BALFOR Release “Making Of” Footage For “Serpents Of The Black Sun” Music Video


Ukrainian Black Metal horde, Balfor, are set to release their new album, Black Serpent Rising, on January 15th via Drakkar Productions.

The band recently released a video for “Serpents Of The Black Sun”, and have now issued some “making of” footage crated by George Lazurenko. The original video was directed by Anders Matt Kochin, and produced by Utgard Productions. Watch the official video, as well as the new footage below:

Track-by-track trailer:

“Making of” footage:

“Serpents Of The Black Sun”
“Dawn Of Savage”
“Unbounded Wrath Of Venom”
“Heralds Of The Fall”
“Among The Fallen Ones”
“A Vulture’s Spell”
“Crimson Stronghold”



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