SepticFlesh released new music video for song ”Portrait of a Headless Man” on album release day!

The highly anticipated tenth SepticFlesh full-length, ”Codex Omega” has finally hit the shops today, Friday, September 1st. The Greek masters of symphonic death metal are celebrating this occasion by releasing a video clip for the track “Portrait of a Headless Man“.

The sinister clip created by celebrated director Jon Simvonis is now available for streaming.

SepticFlesh stated this about their new video:

“We are proud to present the video for our song ‘Portrait of a Headless Man’ to you. Does this look like a dystopian artistic trip or like something sinister that is in fact happening right now? In any case, this clip represents the aesthetics and dark atmosphere of our new album ‘Codex Omega’ perfectly. Push play and connect!”


Produced by Jon Simvonis for Arctosfilms SA
Directed by Jon Simvonis
Director of photography: Gabriel Loukeris
Art Directors: Apostolos Polichroniadis, Eleni Kariori
Concept Art and Scenic Painting: Apostolos Polichroniadis
Prop Makers: Apostolos Polychroniadis, Eleni Kariori
Costumes: Eleni Kariori
Make-up, masks, prosthetics and props by Alex Loggos, Rodger Fischer (snuff-masks),  and Kostantina Tsiaka
Band logo / symbol design: Andreas Xenoulis (Corn Studio)
Band costumes created by Prokopis Vlaseros (FX Studio)
Assistant Director: Polymnia Papadopoulou-Sardeli
Art Director’s Assistant: Maria Gialouri
Casting Director: Eleni Stamoulakatou

Constantinos Papamichalopoulos
Head: Alexandros Sotiriou
Scientists: Alexandros Loggos, Rodger Fischer

Special Thanks:
Vagelis Ferderigos, RAY STUDIOS, Neritan Zinxhiria,,  George Ramantanis, Sonia Mavridou, Vasilis Bofilios, G. Politis, Eftihia Petropoulou & Dimitris Lagios – Cafe Bonjour,  Christos Gartaganis, Nick Vell, Erietta Taf, Stathis Apostolou, Christos Massalas, Kyriakos Kouroutsavouris, Mina Dreki, Phaedra Vokali, Tina Tavridou

Track list:

1. Dante’s Inferno (5:34)
2. 3rd Testament (Codex Omega) (4:08)
3. Portrait of a Headless Man (5:00)
4. Martyr (5:07)
5. Enemy of Truth (4:55)
6. Dark Art (5:24)
7. Our Church, Below the Sea (3:59)
8. Faceless Queen (5:20)
9. The Gospels of Fear (3:41)
10. Trinity (4:07)

SepticFlesh are painting an apocalyptic vision and make full use of their impressive musical palette consisting of death metal and orchestral colours on their tenth full-length  ”Codex Omega”.

From their alpha EP ”Temple of the Lost Race” that was released one year after their founding in 1990, the Greek musicians have pushed the limits of the metal genre and continued to explore new sonic path with every following release from their debut album ”Mystic Places of Dawn” (1994) to the stunning ‘Sumerian Daemons’ (2003), which have in the meantime all been re-issued by Season of Mist.

Yet  SepticFlesh had clearly come into their own sound when they unleashed their celebrated comeback album after a five-year hiatus that re-charged their artistic batteries. ”Communion” (2008) offered a well-balanced amalgamation of metal elements that were freely drawn from the darker side of the genre including death, black, and gothic metal with epic orchestral arrangements. This symphonic excellence was based on guitarist Christos Antoniou bringing to bear the fruits of his academic studies of classical composition, which he passed with honours and distinction.

With a clear musical compass to navigate, SepticFlesh continued to explore their sound and the compositional possibilities of this new-found metal continent. ”The Great Mass” (2011) and ”Titan” (2014) saw the Greeks evolving at fast speed and at the same time gathering adherents as well as critical praise in ever growing numbers. Extended touring on both sides of the Atlantic and performances at about every important festival further consolidated the bands burgeoning status.

Although the biblical omega marks the end, SepticFlesh on the contrary are reaching their current peak with ”Codex Omega”, an album that clearly witnesses the Greek visionaries having come to maturity and expert craftsmanship in every sense.

SEPTICFLESH collector's box version 1

 Septicflesh are the undisputable masters of symphonic death metal and ”Codex Omega”is the perfect proof for this bold statement.

Seth from SepticFlesh will be joining a Reddit AMA to discuss ”CodexOmega” tomorrow, Friday 1st of September at 22:00 Eastern European, 21:00 Central European, and 20:00 British Summer Time.

Seth Siro Anton: vocals, bass
Christos Antoniou: guitar, orchestration
Sotiris Anunnaki V: clear vocals, guitar, 12-string guitar
Kerim “Krimh” Lechner: drums

Guest musicians
Giannis Poupoulis: oud (on “Martyr” and “Faceless Queen”)
Vahan Galstyan: duduk (on “Portrait of a Headless Man”)

FILMharmonic Orchestra of Prague conducted by Adam Klemens

Soprani: Flora Tzini, Christina Alexiou, Margarita Papadimitriou
Alti: Antonia Despouli, Kandia Bouzioti, Kiriaki Trohani
Tenors: Michalis Platanias, Romanos Papadimitriou
Basses: Nikos Tsachalinas, Romanos Papadimitriou
Conducted by Margarita Papadimitriou


Zero Gravity Studios (Athens, Greece)
Smecky Studios (Prague, Czech Republic)
Fascination Street Studios (Stockholm, Sweden)


Produced by Jens Bogren and SepticFlesh
Sound engineer: Terry Nikas
Sound engineer for the orchestra recordings: Jan Holzner


Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios assisted by Linus Corneliusson.


Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios.

Cover art: Seth Siro Anton



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Here is the music video for ”Portrait of a Headless Man”  here, enjoy it: