Mist of Misery is going to release ”Shackles of Life” EP in August 31th!

On August 31th Mist of Misery will unleash their EP ”Shackles of Life”,  a fresh new sound but a good resemblance to absence. The band has finally completed, the full studio time and mastering is done.

First chapter of the ”Shackles of Life” features some of the most gloomy and utter beautiful crafted work in a long time. its simply one of those albums /EPs that rarely comes out, if you enjoyed absence then this will be a step above.

This EP was mastered by the master of master Ronnie Björnström Of Defitory and EAP MiX Room…known for working with bands like Bodyfarm,Aeon,Cut up,so expect nothing but greatness of pure melody and melancholy.

Statment of the band:

”The EP also marks the sad departure of Erik Molnar’s history in Mist of misery being busy with recording and writing for the new Hyperion album. We are of course are sad to see Erik go, but we know he does it for the best as well as for personal reasons. ”


Erik will of course still linger around for this EP to watch as everyone absorbs it. So keep your eyes open as first single for Mist of misery is being planned for first week of July including opening for pre orders.The album will also, be available through Season Of Mist.

Here is the teaser for the new upcoming EP, here, enjoy it:



Website of the label: