Album Review: Dawn of Ashes-Daemonolatry Gnosis

1.The Initiation

2.Gods of the Antinomian Path

3.Smash Thy Enemies

4. Guardians

5. Core of the Black Sun

6. The Ritual

7. Augoedies

8. Sermon From the Horned God

9. I am Nephilim

10. Rulership of the Inner World

11. Magick of the New Aeon

12. Freezing Moon

American industrial black metal monsters Dawn of Ashes are going to release this upcoming album in June 9th. This release is has a strong and powerful vibe to it, the hole album is a soundtrack to some si-fi movie with the hole music of course, which is something unigue, and it gave the album, that si-fi story and the full concept to it. The album begins with the intro called ”The Initation”, this is like a introduction to the album, but also to some movie as well, which is amazing.

The first thing I noticed about this release, that it has so many great symphonic elements and music, so well combined with the hole blakcened death metal music and industrial part, which this album has the less.

Crushing riffs, with blast beats can go wrong, the atmosphere on the album is intense because of this, in a very good way. The influences of black metal, death metal, symphonic music, and a little bit of eletronic music, created some cosmic metal, I can’t explane this by words, but it’s something quite unigue. The band got back to a musical style from their first album ”Genocide Chapters” in some way, but it has something different to it, the approuch to the music is not the same completly, the symphonic music, that remaind’s me of a movie soundrack, gave that new sound to the album.

The song on the album ”Magick From The New Aeon” featuring. Linsday Schoolcraft one of the vocalist’s and keyboardist from  Legendary Britsh metal band Cradle of Filth, is magical, it is some sort of  love epopee, the vocals are combined so perfectly with each other, Linsday showed that her amazing voice can create, some very hypnotick beautiful atmosphere, it made the song so pure and so sinister at the same time, and vocalist Kristof Bathory gave that creepy but interesting vibe to hole song, and his growl vocals, were literally not from this from, but from out of space.

One more song that is quite different from the rest of the album is ”The Ritual” , it is a classical symphonic song, with growl vocals,  it sounds really good. This song is a classical movie song, I can imagine this song in some movie, just perfect symphonic song , and a introduction to the rest of the story on the album.

On the album the last song is a cover of Norwegian black metal titans Mayhem of the song ”Freezing Moon”. This band kind of added their own sound to the cover, which I like, because it’s not the same as the original, of course it can not sound as original, but no one can do it better that Mayhem, this cover has true black metal vibe, also that the original has too, but it has different energy to it, and the production made it different and fresh, great cover, by the amazing band.

Tehnical compliance is amazing, every tone is in the right place, acoustic is totaly balanced, production is not of this world, it ‘s awesome. Negative side of the album is that, in some parts of the album the symphonic music can’t be heard because of the crushing slam riffs, and  in some moment’s the symphonic music is louder than riffs. But it’s not such a big problem, the songs are perfect as they are, and each song has story behind, but music itself  is telling the story too, just perfect and rare, for any kind of music.

Dawn of Ashes is the band, that has always , had unigue approuch to music, with this album they showed that they are as a band on a higher level. For the fans this album, will be paradise for the ears, a story to tell, to live on and on forever.

Rating Album:9/10

Rating album: SAPRON

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Album Review:Suicidal Angels-Division of Blood


1. Capital Of War

2. Division Of Blood

3. Eternally To Suffer

4. Image Of The Serpent

5. Set The Cities On Fire

6. Frontgate

7. Bullet In The Chamber

8. Cold Blood Murder

9. Of Thy Shall Bring The Light

It`s 2017. Thrash revival died almost 10 years ago, but there are still many bands who are playing thrash metal. Pioneers of genre released their new albums. Suicidal Angels released their sixth album. Some of these releases are good, some of them are great,  some of them are really bad. When you hear those old bands, you can recognize them among million of others, even if you don`t know the song that you are listening in that moment. What we have here is another bad attempt of music, another immemorable release.

I listened this album few times, but still I can`t remember one single song. Maybe the worst thing about this album are vocals. They are flat and boring, without any emotion and character. The timbre of this vocal is absolutely terrible and unlistenable, and that`s the biggest problem of Nick Melissourgos.

Guitar work is really uninspired, and it sounds like they were in hurry. Riffs are always almost same and they are really tame, and that`s what makes those songs really boring. They are not catchy, there isn’t even one song which can be a potential hit. Solos are ok.

They are performed very precise, but phrases are average in the best case. Drum work is also flat, uninspiring and tame. What`s more important, the necessary groove is missing. Production is done correctly, but nothing more than that. Thrash metal should be aggressive and wild, it`s not enough to have bullet belts, chains and patch vests.

Today`s thrash metal is more about image and fashion than music, and Suicidal Angels are not an exception. Those guys should revisit the catalogues from old hard rock, NWOBHM, punk and old thrash legends, in order to learn how to write a good song.

Резултат слика за Suicide Angels 2017

Rating Album:4,5/10

Mateja CveticaninRating album: SVENTEVITH

Mateja Cveticanin as a tall creature which sees and hears everything, and that`s one of the most important things in this fight for our (rock`n`roll) world. I`m dedicated to music in every possible way.

Album Review: Darkthrone-Artic Thunder


1. Tundra Leech
2. Burial Bliss
3. Boreal Fiends
4. Inbred Vermin
5. Arctic Thunder
6. Throw Me Through the Marshes
7. Deep Lake Trespass
8. The Wyoming Distance


Norwegian black metal legends one and only Darkthrone, after a long time released the album. I can say that this album has some interesting moments, band itself is known for that all of thier releases are different from another, still it has the unigue atmospehere, that will surely hypnotize all of the listeners.

For the start, there are some influences of doom and heavy metal, all of the album is not typical black metal album, it’s something like black metal but it’s not completly. Riffs are very good, vocals are unigue as usual like on all of thier releases. I can say that there is too much heavy metal influence on this album, it’s more like heavy metal with old school black metal, it made it very unusual, but actualy it’s sounds very good, it has power to it.

Tehnical compliace is very good, as usual this bands has tehnical skills that are more than good, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This band stayed true to themeself’s with this album too. Trough out the history of Darkthrone every album was different. This album has it all, it’s dark as black metal record show be, it has some traditional heavy metal riffs and pure devastation of doom metal, typical great metal record.

Darkthrone as a band, has always be misunderstood, they always liked to experiment with their music, it’s they trademark, that got them to where they are now on metal scene. Quite unusual album, but awesome in many ways. You can like it or not, but this record is evil and wicked in very specific way.

Сродна слика

Rating Album: 8/10


Rating album: SAPRON

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In Flames-Battles


1. Drained
2. The End
3. Like Sand
4. The Truth
5. In My Room
6. Before I Fall
7. Through My Eyes
8. Battles
9. Here Until Forever
10. Underneath My Skin
11. Wallflower
12. Save Me


When a band wants to make progress in their musical career, some experimentation isn’t a bad thing. In most cases, however, it means that they will not be highly praised for what they did.

The Swedish quintet with twenty six years of musical experience, In Flames, is one of those bands who are constantly trying to experiment with different genres of metal, abandoning their original musical style, in order to be unique. Known as one of the innovators of melodic death metal, along with the bands Dark Tranquility and At The Gates, they are the third member of the holy trinity of Gothenburg Sound.

With the first five albums featuring the vocals of Dark Tranquility’s singer, Mikael Stanne, especially the first one, “Lunar Strain”, and “Jester Race”, the Gothenburg “Pink Panther jewel”. They gave us a definition of flawless melodic death metal. With the album “Reroute to Remain” from 2002, they dramatically changed their musical style and begin a new era in their career, turning to the alternative metal.

The things started to go wrong in 2010, when the mastermind Jesper Strömblad left the bend and the bend released their eleventh studio “everything is gone” album, “Siren Charms“, that marked the loss of their identity, and made the name In Flames sound like one belonging to an obscure, unimpressive metal core band.

Two years later, In Flames are back with one of their most experimental and, sadly, tragic release, “Battles“, which continues their synthetic patterns of the previous “Siren Charms“. The album opens with the song ‘‘Drained”, where it is noticeable that Friden’s vocals are a little bit stronger than on the previous one.

The second track and the first highlight on the album, “The End”, brings the bend back to their melodic approach with some “A Sense of Purpose” vibe shinning effects. With the single “The Truth“, In Flames give us the message about their attitude to the diehard fans that prefer the pre-2011 period, making one of the most commercial and mainstream songs in their history; “Through my eyes” is characterized with a death metal intro and in some ways sounds like a piece from “Come Clarity“; “Here Until Forever” is a mellow, uninspiring ballad and one of the most unexpected things they have done so far; offering solid riffs and solos in “Before I Fall“, Bjorn and Engelin give the second highlight (and maybe the best song on the album).

Despite their attempts to make progress in their musical career, the structure of almost every song on this album is simplified, in a way which almost marks a typical post 2000’s in Flames song: uninspired and weak lyrics as if they were written for some pop punk band.

Guitar works of Bjorn Gellote and Niclas Engelin and session drumming of Daniel Svensson are soft as hell, far away from the level that was set twenty years ago. The riffs are too simple and forgettable, combined with the elements of electronic music and a children’s choir. Anders Friden, who used to be known for his ability to scream and growl, delivers terrible screams and harsh vocals.

With this pitiful record, the pioneers of melodic death metal, give us an unsuccessful and a kind of ‘‘super poppy” average album without the ‘‘copy paste” ideas from the previous works, with inoffensive, muted and childish songs in combination with electronic background. Their tragic battle to make progress lead them to defeat, losing a lot of their old school fans.

Резултат слика за In Flames 2016

Rating Album: 4/10

Cover Album: 9/10


Rating album: Fleur Du Mal

My name is Jovana Marković. Fleur Du Mal, the name I chose, is about the muse that you invocate when you need inspiration for mathematical skills, photography, poetry and some adventure.

Testament- Brotherhood of the Snake

1. Brotherhood of the Snake
2. The Pale King
3. Stronghold
4. Seven Seals
5. Born in a Rut
6. Centuries of Suffering
7. Black Jack
8. Neptune’s Spear
9. Canna-Business
10. The Number Game


Begining with one of the most anticipated albums in the thrash metal history, Megadeth’s “Dystopia”, and continuing with Anthrax’s “For All Kings”, Death Angel’s “The Evil Divide”, Metallica’s “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct“, Sodom’s “Decision Day” and Destruction’s “Under Attack”, 2016 is a year that has blown thrash metal fans’ minds.

Four long years after the release of their impressive classic, “Dark Roots of Earth”, the thrash titans Testament return with the most powerful line-up since their eighth studio album, “The Gathering”: furious Chuck Billy on the vocals, dynamic guitar duo of Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson, Gene Holgan known as “The Human Drum Machine” and Steve DiGiorgio with his great bass work, who rejoined the band in 2014, thirteen years after the album “First Strike Still Deadly”, the last album he recorded with the band.

The storyline of this conceptual album is filled with the elements of dark fantasy, telling us about Sumerian scriptures dated to more than 6,000 years ago, which were written by a secret society of Draconian aliens during the human history. Metaphorically, the Brotherhood , founded by an alien Ea, represents “New religion”, whose particular task here is to enlighten the mankind and free it from Christianity regarding it as an existential threat and in some way “social illness”.

The record opens with the “First strike still deadly” track, Brotherhood of Snake, with Chuck Billy’s noticeable volcanic roars and growls. In comparison with the title track, “The Pale King” introduces some melodic parts, influenced by the elements of the album “The New World Order”.

With the third song and the first highlight of the album, “Stronghold”, the snakes really show the magic they can create. Unfortunately, most of the other songs on the album, with the exception of “Neptune Spear” with some interesting new patterns by the formidable Skolnick/Peterson guitar duo, suffer from the same symptom: a lack of fresh ideas, relying on their old things from “The Legacy” and “Souls of Black”.

The monotony is killed with a punishing breakdown guitar sections on the last track and the second highlight of the album, The Number Game, which Billy wrote with Exodus frontman, Steve “Zetro” Souza.

Despite the excellent production, and good old Chuck Billy’s voice getting better with time (like wine), in comparison with “Dark Roots of Earth”, which contains various degrees of heaviness, this album does have some defects: all songs are near-identical, there are no melodic passages and the riffs have been heard over a thousand times.

This time, the fifth band of the Big Four and the most consistent thrash metal band, delivers a solid, though a little bit stereotypical and generic thrash metal album, confirming their excellent technical skills, superhuman, ageless voice of the metal superman Chuck Billy, a man who survived a near-death experience with cancer in 2001, with youthful vigor and aggression. However, the album just isn’t original enough to keep one’s attention as much as a Testament album could.

Резултат слика за testament 2016

Rating Album: 6/10

Cover Album: 7/10


Rating album: Fleur Du Mal

My name is Jovana Marković. Fleur Du Mal, the name I chose, is about the muse that you invocate when you need inspiration for mathematical skills, photography, poetry and some adventure.


Metallica -Hardwired… to Self-Destruct


Disc 1
1. Hardwired
2. Atlas, Rise!
3. Now That We’re Dead
4. Moth into Flame
5. Dream No More
6. Halo on Fire
Disc 2
1. Confusion
2. ManUNkind
3. Here Comes Revenge
4. Am I Savage?
5. Murder One
6. Spit Out the Bone


If you expected a full thrash metal album, then, this record is not for you. Metallica was always bigger than thrash metal itself, and that`s a really positive thing. That`s the main reason of their success in last 25 years. But if your ears are widely open, you will like this record.

Not so long time ago, a big bang in a whole metal world happened. The biggest metal band on the world released a new studio album. We were waiting for 8 years for this album. Many people thought that this will never happen, because 8 years between two releases is much time. Some people were predicting that it will be a pile of shit, and other people were predicting that it will be a masterpiece, and all those statements were made even before first singles. So, what have we got?

The title track, Moth into flame and Atlas, rise! were released as singles before album. Hardwired is a pure speed/thrash fast and furious opener, just like in the early days. Moth into flame and Atlas, rise! are thrash influenced, but they are mainly melodic heavy metal songs with big NWOBHM influence, which is a great thing.

Metallica is one of the really few bands that never went far from hard rock/NWOBHM roots, and we can hear it clearly on this album. They are more melodic than ever. Some will like it and some will hate it, just like every other thing in this life. Now that we`re dead is a classic Black album-esque groovy track. It has a really dumb beginning, which is one of the low points of this album. But the rest of the song is great with stron verse and chorus. Halo on fire is a power ballad, and it`s the longest track on the album. It sounds like some strange mix between Load and Black album styles.

Kirk Hammet played one of his most beautiful solos ever, and that`s one of the best things about this song, and it can be one of the masterpieces in their catalogue. The band made a little homage to their late hero, Lemmy Kilmister, who died last year. Maybe everybody expected fast and dirty song, but it`s not anything near that. It starts with a clean guitar part, and it becomes a mid tempo track.

It has a solo section that is almost the same like in To live is to die from …And justice for all album. The song is ok, but nothing more than that. Am I savage is forgettable and maybe the only really bad song on this album. It`s simply unnecessary. Spit out the bone is the album closer, and it was the hidden trump of this album.

Fast and melodic thrash metal anthem crushes everything around. It`s maybe one of their best songs ever and it sure would be a classic if it was from eighties. In generally, expectations are fulfilled. The boys came with really good record which is really fresh and strong, but some things are recycled from the past.

There are many Black album and Load/Reload moments which are cool, but we are used to hear different stuff on every Metallica album. The production is similar to Black album, but it has to be thicker and more natural. If you expected a full thrash metal album, then, this record is not for you. Metallica was always bigger than thrash metal itself, and that`s a really positive thing. That`s the main reason of their success in last 25 years. But if your ears are widely opened, you will like this record.

Резултат слика за Metallica Hardwired... to Self-Destruct

Rating Album:7,5/10

Mateja Cveticanin

Rating album: SVENTEVITH

Mateja Cveticanin as a tall creature which sees and hears everything, and that`s one of the most important things in this fight for our (rock`n`roll) world. I`m dedicated to music in every possible way.

Fates Warning-Theories of Flight



1. From the Rooftops
2. Seven Stars
3. SOS
4. The Light and Shade of Things
5. White Flag
6. Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen
7. The Ghosts of Home
8. Theories of Flight


Band that has never carried the white flag.It’s quite difficult to find a band nowadays whose songs don’t  sound like recycled works from the past trying to attract more and more audience.

Fates  Warning is a band with 32 years of musical experience that always continues to build up, refine its style and make progress. With every album this band shows that they are more and more musically matured, creating amazing pieces of art based on their knowledge and experience and the ephemerality  of life.

Three years after the album ”Darkness in the different  light”,  they triumphantly return with ”Theories of Flight”, an album that features eight very complex songs which represent a combination of very dynamic, heavy and in some moments  a little bit dark melodies with amazing emotional vocals.

The man responsible  for preserving the unique and recognizable mucial style,  the ”mastermind” of the band, is Jim Matheos , the main songwriter and the only remaining founding member. The lineup is the same as on the previous album : Ray Adler – vocal, Jim Matheos – guitar, Frank Aresti– guitar, Joe Vera -bass guitar and Bob Jarzombek – drums.

The record opens with a relaxing melody and continues with Matheos’s killer riffs and Ray’s powerful voice in ”From the Rooftops”. The next song sounds like an ”updated”  (and in some way  ”metalized” ) part from the masterpiece ”Parallels”.  The musical journey continues with ”S.O.S.”,  another brick in the wall which confirms the guys’ technical skills, and the holy trinity, the highlights of the album: ”The light and shade of things” – a track colored with epical choruses and melancholy; ”White Flag” , as the most metal song on the album which gives us very simple advice on how to survive in this cruel world and how to deal with people – don’t let them know what can hurt you; and ”Like Our Stars Have Seen” – a very modern and dramatic progressive song with killer instrumental  sections and the singer’s flawless contribution.

If you look at the lyrics you can notice that they are almost filled with some nostalgia and longing for innocent times. The Ghosts of home is a ten-and-a-half-minute  piece of art which evokes in the listener an eruption of sounds and emotion, familiarizing them with Matheos’s childhood and the issue of never having a real home. He found his  ”trail to home”  with the instrumental title track.

Exceeding  everyone’s expectations ,  once more,  they made a classical release. Theories of Flight” represents a great definition of a progressive album of any kind.

Fates Warning

Rating Album:9/10

Rating Cover:8/10

Rating album: Fleur Du Mal

My name is Jovana Marković. Fleur Du Mal, the name I chose, is about the muse that you invocate when you need inspiration for mathematical skills, photography, poetry and some adventure.


Myrkgrav-Takk Og Farvel:Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen

Myrkgrav Takk Og Farvel Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen

1. Skjøn jomfru (Norwegian version)
2. Vonde auer
3. Bakom gyrihaugen
4. Soterudsvarten
5. Om å danse bekhette (10th anniversary edition)
6. Spålsnatt
7. Tørrhard
8. Finnkjerringa (10th anniversary edition)
9. Østa glette
10. Sjuguttmyra
11. Uttjent
12. Tviom!
13. Skjøn jomfru (English version)
14. Takk og farvel


Finnish folk one-man metal band Mykgrav released the album. I can say about the album that has a soul to it in viking folk style, it is a special musical piace of art.

On this album there are the influences of black metal, rock, melodic music. All of this has a part in creating a unigue story that this musician present’s trough his music.

The sounds and melodies on this album are perfectly combined, there are some mistakes in crossings between melodies and sound, but it’s nothing special, everything is in perfect order.

The vocals are amazing, pure traditional folk vocals with some black metal vocals in some of the songs, they totally made the atmosphere more unigue in the songs.

Tehnical compliance is great, few thinks could have been done better, but it’s perfect as it is, acoustic is awesome, production is good.

Instrumental songs themeself’s tell a story trough sound and music about traditional scandinavian culture as well as the lyrics, making this album powerful and interesting for the listening.

Mykgrav doesn’t  present only music, it present emotions, tradition and culture. Everything about this one-man folk metal is unigue and in perfect musical balance. Music for the ears and soul.


Rating Album:9,5/10


sapronRating album: SAPRON

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Sodom-Decision Day

1. In Retribution
2. Rolling Thunder
3. Decision Day
4. Caligula
5. Who Is God?
6. Strange Lost World
7. Vaginal Born Evil
8. Belligerence
9. Blood Lions
10. Sacred Warpath
11. Refused to Die


Legendary German thrash metal band realeased the album. This album is a great thrash metal album, a liitle bit different from their other realeases. On this album it can be heard this modern approuch to thrash metal, but the atmosphere on the album is in old school thrash metal style, interesting combination, with new approuch to thier music.

Kickass solos, powerful riffs, pure thrash metal sound made this album interesting, and strange good. Tehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This album is all about death that devours, darkeness that swallow, chaos that destroys, apocalypse that continues all over again.

The vocals are a little bit different from their other realeses, it has black metal vibe to it, but it’s still a thrash metal vocal, and it sounds great.

Sodom is the band that has been for years a synonym for thrash metal music, this is the band that is a role model for all metal bands, but with this album is not the case, it is different, but it is not the same Sodom, with the same thrash metal energy. The album is a very good modern thrash metal album, that has it good sides, that needs to be heard.

Резултат слика за Sodom 2016


 Rating Album: 8/10

sapronRating album: SAPRON

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Legendary French progressive metal band Gorija realeased a album. This album is different for other albums, of this band. This album is interesting and a not a classical metal album. On the album it can be heard slow generic riffs, that are hypnotic, and has that vibe also to it, that is very well integrated, with the hole concept of the album and the story. All of Gojira’s albums are simular, but not the same they are different from each other.

The atmospheric music is integrated good with the hole album. Tehnical compliance is almost brought to ideal, there are some mistakes in the tehnical way of playing, but nothing special, acoustic is great, production is awesome.

Gojira is the band, that makes music with soul, it’s deep, intense, hypnotic. This is the band that makes some strange, but amazing metal music, with this album they made no mistake, with their unigues. Progressive metal music, that is very special and powerful.



Rating Album: 8,5/10


sapronRating album: SAPRON

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