NECRONOMICON Update Dates For Headlining ‘Okkultis In Canada Tour’ w/ Abiotic, Vesperia

NECRONOMICON Update Dates For Headlining ‘Okkultis In Canada Tour’ w/ Abiotic, Vesperia


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Music Video – Crown of Thorns – Watch here.

       Canadian death metal masters NECRONOMICON have updated their dates for their first headlining tour across Canada since 2011 with support from technical death metallers Abiotic and epic death metal quartet Vesperia. The‘Okkultis In Canada Tour’ presented by will kick off in Ottawa, ON on August 4th and head as far west as Vancouver to wrap up back east in Timmins, ON on August 26th (Note: Aug 27th in Oshawa Abiotic and Vesperia only). Following the cross Canadian tour, NECRONOMICON will meet up with Swedish black metallersMARDUK plus label mates Greece’s extreme metal titans ROTTING CHRIST and Dutch symphonic black metal trio CARACH ANGREN for their USA September tour.

NECRONOMICON unleashed their new album ‘Advent of The Human God’ this past March via Season of Mist.

To listen to the full stream of ‘Advent of The Human God’, please visit the following link:

Album order available at

NECRONOMICON, Okkultis in Canada Tour

‘Okkultis In Canada Tour’ presented by
8/4 – Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
8/5 – St. Catherines, ON @ Detour Music Hall
8/6 – Windsor, ON @ Windsor Beer Exchange
8/7 – London, ON @ Call The Office
8/9 – Sudbury, ON @ The Asylum
8/12 – Thunder Bay, ON @ Crocks
8/13 – Brandon, MA @ North Hill Inn
8/14 – Winnipeg, MA @ The Park Theatre
8/15 – Regina, SK @ The Exchange
8/16 – Lethbridge, AB @ Inferno Nightclub
8/17 – Edmonton, AB  @ Filthy’s
8/18 – Kelowna, BC @ Muninn’s Post
8/19 – Victoria, BC @ The V-Lounge
8/20 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre
8/21 – Prince George, BC @ Generator Cabaret
8/22 – Calgary, AB @ Distortion
8/23 – Saskatoon, SK @ O’Brian’s Event Centre
8/26 – Timmins, ON @ The Working Class
*8/27 – Oshawa, ON @ The Atria
* = Abiotic & Vesperia only
September Tour Dates w/ Marduk, Rotting Christ, Carach Angren

09/02/16 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
09/03/16 – Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
09/04/16 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
09/05/16 – Baltimore, MD – Soundstage
09/06/16 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
09/07/16 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
09/08/16 – Montreal, QC – L’Astral
09/09/16 – Toronto, ON – The Opera House
09/10/16 – Columbus, OH – Al Rosa Villa
09/11/16 – Chicago, IL – Reggie’s
09/12/16 – Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock
09/13/16 – Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
09/14/16 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre
09/16/16 – Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
09/17/16 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre
09/18/16 – Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom
09/19/16 – Oakland, CA – Metro Opera House
09/20/16 – Las Vegas, NV – LVCS
09/21/16 – Los Angeles, CA – Regent Theater
09/22/16 – Phoenix, AZ – Joe’s Grotto
09/23/16 – El Paso, TX – Mesa Music Hall
09/24/16 – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
09/25/16 – Austin, TX – Dirty Dog Bar
09/26/16 – New Orleans, LA – Siberia

NECRNOMICON have a well-earned reputation for quality by releasing material only when ready and satisfied with the outcome ever since their demo entitled “Morbid Ritual” (1992) firmly established their name within the underground. “The Silver Key” EP (1996) led to mainstream recognition on a national level, but their debut album “Pharaoh Of Gods” (1999) and the sophomore “The Sacred Medicines” (2003) did even more to establish the band as a household name in Canada. “Return Of The Witch” (2010) marked the international break-through forNECRONOMICON, and saw them performing at prestigious festivals such as Inferno (Norway), Ragnarok (Germany), and the Barge To Hell metal cruise among others, while sharing stages with acts such as CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, BEHEMOTH, and MORBID ANGEL, to name but a few. Their steady advance around the globe grew considerably in impact by their next full-length “Rise Of The Elder Ones” (2013). Now NECRONOMICONare more than ready for the next step with ‘Advent Of The Human God’, their latest brutal assaulting soundtrack now available via Season of Mist for Europe as of March 18th and North America as of March 25th.

Delivering a lethal dose of symphonic, blackened death at a new height in their long lasting career, which began as early as 1988 with the founding of the band by guitarist and singer Rob “The Witch” in the deep northern part of Quebec, Canada known as the “Fjord of Saguenay”

The Canadian veterans keep their tracks on ‘Advent Of The Human God’ as gloriously epic as furiously massive and harsh. Songs like “The Golden Gods”, “Unification Of The Four Pillars”, “Crown Of Thorns” and “I Bringer Of Light” tell of experienced songwriting and an eclectic wide range of influences that flow into the sound ofNECRONOMICON. Nodding to DIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTH to DEICIDE and SUFFOCATION, these extreme metal addicts carve their own sound out of the much cherished ingredients of brutal dark music.

NECRONOMICON, Advent of the Human God

1. The Descent (1:18)
2. Advent of The Human God (5:27)
3. The Golden Gods (4:13)
4. Okkultis Trinity (2:27)
5. Unification of The Four Pillars (3:27)
6. Crown of Thorns (4:30)
7. The Fjord (4:39)
8. Gaia (2:43)
9. I (Bringer Of Light) (4:04)
10. Innocence And Wrath (Celtic Frost Cover) (1:08)
11. Alchemy Of The Avatar (5:14)
Album Length: 39:16
Rob “The Witch”: Vocals, Guitar
Mars: Bass
Rick: Drums

Esperoza sign publishing deal with Wormholedeath

Esperoza sign publishing deal with Wormholedeath

Esperoza, Aum Corrupted

Moldavian devastating combo Esperoza (Symphonic Extreme Metal) signed a publishing / distribution deal with Wormholedeath to release their new album “Aum Corrupted”.

Wormholedeath Records will distribute and promote the upcoming album worldwide!
Physical distribution: via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group
Digital distribution: via Wormholedeath / The Orchard
Release dates TBA soon.

The band stated:
Esperoza is honored to announce the signing with WormHoleDeath and Aural Music. Carlo Bellotti, the founder of WHD, was always there for us, even when Esperoza was only known by our relatives. We would like to point out that this is a distribution deal, meaning that we can have our full creative freedom, as you will surely hear on our upcoming album. This is a offer of a helping hand, a rare sight these days, and for that we thank Carlo. Since his knowledge of ins and outs of this ugly business, we are truly humbled by this collaboration, and hope that it will be a fruitful one!”

Esperoza, Aum Corrupted

About Esperoza:
“The band was formed by Zoya and Dmitrii in 2010, in noble effort to push the boundaries of music. The direction was chosen in combining old school death, black, thrash metal with symphonic orchestration and opera vocals. Because the style is a bit unorthodox like minded musicians were hard to find. Without people this ended up only as a studio project, having its downsides (primarily unable to perform live), but it enabled band to focus on the staff that matters – music. During this time they came up with concept of several albums, each invocation of different aspects of their style and extreme music, with a variety of genres like: death, black, doom, thrash with some progressive, post, dark, even ethnic, (through the prism of symphonic and operatic metal). On December 31, 2012 a debut EP entitled “Tempest” was released. Containing two original songs, a separate orchestration and a cover on Nile, this work showed the path chosen by Zoya and Dmitrii, taking great joy in combining styles and using complex arrangements. Next release would arrive on August 23, 2013 in form of a non-album single “E Tardi!”. It has shown a much darker aspect of band’s music, an aspect that was nonetheless ever-present. Surprisingly for the band, both the single and the bonus cover on “Dead Can Dance – Cantara”, fared quite well and received positive feedback from online community. Although releasing albums is fun, guys always wanted to play live and were always looking for musicians to be able to do so. Unfortunately, band had to deal revolving door of musicians and massive incomprehension. During these turbulent times, however, Vadim “Kravis” Cartovenko joins the band behind the drum kit and sits there ever since. Having him and several others on board, Esperoza was finally able to perform live shows. As another accomplishment for the band was finally releasing on Solstice, June 21, 2014 a full length eponymous album. Continuing the path that was started by “Tempest” EP, this album revels in complex orchestrations and multilayered vocals, accompanied by old school death, black and thrash riffs. Feeling the building up of momentum band didn’t stop there and release was followed by concerts, festivals and a mini tour in Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine. In 2015 Esperoza started working on their second long play, most ambitious effort for the guys so far. Also in 2015 made their own open air metal festival called “Metal Displacement Over Nistru” (which became the biggest metal event in country). Now they are releasing their second album “Aum Corrupted” via WormHoleDeath Records and Aural Music. “Aum Corrupted” is a very dark, depressive, obscure and personal piece, and has a completely different sound from the first album, therefore was chosen to remove from the genre “Symphonic Extreme” tag, and to leave just “Metal” genre. The band is never sitting idle, even though the new album was finished not so long time ago, they are already working on a new material for upcoming albums.”

Esperoza, Aum Corrupted

Zoya Belous – Vocals
Dmitrii Prihodko – Guitar
Vadim Cartovenko – Battery

You can stream the song “Periods of 8” here :

Source: WormholeDeath

ANCIENT Set Release Date For “Back To The Land Of The Dead”, New Track Streaming, Album Available For Pre-Order In North America!

ANCIENT Set Release Date For “Back To The Land Of The Dead”, New Track Streaming, Album Available For Pre-Order In North America!

Ancient, Back To The Land Of The Dead

The track listing is as follows :
1. Land of The Dead ( Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Dhilorz and Zel)
2. Beyond The Blood Moon (Music and lyrics by Zel)
3. The Sempiternal Haze (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)
4. The Empyrean Sword (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)
5. The Ancient Disarray (Music and lyrics by Zel)
6. Occlude The Gates (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)

The Excruciating Journey

7. Part I Defiance and rage (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)
8. Part II The Prodigal Years (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)
9. Part III The Awakening (Music by Dhilorz, lyrics by Zel)
10. Death Will Die (Music and lyrics by Zel)
11. The Spiral (Music and lyrics by Zel)
12. Petrified By Their End (Music by Dhilorz and Zel, lyrics by Zel)
Bonus track :
13. 13 Candles (Music and lyrics by Quorthon)

Norwegian extreme metal titans ANCIENT have set the release date for their long awaited 7th studio album, “Back To The Land Of The Dead”, the follow up to 2004’s “Night Visit”. The album will be released September 16th in North America via (Megadeth bassist David Ellefson’s) EMP UNDERGROUND/EMP LABEL GROUP, and in the rest of the World by SOULSELLER RECORDS.

Formed in Bergen, Norway in 1992, Ancient was born as a solo project of guitarist Zel (pka Aphazel) quickly developing into a full band with drummer/ vocalist Grimm. Ancient rapidly made their mark on the extreme Metal underground with the 1993 release of their now cult demo tape Eerily Howling Winds, followed by the 7” Det Glemte Riket in 1994.

Ancient quickly established an underground following with their own dark and atmospheric style of metal, displayed on their Listenable / Osmose debut Svartalvheim, today considered a classic album in extreme metal. Shortly after having been approached by Metal Blade Records, Zel signed a 5 album contract, moved to the USA and recruited Lord Kaiaphas as the new vocalist.

1996 saw the release of The Cainian Chronicle, an album filled with big guitars and cold atmospheres, accompanied with female vocals by Kimberly Goss and Kjetil on drums. Chronicle also went on to be considered a defining classic in the genre. A video to “Lilith’s Embrace” saw regular rotation on MTV and the band embarked on a European tour.

In the 2 decades that followed, ANCIENT has continued to evolve and grow as a staple of the Extreme Metal Underground, releasing a string of critically acclaimed albums on Metal Blade capped off with 2004’s Night Visit. Now with a current lineup including legendary drummer Nick Barker (ex-Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir), Ancient returns from a twelve year studio hiatus to release BACK TO THE LAND OF THE DEAD, their long awaited latest opus exclusively in North America from David Ellefson’s (Megadeth) EMP Underground/EMP LABEL GROUP, and in Europe through Soulseller Records.

The awakening of the spiritually dead is about to begin. The ancient ones are coming…

Ancient, Back To The Land Of The Dead
The album is currently available for pre-order (in North America only) from EMP LABEL GROUP at, in various CD, LP and bundle configurations, with a European pre-order to follow.

The band has released the first track “Land of The Dead” for streaming on Bandcamp, here:

For more information:

Cretura – Japanese release date – Video announcement!

Cretura – Japanese release date –  Video announcement!

Norwegian Symphonic Extreme Metal combo Cretura unleashed a video announcement for the upcoming japanese release of “Fall Of the Seventh Golden Star”.
The debut album will be available for the japanese market on June the 29th via Wormholedeath Japan.

The video announcement can be streamed here :
(in japanese with english subtitles)

Cretura, Fall Of The Seventh Golden Star

“Fall Of the Seventh Golden Star”

1. Past, Present & Future
2. Reign of Terror
3. Grand Warfare Through Dark Ages
4. Voices of Hunger
5. Funeral Roses
6. Northern Winds
7. Pray For A Brighter Tomorrow
8. Når Lyset Dør
9. At The 11th Hour
10. The Pale Horseman & The Hunter of The Sky
11. The Last Song of The Earth

Inspired by bands like Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Nightwish and Mayhem, Cretura was formed in the spring of 2010 by the two guitarist Markus O. Pettersen and Marius Toen while playing in another band called Faceplant. Taking on the name of Cretura which is derived from latin, meaning «To Become» Or «To Grow» which was exactly the vision at that point. Resident in Bergen (Norway) the band went on to play local gigs in youth clubs, local venues and small festivals around the city while rehearsing and making songs for a EP consisting of songs from both of the bands Markus and Marius played in at the time. The EP «Monsters of Wonderland» was recorded at Solen Studios with producer Hans Petter Solen in Bergen during the spring of 2011. After it’s unpublished release the band went through creative differences and interests, and so Marius temporarly quit the band.

In 2013 Markus, Jørgen Johnsen Beijer (Bass) and Michael Sveri (Drums) went on taking things from where Cretura seemingly stopped. Getting Sárá M. Guttorm as a lead vocalist and hiring a session keyboardplayer and a seccond guitar player the band started to write songs for an upcoming selfproduced mini album. Recorded in various places in Bergen, produced, mixed and mastered by Markus, the album «When The Dead Goes To Dance» was released on november 1st of 2013. After some local concerts the band went on their first 5 dates inland tour. Also during this period Kine-Lise Madsen became a member with only a few weeks notice before going on tour. Taking on the role of keyboards and backing vocal she was given a set list of 9 songs to learn before heading of. The «Art of Horror Tour» which took the band to different cities and new venues during 2014 marked the seccond milestone along with the selfproduced mini-album for the band as it gave them a small glimpse of what life on the road was like. This lighted the motivation and inspiration in the band to start working on new material having a bigger vision than ever before.
However, the actual composition of the album was put on hold as the band got more gig requests from different venues and promoters. In 2014 Cretura went on to headline the «Thriller Night» festival, Supported Sandmarx during their album release, and opened up «Usig Festivalen» in Bergen. Things got even bigger when Cretura was asked to do a tour in Germany as support for the american Death Metal band Six Feet Under. Now this really did put Cretura to the test allready from the get-go as their up to that point session guitar player quit and left the band one man short.
Markus quicly asked former member Marius to help out and he became a member again.
At this point Cretura had a complete line up and went on to tour around in Germany, marking the 3rd milestone to the symphonic extreme metal band.
After returning to Norway the band took a short christmas vacation before taking up the new project again. Songs quicly got in progress and also the image were refined to a darker and more provocative vision. Spending a lot of time in the rehearsal room and not on stage, they were surprised when getting a notion of being nominated to compete in the world renowned Wacken Metal Battle 2015. Getting through the preliminary rounds and the Bergen Finals they made their way to the country final of Norway in the capital of Oslo. Alas this was also where the competition for their part ended. Heading back home to resume work on the new material a new milestone was laid before them as they were offered a record deal with the Italian Record Label «Worm Hole Death Records». After some negotiation Cretura signed with Worm Hole Death and soon went to Langhirano in Italy to record their first ever full length album «Fall of The Seventh Golden Star» with producer Wahoomi Corvi at Realsound Studios in Mattaleto.
Cretura is new music, it’s old music, it’s futuristic music, it’s dead alive.



Source: WormholeDeath