Cadaveria ”Dominion of Pain” single is released!

Dominion of Pain“, the second single by CADAVERIA from “Mondoscuro” EP, is now available on iTunes. This is the cover artwork:

The track, in streaming on the band’s YouTube channel at this link

Featuring Flegias (vocals duet with Cadaveria) and Pier Gonella (final part of the guitar solo) from Necrodeath.

The vinyl limited edition of Mondoscuro EP was released last month via Sleaszy Rider records, anticipated by the single “Christian Woman” (Type O Negative cover). The third and last single “Mater Tenebrarum“, to be released in late April, will complete the trilogy that sees Cadaveria herself embodying the songs’ titles for the cover artworks.

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CADAVERIA single ”Christian Women” cover of Type of Negative is released, and ”Mondoscuro” vinyl edition out now

Photo credit: Fabry C. Photos – Stolen Instants

CADAVERIA celebrate today’s release of ”Mondoscuro” EP vinyl edition (limited to 500 copies-black / 100 copies-white worldwide) releasing the first of three singles extracted from this EP. “Christian Woman“, cover of Type O Negative, is the first one, now available via all digital stores (iTunes Link:

Cadaveria Herself stated this: “This is the very first vinyl release of our history and we are very pleased and excited. Usually we produce music videos along with our releases, but this time I thought to play with images in a different way. I will impersonate the titles of three songs from Mondoscuro, realizing three special shots, that will converge in the cover artwork for Mater Tenebrarum, Dominion of Pain and Christian Woman singles. We will release them monthly through digital stores, starting today till April. Today is the day of Christian Woman, our homage to Peter Steele.”

Mondoscuro” vinyl release comes via Sleaszy Rider Records, that in Spring will also reprint Far Away From Conformity, the second album of Italian horror metallers, originally released in 2004. Mondoscuro is also available on CD via Black Tears label.

Christian Woman” track can be streamed at this link:

Christian Woman Single Cover [for webmag and metal portals]:

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ALPHA OMEGA Tours Announce KRISIUN/NERVOCHAOS Latin American Tour 2017!

ALPHA OMEGA Management’s recently launched ALPHA OMEGA Tours has a huge pleasure to announce the first ever Latin American Tour 2017, co-headlining the Brazilian death metal maniacs KRISIUN and extreme metal lords NERVOCHAOS, kicking off on March 9th! Make sure you don’t miss this killer package! Check out the tour trek below.

Comments  of the Alex Azzali, ALPHA OMEGA’s General Manager:

ALPHA OMEGA TOURS was born from the need to monitor every aspect of live shows of our roster bands and not only, supported by the proven experience of the the Alpha Omega staff in our worldwide Offices, and for the continuous cooperation with our promoter partners, spread out over the entire international territory. And what could be a better start, than this exciting co-headline tour with two outstanding bands from Brazil; KRISIUN and NERVOCHAOS, delivering blast and devastation on each stage they play!”

KRISIUN stated: “We’re really glad to announce that in March we’ll be doing a whole Latin America tour with our brothers from Nervochaos! It’ll be killer, we hope to see all metalheads there!”

NERVOCHAOS adds: “Latin America get ready! We’ve joined the almighty KRISIUN for a Latin American tour in March. Do not miss it!”

March 9th – Assungao, Paraguay @ Absoluto Rock
March 10th – Montevideo, Uruguay @ Bluzz Live
March 11th – Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Museo Rock
March 12th – Santa Cruz De la Sierra, Bolivia @ Ex-Discoteca Skala
March 14th – Cochabamba, Bolivia @ Ex-Carnivale
March 16th – Quito, Equador @ La Capital Deportiva
March 17th – Bogota, Colombia @ Auditorio Lumiere
March 18th – Medellin, Colombia @Accion Impro
March 19th – Armenia, Colombia @Discoteca Mistica
March 21st – Tegucigalpa, Honduras @ Gimnasio 3
March 23rd – Monterrey, Mexico @ Cafè Iguana
March 24th – Guadalajara, Mexico @ C3 Stage
March 25th – Mexico City, Mexico @ Cosa Nostra Mx
March 26th – Merida, Mexico @ Live Stage

KRISIUN’s latest album “Forged In Fury” was released in 2015. The album scored #1 in the sound check of LEGACY (D) right away, and made it to # 7 in the RockHard (D) sound check and to #8 in the Metal Hammer (D) sound check. The album was produced by Erik Rutan, the brain and heart of death metal masters HATE ETERNAL and former guitarist of MORBID ANGEL. Check out the video “Scars Of The Hatred”, filmed at PartsySan Open Air 2015:

NERVOCHAOS are set to release their new album ‘Nyctophilia’ on March 10th in Brazil via Cogumelo Records. The art of both the cover and the booklet was created the talented Brazilian artist Alcides Burn (Blood Red Throne, Acheron, Iconoclasm, Malefactor, Queiron, Headhunter DC, etc). ‘Nyctophilia’ was recorded in Italy at Alpha Omega Studio, along with producer Alex Azzali, who is also responsible for mixing and mastering the work. Check out the outstanding 360° live studio video for the song “Total Satan“:

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NERVOCHAOS Release Two 360° Live Studio Videos

Brazilian extreme metal lords NERVOCHAOS have posted on their Youtube Channel two outstanding 360° videos, featuring the songs “Total Satan” (from “Battalions of Hate” released in 2010) and “The Devil’s Work“, taken from “The Art of Vengeance” album (2014).

Comments the band:
“This is a project by Tellus Studios, we recorded the videos earlier this year and we wanted to release some clips to our fans. Expect more videos coming soon. Thanks to Tellus Studio & everyone involved on this project.”

Tellus Studio stated:
“We thank you, for the honor that you gave us in being able to work for you. You are a great band, and excellent people! We are your fans! \m/ hail NervoChaos!!!!!!”

(To watch 360° videos, you need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer on your computer. On mobile devices, use the latest version of the YouTube app.)

Here’s “Total Satan” for you:

Watch “The Devil’s Work” here:

NERVOCHAOS new album ‘Nyctophilia’, is scheduled to be released on March 10 in Brazil via Cogumelo Records. The art of both the cover and the booklet was created the talented Brazilian artist Alcides Burn (Blood Red Throne, Acheron, Iconoclasm, Malefactor, Queiron, Headhunter DC, etc). ‘Nyctophilia’ was recorded in Italy at Alpha Omega Studio, along with producer Alex Azzali, who is also responsible for mixing and mastering the work.

NERVOCHAOS also released a series of videos showinga little of their year of 2016, check the links:

01. Asia Tour –
02. South Africa Tour –
03. Otacilio Rock Fest –
04. South America Tour (Part 1) –
05. Pernambuco Tour –
06. Brasil Tour (Part 1) –
07. South America Tour (Part 2) –
08. Volta ao Mundo em 30min (Completo) –
09. Europe Tour (Part 1) –
10. Europe Tour (Part 2) –
11. Europe Tour (Part 3) –
12. Brasil Tour (Part 2) –

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CRETURA present’s their video “Northern Winds – Fall of the Seventh Golden Star Tour 2016” from the tour

Fall of the Seventh Golden Star Tour 2016 took place in October with their friends  Fairy (NO) and Human Desolation (SWE). Here they share some endless adventures from our life on the road

Here are the places where the tour has been:

04.10.16 – MC Fabrika – (Ceske Budejovice, Cz. Republic)
05.10.16 – EXIT US – (Prague, Cz.Republic)
06.10.16 – TARTAROS CLUB – (Banska Bystryc, Slovakia)
08.10.16- S8 UNDERGROUND CLUB – (Budapest, Hungary)
09.10.16 – CLUB FLEX ARAD – (Arad, Romania)
10.10.16 – ROCK PUB & MORE (Sibiu, Romania)
11.10.16 – DISORDER CLUB (Swisthov, Bulgaria)
12.10.16 – LIVE CLUB – (Varna, Bulgaria)
13.10.16 – AUTUMN SOULS OF SOFIA FESTIVAL – (Sofia, Bulgaria)
14.10.16 – UNITED METAL FESTIVAL – (Novi Sad, Serbia)

Image may contain: 2 people

About the band:

Inspired by bands like Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Nightwish and Mayhem, Cretura was formed in the spring of 2010 by the two guitarist Markus O. Pettersen and Marius Toen while playing in another band called Faceplant. Taking on the name of Cretura which is derived from latin, meaning «To Become» Or «To Grow» which was exactly the vision at that point. Resident in Bergen (Norway) the band went on to play local gigs in youth clubs, local venues and small festivals around the city while rehearsing and making songs for a EP consisting of songs from both of the bands Markus and Marius played in at the time. The EP «Monsters of Wonderland» was recorded at Solen Studios with producer Hans Petter Solen in Bergen during the spring of 2011.

After it’s unpublished release the band went through creative differences and interests, and so Marius temporarly quit the band. In 2013 Markus, Jørgen Johnsen Beijer (Bass) and Michael Sveri (Drums) went on taking things from where Cretura seemingly stopped. Getting Sárá M. Guttorm as a lead vocalist and hiring a session keyboardplayer and a seccond guitar player the band started to write songs for an upcoming selfproduced mini album. Recorded in various places in Bergen, produced, mixed and mastered by Markus, the album When The Dead Goes To Dance was released on november 1st of 2013. After some local concerts the band went on their first 5 dates inland tour. Also during this period Kine-Lise Madsen became a member with only a few weeks notice before going on tour. Taking on the role of keyboards and backing vocal she was given a set list of 9 songs to learn before heading of.

The «Art of Horror Tour» which took the band to different cities and new venues during 2014 marked the seccond milestone along with the selfproduced mini-album for the band as it gave them a small glimpse of what life on the road was like. This lighted the motivation and inspiration in the band to start working on new material having a bigger vision than ever before. However, the actual composition of the album was put on hold as the band got more gig requests from different venues and promoters. In 2014 Cretura went on to headline the Thriller Night festival, Supported Sandmarx during their album release, and opened up «Usig Festivalen» in Bergen.

Things got even bigger when Cretura was asked to do a tour in Germany as support for the american Death Metal band Six Feet Under. Now this really did put Cretura to the test already from the get-go, as the session guitar player quit and left the band.

Markus quicly asked former member Marius to help out and he became a member again. At this point Cretura had a complete line up and went on to tour around in Germany, marking the 3rd milestone to the symphonic extreme metal band. After returning to Norway the band took a short christmas vacation before taking up the new project again. Songs quicly got in progress and also the image were refined to a darker and more provocative vision. Spending a lot of time in the rehearsal room and not on stage, they were surprised when getting a notion of being nominated to compete in the world renowned Wacken Metal Battle 2015.

Getting through the preliminary rounds and  the Bergen Finals they made their way to the country final of Norway in the capital of Oslo. Alas this was also where the competition for their part ended. Heading back home to resume work on the new material a new milestone was laid before them as they were offered a record deal with the Italian Record Label Worm Hole Death Records. After some negotiation Cretura signed with Worm Hole Death and soon went to Langhirano in Italy to record their first ever full length album «Fall of The Seventh Golden Star» with producer Wahoomi Corvi at Realsound Studios in Mattaleto.

Source: WormholeDeath

CADAVERIA Music Featuring as Soundtrack of “Prepararsi alla Morte” TV Programme!

Horror metallers CADAVERIA have announced that their music will be featuring as soundtrack of the “Prepararsi alla Morte” TV programme. Read and watch the band’s announcement below:

“We are very excited to announce our deadly cooperation with director Luigi Pastore for the soundtrack of Prepararsi alla Morte TV programme! Produced by LuPa Films, “Prepararsi alla Morte” is the first thanatological TV format (in Italian), dealing with the greatest mystery of every human being’s existence: death.

CADAVERIA music will be the soundtrack of all the episodes of the first series, debuting on the web on January 13, 2017. Moreover Cadaveria herself will be the guest of the special episode, already recorded in the esoteric city of Turin, that will conclude the season.

Watch the official video announcement here:

More information at

CADAVERIA was formed in 2001  with the intent to create a virtual space where to freely express themselves as musicians and extreme artists. CADAVERIA style, labelled Horror Metal by critics, can be well identified with a personal mix of Black, Death and Gothic Metal. The lyrics, scheming, hermetic and introspective, mirror the dark soul and the vexed personality are of the singer Cadaveria. Their latest full-length effort “Silence” came out in November 2014, via Scarlet Records. On September 2nd was released “Mondoscuro” EP, via Black Tears, co-starring CADAVERIA and NECRODEATH, both as distinct bands and as authors of new songs, composed and played together.

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Cold Raven, Possessed, Belphegor

Just recently the melodic obscure black metallers COLD RAVEN pre-announced their upcoming European Tour, and today the band unveils the details, being confirmed as support for the most extreme tour of the year: “The Evil Over Europe” double-headliner tour featuring POSSESSED, the godfathers of the death metal genre, and BELPHEGOR, one of the most extreme line-ups to ever come out of the death black metal scene. The main support for this tour comes from the Dallas-based black metal lords ABSU.

COLD RAVEN’s European Tour Dates 2016 with Possessed, Belphegor & Absu:

02.12 – Paris (Fra) “Glazart” (no Absu)
03.12 – Brescia (ITA) “Circolo Colony”
04.12 – Zurich (SUI) “Dynamo”
05.12 – OFF
06.12 – Kosice (SVK) “Collosseum”
07.12 – Ljubljana (SLO) “Kino Siska”
08.12 – Ostrava (CZE) “Barrack Club”
09.12 – Wroclaw (POL) “Alibi”
10.12 – Berlin (GER) “Nuke Club”

Cold Raven

COLD RAVEN are currently writing new material for their next album! The new album will represent an evolution in the band’s songwriting, though confirming the style shown in the previous work.

Melodic obscure black metal horde COLD RAVEN – formed in 2013 – released their debut full length album “Equilibrium & Chaos” in 2014, via Sliptrick Records. The band’s sound is influenced by the Black Metal scene in the early ‘90s as well by the bands that followed and contributed to open the horizons of the genre. So far COLD RAVEN has shared the stage with important acts, such as Nargaroth, Infernal War, Necromass, Dark Funeral, God Dethroned, Belphegor, Unleashed, Mortuary Drape, Impaled Nazarene, etc, and has played in several European countries.

Check out Official video “No Mercy”:
“Gates To Hell” (Obituary Cover):

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Canadian Death Masters NECRONOMICON Announce More US Dates

Canadian Death Masters NECRONOMICON Announce More US Dates

Photo Credit – Myriam Francoeur

 Wrapping up their September USA tour with label mates Greece’s extreme metal titans ROTTING CHRIST and Dutch symphonic black metal trio CARACH ANGREN, Canadian death metal masters NECRONOMICON announce they will be performing the following headlining US show dates.

Remaining Tour Dates w/ Rotting Christ, Carach Angren:
09/26/16 – New Orleans, LA – Siberia

Necronomicon US Dates:

9/28 – Biloxi, MS – Zeppelin’s Pizzeria & Bar
9/29 – Raleigh, NC – Slim’s Downtown
9/30 – Chesapeake, VA – RiffHouse Pub
10/1 – Trenton, NJ – Championship Bar
10/2 – Rochester, NY – The Montage Music Hall
NECRONOMICON unleashed their new album ‘Advent of The Human God’ this past March via Season of Mist.
NECRNOMICON have a well-earned reputation for quality by releasing material only when ready and satisfied with the outcome ever since their demo entitled “Morbid Ritual” (1992) firmly established their name within the underground. “The Silver Key” EP (1996) led to mainstream recognition on a national level, but their debut album “Pharaoh Of Gods” (1999) and the sophomore “The Sacred Medicines” (2003) did even more to establish the band as a household name in Canada. “Return Of The Witch” (2010) marked the international break-through forNECRONOMICON, and saw them performing at prestigious festivals such as Inferno (Norway), Ragnarok (Germany), and the Barge To Hell metal cruise among others, while sharing stages with acts such as CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, BEHEMOTH, and MORBID ANGEL, to name but a few. Their steady advance around the globe grew considerably in impact by their next full-length “Rise Of The Elder Ones” (2013). Now NECRONOMICONare more than ready for the next step with ‘Advent Of The Human God’, their latest brutal assaulting soundtrack now available via Season of Mist for Europe as of March 18th and North America as of March 25th.Delivering a lethal dose of symphonic, blackened death at a new height in their long lasting career, which began as early as 1988 with the founding of the band by guitarist and singer Rob “The Witch” in the deep northern part of Quebec, Canada known as the “Fjord of Saguenay”The Canadian veterans keep their tracks on ‘Advent Of The Human God’ as gloriously epic as furiously massive and harsh. Songs like “The Golden Gods”, “Unification Of The Four Pillars”, “Crown Of Thorns” and “I Bringer Of Light” tell of experienced songwriting and an eclectic wide range of influences that flow into the sound ofNECRONOMICON. Nodding to DIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTH to DEICIDE and SUFFOCATION, these extreme metal addicts carve their own sound out of the much cherished ingredients of brutal dark music.

Music Video – Crown of Thorns – Watch here.

To listen to the full stream of ‘Advent of The Human God’, please visit the following link:
Album order available at

1. The Descent (1:18)
2. Advent of The Human God (5:27)
3. The Golden Gods (4:13)
4. Okkultis Trinity (2:27)
5. Unification of The Four Pillars (3:27)
6. Crown of Thorns (4:30)
7. The Fjord (4:39)
8. Gaia (2:43)
9. I (Bringer Of Light) (4:04)
10. Innocence And Wrath (Celtic Frost Cover) (1:08)
11. Alchemy Of The Avatar (5:14)
Album Length: 39:16
Rob “The Witch”: Vocals, Guitar
Mars: Bass
Rick: Drums




Cretura (Symphonic Extreme Metal) are proud to announce their “Fall of the Seventh Golden Star European tour 2016”!

Tour dates:

03.10.16 – TBA (Germany)
04.10.16 – MC Fabrika – (Ceske Budejovice, Cz. Republic)
05.10.16 – EXIT US – (Prague, Cz.Republic)
06.10.16 – THE ADVENTURE MUSIC CLUB – (Liptovsky, Mikulas, Slovakia)
07.10.16 – RAGNAROK – (Novy Targ, Poland)
08.10.16-  S8 UNDERGROUND CLUB – (Budapest, Hungary)
09.10.16 – CLUB FLEX ARAD – (Arad, Romania
10.10.16 – CLUJ NAPOCA – (Romania)
11.10.16 – UNDERWORLD CLUB – ( Buchurest, Romania)
12.10.16 – LIVE CLUB – (Varna, Bulgaria)
13.10.16 – AUTUMN SOULS OF SOFIA FESTIVAL – (Sofia, Bulgaria)
14.10.16 – UNITED METAL FESTIVAL – (Novia Sad, Serbia)

The band stated:
Our debut album “Fall Of The Seventh Golden Star” has been out for a couple of months now, and it has been very well received all accross Europe. So we are proud and excited to take everything we have to offer and, in collaboration with WormHoleDeath, Hammer & Tongs and Rock ‘n’ Road, leave on a full scale European Tour in October 2016. During the tour we will have two fantastic bands as support: Human Desolation (Melodic Death Metal) and Fairy (Melodic rock/Metal) from Norway. Together we will bring what scandinavia is known for far and near. A true lesson in darkness, atmosphere and brutality to a stage near you! We are all hungry and ready to kill, so see you all in tour!

Cretura has also released a live video for the song “Reign Of Terror” taken from their outstanding album “Fall Of The Seventh Golden Star”.


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MESHUGGAH New album title and cover revealed , and release date confirmed

MESHUGGAH New album title and cover revealed, and release date confirmed


Legendary Swedish extreme metal band MESHUGGAH revealed new album title called “The Violent Sleep of Reason”, and it will be released in October 7th. The new album title and cover, can be seen in the issue of the Revolver magazine, and here is the picture

MESHUGGAH, The Violent Sleep of Reason

Meshuggah have released a studio report of recordings of their new upcoming with Toumas Haake here it is:

Meshuggah will be on tour with High on Fire this fall.

Get ready for Meshuggah new album, this is going to great.