BangerTV Release First Of Three Behind-The-Scenes Videos For WELCOME TO WACKEN 360° Virtual Reality Doc!

In anticipation of this week’s world premiere at Hot Docs, Canadian International Documentary Festival, BangerTV has posted the first of three exclusive, behind-the-scenes looks at the forthcoming virtual reality documentary “WELCOME TO WACKEN,” the first fully 360° virtual reality music festival documentary, produced by Canada’s BANGER FILMS (Metal Evolution, Iron Maiden: Flight 666) and SECRET LOCATION.

In this clip, cameras follow Banger’s Sam Dunn and co-director Marty Flanagan as they attempt a day of shooting in Wacken’s infamousMetal Market” with fans Lee and Chrissy, a married couple who traveled from New Zealand to Germany for their first-ever Wacken experience.

Regarding the challenges of filming in 360, Sam Dunn is seen explaining, “It’s different, filming in VR. Slower. It’s a challenge, with the mud. And people are very interested in the VR rig. It’s like an alien landed. Everyone stops to look at the alien.”

WELCOME TO WACKEN” will premiere April 28th in Toronto at Hot Docs, Canadian International Documentary Festival as part of the free DocX programme (April 28 to May 7). It will be available on most major VR platforms following the festival.