Here are the pictures from the concert of Sekhmet, Amken and Norwegian black metal gods Gehenna and Gorgoroth in Serbia at The Club Quarter on November 6th, check out some amazing black metal power here, enjoy it:

Gorgoroth and Gehenna details are revealed for the concert at Novi Sad and the time for the beginning of the concert!

Black metal titans Gorgoroth will held on November 6th at the Novi Sad at club The Quarter !

According to the official timetable, the doors of the club will be opened at 7:45 pm, and the first in front of the Serbian audience will be Czech team Sekhmet at 20h. The warming up of the atmosphere for the stars of the evening will continue with the Greek band Amken from 20:45, while the powerful Gehenna will take the stage at 21:35 pm. The appearance of Gorgoroth is announced at 23:00 pm.

The tickets are  for the pre-sold are at price of 2000 dinars, while at the entrance to the club, the ticket will cost  2500 dinars. You can buy your tickest at Mungos (NS) and Felix (BG), while online sales are performed by Gigstix.

More information about the concert is available on the official Serbian Hellbangers Facebook event.

Check out some the live performance for the song ”Kala brahman” here, enjoy it:


Gorgoroth and Gehenna are going to held a concert in Novi Sad in Serbia on November 6th!

This year, in the organization of Serbian Hellbangers Black metal gods Gorgoroth with a black metal monsters Gehenna are giong to head a concert at Novi Sad.

Gorgoroth  returns to Serbia again after six years, especially on occasion of the jubilee to mark a tour and twenty-five years of carrer.

Gehenna  is very known band to black metal fans, are going to held a show as well, and crush the stage with some black metal wrath.

Tickets are on sale since October 1st at Gigstix, Mungos and Felix outlets. The first fifty tickets are on the action of 1500 dinars, and only in Felix and Mungos, while in the pre-sale of the tickets will be 2000 dinars, and on the day of the concert 2500 dinars.

The concert will be held on November 6 at the ”The Quarter club” and starts at 20:00 pm.

Check out the full free stream of their latest album ”Instinctus Bestialis” until the concert here, enjoy it: