Genre: Thrash metal, Death metal
Band Members: Delirium – Vocals,
Whitevad – Lead guitars,
Maniac – Lead guitars,
DedMoroz – Bass guitar,
Doctor – Drums, percussion,
Nick – songwriter, sound producer
Hometown: Moskva


1.How was Pokerface created, and were did you start a band?

OlesWe don’t have a manager to support us, so we do it on our own.The band  started because, we wanted to be famous in Moscow in 2013. I like it a lot, that we are famous, and that we travel alot.I created Pokerface with the guitarist Sergey Mordashev and Dietrich.

2. You are on ”Step into Inferno tour”, what do you think about the tour?

DmitryWe have many difficulties playing a tour, because it is not our tour only. We were planing to go on a tour with band Tearless in Serbia and Croatia but they canceled there tour.We hope that the last part of the tour, will be as planned.We have 5 shows. One in Russia, one in Romania. We have concert’s in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Velika Plana and that’s all.

3. Which songs do you most like to play on your concert’s?

We don’t have a particular song, that we play on the concert’s.

4. What can you tell me about your second and latest album ”Divide and Rule”? 

DmitryWe realised the album in a difficult time. We didn’t know were to go or what to do, and we had a concert’s that we needed to play. We made this album step by step, and we found another gitarist, and then we recorded, and realised it in Semptember last year.

5. Which band is your role model?

Vadim: We don’t have a role model, and have our own path. We don’t have a lot of ifluences of other bands.


 6. What do you think about today’s metal scene?

AlexandraWe don’t have a metal scene in Russia. Metal scene is a market. We try to create a good music, for ourself’s.

7. You first EP ”Terror is Law” is it different from ”Divine and Rule”?

Dmitry: Yeah it was certanly differentWe recorded it with our former guitarist Sergey Mordashev. When he left the band. We made our own sound and style of music.

8. What do you think of the progress of the band?

Dmitry:  We became close to be famous band, with the last album. We have more plans for this year.

 9. Where whould you most like to held a concert?

Alexandra: We don’t know. I think that the concerts in Romania and Russia will be amazing.

 10. What would you say to your fans?

Alexandra: We are trying to do our best for you and for us, stay with us, we are trying to create a good music. We put a lot of effort and passion for our music, and we have a lot of passion for our music of course.





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