” here, enjoy it:

More information at:

Nervochaos To Tour UK/Europe With Belphegor, Destroyer 666, Enthroned and Nordjevel In September and October 2017 on ”TotenRitual” tour!

Brazilian death metal lords Nervochaos currently touring in Brazil, have announced their European/UK tour with Belphegor, Destroyer 666, Enthroned and Nordjevel, kicking off on September 28th in Denmark. The tour is presented by The Flaming Arts. Find below the complete tour trek.

Furthermore, the tour organizer has launched a competition on Facebook, to win 2 tickets to a show of your choice.

Get more information at this location:

Winners will be announced on Friday August 4th .

Tour dates and details for Belphegor ”TotenRitual” European tour:

28th Sept – Copenhagen –
29th Sept – Dresden – TBA
30th Sept – Amstelveen –
01st Oct – Apeldoorn –
03rd Oct – Erfurt –
04th Oct – Berlin –
05th Oct – Oberhausen –
06th Oct – Bruges –
07th Oct – Marbehan –
08th Oct – London –
10th Oct – Glasgow –
11th Oct – Newcastle –
12th Oct – Belfast –
13th Oct – Dublin –
15th Oct – Paris – TBA
16th Oct – Grenoble – TBA
17th Oct – Marseille –
18th Oct – Lucurne –
19th October – Brescia – Circolo Colony
20th Oct – Graz –
21th Oct – Vienna – TBA

Here are the dates for Nervochaos  current tour in Brazil:

July 13 – Sao Paulo @Clash Club
July 14 – Jundiai, SP @Aldeia Bar
July 15 – Bueno Brandao, MG @Estancia Pè Da Serra
July 16 – Lavras, MG @Circuito Alternativo
July 17 – Cambui, MG @CPB
July 18 – Pocos De Caldas, MG
July 19 – Itauna, MG @Motrock Bar
July 20 – Belo Horizonte, MG @Matriz
July 21 – Vitoria, ES @Correria Music Bar
July 22 – Itabuna, BA @O Bardo Pub
July 23 – Vitoria Da Conquista, BA @Underground Pub
July 25 – Feira De Santana, BA @Offsina Music Lounge
July 27 – Aracaju, SE @Lado B
July 29 – Recife, PE @Burburinho
July 30 – Joao Pessoa, PB @Vitrola Bar & Studio

August 1 – Natal, RN @Bunker
August 4 – Parnaiba, PI @Buffet D’Granja
August 5 – Teresina, PI @Bueiro Do Rock
August 6 – Sao Luis, MA @Fanzine
August 9 – Santa Isabel, PA @Escola Lourdes Akel
August 10 – Braganca, PA @Viuva Negra
August 11 – Imperatriz, MA @Chacara Bar
August 12 – Araguaina, TO @Espaco Cultural
August 13 – Palmas, TO @Serreal
August 15 – Brasilia, DF @Palco Pro Estudio
August 16 – Goiania, GO @Estudio Sonoro
August 17 – Anapolis, GO @Joana Dark
August 19 – Cuiaba, MT @Caverna Bar
August 20 – Campo Grande, MS @TBA

Nervochaos most recent Asian tour co-headlined with Krisiun and presented by Alpha Omega Management Alpha Omega Tours , was a success and has received a mini-documentary. In the video we will see the band’s passage through Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia.

Check out the video documentary from Asian Tour here, enjoy it:

Documentaries for Brazil and Latin America that have been made, are available,  check them out, here enjoy it:

Latin America

All concerts are part of the promotion tour of the recently released ”Nyctophilia”. The album can already be bought at the main specialized stores of the market, either directly with the band, by email, Facebook or in the official store:

Nervochaos released their new album ”Nyctophilia” on March 10th in Brazil via Cogumelo Records. The art of both the cover and the booklet was created the talented Brazilian artist Alcides Burn (Blood Red Throne, Acheron, Iconoclasm, Malefactor, Queiron, Headhunter DC, etc). ”Nyctophilia”was recorded in Italy at Alpha Omega Studio, along with producer Alex Azzali, who is also responsible for mixing and mastering the work.

Check out the outstanding 360° live studio video for the song ”Total Satan”, here enjoy it:

More information at:


Theatres Des Vampires announce New Guitarist, Flavio Gianello!

Italian ”Vampiric Metal” legends Theatres Des Vampires have announced their new guitarist.

Here is the statment of the band:

“We want to officially welcome our new guitar player Flavio Gianello to the team! We are really thrilled about the strong and confident feeling between us. Flavio is a great, badass guitarist! We also want to take the opportunity to thank Giorgio Ferrante for the great days we spent together. It was awesome to share the stage with him. Stay tuned for more shows and tour announcements!”

Just recently Theatres Des Vampires released the video for their new single ”Resurrection Mary” taken from the band’s latest album ”Candyland” (out on Scarlet Records). The video is directed by Patrizia Cogliati Musicphoto (

About Theatres Des Vampires:

Theatres Des Vampires  is an Italian Gothic Metal band with strong symphonic influences, formed in 1994 and renowned for the predominant theme of vampirism in their lyrics. ”Candyland” has been inspired by a room of the infamous Pennhurst asylum in Pennsylvania, a room which was different from all the others, with colored walls and bars on the windows, described as hell on earth by the patients of the facility, where adults and children with severe mental problems have been hidden from the public eye for decades. ”Candyland” was the name of that room. Obsession and madness characterizes Theatres Des Vampires latest work, their sound is forceful and sensual at the same time, pervaded with those wistful and melancholic bursts which the band is renowned for. ”Candyland” sees a very special guest appearance by legendary Moonspell frontman Fernando Ribeiro on the song ”Seventh Room”.

Buy your ”Candyland” copy, here:


Check out the music video for ”Resurrection Mary” here, enjoy it:

Check out the music video for ”Morgana Effect” here, enjoy it:

More information at:


Fallen Arise Confirmed For Summer Chaos 2017!

Athens based Symphonic Metallers Fallen Arise are confirmed for Summer Chaos 2017, taking place on July 31st at Lazur Stadium (Burgas, Bulgaria), sharing the stage with Kreator, Tarja and Crematory ,among others. Get more information here:

As previously announced, Fallen Arise will play Hammerfest (Wales) on the 17th of March 2018. Furthermore, the band is in the studio, recording their next, third album.

About Fallen Arise:

Fallen Arise is formed in 2009, released their second full length album ”Adeline” in October 2015, via Rock Of Angels Records (aka ROAR), combining a theatrical atmosphere with a progressive approach and a heavy-metal-alike heaviness. The album takes us back in time of the Victorian era of the 19th century (1837-1901), presenting us the decay of the human body and mind through fiction. The album was realized in the collaboration with an ensemble of 40 renowned musicians from the National Opera, the Athens State Orchestra, the Nerit Orchestra and the Piraeus Concert Band. Fallen Arise have shared the stage with Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Leaves’ Eyes, Outloud, as well as playing several shows in Greece.

Check out the fan-filmed videos from the last tour with Paradise Lost in Russia, here enjoy it:

Check out the live video of Paradise Lost performing the song  ”Erased”, feat. Fiona Creaby of Fallen Arise here, enjoy it: 

More information at:


Edmonton Black & Doom Fest Black Mourning Light, announce 2017 Line-Up Adds!

Black Mourning Light, the Edmonton, AB black and doom metal festival being presented by Crown of Viserys and on October 13th and 14th at the Starlite Room has updated their 2017 line up to include locals The Lucifer Project featuring drummer Bryan James Newbury (Into Eternity/ Untimely Demise) and guitarist Adam Sweeney (Untimely Demise) along with Alberta / Ohio based The Projectionist featuring Lord Matzigketius (ex-Idolatry) on vocals, Ghast (ex-Operation Winter Mist) on guitar, Destroyer (Unrest) on bass, Parageist (ex-Vile Insignia) on guitar and Malphas on drums.

This year’s infernal ritual features legends Blasphemy (Vancouver, BC) and Revenge (Edmonton, AB) headlining plus some of the most insane black metal and death metal acts to ever grace a stage with Evilheart (Mexico), Fortress (Kalispell, MT), Gravehill(Los Angeles, CA) and Funeral Of God (Canton, OH) plus a carnage of Western Canada acts that includes Rites Of Thy Degringolade (Edmonton, AB), Antichrist (Vancouver, BC), Xul (Armstrong, BC),Sorguinazia (Edmonton, AB), Scythra(Regina, SK) and Goathammer (Saskatoon, SK).

BML organizer Dustin Ekman comments:

“This year we are taking Black Mourning Light to a new level of brutality, and I couldn’t be more honoured to have true legends in black metal on the festival. Revenge and Blasphemy are two of the biggest names in black metal and with them are some of the best bands in the world to create an absolutely killer lineup. This is a year to not be missed, that’s for sure.”

Tickets are available at the following Edmonton locations Starlite Room, Blackbyrd Myoozik, Rendezvous Pub and online at the following links:

One Day Ticket or Two Day Pass – 

Tickets are $45 for one day, $75 for both days.
BML 2017 Line-Up & Set Times:

Friday, October 13th 

Rites of Thy Degringolade
The Lucifer Project

Doors 5pm

Saturday, October 14th 

The Projectionist
Funeral of God
Doors 4pm

About BML:

Black Mourning Light Metal Festival is the black metal and doom festival founded by Dustin Ekman of Crown of Viserys. Created to fill a void in Edmonton’s black and doom scene. After two successful years in 2015 and 2016, Black Mourning Light Festival returns for a 2017 edition. The 2017 onslaught will feature bands from across Canada and USA. Those that attended the 2015 inaugural ritual and the 2016 two day mayhem will not be disappointed by 2017, as they can expect a different while similar experience to those events.

Last year’s 2016 edition featured a line up of black, death and doom bands from across Canada plus the USA with UADA, Panzerfaust, Erimha, HelleborusIdolatry, Display of Decay, Vile Insignia, Hive, Wormwitch, NorilskCellHolocaust LordNachterrorDethgod, Ye Goat-Herd Gods and Hunted By Ravens.

For more info, please visit

About the bands:



One of the first truly extreme metal bands, not only in Canada but around the world, Blasphemy invokes a large degree of respect. Founded back in 1984, the band is often cited as being a pioneer of the Death/Black ‘War Metal’ sound. After a demo and two very well received albums, the band had cemented their legacy very quickly. Their importance has been affirmed by the number of times those two legendary albums, “Fallen Angel of Doom” and Gods Of War’ have been issued and reissued around the world. They set a standard that many still follow today.



One of the most prolific bands to ever come out of the Canadian Black Metal scene with four full-length albums, two EP’s and multiple international tours and festival appearances behind them, Canada’s Revenge have for over a decade cultivated what is arguably one of the most confrontational sounds in the metal underground. Keeping an extremely low profile as far as engaging the public with interviews and social media, Revenge has instead utilized the word of mouth approach to build a large die hard following worldwide that continues to grow every year based on the strength of the bands Music, lone wolf attitude and insanely chaotic live performances. (As those who witnessed their extremely well received appearance at this year’s Maryland Death Fest can attest to.) The band’s appearance at Noctis Fest will mark their first appearance in western Canada and only their second Canadian show ever in the bands 13 year existence. Not to be missed, Revenge walk alone above the weak enemy scum with absolute disregard for all who question their approach of undying intolerance for the swine known as mankind.

Rites of Thy Degringolade


In the name of Rites, the Graciousless, the Merciless. Master of the Day of Judgement …Guide us in the Left Path!



The next generation of metal coming to knock your teeth in. Stay tuned for big things to come!


Better than being simply Lovecraft-inspired is to sound like something that’s shambled over from some unknown dimension, to sound like something that perhaps would’ve inspired Lovecraft. Sorguinazia are likely a little too intense for a man who died a decade before the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, but these Canadian self-proclaimed demons practice a style of black metal that sounds coaxed forth from a benighted lacuna between the strangest of planes.



Old school blackened heavy metal in the vein of Autopsy, Death, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Sodom, Venom, Massacre, and Slayer.

Antichrist (Canada)Facebook

Antichrist was a cult Canadian band that played bestial/war metal in the vein of genre innovators Blasphemy. Their lone release, a full-length entitled ” Sacrament of Blood ” was recorded in 1994, but wasn’t released until 2011 by NWN! Productions.



A five piece group based out of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, following in the footsteps of bands such as: Behemoth, Dissection, and Immortal, Xul have left the beaten path and set out to forge their own brand of Blackened Death Metal.

An energetic and interactive live performance – with crushing rhythms seamlessly coalescing into atmospheric passages, accompanied by punishing percussion waves and subtle vocal harmonies – expands upon the previously established essence of the sub-genre. With songs reminiscent of war-torn landscapes, destructive human nature and evil intention, Xul has captivated audiences and garnered positive reviews, and on June 16′th 2012, released their first full length album, entitled “Malignance“.

Driven by determination and a diverse accumulation of musical comprehension, Xul has toured Western Canada, as well as proven themselves worthy to share the stage with bands such as: Obscura, Exhumed, Vreid, Kampfar, Woods of Ypres, Macabre, Withered, Cephalic Carnage, Archspire, Skeleton Witch, Beyond Creation, and 3 Inches of Blood. After Xul’s first cross Canada tour, and with a new album recorded, they have decided to take some time to think about what the future holds.

Funeral of God


Founded by Demogorgon in February of 2014. Funeral of God is a black metal band based out Canton, OH. It is dedicated to creating sonic terror for Lucifer.



Scythra are a four-piece death metal band from Regina, SK. Formed in February 2014, and playing shows since June 2014, we have had a few lineup changes and our songwriting has evolved immensely. We are greatly influenced by old school death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, as well as bands from every other spectrum of metal. We all have a love for atmospheric music and it is something we try to incorporate into our sound.


Evilheart was formed in 1999 in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. On July 13, 2001 the band released its first demo”Summoned To War ”. In 2003 after major lineup changes the band recorded its first album ”Dark In Glory”, which was released on May 3, 2004. Over the years Evilheart has shared the stage with international acts like Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Asesino, Cellador, Behemoth, Cage, Hypocrisy, Havok and Sothis. The band released its first demo “Summoned To War.” in 2001, which has been followed by 2007’s ”Storm Of Annihilation” and 2012’s ”Quinquaginta” (Latin for “Fifty”), which was re-released in 2014 by Canadian label Test Your Metal Records.



Communal Invokators of Abhorrence. Unholy Cryptfucking Metal. Obey The Hammer

The Projectionist


The Projectionist (formerly Lord Matzigkeitus) is a project of pure Hellthundering black metal invoking spell casting through isolation, and darkness.

The Lucifer Project


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