Shemonic Metal Anarcheon Posts New Video “Etherous Claws” and New EP is out now called “Stratusfear”!

Formed in 2015,  Anarcheon features vocalist Kaija Kinney, founder of Metalocalypstick Fest, the BC metal fest celebrating women in metal, along with guitarist Clayton Bach, bassist Sylvain Maltais and drummer Steve “Machine” Richardo (ex-Messiah, ex-Green Jellÿ).

With a band name playing off the word Anarchy, Anarcheon is more of a Frankenstein of their various influences with their powerhouse of shemonic screams, catchy riffs and energetic heavy bass leads. Stealing the hearts and souls of fans in the Vancouver area and beyond since their inception, the quartet recently unleashed their new EP “Stratusfear” this past October.

Their first music video “Etherous Claws” directed by Markham Samuels and produced by Whitelf  Films tells the story of  Anarcheon using the power of heavy metal to summon an ancient vampire from her slumber.

Statement of the vocalist Kaija Kinney about the music video and the new EP:

“This is our first music video so of course we are super stoked about it. We wanted to have a bit of a back story on the song in a more poetic way rather than literal. Our good friend with Whitelf Films did an amazing job getting our vision onto screen and looking sharp!  

And for those checking out our EP, it’s basically a coming together of all four members. We had so much fun writing these songs. All four of us have very different music tastes so it was very interesting coming together with such chemistry and creating something that we were all stoked about. We are already gearing up for a full album!”

Streaming of the new EP  “Stratusfear” can be done here

Track Listing:
1. Stratusfear (6:32)
2. Kill Milk (Calcium Stab) (5:08)
3. Scary Tale (5:53)
4. Etherous Claws (5:16)
5. Kissed A Girl (Metalized Cover) (2:52)
EP Length: 25:43


Instagram- @anarcheonband


Check out the Live performance and Opening for Butcher Babies in Vancouver here, enjoy it:

Check out the music video for “Etherous Claws” here, enjoy it: