New years concert by Brkovi will be held in 30th December in Belgrade

Приказује се 3012-brkovi-fb-cover-01 clean.png

Instead of helding a concert in 1th December at the New Year, the band is going to wait for a 2017, with their fans day earlier.This concert of the Croatian punk-rock turbo folk band was canceled, because of the tehnical problems, so the concert will not be held in 1th January of the 2017, instead it will be in 30th December 2016 at Magacin Depo.

In their carrer of 12 years,Brkovi successfully created unigue combination of genres of pank-rock, hard-rock, folk, heavy metal and reggae, which is wittily packaged into the  melodic unit, which themeslef’s they call “turbopankfolkwellness spa”. With all of this, the band is a true pank-rock band. In the band they don’t use there real names, only nicknames, they offer they albums for free and the lyrics of the songs are offensive and sexist. They are different from other bands, because they replace a typical social and political theme with love lyrics typical for Serbian folk and pop music.

Brkovi performed all  across the region and in Europe too, but this year they promoted their sixth album “Torzo Dade Topica” in front of thousands of people, they are already working on the new songs, which their fans  are waiting impatiently.:

Here is one of there music videos, enjoy: