Ministry is going to held a concert in Belgrade, and they are very happy that they are going to held a concert in Serbia!

The of the most influential and the most important industrial metal bands of all time, Ministry, led by a lively frontman Al Jourgensen, one of the legendary figures of the alternative scene, of the nineties in the last century, will perform for the first time in Belgrade on Sunday, June 4th, in 21:00 am. in Barutana at Kalemegdan .

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Nine years after the farewell tour, when the first and so far the last time a guest in our country, on the Main Stage at Exit Festival together with the Sex Pistols, they are  looking forward to meeting with Serbian audience again.

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Here is the statment of  the guitarist Sin Quirin about the show: ”I remember very well experiences in Serbia, this whole show! The people were great, stopping me as we walked in and were very pleasant. I remember, when we came to the stage, we were told that the Main stage was full of people. We had a great performance an, I am looking forward to return. I like to play everywhere, but there is something about a European audience, this great power, you can feel the electricity when you stand on the stage”.

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These pioneers of the industrial metal, which are present on the music scene for over 25 years,  are known as a visual attraction as well. At the planetary level the most memorable album is “Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs” from 1992, primarily single “Jesus Built My Hotrod“, which is considered  to be the most important issue of industrial music. It had a circulation of nearly 2 million copies and influenced on it to open the door for the mainstream success of artists such as Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein. Their music was also  a part of movie blockbusters such as “The Matrix” and “Artificial Intelligence” and  they worked on the soundtracks for the series of  series of horror films “Saw“, as well as the main musical theme, for  the popular American TV series “NCIS”.

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This band is preparing a new album, which they say has a slow and darker tone that is a unique mix of past, such as “Filthpig“, “Dark Side of the Spoon” and “Psalm 69“. They find that the new record will surprise people in a good way.
Besides Al Jourgensen, lineup will perform at the Belgrade concert is: John Bechdel (Fear Factory), Sin Quirin (Revolting Cocks) and three musicians who are with other bands already performed in front of a home crowd, and they are: Cesar Soto (Pissing Razors) Jason Christopher (Prong) and Roy Mayorga (Nausea, Amebix, Shelter, Soulfly).

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Tickets for the Belgrade concert band Ministry, which takes place in the context of their European tour, produced by “Strangefear“, are on sale through the Eventim, at a price of 2,490 dinars.

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Link to the event, is here



Ministry Performs New Song ”Antifa” At ”Blackest Of The Black Festival”, and they are going to release new album!

Industrial metal monsters Ministry played their  new song entitled “Antifa” during their  show on May 27th at the “Blackest Of The Black” festival, it will took place from May 26th to 27th  at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, California.

“Antifa” is propably going to be  on Ministy‘s next studio album, which will tentatively arrive this fall. On the album there will be a  special guest appearances, and they are: DJ Swamp (Beck), Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory), Arabian Prince (N.W.A.) and Lord Of The Cello.


Jourgensen‘s side project Surgical Meth Machine released its  debut album in April 2016 via Nuclear Blast. The CD was recorded primarily at Jourgensen‘s home studio in Burbank, California with his  engineer Sam D’Ambruoso.

Jourgensen in 2016. announced the info to record a new studio album to follow 2013’s “From Beer To Eternity”, despite that  there would be no further Ministry  records, after the death of longtime guitarist Mike Scaccia in 2012.


Ministry is going to held a concert in Belgrade after nine years, after farewell tour!

One of the most important  industrial metal bands of all time Ministry from Chicago, will held a concert on Sunday June 4th, in Barutana at Kalemegdan.

Thier  stage performance has a high energy level, that reaches the audience, creating a great atmosphere, but the same thing can be also excepted in Belgrade.

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They were established in Chicago in 1981, in their  earlier carrer they were a sythpop band. Already with the second release ” Twitch ” of 1986, and especially with the album ” The Land of Rape and Honey ”  they changed their  style of music and became pioneers of industrial metal. It was a reversal of the sound by which they became famous in music history.

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In the early nineties, the band experienced a global breakthrough, and a huge commercial success with the album ” Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs” with the song  ”Jesus Build My Hotrod ”, considered to be the most important song for the  industrial metal music. The album sold two million copies, and the band secured a place on the Lollapalooza tour, and opened the way to this  to mainstream path, their role models are Marlilyn Manson and Rammstein.

During the decade the group has passed a lot of musicians, the only original member of the Al Jourgesen, one of the legendary figure of alternative scene in the nineties

For the Ministry it can be said that they are a combination between alternative rock, punk with  industrial sound.

Although it was believed that thier first and last time in Serbia on the Main Stage Exit Festival 2008, will be the last tour of  Ministry, and they also announced that they are on their last tour, the band regrouped in 2012. A year later, they released the album ” From Beer To Eternity ”, which is dedicated to the guitarist Mike Scacco.

Tickets for the Belgrade concert of Ministry, in the production of ” Strange Fear ”, and the tickets are available from Monday  March 20th, and they can be purchased on Eventim servis, price of the ticket is 2,490 dinars.

Society 1 Signs to DSN Music And Releases “It’s Yours Now” Music Video (featuring Sin Quirin of Ministry)

Legendary Southern California Industrial Metal group Society 1 has signed a deal with DSN Music to release their upcoming album Rise From The Dead, scheduled to release this March. Society 1, which was founded in 1996 by the infamous Lord Zane on lead vocals, also features veteran guitarist Maxxxwell Carlisle, bassist Dirt Von Karloff, and drummer Iorden Mitev.

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It feels good to be back at it again, like an old lover who fucked you better than anyone before or after” said Zane during a decadent signing party at the DSN Music complex in Malibu, CA. “Everyone has those moments when you resurrect and reinvent. This album Rise From The Dead is one of those moments.”

The comeback for Zane follows a hiatus during which he established a successful Hollywood career as a music video director, working on projects with such acts as Zakk Wylde, John 5, DMC, Wayne Static, and Orgy.

For me this isn’t so much of a return for the band but more a return of
my understanding of how necessary musical exploration is to my existence,” said Zane.

Society 1 gained a name for itself nationally for their wild stage antics,
including the Download Festival in 2005, where Zane broke several records by performing the entire set suspended from 4 meat hooks through his back.

Lord Zane is one of the most talented individuals you will ever come in
contact in our industry these days” said DSN President Guy Giuliano. “He has conquered every media platform, with a level of true professionalism, and he’s only really just getting started!

Rise From The Dead goes on sale worldwide March7, 2017 online and through all mobile outlets.

Photo by Anabel DFlux


About the band:

Society 1 captures the essence of abuse, overkill and ultimate inspiration…”

One of the many quotes that describe what Society 1 has become since their inception. Love or hate what Society 1 stand for, no one can argue with the controversial recognition of this band. They have pushed limits that didn’t even exist prior to their existence.

LA Weekly described Lord Zane as an embodiment of “Morrisonesque shamanics and Satanic self-determination.”

“…as front man for the world-touring metal band Society 1, Zane took live performing to new heights by setting a world record as the first person to sing live before 40,000 people while suspended 30ft. off the stage by a series of steel hooks pierced through his back.” –The Metal Forge

“Few performers have offered up flesh and blood for their art like Matt Zane has.” – Dr. Abner Mality, Wormwood Chronicles

“… every show is so full of energy that I equate it to catching lighting in a bottle. Not only is it high energy, it drips with the sexiness of dirty Rock ‘n Roll mixed with the sound of grinding industrial metal.” –

(Number 2) ‘The 5 Most Irresponsibly Badass Live Rock Shows Of All Time’

(Number 6) ‘Top 10 Shock Rock Bands of All Time’ – OC Weekly

(Number 82) Exit Through Fear ‘Top 100 Industrial Rock/Metal/Coldwave Albums’ – Ilker Yücel, Editor-Regen Magazine

Matt ‘The Lord’ Zane – Vocals
DV Karloff – Bass, backing vocals
Iorden Mitev – Drums
Alex Crescioni – Guitar