NOX VORAGO New Album “Al Chem” Out Now!

The album is self-released by the band and contains following songs:

1. Elenu Tiamatu

2. Nuremberg 1561

3.Devourer of Dreams

4. The Hissing Sound of Ouroboros

5. Daughters of the Sun

6.The Lotus Scimitar

7. At the Feet of Ereshkigal

Gothenburg’s atmospheric Death/Black Metallers NOX VORAGO released their new full-length album “Al Chem” on February 26th. The outstanding album cover artwork was created by Uduun Art.

Comments of the band:
“Al Chem has been a very important turning point for us, and we are glad to finally share what we have been working on with all our fans.”

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All the seven tracks, in their own way, represent some part of the inspirational dark philosophy and mystic phenomena that continues to challenge mankinds’ perception of reality.  “Al Chem” was recorded at Top Floor Studios under the very talented Jakob Herrmann. It was mixed by the well known Roberto Laghi and mastered at Bohus Sound Recording by the legend Dragan Tanaskovic. Check out the single “At the feet of Ereshkigal” via spotify, here:

Formed in 2006, Gothenburg’s atmospheric Death/Black Metallers NOX VORAGO‘s goal has always been, and always will be to create something inspired by the entire width of the metal scene, thus incorporating the elements they like into their music and creating a well-written chaos without confines.

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BAND: http://www.noxvorago.com