88 MILE TRIP Release FREE EP ‘Blame Canada’ ft. Covers of BTO, Neil Young, Red River and more!

Vancouver’s 88 MILE TRIP are very proud Canadians, they are so proud that they have put together a new 5 track EP entitled ‘Blame Canada’ covering songs in tribute to Canadian rock and roll music of years past such as Bachman Turner Overdrive, Neil Young, Red River, The Stampeders plus Doug and The Slugs. The best part about this EP besides it all celebrating Canuck music, is that it’s available for FREE DOWNLOAD via the band’s bandcamp page at https://88miletrip.bandcamp.com.

The EP was created as a fun salute to the greats who laid the foundation for 88 MILE TRIP and other modern Canadian bands. The connection came full circle when, while recording the EP, Doug And The Slugs co-founder and keyboard player Simon Kendall got wind that the band were covering “Tomcat Prowl”, that he came down to the studio to lay down some keys on it.

The band explains the story behind the EP:

“The idea for the Blame Canada EP was spawned while we were on tour promoting our full length album “Through The Thickest Haze”. On our drive from Calgary AB to Cranbrook, BC, a song came on the radio in the van with this incredibly heavy riff that was good enough to be on any of the first four Black Sabbath records. It turned out to be a Bachman Turner Overdrive song called “Not Fragile”. After that we got thinking, if we had never heard this song before, how many other awesome Canadian rock songs have we missed out on. That thought turned into many hours of beer drinking plus record spinning, and eventually the idea to cover some songs we had discovered. We hope that Canadian music fans, young and old alike, enjoy this tribute to some of the best music our country has ever produced.”

Song Stream – 88 Mile Trip – Fragile (Bachman Turner Overdrive) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HtogI3s7qg 

Track listing.
1. Not Fragile (Bachman Turner Overdrive cover)
2. Cowboys In Hong Kong (Red Rider cover)
3. Tomcat Prowl (Doug and The Slugs Cover) Feat. Simon Kendall
4. Ohio (Neil Young Cover)
5. Wild Eyes (Stampeders cover)

88 Mile Trip:
David Bell: Vocals
Pat Hill: Guitar
Darin Wall: Bass
Eddie Riumin: Drums
Simon Kendall: Guest keyboard on “Tomcat Prowl”
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Mike Rogerson at Harbourside Studios, North Vancouver BC, Canada
Assisted by Rob Acquino and Nick Stirling

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/88MileTrip
Big Cartel: http://88miletrip.bigcartel.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/88miletrip
Twitter: https://twitter.com/88miletrip
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/88miletrip
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/88MileTrip

Founded in 2013, 88 Mile Trip is a heavy stoner rock band from Vancouver BC, Canada. In a few short years, the band has managed to release an EP, a live album, a full length LP “Through The Thickest Haze” and are now poised to release an EP of classic Canadian cover songs called “Blame Canada”. They have also embarked on several west coast tours, and a full cross Canada tour in support of their debut full length. Additionally, 88 Mile Trip has shared the stage with such noteable acts as Orange Goblin, Holy Grail, Jex Thoth, Lazer/Wulf, Karma To Burn, The Skull, Mothership and more. In 2016, the band received the award “Best Local Rock Band” at The Whammy Awards in Vancouver, where local musicians give recognition to each other and fans vote on the awards. 88 Mile Trip plan to continue to build on this foundation in 2017 and beyond. Fans of Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu and groove laden stoner rock should take note of 88 Mile Trip.

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Sweden’s KREHATED Signs To ZOMBIE SHARK RECORDS, released new lyric video ”My Venom Inside”

Stockholm, Sweden’s KREHATED have inked a deal with Zombie Shark Records, the new label founded by NoahSharkRobertson, (Motograter, Ex-The Browning). The band wields a devastatingly heavy, groove-oriented sound that is reminiscent of nu-metal-era bands such as Chimaira, Slipknot, Korn, Machine Head, Pantera, and Sepultura.
The band recorded their feature full-length album ‘The Venomous Mind’ at JV Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. It was Mixed and Mastered by Christian Svedin (The Unguided, Vildhjarta, Imminence). The artwork was created by Tomas Lacke, with additional artwork and logos provided by Gustavo Sazes and Henrik Englund (Scarpoint, Amaranthe). The song “The Parasite” features a guest appearance from Richard Sjunnesson (The Unguided, Ex-Sonic Syndicate).
“We all have demons inside our heads. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, how wealthy you are or how sane you seem to be. Everyone has been through rough times at some point in their lives and then carried around the aftermath… demons or venom in their minds. ‘The Venomous Mind’ is all about that. Our inner demons. Our inner fears. Our infected minds. The world of today is a disgusting place at times. This world brought us this hate. This world created us. We are the KREHATED.”


FULL ALBUM PREVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2e9oOd2xTo


Lyric Video ”My Venom Inside”. Enjoy the video:

01. Venenum Introrsum
02. Our Fallen Ideals
03. Awaken Ignorance
04. My Venom Inside
05. The Parasite feat. Richard Sjunnesson
06. Scum
07. Stay Away (From Me)
08. The Floods
09. Final Farewell
10. Triumph In Terror
11. Needle
12. Rip It Up
13. Faceless Memory
‘The Venomous Mind’ is available wherever music is sold and via Zombie Shark Records at www.zombiesharkrecords.com.
JONAS VILANDER – Guitars, Vocals

TRAUMA Confirmed for 70000 Tons of Metal!

US Thrash Heavy Metal Legends TRAUMA are confirmed for 70000 Tons of Metal, taking place on February 2nd-6th, 2017.

TRAUMA drummer Kris Gustofson stated: “Trauma is delighted and honored to be playing on the 70000 tons of metal cruise with some of the best bands in Metal. This is going to be a blast and we look forward to putting the pedal to the Metal.”

Get more information at http://70000tons.com

TRAUMA was formed in 1980, having in their original line-up the iconic Cliff Burton on bass guitar, before joining Metallica in 1982. The band quickly became well known throughout California, playing at all the legendary venues, and their first ever recorded track “Such a Shame” was included on Metal Blade Records, Metal Massacre II album in 1982. Their “Scratch and Scream” (1984) album has long been considered a classic Heavy Metal collector’s item. Shrapnel Records re-mastered and re-released the album in October 2013, and TRAUMA reformed with a new line-up for the album re-release. In July 2014 TRAUMA played at the Headbangers Open Air Festival, furthermore the same year TRAUMA signed a world-wide contract with Pure Steel Records. Their latest effort “Rapture and Wrath” was released on February 27, 2015. The band released a video of one of the new songs, “When I Die”, in February 2015. TRAUMA is currently writing material for a new album and is in the process of securing live touring dates.

Check out “When I Die” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDYPlLobenc

More information at:
TRAUMA: https://www.facebook.com/traumausa
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement

FALL HAS COME – Video Reportage from Scotland, Ukraine and Russia Available!


Alternative rockers FALL HAS COME have posted on their Youtube Channel a video reportage from their last tour in Scotland, Ukraine (supporting Kongos) Moscow and St.petersburg (supporting Yellowcard), watch it below. (In the photos FALL HAS COME on stage in Moscow and St. Petersburg)

Via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fallhascome/videos/1237307286349074/?pnref=story.unseen-section
Via Youtube: https://youtu.be/2KwyJO_2u3M

Commented the band:
“We can never thank enough the thousands of people who supported us through this wonderful experience. Thankx for all your help during these amazing gigs. We hope to see all of you, soon. Impossible, will be, forget all this. Thankx”

FALL HAS COME tour line-up:
Enrico Bellotta: voice
Enrico Pascarella: guitar
Raffaele Giacobbone: guitar
Alberto Laurella: bass
Salvatore Laurella: drums

FALL HAS COME is an alternative rock band from Italy formed in late 2014 by Enrico Bellotta (vocals, bass), Raffaele Giacobbone (guitars), Enrico Pascarella (guitars). In 2015 came out their debut album that has had good feedback in Europe and some radio streams in Galles and Scotland. The band takes insipration from personal issues, life experiences. In their music can be found every kind of rock, and their lyrics are about all the feelings of the human soul: passions, dreams, love, hopes, illusions… All the band members have a great experience in music composition and in live performances. Also check out “Start to be Free” (official video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZjI8irWVQs and “I Will” (official video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHC1U1KRn6A

More information at:
BAND: https://www.facebook.com/fallhascome
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement

Arsenic Unbirthday “Another Sin To Hide” Official Video Out Today

Epictronic and Wormholedeath Records are proud to announce that Arsenic Unbirthday’s official video for the song “Another Sin To Hide”, taken from “Ravens and Writing Desks” E.P. (2015, EPICTRONIC), is out today via Vevo!

Enjoy the video, and have fun watching it!


Arsenic Unbirthday | www.arsenicunbirthday.com
Worldwide distribution | www.plastichead.com
Record Label | www.epictronic.com

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IN FLAMES Bassist Peter Iwers leaves the band after nearly 20 Years

Резултат слика за In Flames 2016

In Flames  lineup has been in flux over the past year, becase of the ex longtime drummer Daniel Svensson, and continues to be in flux also because of bassist Peter Iwers. It has been recently discovered that Iwers is forming a band with ex-In Flames guitarist Jasper  and  Iwers has announced that he’s leaving In Flames.

Iwers  has been In Flames  bassist since 1997, the upcoming tour with the band will be his last.

Here is his statment about deparute:

“Friends, I have decided to leave In Flames to pursue other endeavours.

As a result, this current US tour will be my last one with In Flames so if you are around, come and say hi.

It has been almost 20 years of fun and I am eternally grateful to you all for all the support you have given me and the rest of the guys throughout all these years.
You made it all possible.

Now is the time for me to move on with other musical and non musical adventures.
I wish the very best to Niclas, Anders, Björn & Joe.

Hope to see all you Jesterheads down the road in my future endeavors.
Follow my instagram @peteriwers for updates

May the force be with you”



Masquera di Ferro (Greece) Sign With Wormholedeath!

Masquera di Ferro (Greece) Sign With Wormholedeath!

Masquera di Ferro

Band Members:
Tasos Psilovasilopoulos (Vocals-Lyrics)
Fanis Badas (Guitar)
Kostas Birbutsakis (Guitar)
Panos Thoidis (Drums)
Teo Karalis (Bass)

We are proud to announce that Masquera di Ferro (Gothic Rock from Greece) havesigned a deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of their sophomore album “Stalactites”.

4.Human code
6.Sentenced to Life
10.Whiskey Roads
11.What Shall I Die For

About Masquera di Ferro:

“MASQUERA DI FERRO is a Greek Gothic Rock Band from Patras, born in October 2012. Their final lineup date back to the middle of 2013. The same year they recorded their first album at NOISEBOX STUDIO with the producer Sakis Bastas.
The album was released in February 2014. In September 2015 the band signed with WORMHOLEDEATH RECORDS and flew to Italy (Parma) to record their second album at REALSOUND STUDIO with Coruzzi Cristian and Wahoomi Corvi. The band had performed several concerts all over Greece. Their live activity never stopped.”

Source: WormholeDeath


Lightless Moor “Hymn for the Fallen” out now and new lyric video!

Lightless Moor “Hymn for the Fallen” out now and new lyric video!


Lightless Moor, Hymn for the Fallen, Qualcosa Vive Attraverso

Lightless Moor’s “Hymn for the Fallen” is finally out via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group through worldwide digital market and CD.
To celebrate this event , the band has released a lyric video for the song “Qualcosa Vive Attraverso”.

Lightless Moor “Qualcosa Vive Attraverso” official lyric video:

Lightless Moor, Hymn for the Fallen, Qualcosa Vive Attraverso

LIGHTLESS MOOR’s “Hymn For The Fallen”

1. Fairytales of Lies
2. Deadly Sin
3. The Unlocked Door to the Other World
4. The Rain that Clears My Sins Away
5. Qualcosa Vive Attraverso
6. The Greatest Lie
7. When My Mind Sleeps
8. King with the Sulphur Crown
9. In Death She Comes
10. A Dream Written in the Sand
11. The Cascade and the Shadow
12. Deviances

About Lightless Moor:
“Lightless Moor project born in 2005 when Ilaria Falchi wanted to create a gothic metal band following old productions of bands of that background, but with a personal and more complex reinterpretation on the melodies and riffs. Her idea was to mix several influences, new sounds, sweet and romantic melodies and rough and extreme riffs. So music and lyrics play a dance of opposites, in which death and life, love and hate, madness and sadness are strictly embraced. So it’s highlighted by the dialogue of the two voices, Ilaria’s sensual vocalisms and Federico’s deep and aggressive growl, accompanied by an atmospheric and powerful music. Early years are characterized by an intense live activity followed by a large number of line-up changes. 2006 gives birth to the first self-produced demo, entitled “Renewal”. The first band’s issue is welcomed by very positive and encouraging reviews from both specialists and webziners of the underground circles. In 2007 the band wins the online Metal Maniac contest and gained access to the Global Battle for Bands competition in Rome. The great amount of success received leads the band to channel all the efforts to the realization of the first full length, “Crying My Grief to a Feeble Dawn-The Poem”. This concept album tells the story of a poetess and her poem on a count’s curse. Art, fear, love, madness, sacrifice and death are the screenplay of the Poem. In 2011 the band sign with the Italian label Wormholedeath Records and start recording at RealSound Studios (Parma). The album is mastered at the Finnvox Studios (Finland) by Mika Jussila. The Poem was released only in July 2013 in Japan and in September 2013 worldwide. In 2015 the band resigned with the Wormholedeath Records for the second full-lenght called “Hymn for the Fallen”, recorded, mixed and produced by Carlo Bellotti and Wahoomi Corvi at RealSound Studios (Parma) and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden). The full album will be released in 2016. On November 2015 the band signed with Alpha Omega management.

ASKE: “If we do cause some discomfort, then we can touch the wound”

ASKE: “If we do cause some discomfort, then we can touch the wound”


EPK: http://www.sanguefrioproducoes.com/bandas/Aske/27

The Aske band participated in the seventeenth edition of the Sangue Frio Produções radio show and an interesting interview the band talked a bit about its beginnings to its current lineup, citing their current jobs, their future projects, such as the first music video career and also methods used to work in the composition.

Every composition, word or riff has a lot of what we live; a tune that carries some personal emotion and it will always be notorious. On “Once…” the album artwork makes it clear: Jesus, the icon of kindness, is being nailed for a second time – you can see the first hole in his hand. As if we disown the imposed moral or dogma and the doctrine which destroys the wisdom, as often as necessary.
If it causes a stir, we get to touch the wound hosted in the blind morals. Many other bands do that, I know, but if it still causes uncomfort it’s because the society still didn’t get rid of the doctrine which treats the different as minority or in a prejudicial way.”

Now check out issue #17 Sangue Frio Produções radio show:

Read the full interview transcribed into English here: http://bit.ly/AskeInterview

Contact for concerts and advice: www.sanguefrioproducoes.com/contato

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Source: Sangue Frio Produções