THE MOUNTAIN MAN Vancouvers Announce Show Dates (BC/ON); Debut EP ‘Bloodlust’ Out Now!


Announce Show Dates (BC/ON); Debut EP ‘Bloodlust’ Out Now!

the moutain man,

(L-R) – Jordan Orr (Guitar), Tevyn Pacey (Bass), Parker Lane (Vocals), Ryan McCreedy (Drums), Tyson Tambellini (Guitar) (Photo credit: Shimon Karmel)

Recently unleashing their debut EP ‘Bloodlust’ this past March, Vancouver, BC’s THE MOUNTAIN MAN are trekking out of the Sasquatch infested forest to give a barrage of metal for fans that will include their CD release party on June 18th at the Modified Ghost Festival plus representing BC in the Wacken Metal Battle Canada national final on June 11th in Toronto, ON and Armstrong Metalfest in Armstrong, BC in July.

Upcoming Show Dates:
May 28th – Captain Cabin – Mission, BC w/ Neck of the Woods, Giants Arise, The Fifth Circle – Event info
June 11th – The Opera House – Toronto, ON – Wacken Metal Battle Canada Finals – Event info
June 18th – The Astoria – Vancouver, BC (Modified Ghost Presents: Bloodlust CD Release Party) w/ Meridius, Exterminatus, Wormwitch – Event info
July 15/16 – Armstrong Metalfest – Armstrong, BC – Event info
August 20 – Severfest at The Astoria – Vancouver, BC – Event info

Their debut EP ‘Bloodlust’ is now streaming via at the following link: 

EP Order –

the mountain man

1. Backhand of God

2. Bloodlust

3. Open Graves

4. The Great Decay

5. Ghost


Vancouver’s rugged outdoors-metallers, The Mountain Man, deliver a diverse blend of hard-hitting music, paying homage to the Sasquatch through crushing riffs and blaring drums. This band is all Canadian; celebrating camping, plaid, beer, and above all else energetic metal. Parker (ex-BRAUHEIST) gets straight to the point with his raw, gruff vocals and lyrics filled with animosity that cut through the instruments like an unyielding axe. Each song is like a hand-drawn map guiding fans through the British Columbian wilderness. While the first half is complete, the second half is up to the listener to build their own path and take what they will from each track.

The band developed their sound from listening to groups like The Black Dahlia Murder, Crowbar, Gojira, Lamb of God, and Black Sabbath, taking to heart the importance of dedicating their lives to their craft. Tevyn Pacey (Bass), Ryan McCreedy (Drums), Parker (Vocals), Tyson Tambellini (Rhythm Guitar), and Jordan Orr (Lead Guitar) are like woodsmen secluded from civilization with nothing but their instruments to craft doomy, yet frantic metal. They harness a variety of metal genres and bend them to their will.

The Mountain Man released their debut EP Bloodlust on Friday, March 25, 2016. The five song EP is purposefully open ended so that listeners can interpret each song and find meaning for themselves. More information can be found at

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Wall of Water -Wall of Water

Wall of Water -Wall of Water

wall of water

2.No Moment of Clarity
3.Water of Life
6.Astral Hauntings

American progressive black metal band realised the album. This album is something unigue, it combined various genres creating insane album, that is a true and pure piae of art.

These genres are as influences the post metal, deathcore, ambient music, atmospheric music, djent music, melodic metal, death metal, and all of this is combined phenomenally with the hole album and the songs themeself’s.

The vocal is insane too, it has the vibe of the death metal, clean vocals and black metal vocal, awesome and unigue vocals, that made this album more interesting and something guite amazing.

Tehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This album will take you to a world of fiction, death, sience, destruction, mystery, chaos, apocylpse.

Wall of Water is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners. This band is experimental madness in a good way, with very interesting album and music at it’s best.

wall of water


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Fabiano Andreacchio and The Atomic Factory feat. Jeff Hughell released new video – “End of Abomination”

Fabiano Andreacchio and The Atomic Factory feat. Jeff Hughell released new video – “End of Abomination”

Fabiano Andreacchio, The Atomic Factory, Jeff Hughell

Italian Djent/Progressive rock trio Fabiano Andreacchio and The Atomic Factory has just launched new video!

The band was founded by Fabiano Andreacchio as a bass solo project, the sound moved from progressive to djent with strong instrumental parts and vocoder voices and incredible shred evolutions, drawing influences from the likes of Modern Day Babylon, Cynic, Fear Factory, Periphery.


Hypothesis: 15 years of heavy metal and you might end up in a wheelchair!

Hypothesis: 15 years of heavy metal and you might end up in a wheelchair!

Heavy metal music can be dangerous! There is a huge obstacle in front of the Finnish modern melodic metal band The Hypothesis.

Bassist of the band has been headbanging for decades and now his facing several spine and cervical vertebra surgeries. According to the Finnish doctors the need of the surgeries is imminent, otherwise bassist might paralyze and end up in a wheelchair.

“Shit happens! This is a tough brake for the band, but situation could be even worse! I wouldn´t change a day without heavy metal!” –says the bassist of the band

Finland´s leading doctors and neurosurgeons are deciding the schedules of the surgeries in fastened pace. Band mates and the manager of The Hypothesis hope that their friend would get well soon.

“Let´s hope that he recovers quickly! His headbanging journey ain´t done yet!” –comments the guitarist and composer of the band

Just released the “Origin” –album of The Hypothesis has already gathered excellent reviews globally and radios around the Europe and US have added The Hypothesis on their playlists. New album can be listened in Spotify and other streaming services. Physical CD-version and digital version of the album can be purchased worldwide via links below.



THE HYPOTHESIS in Google Play:

Promo Picture by Valtteri Hirvonen (free to publish)

Order ORIGIN –CD worldwide via links below:





EYE FOR AN EYE -music video in bands Youtube-channel:

”I enjoyed a lot recording the guitar solo on this album, since the stuff sounds technically challenging yet catchy!” -Daniel Freyberg, Naildown / Children Of Bodom

“The Hypothesis gives you the best headbanging and the biggest muscles!” –Noora Louhimo, Battle Beast

“These newcomers from already awesome Finnish metal scene will hit you like a freight train with their modern melodic metal. Rookies hit the majors league with an instant home run!”–Tuomas Saukkonen, Wolfheart, Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, Dawn Of Solace

”Overall this album is like someone has taken a death metal vocalist and thrown them into a fantasy land full of  symphonies, solos, riffs and chaos, if you love melodic metal, Origin is a début album that leaves you spellbound.” Rocknreel

Long story short it is recommended this album should be bought and listened to. Particularly if one likes the bands Scar Symmetry and Wintersun!” –Distorted Sound Magazine

”If you like your death metal edged with a touch of originality, then look no further!” The Moshville Times

“Origin is a very strong first full-length album from yet another talented Finnish heavy metal band!” –Roppongi Rocks

Although The Hypothesis have actually been about since 2009, 2016 is the year that marks the band releasing their debut album and has it been worth the wait? Most definitely!” –Soundscape Magazine








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Grey Heaven Fall “Tranquility in a Black Room” video premiere

Grey Heaven: Aesthetics Of Devastation reveals new insane video of Russian Black/Death metal band Grey Heaven Fall – “Tranquility In a Black Room“!

A visual reflection of one of the songs from the album “Black Wisdom” by Grey Heaven Fall.
Behold a phantasmagoric theatre of bones. This is salt for your eyes and bread for all the rest.


VULCANO: Check out some testimonials about the 30 years of the classic “Bloody Vengeance”


VULCANO: Check out some testimonials about the 30 years of the classic “Bloody Vengeance”

bloody vegenace, vulcano


(Photo: Andrez Truber)

Considered one of the greatest classics of the extreme metal on the world the “Bloody Vengeance” complete this April 30 years since its launch. This album has influenced generations and took the Brazilian Metal Underground to a new level, across borders and conquering the Worldwide Underground.

During the months from January to March the Sangue Frio Produções collected testimonials from some people about this classic and you can check out now:

It’s a classic, influencer and as current as in 1986, when it was released. All Hail Vulcano! ”- Mark Garcia (Metal Samsara)

“In 1986 to reach a point of metal in São Paulo called Woodstock Discos the Valcir Chalas owner showed the LP that would revolutionize the head of all the bangers of the time he had shown the latest release of Santos band Vulcano Bloody Vengeance, look I have ever had heard Vulcano a tape that a friend asked to write to the rock gallery in 1982 was a double compact, but to hear Bloody Vengeance I was sure that the Brazilian metal did not lose anything to the foreigners, ‘we were ready’ ” . – SrWins (Radio Exmera)

“The ‘Bloody Vegenace’ album is of seminal importance, not only for the Brazilian metal scene, as well as the world Metal, especially the extreme. The disc is one of the pioneers to join the main essences of extreme metal and they Thrash, Death and Black Metal, proving that the styles are complementary. Not only the drive but the Vulcano itself is worth the Heavy Metal. simply unmatched. ” – Vitor Franceschini (Journalist Blog Art Metal – MTB 0076431 / SP)

“I remember when I interviewed Wagner ‘Antichrist’ Lamounier (former Sarcófago) and he replied that the pioneering bands, the only one he really cared and followed was the Vulcano. Alex Camargo from Krisiun, is also a great enthusiast of the ‘Bloody Vengeance’, one of his favorite records. Well, I closely followed the band in the mid-80s, attended the shows and could shoot an important group show in Santos (São Paulo), next to the Dorsal Atlântica, Krânio Metálico and Massacre (Chile). Indeed, the band had a position ahead of his time as dealing with their music in a different way. It was fast, aggressive, had visual, worried about the scenic posture on stage and knew open spaces in the underground. Fortunately, the tour of ‘Bloody Vengeance’ was crowned with the opening for Venom in the gym of the Corinthians in São Paulo in December 1986. Of course, I was there! ”- Ricardo Batalha (Roadie Crew)

Listen to the album “Bloody Vengeance”:

Contact for concerts and advice:

Related Sites:

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Black Metal Brother Duo HELLEBORUS To Support TAAKE In Denver June 5th; Streaming New Track

Black Metal Brother Duo HELLEBORUS To Support TAAKE In Denver June 5th

Streaming New Track ‘Draconian Discipline’

New Album ‘Carnal Sabbath’ Out June 17th via Satanth Records & Black Plague Records

Upcoming Show Dates:
May 28 – Longmont, CO – Metal Fest @ Left Hand Brewery – info
June 3 – Colorado Springs, CO – 71GrindFest – info
June 5 – Denver, CO – The Roxy Theatre – w/ TAAKE – info
Sept 15-18 – White Hall, MD – Shadow Woods Metal Fest – info


Unleashing their much anticipated debut album ‘The Carnal Sabbath’ via Satanth Records (Russia) and Black Plague Records (USA) on June 17th, 2016, Colorado Springs, CO black metal duo HELLEBORUS founded by brothers Jerred & Wyatt Houseman will be supporting Norwegian black metal masters TAAKE for their tour stop Denver on June 5th at the Roxy Theatre. Full details can found here.

The duo recently premiered their latest single ‘Draconian Discipline’ on at the following link: MetalInjection

Their album ‘The Carnal Sabbath’ is a Bacchic frenzy of carnal abandon told through lascivious guitars and tempting bass rhythms along with elements of black, death and doom metal to provide a vast backdrop for an ambiance of potential and possibility. Fans of The Devil’s Blood, Satyricon, Necorphobic, Belphegor, Blut Aus Nord are sure to be seduced by Helleborus.

1. Helleborus Black (6:51)
2. Coils (5:06) [Youtube] [Free Download NCS]
3. Edge Of Black Waters (6:17)
4. Colored Spores of Yuggoth (5:42) [Decibel Mag]
5. Draconian Discipline (4:40)
6. The Poison of Sleep (5:23)
7. Temple of Seventh Death (4:24)
8. A Gift of Renewal (7:08)
9. The Carnal Sabbath (9:17) [Youtube]
Album Length: 54:50


Conceived within the womb of Execration, Helleborus is the latest emanation of Jerred & Wyatt Houseman. Like the enigmatic and deadly winter flower from which the project takes its name, Helleborus pushes the exploration of traditional black metal into the uncharted territory of sensual duality and mysticism. Building on their professional experience with Execration and personal experiences through Akhenaten, the Houseman brothers sought a deeper expression of their experiential-driven musical style that audiences can connect with through a union of opposites.

“We’ve always had a vision for the type of black metal project Helleborus would be. We wanted to explore and deliver a darker and yet more romantic side of black metal. There is an unknown side of metal that is masculine and powerful, yet sensual and respectful; controlled chaos.” comments vocalist Wyatt Houseman.

Album Band Line Up features: Wyatt (vocals, lyrics) & Jerred Houseman (producer, all instruments)

Live Band Line Up features: Brent Boutte’ – Drums, Jerred Houseman – Guitar & leads, Wyatt Houseman – Voice, Ian Horenman – guitar & rhythms, Michael Hylands – Bass

For more info, please visit the following links:

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Undead Corpse – Blut im Nebel

Undead Corpse – Blut im Nebel

undead corpse, blut in nebel
2.Blut im Nebel
3.Düstere Gassen
German black metal band realised the album. This album is a pure old school raw black metal album.

On this album it can be heard this raw black metal sound, and the vocal that is different for the other black metal vocals, it’s guite unigue , and the solos are awesome and evil. Tehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome.

This album will take you to a for a ride trough darkness, evil, chaos, death, apocylpse.

Undead Corpse is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners.This band is a true and unigue black metal band, with awesome raw old school black metal sound in the best way.undead corpse, blut im nebel

AFTERMOON sign with Wormholedeath!

AFTERMOON sign with Wormholedeath!

We are proud to announce that ukrainian modern metal combo Aftermoon have signed a deal for the worldwide release of their debut album “Phase One” with WormholeDeath Records!”
The official digital release date has been set for May the 26th.


aftermoon, phase one

“Phase One”
1. In Loving Memory
2. Lumia
3. DeadBorn Revolution
4. Cold
5. Losing Me
6. Runaway
7. Somewhere
8. Duality
9. Silence
10. Daemons
11. Time Crisis
12. To you

The band stated:
“We`re so excited about some good news we have! For the past few months we have been working on the most important project in our musical career with our new partners, and for today we kept it a secret. But it`s time to share our joy! Sooo…AFTERMOON has singed with WormHoleDeath Records and our debut album, named “Phase One”, is going to be released soon! Some words about our label. You know how important for every musician and band “the first” things are: the first show, the first recording, the first album, the first label.
It`s the foundation on which the band`s future depends, so AFTERMOON has been looking for a reliable, trustworthy, rapidly growing label, that works with bands all over Europe. When we sent our promo to WormHoleDeath and received their positive feedback about our music, we realized that this label is just for us! Carlo, the founder of the label, assisted us throughout the long preparation process, his advices and recommendations helped us to prepare the set of all necessary things for the album release. We constantly stay in touch with him, so we quickly solve all the problems and get answers to all questions we have. Work is in full swing all the time, that`s why we had no doubt in choosing WormHoleDeath!”

aftermoon phase one

“AFTERMOON is a modern metal band from Kiev, Ukraine. We`ve started our musical way in 2012. We explore different genres in our music, such as modern metal, alternative rock and crossover. Symbiosis of different styles: we combine melodic vocals and piano with hard guitar riffs and intense rhythm section, use classical techniques and the variety of modern sound to create a unique mix that exists on the border of various musical genres. This allows AFTERMOON find listeners with different musical preferences, both extreme metal and soft rock fans.
Our shows are always different as well as our songs. AFTERMOON concert program can be very sensual and calm and can consist our lyrical songs, acoustic versions of AFTERMOON`s tracks and even covers-versions of the greatest hits. On the contrary, it can be a heavy-metal show, where clean vocals changes to extreme techniques, gentle piano sound transforms into aggressive and hard synths. However, usually it all comes together into a wild vortex of emotions, music, feelings and drive.”

Source: WormholeDeath

Whispered – Metsutan – Songs of Void

Whispered – Metsutan – Songs of Void

whispered, metsutan songs of void
1.Chi no Odori
3.Exile of the Floating World
4.Sakura Omen
6.Our Voice Shall Be Heard
8.Warriors of Yama (instrumental)
9.Victory Grounds Nothing
10.Bloodred Shores of Enoshima

Finnish epic melodic death metal realised the album. This album is a very strange but unigue album, with the influence of japan folk music.

On this album it can be heard the complete domination of melodic music, various melodic music, created melodic music chaos with the influence of japan folk music, this album is strange in the good way, the solos are amazing, they are fas, loud and insane in a good way.

Tehnical compliace is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This album will take you to a world of war,destruction, death,tradition, apocylpse, chaos.

Whispered is a band that is so special and unigue in every way, that you have the feeling, when you listen to their music,that you enter in another world, in a few moment’s. This band is something unigue and special, with awesome, strange and insane melodic death metal music in the best way.


whispered, metsutan songs of void


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