Avan-garde destruction in some creative style!

On November 20th two alternative avan-garde metal bands Romanian Hteththemeth and Norwegian Vulture Industries in Belgrade at Club Fest.

I can say about this show that this two bands showed some creative madness that music in general needs, great performances with some theatrical moments that made this show so amazing and unique.

 The first band to play was Romanian alternative avan-garde band Hteththemeth. These guys are crazy as hell, in the beginning of the show they had masks, which they later took off, and then it gets crazier and crazier by every minute.

The Vocalist Lao Kreegan had this very good performance, he had two guns in his hands, he reaped of the toy that was a heart, totally creative an theatrical performance, which the crowd, that was not in large numbers reacted great and confused to his performance.

The band has that hypnotizing energy that made the atmosphere among the crowd amazing and unique, the sound and the riffs were brutal and the technical part of the show was just brilliant. They thanked Vulture industries for being a part of the show with them and then they left the stage satisfied and the show goes on.

The Norwegian metal band Vulture Industries got on the stage and the madness can begin. This band has some amazing cool songs with some deep messages that are describing life itself but the ugly side of it, the irony and the sarcasm.

The band played on the show the new songs from the new album ”Stanger Times”, the crowd reacted very well to those songs. They also played some songs for their album ”The Tower” as well, crowd was very happy to hear the songs from this release, in one moment Bjornar had his ”ritual” by approaching one of the fans and scream in the face of one of the fans, it was very unusual but cool at the same time. I like how he handled the chair that he got up on and also how he sang on it, it was a fucking awesome moment on the show.

The best moment on the concert was the train game moment when Bjornar jumped into the crowd and then he began running and the other got attached to him to dance run and dance in a circle style, the vocalist, and the band does this on every their show it’s basically a part of their performance. The concert went on, and the time has come for the band to leave the stage, and they were satisfied with the whole thing, although there were not so many people on the show.

This concert was fun, they entertained the crowd in such a guilty way, the ones who miss this show, they will regret it for sure. The negative side was that there were not so many crowds on the show and this band definitely deserve it.

Vulture Industries as a band shows that metal can be fun and not darkness and hell all the time, their music touched the souls of the people who were there to support them and I think that is a greater reward, better than to have a bigger crowd that won’t appreciate the music of the band and their performance. This was a night of fun and warm hearts united in supporting some different and great.

Rating concert: 9/10

Live report: SAPRON

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Lacuna Coil got down with sickness, a night of pure demonstration of power and might!

On November 13th Italian alternative metal giants Lacuna Coil held a concert in Belgrade at Dom Omladine for the first time, with Italian symphonic metal band Sinheresy and alternative  Swiss metal band Cellar Darling(former members of Eluveitie). This concert was a mind-blowing one, all three bands were so energetic, they were all over the stage whole the time, they were glad to be there for the Serbia crowd.

The first band to play was Italian symphonic metal band Sinheresy. This band is just a perfect example of a role model for the bands to see, how they can dominate the stage, their energy on the stage, that passion while they are on the stage is just beyond amazing. The crowd reacted very good to them, but the negative side is that the crowd was literally dead, the band tried to awake the crowd and they did it in a few moment’s, but after that, they were in the same mind state. I like how Cecilia Petrini and Stefano Sain were one on the stage, it’s like they were spirit twins and of course, the riffs were awesome.

The band didn’t play that long, but they presented great music, with even more better performance. They left the stage and they were happy that they are going to meet their fans after the shows.

The second band to play was Swiss alternative metal band Cellar Darling. This band is quite interesting one they have many influences in their music like pop, folk, rock, but the riffs are totally in metal style.

Vocalist Anna Murphy said to the Serbian crowd that they are glad to be here for the first time and ask them if they are ready for the show and there were ovations everywhere. The show has begun band played their new songs and the crowd reacted very well to them.  The most amazing moment on the concert was when she used the drums and played them and some strange instrument it was a very cool moment.

Anna is such a charismatic vocalist, her smile and performance are pure joy to watch and to listen to. The show went on and the band played the last song, and they got off the stage.

The time has come for the Italian alternative metal giants Lacuna Coil to perform. The fans waited for the band to began with the show. They got on the stage and the mayhem of ovations began.

The Christina Scabbia thanked the fans for coming, and that she is very glad to be here, and ask them if they are ready for the show. The band played songs from their new album ”Delirium”, fans didn’t react specially to it, they wanted to hear an older stuff, but this is not a bad record, so I say let’s give it a try. In my opinion, the songs are very good and they sound so great live.

As the time passes, the band played and then the fans have gone crazy. I like how every one of time present in their costumes some insane personalities and characters, every character has its own disease, their performance was just not a performance, they presented the dark and true side of life as it is.

The best reactions were when they played cover of the legends Depeche Mode the song is called ”Enjoy the Silence”, the crowd went insane, they were singing like they were one and it was an amazing moment on the show, the hole effects on the stage and of course the energy of the band made this show more powerful and unique.

The show went on the band had to leave the stage leaving their fans with a smile on their faces and the other part, well they were not satisfied, but the band surely was. They left the stage, and there was no encore, the fans of the band were satisfied.

This show was a demonstration of true power, a devastating crushing sound tear up the souls of fans, but there is one bad thing, there were fans that didn’t have energy, but the band had the energy to support the fans, but still, the small crowd totally showed a true support to the band and that is important. This band showed that they are such a specific and unique band and they tear up to halls at Dom Omladine, living no one immune to it. The night of the pure destruction and power.

Rating concert: 9/10

Live report: SAPRON

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Photos by: Zarko Jovanovic

Black metal madness and destruction in some true crushing style!

On November 6th Norwegian Black metal maniacs Gorgoroth demolish the hall of The Quarter at Novi Sad with Czech black metal band Sekhmet, Greek thrash metal band Amken and the second Norwegian legends of black metal Gehenna.

This show was something special full of energy, the sound was perfect, all four bands were technically perfect and the crowd enjoyed every minute of the show and of course, Gorgoroth showed their perfect balance with their crushing sound added with some touch of pure evil and darkness.

The first support act to play on the stage was Czech black metal band Sekhmet. What I like about this guys is how they’ve entertained the crowd all the time they had that pure destructive energy in their performance, on each songs the crowd reacted very good, the crowd was enjoying fully the concert. I can say this is one of the rare band’s that can present pure raw black metal music in such a devastating way, I love the part when the guy with a gas mask came to the stage it was incredible, so the band played their songs and went off the stage and the second support act can demonize the stage.

The second band to play was Greek thrash metal band Amken. These guys are pure old school underground thrash metal, they presented this genre of metal in the best possible way, the technical part was beyond amazing, they were so into it, that you can see their souls in the guitars. They greeted the crowd few times, they were there to kick some ass with some good metal music, well they were not in so good position, because mainly the crowd were black metal fans, but they enjoy it they saw their talent and their fierce kickass energy, which is great that one thrash metal band can stand side by side with other bands that are completely different genre of metal.  The crowd enjoyed the show, and it was time for the band to leave the stage, they were satisfied with the reactions of the crowd.

The third band to play was Norwegian black metal monsters Gehenna. This band are the pure masters of the black metal genre, technically they are the best band on the show, every sound and riff were so accurate and precise. The first song that they played was ”Adimirion Black” and of course the crowd went crazy when they started playing the first song and the madness went on through the whole show. The second song that they played was ”Devils Work”, the third one was ”Abbatoir”. the fourth was ”Angelmaker”, the crowd gets crazier and crazier as the time passes went’s on, the fifth song was ”Death To Them All” and the mayhem was present in the audience when they heard this song, the six was ”Nine Circles of Torture”. the seventh ”Werewolf”, the eight was ”Ad Arma”, the nine-song was ”Pallbearer”, the ten-song was ”New Blood” and the last song was ”Serene Faces”, the band blow up the stage they were amazing, but the negative side was that they left without a word, they just left the fans without thanking  for being there, as a black metal band this is not some unusual thing, it just my personal opinion about it. The time has come for the legends to take over the stage the main act

The Black metal legends Gorgoroth came to the stage, the ovations and euphoria were beyond amazing.

I can say about their show that is was brutal and great as hell itself, the vocalist Hoest  of the band Taake showed his impressive vocal skills and that he can have a fucking awesome time on the stage, he was possessed basically, the screams and the performance left the fans in the hypnotized state of mind, they truly enjoyed the show. The band played songs from their last album ”Instinctus Bestialis”, the crowd reacted good to the songs, but they were waiting for the older stuff from the band and they played it for them with some killing riffs and brutality in their eyes. They played some old songs that are very known to the crowd and they reacted every time like they were possessed by the sound with full darkness in their eyes, hypnotized in every way. The best reactions were to the song ”Destroyer” and it was one of their last song on the show, they were mosh pits, headbanging, and singing, it was magical. The time has come for the band to end the show and they did in the black metal style they gave the crowd the best they can.

This show was an amazing experience for all the fans of the genre. It was unique and a fucking good time. Black metal apocalypse dominated the club and Gorgoroth showed the way they are legends, Long live black metal and metal music.

Rating concert: 10/10

Live report: SAPRON

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Folk metal storm, will conquer all!!!


”Club Fest/Serbia”


On October 1st at Club Fest three amazing band SatanaKozel, Welicoruss, GRAI held a concert in Belgrade as a part of their Balkan tour. My opinion of this show is that it was amazing, all three bands demonstrated the true power of metal and the atmosphere in the audience was magical, the bands and the audience enjoyed the show.

The first band to open the show was russian folk metal band SatanaKozel. The band started playing with some heavy riffs, the vocalist rocked the stage, his growl’s were some kind of mix of giant monster and demon in one, the audience was in trance and the band of course too.

Then they began to play a first song, but before that was intro, “Битва”, the crowd reacted very good to the band, they were listening to all of the song with attention, the second one was ”Kузнец”, great song the reactions of the crowd is getting better and better, the third one was ”Mедведь”, the reactions are quite good to this one, the fourth one was ”Bъюга”, the fifth one was ”Musta Mado”and the final one was ”Баня”. The reactions of the crowd were amazing for this band, they were headbaning and satisfied with the hole performance it was just great, sadly they had three more songs to play, but the pedal of dummer Nickolai Kuskov was broken. The band left the stage satisifed with performance although there were technical problems.


The second band to perform was czech/russian symphonic black metal band Welicoruss. This band is unique with their performance and with that dark atmosphere in their music yet melodic, they owned the stage, they were so in a good mood, like they were in their own little dark world, the crowd was hypnotized by them, for me personally it was something amazing. The first song that they where playing was ”Az Esm” in English ”I am”, before that there was intro, the second one was ”Bridge of Hope”, after this one they played the third one ”Kharnha”.

I like how this band have made all the time, this insane dark atmosphere on the concert, like you were in Siberian forest all the time, and the vocalist Alexey Boganov dominated the stage with his unclean and clean vocals with pure pagan power. The forth song on the playlist was ”Slavonic Power”, great song, amazing reactions by crowd, fifth song coming up and it was ”Slava Russi”, the crowd is in trance, and they liked this song in a special way, six song was ”Voice Of Millennium”, then the seventh song ”Outsider”, eight song was Woloshba, the ninth song was  ”Sons of The North” the most famous song by the band, the crowd got tired, but there were some loyal fans that headbang to their music until the end. The last song that they played was ”Waterwalking”,then the band left the stage and they were satisfied with their performance.

At last the third band that played was russian  folk metal giants GRAI. This band rocked the stage in every possible way. Irina Zybina vocalist of the band had a chat with audience in russian and then she had some jokes about that the Serbian audience don’t understand them and that they don’t understand Serbian too, it was a funny moment on the concert.

The first song was intro  ”Марево” intro song and the crowd was impatient from the beginning of the concert to hear all of the songs. The second one  was ”Поступь зимы”, crowd goes crazy and the show can began. Irina had that magical slavic influence all of the time on the concert, she has that magical hypnotic voice that left everyone in the club hypnotized, the power of her voice and energy is insane in a positive way. The true slavic warriors destroyed the hole club into pieces with some slavic warrior power, that tear up the walls and the souls too. The third song that they played was ”Млада”, the crowd gets more crazier and crazier, they began dancing in treditional folk style and headbang, the fourth song was ”Тень”, the atmosphere was like a fire pit in hell, but the crowd was very happy, with the sound and the fire in their hearts, the fifth song was ”Мгла со мной”, the six song was ”Береза”, the seveth song was ”В объятиях Мары” the most best reactions were to this song, crowd was dancing and singing out loud to this song, it was some pure slavic atmosphere, the ancestors were proud for sure, the eight song was  ”Доня”, the ninth song was ”Крепкая охота”, the tenth song was ”Крепкая охота”, the eleven song was ”Пшеничная”, and the last one they played was ”Лешак”.

This concert was something special, it had that vibe of pure slavic destruction, the whole magic of it. The negative thing about this, is that it should have been more crowd on the concert, they deserved it. Pure chaos in a positive way, the night of pure russian metal destruction, that left a mark on a soul.

Rating concert: 9,5/10

Live report: SAPRON

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From the might of melodic death metal, we will rise!

Jinjer/Arch Enemy

”Dom Omladine Belgrade/Serbia”


Ukrainian groove metalcore band Jinjer and Swedish melodic death metal masters Arch Enemy held a concert for the first time at Dom Omladine in Belgrade on September 18th. I can say about the show, it was a demonstration of melodic technical virtuosity, both bands showed with their energy on the stage, what it means to play a perfect show.

While approaching the hall, there were many fans waiting to get in the hall. They were so excited and happy to be there, with those magical smiles on their faces, especially the female fans of the both bands. The time passed bye, the fans were waiting for bands to start playing and time has come for the first band to start playing.

The first band to play was Ukrainian groove metalcore band Jinjer that began the show in 20:30h right on time. They started the show with the song ”Who Is Gonna Be The One?”, the crowd was very happy to see them, and the audience were in big numbers at their show, the ovations started for the begging to the end of show. Then they played  ”Words Of Wisdom”, ”Sit Stay Roll Over”, ”I Speak Astronomy” and many more.

Vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk showed her amazing energy and vocals to the audience, her brutal and crushing vocals are quite unique and made the atmosphere powerful and the audience was in trance. The best reactions were to their songs ”Pisces”  and ”Another”.

The vocalist Tatiana was all over the stage, she had that fierce energy the hole time, she also showed that her clean vocals are amazing as growls as well. Audience enjoy every part of the show, watching the vocalist of the band without blinking. Last song that band played was ”Bad Water” and then the band left the stage and fans were screaming that they want more,but that was it and it was time for swedish legends to rock the stage.

Arch Enemy is well known as a band that has given so much to metal music, one of the most important metal bands today. This band was at the begging a force of destruction and with their former vocalist Angele Gossow they made a mark in metal history presenting the female vocalist that can do a mans job while growling. Today it’s the same thing with Alissa White-Gluz ,it’s different, but it’s a new fresh change, whether you like it or not. She brought something unique and different in band and presented her influence on the show as well and it was quite a good one, she rock the stage in every possible way. The band recorded two albums with Alissa ”War Eternal” and ”Will to Power” both of albums got positive reactions.

The band started the show with the song ”The World Is Yours” from the new album ”Will To Power” and the ovations from started, they were screaming in trance with continuity, they were one with the band, which made the atmosphere amazing and magical. Alissa demonstrated that her vocals are amazing live as well in studio and the songs, she was all over the place, with headbanging like crazy and she had an interesting corregraphy while dancing and screaming, it was so explosive. Most of the fans say Angele was better, she was great, this can not be denied, but Alissa gave the band hole new mark and shine, it’s not the same Arch Enemy as before, it’s a new on, that the new fans and the old ones can enjoy together equally. They played many songs, and one  of them  was ”The Eagle Flies Alone”, even if the song was the new one, the fans known the lyrics of the song, they were screaming the words all the way through out the hole song. They also played after this song, many more songs like ”War Eternal”, ”Stolen Life”, ”As The Pages Burn”, ”Avalanche” from the album ”War Eternal”. After that, they played older songs for the Angele era like ”Ravenous”, ”My Apocalypse”  and ”We Will Rise”.

In some moment during the show, Alissa asked the audience which fans were on their previous shows and which ones were for the first time and to raise their hands, many of the raised hands that they were the first time on their show, Alissa was so happy with it, and the band was also satisfied that they played for the first time for the crowd, who sees them for the first time.

The sound and the songs from the band sounded the same live as on the record, for some fans that was a bad think, for some were not, it’s  literally a subjective feeling, to me it’s was great in both many ways, they did their job, the show was great.

The technical virtuosity of Michael Amott and  Jeff Loomis was not of this world, this two presented some wicked kickass guitar playing, with a rhythm section of Daniela Erlandsson and Sharlee D’Angelo it was a journey trough a another dimension, and solos were a gateway to that dimension.

The show was ending, and the band played the last song ”Nemesis” and the most famous one from them, the fans went crazy, and they left the stage, some fans were satisfied, some were not, but the point is that the band left the impression on both sides.

After the show the band was in a friendly mood to take some pictures and to chat with their fans and before that shaking hands with their fans. Arch Enemy showed why they are one of the best metal bands in the world, with melodic death metal mayhem that made an earthquake in the hall, this day will be remembered as a melodic metal salvation.

Rating Concert: 8,5/10

Live report: SAPRON

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Metal Twilight Zone in it’s full element!

Sunless Sky/Pokerface/Frantic Amber

Nis,Black Stage/Serbia


Sunless Sky, Pokerface and Frantic Amber held an a amazing concert at Black Stage Club, that will surely stay in the mind of the crowd, that was on this concert in a very positive way. I can say, that the bands rocked the stage, had fun, and they presented something that was, so amazing and great, that nobody in a crowd, didn’t stayed imune to it. Bands got on the stage in the time, and the madness began.

The first support act was American Power metal band Sunless Sky. This guys  are very energetic, loud, play some badass music, that the crowd on the concert, enjoyed fully in every possible way. They promoted thier new album ”Doppleganger”, that was released in April 7th, on the show, and they begin their show with a title track ”Starfall” from their new release. Their show was energetic, it was like full metal punch in your face, raw, kickass in metal style. The singer Juan Ricardo was all over the place, jumping, screaming, the guy was so furious and interesting, his performance made thier show better.


With a combination of thrash and power vocals and progressive sections, this band is unigue and special. They showed with this musical style at thier show, that they are amazing band, and that are having fun playing music, it can be seen on thier faces, that they enjoyed it, very much. For the end of the show, the band performed two old songs  ”Firebreather” and ”Death Machine”, and they got off the stage. After the show the band hung out with the fans, they were also in the crowd supporting the other two bands with the fans.

After the show the guitarist Kevin Czarnecki stated this about the show and the hole atmosphere:”We are on the tour  almost a month, we passed a lot of countries, but we were never greeted like this, like here! It was an honor and pleasure to play here, we had a blast. “. The show went on, and the madness can continue.


Next second band to perform was Russian Death/Trash metal band Pokerface. In their own style, Pokerface demonstrated the power of thier music, the sound on their show, was very strong, which made the expirience for the crowd on the concert better. The band got on the stage, and the first song that they played was ”Kingdom of Hate” from thier album Divide and Rule”. Vocalist Alexandra (Lady Owl), was full of energy, like on every show, she was jumping all over the place, she supported the crowd to go crazy, and they were crazy as hell, they really, have fun on their show.


Band also played the song ”Game On” from their latest album with the same title, they played also the songs ”Straight Flush”and”Play or Die”. Pokerface played two amazing covers ”You Will Know My Name” from Swedish Melodic death legends Arch Enemy, the cover was so good in their version, Alexandra brought something different to it, a new fierce energy, that in my opinion original needs to have, amazing crushing cover. The next one was the cover of ”Ace Of Spades” by mighty Motorhead, they play this song on every show, and they are better in playing it, I find interesting the Alexandra’s vocal for this song, female vocal for this song, is something fresh and new to this song, it gave’s it total new dimension to the song, her clean vocals are great, as her growls. Their new lead guitarist Xen, was amazing, she entertained the crowd, with her positive atitude, and she rocked the stage. The band left the stage in a fierce and powerful way, the crowd was screaming and very satisfied.


The time has come, for the headliners Internacional Melodic Death metal band Frantic Amber from Sweden, to play a show. Crowd was very exicited about the show. The first song that the band played was ”Burning Insight” from their latest release that has the same name as the song, from 2015. Before this song, the band began the show with a melodic intro, and than, the explosion happen, the crowd didn’t now what hit them. With melodic music and crushing riffs, band gave the crowd, a hellish ride, atmosphere on their show, was very positive and special.

Vocalist Elizabeth Andrews  demostrated that her vocals, are not from this world, she was so into her act on the stage, that she had a smile on the face all the time, also she fully entertained the crowd, with their new member and guitarist Milla Olsson, which joined the band, at the end of February. 

The setlist contained all over the song from their latest release ”Burning Insight”. The last song, that band played was ”Wrath of Judgement” from their first EP called the same as the song. For the encore song the band played a cover from Death metal legends Cannibal Corpse for the  ”Hammer Smashed Face”, the vocalist Elizabeth performed this song in a awesome way. CorpseGrinder would be very proud of this cover, and female growls as well, she took the song to a next level.  The band left, the stage and they where hanging out with the crowd and fans after the show.

I can say about the hole show that is was something unique and special. The positive energy, freandly crowd, musicians supporting other bands on the stage, the connection with the fans, all of this was a amazing experience, and the crowd and fans would remember it for a log time. The hole atmosphere was just magical, everyone was like one big Metal family, everyone on the concert with the bands themself’s, have a great time, and enjoyed every minute of it. This was the night of pure metal destruction.

Rating Concert: 10/10

Live report: SAPRON

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The Power of the mighty hammer!


“Barbara Negra Club Hungary”, 31.1.2017

Hammefall held a concert in Hungary at Barba Negra club. I can say about the show, that it was something special, fans enjoyed the show, and the band demonstrated, why their are one of the best metal bands out there. The show was amazing, band had a amazing time during the show. Club was already full of people, waiting for their bands to start.


The first support act was Swedish heavy metal band Lancer. This band has that true heavy metal vibe to their music, which they presented also live on the show. Fans loved it from the start to the end, they were screaming, headbanging, supporting the band in the right way. Vocalist Isak was all over the place, with insane positive energy to it, fans enjoyed it in every way.


At some moment during their show he brought out the head of Medusa, and play with it in very interesting way. That head of Medusa is mascot from their latest album ”Mastery”, also they played the songs from this album. As the time passed, it’s was the time for the band to leave the stage, and the fans were very satisfied.


The second support act was Scotish power symphonic metal band Gloryhammer. This crazy guys, lift the atmosphere on their concert to the roof. There was a introduction at the begining of thier show, it was a story about their latest relase ”Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards”. There was a magic in the air, the fans were hypnotized by the band, they were having a time of thier life.


Troll entered the scene with a big hammer, which later  singer Thomas or the Green Lantern, took it from the Troll, and left him to cry in his agony. Fans went crazy after each song ,they were screaming, headbanging, total chaos was unleashed. This band has this amazing costumes, that are comic characters, on the show, they were like superheroes, saving a souls of the metalheads. So the show went on, the fans were in trance, they wanted more, but it was time for the stars of the night to entered the stage.


Finnaly, the mighty Swedish power heavy metal legends Hammerfall entered the stage, there were ovations, screaming, fans falling in completly trance. The best reaction were to the two songs ”Riders of the storm” and ‘‘Let the Hammer Fall”, which the audience was screaming the words out loud. Band was in the great mood, fans of the band were so happy to see them, that they bright gleam in their eyes.hammerfalles.

Singer Joacim in one moment on the concert said: ”Are you ready for real heavy metal”, and later added this also: ”I can see there are more women here then man on our show interesting”. Hammerfall continued with such a furry, and power, it seems that the power of the hammer served them well on the concert. Then he asked: Are there any newcomers here, and the almost hole club, raised there hands, as a yes to a question, he was very suprised, but in the positive way. The show goes on, the fans were got insane, and them the time has come for the Hammerfall to leave the stage, so they did it, but the fans wanted more screaming their name, and they gone back to the stage for the last time, and this was it. The fans were more than happy, tired, with smiles on their faces.

Hammerfall showed that, why they are who they are today. Amazing show, with some other amazing bands, heavy metal power, at it’s best. Trough the mighty power of hammer, no one was able to resist. Hammer has fallen, leaving his mark, on the place were it has fallen.

Here are some video clips from the concert, enjoy:

Rating Concert:10/10


Live report: SAPRON

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A lesson in sincerity!

Voodoo Six/Steve Harris (British Lion)

Barba Negra Club Budapest, 20.11.2016

Sometimes, people want to do something different than what they did before. We all know who is Steve Harris, we all know what is his place in music history, and we all know how much quality this man possess.

This is a really strange experience because we used to watch and listen him with Iron Maiden for last 35 years, and in 2012. He released his first solo album called ”British lion”. There’s no need to mention that it`s different than Iron Maiden in almost all aspects, but it doesn’t mean that it’s something bad.

The concert was held in Budapest in Barba Negra club. I came from Belgrade just to see this concert.

The support band for this gig was a British hard rock band called Voodoo Six, which is already very well know among Maiden fans that went to see them on a Maiden England tour. They brought a great positive vibe immediately when they entered the stage.

Voodoo Six

They started with the song ”Falling knives”, the opening track from their latest release called songs to invade countries to. They played also some new songs, which were a kind of announcement for a new album. The audience liked them in that moment, but from what I saw, their songs are not that much recognizable. A very few people in the audience knowed the songs.

They were ok, but nothing more than that. Shortly after Voodoo Six, Mr. Harris entered the stage. They started their show with

Steve Harris

This is my god, the opening track from a British Lion album. Many people disliked the singer Richard Taylor because of the bad production on the album, but he sounds much better live, and he is a great frontman. The band played a couple of songs that are not on their first album, and those songs are a little bit different from old material.

Some of them are heavier and can easily be the part of Iron Maiden catalogue. One of those songs is Spitfire“. I can image the performance of that song by mighty Maiden. Other new sons are “Guineas and crowns“, “Last chance“and “Bible black“, which is really heavy and epic.

Steve Harris

The most waited and the best received song by the audience was us against the world. Whole club sang all the words, and this is maybe the biggest hit on the British lion album.

It`s really incredible experience to watch this living legend playing in a club in front of 300 people besides playing sold out arenas and stadiums with his main band. He plays with the same passion and fire in front of 300 and 50 000 people.

Steve Harris

He is the big professional and great artist and person who respects his fans. After the gig, the meet&greet session is organized. He didn`t want to go until all people didn`t get pictures with him and autographs. What a great man and artist!

Here are some video clips of the concert, enjoy it:

Rating Concert: 8/10

Mateja Cveticanin


Mateja Cveticanin as a tall creature which sees and hears everything, and that`s one of the most important things in this fight for our (rock`n`roll) world. I`m dedicated to music in every possible way.

The hearts of metalheads united to help a little boy named Stefan!


 Imago CUK Belgrade, 10.12.2016


Five awesome bands held a concert to collect the money for the boy named Stefan in the Imago Cuk Center, who suffers from cerebral paralysis. I can say about this concert’s that the band and the crowd was united for a noble reason to say someones life and that is a big think.This concert showed that metalheads in general have a big heart and that they want to help someone in trouble.Concert was the pure demonstration and power of thrash metal for the good cause.


The first band to play was a Serbian speed/thrash metal band Exhibition. This band is a group of talent young musicians, they have a fun on the scene, they are totally into their music. The crowd support them completly, they were screaming, headbanging. The songs that this band played were covers from the legendary heavy and thrash metal bands such as Halloween, Iron Maiden, Agent Steel, Whiplash, Nuclear Assulta the song were “Be Quick or be Dead“, “Aces High”,”Bleed for the Gods”,”Power Thrashing death”. The covers sounded really great, the power of true thrash and heavy metal was present, the energy of this band was at the highest point, the crowd was also full of energy, so the band and the crowd made this show amazing, everyone in the hall was in such a positive mood, it was something magical, even the crowd got on the stage and singed with the band. The time has comed for the band to get of the stage, the crowd was ready for more thrash metal madness.


The second band was Kobold Serbian speed thrash metal band. This band is demostration of thrash metal band with three members, which everyone one of them has a great  tehnical and vocal abilities on the live concert’s, and it can be also heard on their EP “Madness Overture” and their debut album “Death Parade” .They began there performance in very raw but energetic way, the sound was raw, the sound of riffs were crushing the walls of the hall.The vocal Elio Rigonat showed that his voice is no joke, it’s pure evilness. The first song was “Die Hard“, the crowd was in trance there were mosh pits, headbanging, screaming ovations for each song.Then they played the songs from their upcoming album such as “Random act of Violence“,”Death Parade” and I Icarus” and so on. The guitarist Savo and drummer Sergej also singed on some songs.Crowd reacted insane to their perfomance, they made the atmosphere so amazing, everyone was in such crazy mood. Kobold left the stage and what is about to happen next was the explosion of madness.


The time has come for  the third band  to begin and the madness begined with Serbian thrash/cross over band Nadimac. When they arrived on the stage mayhem has begone, not only the band was crazy as hell, but the crowd went completly insane and out off cotrol. Fearlessness of  this band made the atmosphere, almost like there is going to be some massive slaughter among the crowd. The singer Danilo Trbojevic was all over the place. I can say he was faster than lightning. Crowd has headbanged, screaming, there were ovations, crowd diving and mosh pits all the tame, the atmosphere was like a bomb, with every second it was about blow off and to be a true fucking mayhem and destruction.They played the songs from their LP release “Manifest Protiv Sudbine” and the other songs they played were “Smrt Autoriteta“, “Koma Sutra“,  “Treće Oko” and this song was from thier first album called “Državni Neprijatelj Broj Kec“. The crowd reaction in a very crazy way to all of this songs, like I said before.The band left the stage, the half of the crowd left the hall.



The fourth band was Serbian thrash metal band Prisoner. The half of the crowd left the hall and the shame is on them. This is one amazing band that has a potencial to be really big band one day, they didn’t now what they missed, when they left the concert.The band played very furiously in the brutal manner, crushing riffs were all over the place, the sound was awesome and magical, with the musical skills of guitarist Mateja Cveticanin what can go wrong. The drummer that was supposed to play on the concert was Igor Kuzmovic, but he didn’t play on the concert for some reason, the former drummer Nikola Simonović joined them on this concert. The first song was “Something To Fear” from thier album “See the Scars“.The other songs they played were from the same album and those songs were “Deceived“, “Messiah,The Beast in the Mirror“, “Risen from the Grave“, “Hung, Drawn & Quartered” from the same album. They also performed new song “Dead Travel Fast“, every song on the concert had that power in the sound and energy, band gave the audience a full package of madness, and the crowd reaction very possitive, they headbang, screamed, they were mosh pits, crowd diving. The band showed on the concert why they are a one very unigue and awesome band, it’s all about how you present your music. They played “Risen from the Grave” as thier last song, the crowd wanted more, so the band got on the stage for the encore and they played a cover of Heller  Yugoslavian thrash metal band the song was “Inkvizicija“. The band left the stage. The next band was up to fucked up the crowd.


The fifth band was Serbian progressive thrash metal band Alitor. The band got on the stage, and the apocylpse can began. The band played songs such as “Artist Of Deception“,”Embittered“, Realm Of Grief was the from their first album “Eternal Depression“. The band played like true thrash metal masters. They were late for the show because they were shooting their new music video. The singer said this: “We apologize for being late, we were shooting our new music video“.The show goes on. The crowd really enjoyed their show. Last song they played was song “Horror“. Crowd was having fun and they were happy. Band got of the stage and that was about it for the concert and one crazy night.

It so nice to see people in such humanitarian concert that they not only enjoy music, but they spent their time to help a sick little boy, who needed a help from all of us. I hope the bands collected money for the Stefan. There was a lot love that night, if the people were humane as all of the people on the concert and the bands a world would surely be a better place. Help others, you will never no when you are going to need someones help.

Here is the video clip of the band Prisoner enjoy it:

Rating Concert:10/10


Live report: SAPRON

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Live Report: Wolf’s Hunger strikes hard, with the almighty wrath!

Blaqutio Cojones/Putrid Blood/Wolf’s Hunger

Dom Omladine, Belgrade


Wolf’s Hunger held a concert in the club of Dom Omladine, and this concert was a promotion of their latest new album “Bezte Zivi Vracaju se Mrtvi“.Well the one think I can say about this concert was, that it had some energy and the atmosphere was really great. The other two bands have had a great perfomancies, the rage and anger was all over the place in the club.

The first band to perform was Serbian punk rock band Blanquito Cojones. When they entered the stage the fans supported the band like there was thousands  and thousands of people there, well the club was almost full, they began the show with the song”Alkohol“. This band is quite interesting, thier perfomance is always unigue, the interaction with fans is like the fans are friends with them personally. They gave the beer and other alcohol drinks to all the fans in the front of the stage, as a introduction to the song “Vinjakolada“, of course the alcohol that was given to the crowd made the atmosphere even more crazier and positive and to get even more crazier they brought on the stage some other punk musicians to play with them, the crowd went in trance completely.They sang many of thier songs like “Deca iz bloka“, “Bubasvaba” and “Rakija” which on the third one second vocalist Dusko gave more alcohol to the audience again. So the time went on, and the band had to leave the stage.

Blanguito Cojones

The second band to play was Serbian thrash-hardcore black metal band Putrid Blood. Well in my opinion the band that crushed with the sound was this band, the club was shaking. The crowd screamed after each song, because the band has some kickass and badass sound to their perfomance. One of the song they played and crowd reacted very positive to them was “Silovanje”, the song is a strong one, and the crowd gone mad on it, also the second song that brought out the most attention was “Pokvaren Do Srzi“, the crowd headbanged, there were some moshpits, it was a real good atmosphere. The fans of the band were enjoying every second of their concert. The third song that brouhgt out the most attention was “Vođa“,crowd singed some songs about the politics, but that was not important everyone had a blast. The band got off the stage and left the crowd and fans in disbelief in a good way.


Finnaly the stars of  the night and headliners Wolf’s Hunger Serbian thrash black metal band arrived at the stage to promote their latesr album. Sadly the larger crowd left the club before the show and the loyal fans and friends stayed to the end, it’s sad because the band is really great, and desirves more, so they played in almost empty club.So they began the vocalist Caslav has some amazing screams coming from his throat.The first song to play was one from their latest album called “Bez’te Zivi Vracaju se Mrtvi” as the album itself is called. The crowd reacted very good to the song, and then there were other songs from the new album like “U Vatri Sazdan” and “Gvozdeni Puk” and they played other songs from their album also, but in my opinion could sound better, but they didn’t as on the album.They played some other older songs too like “Great Serbia” and “Krv Moja Srpska“.This band needed that anger and passion like they had on the album, they had it but, they needed more, so that their songs could sound more agressive and raw as their are. The last song they played was a song of the Serbian punk metal band Ritam Nereda called “Heroj” with vocalist of the Serbian band Mortal Combat- Milos Krickovic, and then the fans got on the stage to sing some song and then the band got off the stage, and the show ended, some people were satisfied some very not, but  the thing is you can not satisfy everyone, that’s the thing about the great bands you can love them or hate them. This band is going to be big, but they need more that raw power on thier live shows, great concert with some amazing atmosphere.

Wolfs Hunger

Rating Concert:8,5/10

sapronLive report: SAPRON

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