• Genre: Oriental Metal
  • Band Members:
    Helle Bogdanova — clean & extreme vocals, lyrics
    Evgeny Zhytnyuk — keyboards, extreme vocals
    Xander Kamyshin — bass
    Dmitriy Vinnichenko — guitars
    Ivan Kholmogorov — drums
  • Hometown: Kiev, Ukraine

1.What inspired you to create music?

We get inspired by lots of things. For example, when creating our EP “Sputnik”, we were obsessed with space, Mars and all the stuff. We’ve been watching lots of space-related movies. “Petrichor” is based on mythology, and “Alga” is more related to politics. Tracks from our upcoming album are very diverse, from religion and terrorism to philosophy. Thus, purely anything that surrounds us or bothers our minds turns into music of IGNEA.

2.As an oriental metal band, what can you tell about oriental metal as a genre, and why did you choose it?

Oriental metal is not a widespread genre, as you can see. The music is, in fact, a blend of heavy sound with traditional Middle Eastern melodies. The music is mostly written by Evgeny, the founder, keyboardist and composer of the band, and an admirer of oriental metal genre. Although the very first music (unreleased) didn’t sound like oriental metal, it eventually grew up into what it is now. However, we are not bound by this genre and experiment a lot. As you may know, most of our popularity is due to the video for “Alga” track, which has only a tiny bit of oriental metal and is mostly just symphonic metal. But, on the upcoming album, we are going to have 100% oriental metal, stay tuned.

3.Your first video for the song “Alga”, what do you think about the reactions to the video?

We are still thrilled to see how much attention and views this video gain. In fact, we were not planning to make a video at all. We were just offered to record the track with the real orchestra and thought that this should be marked in the history of the band properly. Ironically, this brought lots of new fans to our band, which is awesome. The video has been released almost a year ago, and we still get lots of new warm words. This is highly motivating.

4.You are going to open a concert with Orphaned Land in Kiev, 28th of October, are you excited about that?

Surely, we are. Orphaned Land are pioneers of the genre we are playing, so this is the best thing that can happen to us at the moment. And we are looking forward to meeting them in person.

5.What do you think about the progress of the band?

We think that we have developed a lot over the past several years, and considering that we have played only 8 shows throughout the whole history of the band, and haven’t been signed by any label yet, our fanbase is pretty big, and we gained much attention on the web. If only we had more time to play music and develop as a band (we all have regular jobs, you see), we’d deliver more music and videos to this world. But, we’re still young (the eldest of us is 25), so we are hoping that the best things are only about to happen.

6.Tell me which message do you want to send to your fans, through your music?

As our lyric themes are very diverse, it is hard to tell about only one message. But, if you listen to our words properly, you will find lots of philosophy of our minds, especially in the upcoming album. It is up to fans to agree with it or not. It’s just a reflection of our inner world and imagination.

7.Which your concert was the best one in your opinion?

We believe that the best gigs are still to come, but so far, the best gig was in Odessa, UA, in 2014. This was our third gig in general, but we felt very confidently on stage, the audience was just amazing… What was interesting, the promoters decided to cut our show from 6 to 4 songs to be along with timing, and the audience shouted out our band name during half of the show of the next band. We were stunned.

8.What does IGNEA mean, can you tell me something about that?

IGNEA means “flaming”, “fiery” for a female gender, if that makes sense.

In your opinion, what is the best experience for your in the bands, the good or the best sides of being in the band?

9.It’s like having one more family, you know. But the family you choose, not the one you already have. And that feeling of sharing the stage with them and playing the music you have created together is just incredible.
10.What can you tell me about your normal day, without the band, and the shows?

Well, we all have regular jobs or studies, you know, so it’s pretty boring to speak about.


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