The fury of BEAR MACE will release “Butchering the Colossus” in March

The fury of BEAR MACE will unleash March 1 with the release of the band’s full-length debut, ”Butchering the Colossus”. 
To warn the masses of the terror that lurks just beyond the horizon, BEAR MACE tapped Metal Underground for the exclusive premiere of “I Bleed For Vengeance.”
The five-headed beast that is BEAR MACE was born suckling from the same venomous tit that sourced lifeblood to the likes of BOLT THROWER, MASSACRE and DEATH.
Little is known about Chicago’s BEAR MACE or the identities of its members. The band’s origins date back to 2012, when vocalist Lord Devourer and guitarist Crossbow Death became engaged in a heated debate about the use of guns during grizzly bear attacks on schools (Devourer was in favor of giving the bears guns; Crossbow suggested a 24-hour background check first). Just before blood was shed, the two decided on a more productive, yet equally violent, outlet for their frustrations.
Sence BEAR MACE was born, and the two men proceeded to record a demo tape of intense, destructive riffs and snarled vocals rooted deeply in old-school death metal. These tracks eventually saw release as the Kodiak Killers“limited-edition cassette via GypsyBlood Records.
Finding themselves suddenly in demand and hungry for human flesh, BEAR MACE scoured the streets and sewers of Chicago until finding three musicians demented and desperate enough to join the fold. Eventually, the band recruited guitarist Mike Cirrhosis, bassist Steevil Dead, and drummer Garry Napalm. The newly rounded-out lineup has since become one of the most relentless live acts in the nation’s most violent city.
The band members:
Lord Devourer – Vocals
Crossbow Death – Guitar
Mike Cirrhosis – Guitar
Steevil Dead – Bass
Garry Napalm – Drums
“Like an Armored Division rolling out to war. Your speakers will never be the same…” 
– Lord Devourer