Alberta’s CEMR MetalFest 2017 Reveal Day 3 Line-Up w/ Terrifier, W.M.D., Tessitura and more!

Canada’s Extreme Metal Radio, Voxx Promotions and The Forge are proud to reveal Day 3 to complete the full line-up announcement for CEMR’s 2nd annual MetalFest featuring a delectable bill of various genres of metal that are assured to keep you on your feet and make your weekend a severe bangover with tons of amazing memories.

Day 3 of the CEMR Metafest 2017!
April 8, 2017, CEMR Metalfest presents:
Terrifier, W.M.D, Tessitura, Train Bigger Monkeys, Juliet Ruin and Forsaken Rite!
Venue: Nite Owl / Doors at 8 / Bands at 9!
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Day 3 – April 8th


Terrifier (Vancouver, BC)

The terrifically titled Terrifier brings their thrash metal apocalypse straight outta Vancouver, BC. As the Metal God himself Rob Halford memorably sang: ‘fast and furious/we ride the universe’, that very much sums up Terrifier’s dedication to the glory of thrash!

Originally known as Skullhammer, Terrifier released their debut album ‘Destroyers of the Faith’ back in 2011, so this is no flash-in-the-pan thrash band! Incorporating jackhammer drums, bulldozing bass-lines, a twin-lead attack that leaves posers pulped in its wake, and vocals that can level mountains. Terrifier’s motto could well be ‘thrashing is our business…and business is good’.

Terrifier take what has gone before, the old gods, Metallica, Slayer, and use them to birth new sounds, the old Gods are eternal, but hail the new Gods too!

Vocalist, bassist and founder member Chase Thibodeau explains Terrifier’s reason for being. ‘We formed this band because we love thrash and play what we think sounds cool…our music is fast, technical, heavy and melodic and shredding.’ Indeed, this is a band that truly puts the shred inside your head!

It’s their inspirations that drive them to create such perspiration-inducing music as Chase explains: ‘Adrenaline, speed and aggression….that’s the feeling we want to put into people….We started steering more towards an aggressive thrash sound…even being influenced by death metal!’

Their new release ‘Weapons of Thrash Destruction’ features such soon to be classics as ‘Bestial Tyranny’, ‘Skitzoid Embolism’ and ‘Nuclear Demolisher’ and ‘Sect of the Serpent’, a song inspired by Conan the Barbarian as Chase says ‘the idea was to trample the weak and hurdle the dead on this one!’

Chase sums up Terrifier’s new music: ‘We think people will enjoy this album and use our music to get pumped up for whatever life throws at them. It would be our honour to inspire others into thrash metal…the world needs more thrash!’

Terrifier’s new album ‘Weapons of Thrash Destruction’ is slated for release on January 20, 2017 via Test Your Metal Records.

W.M.D (Calgary, AB)

Formed in 2015, Calgary thrash band, W.M.D, previously known as Shrapnal, has evolved into a blistering fast thrash act that consistently destroys every performance. Their name, which stands for “When Minds Develop”, is a concept that inspires their heavy thrash metal with the idea that the developed human mind is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. W.M.D are currently recording their debut album, so prepare yourselves for a party. These 20-22 year old maniacs don’t just destroy the stage….they destroy themselves as well!

Tessitura (Edmonton, AB)

Since 2008, Edmonton-based Tessitura have been taunting the western Canadian underground metal scene with their eclectic blend of melodic death metal, progressive music and classic thrash. They meticulously craft their unique sound by layering the edge-of-your-seat, earth-shaking guitar work of Stephan Ceña and Chris Devries, backing it up with Leillyn McColman’s up-lifting bass lines and the driving drum patterns of Gord Alexander, and finishing the sound with the dual-vocal freight train of Ceña and lead vocalist Cyn Mercredi’s powerful screams and haunting growls. Tessitura can be heard at one of their thunderous live performances, or on their current releases, ‘Savage Embrace'(2013) & ‘Battle to Eternity'(2010).

Train Bigger Monkeys (Calgary, AB)

Train Bigger Monkeys is an expression of society force fed life long corruption. Metal has a way of taking control, and TBM revels in the direction it takes them.

Formed in the winter of 2007, Train Bigger Monkeys have set out to destroy. With a sound that is both melodic and punishing, TBM has succeeded in creating music that melts faces and blasts minds. With a wide array of influences across numerous metal genres you get a taste of death, thrash, progressive, hardcore and straight up metal all rolled into one. Train Bigger Monkeys always bring an energy, technicality and a true passion to the stage that will challenge anyone not to get involved.

They have had the honour to share the stage with metal legends such as Massacre, Archspire, Incantation and Benighted, and have performed at multiple Death/Chuck Schuldiner tribute shows as well as Vernstock, Farmageddon Open Air, and Calgary Metal Fest.

With 2 full length albums under their belts (The Human Disgrace – 2012 & Divergence – 2014), and a line up that makes it look easy, the band is undoubtedly on their way to success with a sound that is constantly evolving and refining into something truly unique that can only be Train Bigger Monkeys.

Juliet Ruin (Edmonton, AB)

Juliet Ruin is a band from Edmonton, Alberta and is just the right blend of beautiful and beastly. With grooving rhythms, heavy grit, soaring solos and soulful vocals it is simply powerhouse!

Forsaken Rite (Edmonton, AB)

Forsaken Rite is a folk metal band hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. They bring songs of great battles fought, wisdom of their ancestors, drinks, dangerous beasts and epic adventure.

We strive for honour in the heat of battle of every show, we strive for the reverence of our ancestors, for the best of times with friends and fans, for harmony with the natural world. We strive to make a name for ourselves and the music we hold dear, to be remembered as we remember those who inspire us, to show the world that there is beauty and power in the ways of old, and to herald the wondrous and magnificent realms of history, nature, mythology and fantasy.

We are Forsaken Rite, and we invite you to join us in our adventure.

Day 2 – April 7th

Display of Decay (Edmonton, AB)
2017 brings in the 10th anniversary of Display of Decay, in which they prepare their most technical material to date! Display of Decay’s first show of 2017 will take place at Calgary’s CEMR Metalfest!

Formed in 2007, Display of Decay is widely noted for bringing a unique blend of old school death metal, with tinges of thrash and doom metal. Hailing from Edmonton, the band has spread their infection across Western Canada, sharing the stage alongside other elite acts such as, Cattle Decapitation, The Faceless, Origin, Beyond Creation & more. After four well received indie releases, DISPLAY OF DECAY unleashed their full length “Dust of Existence” featuring eight aural assaulting tracks that set the mosh pits ablaze. They plan to release h a new album to be recorded in Montreal in the spring of 2017!

Entire discography is now available for free download:


Vile Insignia (Calgary, AB)

Vile Insignia was formed in late 2011 in Calgary, Alberta. With several broad, but severely key influences such as Behemoth, Belphegor, Vital Remains, Negator, Emperor, etc, the band has pushed themselves to the higher rankings of the western Canadian metal scene, while maintaining a mutual relationship of respect with fans, friends, and promoters alike.


Anarcheon (Vancouver, BC)

Heavy metal band from Vancouver, BC escaped straight from the golden gates unleashing havoc into the universe with the power of dragon balls!


Ye Goat-Herd Gods (Calgary, AB)
Ye Goat-Herd Gods was a Calgary solo project of Jeanie Keebler’s until 2014, when Gord Olson, Matt Telgen, and Matt Riley joined to become a live band. A demo from 2012, Becoming Flesh, became a full studio album in 2015. In April of 2017, they plan to play the CEMR Metalfest is Calgary, Alberta.


Augurium (Regina, SK)

Augurium was formed in the summer of 2015 by a group of individuals wanting to express their brutal passion for death metal. The band’s debut live performance was opening for Mexico’s EvilHeart, which lead to other gigs throughout the fall of 2015. They’ve been in hibernation for majority of 2016, busy in the studio recording their debut EP entitled “Omen”, which is due for release April 2017. A must see band with an intense live show mixed with head banging riffs and thunderous vocals. Be ready to spread the pestilence.


Graveyard Nemesis (Calgary, AB)

Formed in Calgary in 2013, Graveyard Nemesis is a hard rock / metal band that is focused on creating crushingly heavy, original music. THE POWER OF THE RIFF COMPELS US!!!!


Day 1 – April 6th

Planet Eater (Regina, SK)

Planet Eater hails from the western region of Canada in Regina, Saskatchewan. Living in the middle of a giant expanse of desolate land, the seasons are extreme and the living conditions harsh. The cold, dark months of the long winter sets the stage for five brothers to craft a brutal and harsh sound patiently tempered into the sound of Planet Eater. With no preconceptions of success or riches they write music that they want to hear, that remind them of the bands that once walked the earth and breathed the fire of metal into their minds. Canadian greats such as Strapping Young Lad and Katakylsm are blended with international legends, Gojira, Red Fang, Meshuggah, Converge and Morbid Angel to name a few. Planet Eater strives to play a tight heavy set and to have a visually exciting performance at all times. Their first release was a six song EP in October of 2014, which has been met with intriguing amount of international acclaim. Planet Eater looks forward to 2017 with festivals, shows and a full length album in the works. Join the hordes in support of one of Canada’s newest death thrash bands.

All hail Lord Nekron, eater of planets.


Path To Extinction (Calgary, AB)
Path to Extinction is a death/grind band from Calgary who have been on hiatus for over a year now. Catch their first show back with a new lineup!


Kelevra (Regina, SK)

Influenced by Jägermeister and an array of other artists, Kelevra brings you a serious dose of fast-paced, foot stomping riffs and is a great example of a band’s passion for melody, song writing and an energetic live performance.


Detherous (Calgary, AB)

An up and coming thrash band who has recently entered the 18+ circuit. With an old-school feel and tons of energy, they’ve impressed the local masses and plan to continue doing so at CEMR MetalFest in 2017.


Anti-Pattern (Calgary, AB)

Yet another of Calgary’s up and coming bands. This will be Anti-Pattern’s first show in the 18+ circuit and CEMR want to welcome them in with open arms and the best hopes for their future as a band. This progressive metal band is sure not to disappoint.


Benevolent Like Quietus (Calgary, AB)

Benevolent Like Quietus is one of Calgary’s hidden gems. With influences such as Type O Negative and Danzig, this goth metal band’s deep sultry tones are sure to to put you in a trance you.



Dates: April 6th, 7th and 8th
Venue: Nite Owl – 213 10th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta

Advance Tickets (Available until February 15, 2017):
$10 per day pass
$30 per weekend pass

Pre-Sale Tickets (Pre-Sale Pricing commences Feb 16, 2017):
$15 per day pass
$35 per weekend pass

Night of event:
$20 Entry

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