Fates Warning”Perfect Symmetry” and ”Parallels” Digi-CD and LP re-issues now available for pre-order via Metal Blade Records!

On January 12th, Metal Blade Records will re-issue two of Fates Warning‘s fan-favorite albums, ”Perfect Symmetry” (1989) and ”Parallels” (1991)!

The vinyl re-issues are part of the Originals-series. Both ”Perfect Symmetry” and ”Parallels” will be released with 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves (inside out print), 60x60cm two-sided artwork posters and 250g inserts. Both have received a new vinyl mastering by Patrick W. Engel.

The CDs are 4-page-Digipaks with poster booklets, featuring five bonus tracks each!

”Parallels” Tracklist CD:
01 Leave the Past Behind
02 Life in Still Water
03 Eye to Eye
04 The Eleventh Hour
05 Point Of View
06 We Only Say Goodbye
07 Don’t Follow Me
08 The Road Goes on Forever
09 Leave the Past Behind (demo)*
10 Eye to Eye (demo)*
11 Eleventh Hour (demo)*
12 Point of View (demo)*
13 Don’t Follow Me (demo)*
* Bonus Tracks (pre-production demos, mastered by Brad Vance)

”Perfect Symmetry” Tracklist CD:
01 Part Of The Machine
02 Through Different Eyes
03 Static Acts
04 A World Apart
05 At Fate’s Hands
06 The Arena
07 Chasing Time
08 Nothing Left To Say
09 Part Of The Machine (Demo)*
10 Through Different Eyes (Demo)*
11 Static Acts (Demo)*
12 The Arena (Demo)*
13 Nothing Left To Say (Demo)*
* Bonus Tracks (pre-production demos recorded Feb 89 at Silver Cloud Recording, Burbank CA)

See below for an overview of all vinyl versions. Pre-order your copies now via EMP or at ourebay-store!

Parallels‘ “Originals-Series” LP re-issue
–180g Black Vinyl
–wine-red marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – ltd. 300)
–clear light salmon col. vinyl (EU exclusive – ltd. 200)
–ochre brown marbled vinyl (US exclusive – ltd. 500)

Perfect Symmetry‘ “Originals-Series” LP re-issue
–180g Black Vinyl
–white/black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – ltd. 300)
–clear lavender marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – ltd. 200)
–violet blue marbled vinyl (US exclusive – ltd. 500)



A NEW TOMORROW: Recap Video Pt.1 Available, Supporting FATES WARNING!

Earlier this month the Italian rockers A NEW TOMORROW joined the progressive metallers FATES WARNING on the selected shows of their “Theories of Flight Tour 2017” in Europe.

A NEW TOMORROW has posted on their Youtube Channel a new “Chapter 28 (Part I)” from the tour, watch it here: https://youtu.be/j9rBdY3Aw8o

More photos from the tour can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement/photos/?tab=album&album_id=370743709928358


February 02 – Budapest (HUN) @A38
February 03 – Bratislava (SLO) @Majestic Music Club
February 04 – Munich (GER) @Backstage Halle
February 05 – Stuttgart (GER) @Universum
February 07 – Nurnburg (GER) @Hirsch
February 08 – Aarau (CH) @Kiff
February 09 – Brescia (ITA) @Circolo Colony
February 10 – Bologna (ITA) @Zona Roveri

With a defined modern rock style, A NEW TOMORROW‘s music combines the roughness of heavy groovy riffs with extremely melodic vocals. They express through their music hopes and dreams in life sending a powerful yell to the people who are just about to make first steps in new challenges. The band is currently recording their first full length album due to be released in August 2017. Check out the live video for the song “Mother Earth Is Calling” shot in Kiev on March 17th 2016, supporting THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_9ngMEkZL0

More information at:
A NEW TOMORROW: http://www.anewtomorrowband.com
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagemen

Fates Warning-Theories of Flight



1. From the Rooftops
2. Seven Stars
3. SOS
4. The Light and Shade of Things
5. White Flag
6. Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen
7. The Ghosts of Home
8. Theories of Flight


Band that has never carried the white flag.It’s quite difficult to find a band nowadays whose songs don’t  sound like recycled works from the past trying to attract more and more audience.

Fates  Warning is a band with 32 years of musical experience that always continues to build up, refine its style and make progress. With every album this band shows that they are more and more musically matured, creating amazing pieces of art based on their knowledge and experience and the ephemerality  of life.

Three years after the album ”Darkness in the different  light”,  they triumphantly return with ”Theories of Flight”, an album that features eight very complex songs which represent a combination of very dynamic, heavy and in some moments  a little bit dark melodies with amazing emotional vocals.

The man responsible  for preserving the unique and recognizable mucial style,  the ”mastermind” of the band, is Jim Matheos , the main songwriter and the only remaining founding member. The lineup is the same as on the previous album : Ray Adler – vocal, Jim Matheos – guitar, Frank Aresti– guitar, Joe Vera -bass guitar and Bob Jarzombek – drums.

The record opens with a relaxing melody and continues with Matheos’s killer riffs and Ray’s powerful voice in ”From the Rooftops”. The next song sounds like an ”updated”  (and in some way  ”metalized” ) part from the masterpiece ”Parallels”.  The musical journey continues with ”S.O.S.”,  another brick in the wall which confirms the guys’ technical skills, and the holy trinity, the highlights of the album: ”The light and shade of things” – a track colored with epical choruses and melancholy; ”White Flag” , as the most metal song on the album which gives us very simple advice on how to survive in this cruel world and how to deal with people – don’t let them know what can hurt you; and ”Like Our Stars Have Seen” – a very modern and dramatic progressive song with killer instrumental  sections and the singer’s flawless contribution.

If you look at the lyrics you can notice that they are almost filled with some nostalgia and longing for innocent times. The Ghosts of home is a ten-and-a-half-minute  piece of art which evokes in the listener an eruption of sounds and emotion, familiarizing them with Matheos’s childhood and the issue of never having a real home. He found his  ”trail to home”  with the instrumental title track.

Exceeding  everyone’s expectations ,  once more,  they made a classical release. Theories of Flight” represents a great definition of a progressive album of any kind.

Fates Warning

Rating Album:9/10

Rating Cover:8/10

Rating album: Fleur Du Mal

My name is Jovana Marković. Fleur Du Mal, the name I chose, is about the muse that you invocate when you need inspiration for mathematical skills, photography, poetry and some adventure.