Gorguts bassist releases play-through video for their album ”Pleiades’ Dust”!

Colin Marston has released a remarkable play-through video for the complete ”Pleiades ‘ Dust” EP via his own YouTube channel.

Disclaimer: Season of Mist is not responsible for any entangling or other damage to your fingers if you are trying to replicate his playing.

Gorguts’ latest, highly acclaimed latest EP ”Pleiades’ Dust”, which consists of one epic track is still available in various formats via the Season of Mist shop.

The artwork of the EP that contains only its epic title track was created by renowned Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak

Canada’s long-running and much-loved craftsmen of technical death metal are returning with a 33-minute song. Entitled ” Pleiades’ Dust ” this complex, image-evoking, and masterly arranged eponymous track fills an entire EP. Expect the unexpected, when it comes to Gorguts.

In an age of a postulated clash of cultures, mastermind Luc Lemay delivers a piece of music that is conceptually and lyrically based on the ”House of Wisdom”, a medieval library based in Baghdad and at the heart of the Golden Age of Islam with its many scientific breakthroughs in various fields of learning.

Vocalist and Guitarist Luc stated this:

“It is a story about curiosity, beautiful minds and sadly, about how man destroys great discoveries and achievements.” Musically there is more narrative feeling as each section is introduced in such a way that every riff has the space to evolve like a character in a story.”

Few extreme bands can boast the pedigree of Gorguts. During their early days as part of death metal’s first wave, they created a legacy of legendary releases including their debut album ”Considered Dead ”(1991) and its more experimental and technical follow-up ”Erosion of Sanity” (1993). After a hiatus of five years, Luc Lemay returned with a new line-up, which released the highly acclaimed and seminal third full-length ”Obscura”(1998). By then Gorguts had been busy at expanding and redefining the language of death metal. With a new line-up that left Lemay as the sole original member, the next milestone album was released under the title ”From Wisdom to Hate ” (2001).

GORGUTS picture by Jimmy Hubbard

Yet again the band went into hibernation, while their musical legacy continued to inspire and thrive as their native Quebec became a focus for technical death metal with acts such as CryptopsyNeuraxis, and Beyond Creation to name but a few following in their footsteps. After more than a decade of silence, mastermind Luc Lemay unleashed ”Colored Sands” (2013) with an all-star line-up including Colin Marston(Behold The Arcotpus), Kevin Hufnagel (DYSRHYTHMIA), and John Longstreath (OriginSkinless), who has in the meantime been replaced by Patrice Hamelin (Quo VadisBeneath The Massacre).

Now Gorguts return with their most experimental song so far that combines all their virtues into one massive masterpiece. Lean back and listen carefully!

Artwork by Zbigniew M. Bielak, check out the links, below:



Available formats:
Digipak CD
Gatefold vinyl album in various colours

Luc Lemay: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Hufnagel: Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Colin Marston: Bass
Patrice Hamelin: Drums


North America:


Streaming of their latest last years album  ” Pleiades’ Dust ”  is available here, enjoy it:

Check out the full play-through video for ”Pleiades’ Dust” here, enjoy it: