Montreal-based AKURION have begun recording their long-awaited debut album. Vocalist Mike DiSalvo (ex-Cryptopsy) had this to say about the recording process…

Statment of the band:

“All the base tracks from the four of us are gonna be recorded live with only some overdubs added after the fact. We wanted a real earthy and deep sound from the inception of this project and we feel that jamming the tunes live in our room together, we will be able to capture the best feel and performance of these songs.”

Band Members:
Mike DiSalvo: Vocals (Coma Cluster Void/Fireside Sessions/ex-Cryptopsy/ex-Mabbus/ex-Infestation)
Rob Milley: Guitars (Neuraxis/Phobocosm(live)/Fireside Sessions/Torn Within)
Oli Pinard: Bass (Cryptopsy/Neuraxis/Vengeful)
Tommy McKinnon: Drums (Conflux/Ages/Empire De Mu/ex-Neuraxis/ex-Augury)
The band entered the studio on April 14th with Alex Hebert (Ages, Empire De Mu). The album will be mixed by John Strieder of Magma Studios and will feature the great metal voices of Lord Worm (ex-Cryptopsy), Luc Lemay (Gorguts), and Jean-Marie Leblanc (Vengeful) as guest appearances. Look for the album to be released by the end of the year.
Here is  drum recording clip of the drummer Tommy McKinnon:

Drummer Tommy McKinnon comment’s on the studio session:

“This session was the pinnacle point of four years of exploration and preparation. Looking back I cannot believe how hard it was actually. Yet the level of preparedness that I was able to reach, largely thanks to my band mates, made the pressure and pain empower my playing.

We nailed the whole album in about five hours, including breaks and listening between takes. So, essentially, we did one or two takes per song except for a couple of songs that proved to be harder, such as “Souvenir Gardens”, an almost seven minute long epic tune with a relentless mixture of complex grooves and aggressive precision.

I totally put all I had into this session. I took practicing and nutrition to a new science leading up to it. This recording encompasses everything I’ve done as a drummer over the past 19 years.

In the process of writing the parts, I always kept in mind that they had to be recorded in one take. Every song is animated with the continuous flow that this recording technique renders possible. I feel confident that these recordings are as good as it gets. From the creative point of view, I wanted to compose drums that recalled a grass roots technical death metal style. After all, Gene Hogland has always been one of my greatest influences. The audiophile will surely uncover many textural layers, a wide stylistic range and memorable beats to pick out… Metalheads, this work is my present to you! All hails!”

Most importantly: Keep it real! Bang your head!!!

The story behind AKURION is a rather simple one. It’s a tale of four like minded, well established musicians from the Montreal underground metal scene that have forged a likely bond through the one great equalizer; the love of crafting tunes out of thin air while developing crushing musical flashes in time. Extremely heavy material is their natural calling; alas it is not the sole purpose behind AKURION. The projects’ dark overtones, textures and sinister melodies are a major influence behind this endeavor. Many layers await the patient listener.