IGNEA Released “The Sign of Faith” Album!

Ukrainian oriental metal band IGNEA released their first full-length album titled “The Sign of Faith”. The LP consists of 10 diverse songs including symphonic elements, clean female vocals and brutal tracks. The majority of the tracks from the album lie within the oriental metal genre in combination with a modern sound and authentic middle-eastern melodies. However, the band doesn’t limit itself and has included two symphonic tracks including “Alga”, the most popular song from the band so far and “How I Hate The Night” with references from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy“.

The video for “Alga” with a full symphonic orchestra of 45 musicians gathered over 1 million views on YouTube in just a year. The album version of the track has been remastered to preserve the sound of “The Sign of Faith”. Recently, the band premiered the video for “Şeytanu Akbar”. Despite its provocative title IGNEA carrie the message of peace.

Evgeny Zhytnyuk, composer and author of lyrics states: “What we want to say is that there is no reasonable cause to kill other people, be it regime, faith or moral principles. We mainly speak about islamic terrorism in this song, as one of the social plagues of 21st century, taking lots of innocent lives. However, this applies to every human on Earth, regardless of their religion.”

Half of the album has underlying themes of religion. The song “Petrichor” recorded with Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land) and remastered especially for the album, follows the sacrifices of a human to become divine. Metal ballad “Theatre of Denial” revolves around the theme of denying faith; “Jahi” is a demon of “lasciviousness” in Zoroastrianism, and the respective song presents the idea that darkness is something unknown and, therefore, could be genuine.

Despite their brutal sound and extensive harsh vocals performed by IGNEA’s vocalist Helle, “Halves Rupture” is a song about unrequited love. “Last Chosen by You” pays tribute to muslim women who suffer from the lack of freedom. Finally, “Alexandria” the closing track of the album revolves around themes of love, beauty and ancient wisdom. IGNEA are currently presenting the album in upcoming solo shows and festivals both in the Ukraine and abroad.

The Sign of Faith” tracklist:

1.Şeytanu Akbar

2.Alexandria Petrichor

3.Theatre of Denial Jahi

4.Halves Rupture

5.Last Chosen by You


7.How I Hate the Night Leviathan (Ultra Sheriff Cover).

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