Protocult Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday, with song “Oy Kanada”!

Toronto’s Protocult returns to unleash their long-awaited music video “Oy Kanada” in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday with a premiere on The folk-thrasher is a take on the Canadian national anthem and a video concept that tips its hat to the diverse multicultural metal community throughout the land.

The band stated this about the song:

“This is who we are and where we live and it’s a mighty fine time and place to show love for metal, this is our Canada! and yes, our beer is better than yours!”


Fearlessly fusing metal sub-genres, “Oy Kanada” marks the return of PROTOKULT to the front line after unleashing their third studio recording and 2014 album “No Beer In Heaven”, a release that’s an adventurous, heavy and experimental trek, diving into themes of drinking, history and human endeavor.

Check out ‘Oy Kanada’, on the  following link: 

Streaming of the album ”No Beer In Heaven” is available here, enjoy:

Check out the music video ”Get Me A Beer!”, here, enjoy it:

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