Devangelic released new song ”Plagued By Obscurity”!

Italian death metal collective Devangelic, featuring within its ranks current and former members of Vulvectomy, Putridity, Corpsefucking Art and Posthuman Abominations are preparing to unleash an unholy opus of brutal death metal madness with their highly anticipated sophomore album titled ”Phlegethon”, out this October via Comatose Music.

The album’s opening track, ”Plagued By Obscurity”, is available for streaming!

Comatose Music stated this about their album:

”Earth-shattering aural devastation awaits you from this merciless Italian death metal leviathan. ‘Phlegethon’ is based on the dark surroundings of Dante’s Inferno and is an exemplary follow up to their phenomenal 2014 debut ‘Resurrection Denied’. Expect ten blistering tracks of mind-numbing, unrelenting guttural savagery that will set new standards in the genre.”

Phlegethon tracklist:

1. Plagued By Obscurity
2. Mutilation Above Salvation
3. Of Maggots And Disease
4. Malus Invictus
5. Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed
6. Condemned To Dismemberment
7. Wretched Incantations
8. Manifestation Of Agony
9. Decaying Suffering
10.Asphyxiation Upon Phlegethon
11.He Who Sleeps (Morbid Angel cover) *
12.Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed (Promo 2016) *

*A limited Digipack Version will be released with 2 bonus tracks.

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Check out  the video for ”Plagued By Obscurity” here, enjoy it: