Frantic Amber is going on “Balkan and Eastern EU Tour”, with Pokerface, Sunless Sky, Angry Again

Melodic death metal all female band Frantic Amber is going on a tour, with some insane good bands such as: Pokerface, Sunless Sky, Anger Again. The tour will start in 8th April, and it will be finished in 22th April. With a girl power on it’s way, the metalheads will taste some girl power at it’s best.

About the Frantic Amber:

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FRANTIC AMBER is a melodic death metal band with members from four different countries (Sweden, Denmark, Japan and Colombia). Their sound is a intense mix of metal filled,with heavy riffs and soaring melodies combined with aggressive vocals. The songs are filled with contrasts between melodic parts and heaviness and are touched by a twisted and deranged atmosphere.

Since the line-up was solidified in 2010, the band has been busy playing over 50 live shows including the successful gigs at Sweden Rock Festival, Metaltown, Rockstad Falun, two tours to Russia and winning the Swedish Wacken Metal Battle 2012 which lead to a gig at Wacken Open Air. The Sweden Rock Festival gig was recorded in its whole and broadcasted twice on the national radio channel P3 Rock Live during 2011 and 2012.

Their debut single “Wrath of Judgement” (2010) made a strong impression on the metal scene when it for an unknown band received over 100,000 views on YouTube within a year. The video paved the way for the international digital release of the band’s debut EP “Wrath of Judgement” (2011).

FRANTIC AMBER kicked off the year of 2012 with a live performance on TV at the “P3 Guld 2012” Awards. The event is P3’s summary of last year’s top Swedish music and was broadcasted on national TV and radio channels in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Between gigs they released the single “Bleeding Sanity” with a music video in the beginning of that summer. They then ended the year with another single “Ghost” as a Christmas present to fans before the band locked themselves in the rehearsal room for some hard work and preparations for the full-length debut album planned for 2013.

In september 2013 Frantic Amber did a scandiavian ten dates tour with SIX FEET UNDER and played as usual as one of the headline acts on Rock Bitch Boat in november.

Here is the video of the band, enjoy it:

About the Pokerface:


Pokerface are female fronted thrash/death metal band from Russia. Formed in 2013 we have 2 releases: ”CD Terror is the law”, CD ”Divide and Rule”. We have big experience supporting famous bands as well as long touring in EU.

POKERFACE shared the stage with such famous European bands such as: Sodom, Onkel Tom, Sister Sin, Knorkator. Kreator, Megadeth and many more.

In September 2014, Dmitry (bass) joined the team. After a number of serious disagreements with the guitarist Dietrich, the band made a decision that he should leave the group. Soon POKERFACE found a new guitarist Maniac and finally had focused on its studio and concert activities. Everyone has idols and POKERFACE – is not an exception. The band is looking up to such stars of American and German thrash metal, as Slayer, Testament, Sodom, Kreator.

The music with speed heavy riffs, English lyrics and brutal vocals – this is the very style, which symbolizes real old school thrash metal.

In the Spring of 2015, POKERFACE arranged Russian tour with Brazilian icon Sepultura to support the EP “Terror is the law”. Right after the Summer tour with Overkill, Claustrofobia, Children of Bodom and Vader, the band presented the internet single “Kingdom of Hate”.

At the beginning of Autumn 2015 POKERFACE released the debut album “Divide And Rule”, which was supported during Global Technocratic Balkan Tour with Polish band Thy Disease in October 2015. After that the band played some more concerts on the same stage with Megadeth, Kreator and Infected Rain.

At the end of the year Nick (guitar) made up his mind to leave the lineup, though he stayed as a songwriter. Vadim Whitevad took his place and then POKERFACE played several shows in Russia with Death DTA, Sadist and Thy Disease. In the Spring of 2016 the band arranged the “Step into Inferno tour” which took place in Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Hungary. Unfortunately, for some reasons the frontwoman Delirium couldn’t join the trip, so during the tour Alexandra LadyOwl took her place, the place of the lead vocal for the POKERFACE. After the tour was finished, the band decided to make some more changes in the lineup: Xen Ritter replaced Maniac on guitar and Alexandra LedyOwl became the frontwoman. Now POKERFACE is working for their third album.

Here is the video of the band, enjoy it:

About the Sunless Sky:

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Sunless Sky is an American power metal band from Ohio. Pure American power Metal, Sunless Sky creates a modern sound on the bones of classic metal. Embracing the history of metal and bringing new levels of sonic strength and excitement to the genre, Sunless Sky never disappoin.

Here is the video of the band, enjoy it:

About the Angry Again:

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Epic, powerful and groovy metal: This is Angry Again!
Here is the video of the band, enjoy it:

Here are the dates, for the tour:

08.04.2017.  S8 underground club – Budapest / Hungary
09.04.2017. Czech Republic – tba
10.04.2017. Hudební klub EXIT -US – Prague /Czech Republic
11.04.2017.  Austria tba – Slovenia tba
12.04.2017. Vintage Industrial Bar – Zagreb /Croatia
13.04.2017. Club Wakuum – Graz / Austria
14.04.2017. Uljanik – Pula /Croatia
15.04.2017. Rock Caffe ‘Insomnia’ – Slavonski Brod / Croatia
16.04.2017. Slovakia tba
17.04.2017. Slovakia tba
18.04.2017. Slovakia – Romania tba
19.04.2017. Live & loud – Sofia
20.04.2017. Smile Club  – Varna /Bulgaria
21.04.2017. Extreme Club – Plevent
22.04.2017. Black Stage -Niš /Serbia

Support this great bands, and Frantic Amber on their tour. Horns up.