The hearts of metalheads united to help a little boy named Stefan!


 Imago CUK Belgrade, 10.12.2016


Five awesome bands held a concert to collect the money for the boy named Stefan in the Imago Cuk Center, who suffers from cerebral paralysis. I can say about this concert’s that the band and the crowd was united for a noble reason to say someones life and that is a big think.This concert showed that metalheads in general have a big heart and that they want to help someone in trouble.Concert was the pure demonstration and power of thrash metal for the good cause.


The first band to play was a Serbian speed/thrash metal band Exhibition. This band is a group of talent young musicians, they have a fun on the scene, they are totally into their music. The crowd support them completly, they were screaming, headbanging. The songs that this band played were covers from the legendary heavy and thrash metal bands such as Halloween, Iron Maiden, Agent Steel, Whiplash, Nuclear Assulta the song were “Be Quick or be Dead“, “Aces High”,”Bleed for the Gods”,”Power Thrashing death”. The covers sounded really great, the power of true thrash and heavy metal was present, the energy of this band was at the highest point, the crowd was also full of energy, so the band and the crowd made this show amazing, everyone in the hall was in such a positive mood, it was something magical, even the crowd got on the stage and singed with the band. The time has comed for the band to get of the stage, the crowd was ready for more thrash metal madness.


The second band was Kobold Serbian speed thrash metal band. This band is demostration of thrash metal band with three members, which everyone one of them has a great  tehnical and vocal abilities on the live concert’s, and it can be also heard on their EP “Madness Overture” and their debut album “Death Parade” .They began there performance in very raw but energetic way, the sound was raw, the sound of riffs were crushing the walls of the hall.The vocal Elio Rigonat showed that his voice is no joke, it’s pure evilness. The first song was “Die Hard“, the crowd was in trance there were mosh pits, headbanging, screaming ovations for each song.Then they played the songs from their upcoming album such as “Random act of Violence“,”Death Parade” and I Icarus” and so on. The guitarist Savo and drummer Sergej also singed on some songs.Crowd reacted insane to their perfomance, they made the atmosphere so amazing, everyone was in such crazy mood. Kobold left the stage and what is about to happen next was the explosion of madness.


The time has come for  the third band  to begin and the madness begined with Serbian thrash/cross over band Nadimac. When they arrived on the stage mayhem has begone, not only the band was crazy as hell, but the crowd went completly insane and out off cotrol. Fearlessness of  this band made the atmosphere, almost like there is going to be some massive slaughter among the crowd. The singer Danilo Trbojevic was all over the place. I can say he was faster than lightning. Crowd has headbanged, screaming, there were ovations, crowd diving and mosh pits all the tame, the atmosphere was like a bomb, with every second it was about blow off and to be a true fucking mayhem and destruction.They played the songs from their LP release “Manifest Protiv Sudbine” and the other songs they played were “Smrt Autoriteta“, “Koma Sutra“,  “Treće Oko” and this song was from thier first album called “Državni Neprijatelj Broj Kec“. The crowd reaction in a very crazy way to all of this songs, like I said before.The band left the stage, the half of the crowd left the hall.



The fourth band was Serbian thrash metal band Prisoner. The half of the crowd left the hall and the shame is on them. This is one amazing band that has a potencial to be really big band one day, they didn’t now what they missed, when they left the concert.The band played very furiously in the brutal manner, crushing riffs were all over the place, the sound was awesome and magical, with the musical skills of guitarist Mateja Cveticanin what can go wrong. The drummer that was supposed to play on the concert was Igor Kuzmovic, but he didn’t play on the concert for some reason, the former drummer Nikola Simonović joined them on this concert. The first song was “Something To Fear” from thier album “See the Scars“.The other songs they played were from the same album and those songs were “Deceived“, “Messiah,The Beast in the Mirror“, “Risen from the Grave“, “Hung, Drawn & Quartered” from the same album. They also performed new song “Dead Travel Fast“, every song on the concert had that power in the sound and energy, band gave the audience a full package of madness, and the crowd reaction very possitive, they headbang, screamed, they were mosh pits, crowd diving. The band showed on the concert why they are a one very unigue and awesome band, it’s all about how you present your music. They played “Risen from the Grave” as thier last song, the crowd wanted more, so the band got on the stage for the encore and they played a cover of Heller  Yugoslavian thrash metal band the song was “Inkvizicija“. The band left the stage. The next band was up to fucked up the crowd.


The fifth band was Serbian progressive thrash metal band Alitor. The band got on the stage, and the apocylpse can began. The band played songs such as “Artist Of Deception“,”Embittered“, Realm Of Grief was the from their first album “Eternal Depression“. The band played like true thrash metal masters. They were late for the show because they were shooting their new music video. The singer said this: “We apologize for being late, we were shooting our new music video“.The show goes on. The crowd really enjoyed their show. Last song they played was song “Horror“. Crowd was having fun and they were happy. Band got of the stage and that was about it for the concert and one crazy night.

It so nice to see people in such humanitarian concert that they not only enjoy music, but they spent their time to help a sick little boy, who needed a help from all of us. I hope the bands collected money for the Stefan. There was a lot love that night, if the people were humane as all of the people on the concert and the bands a world would surely be a better place. Help others, you will never no when you are going to need someones help.

Here is the video clip of the band Prisoner enjoy it:

Rating Concert:10/10


Live report: SAPRON

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Night of the punk and metal alliance

Night of the punk and metal alliance

Belgrade Riot Fest 2: Infected Rain/Scordisci/Nadimac/N.B.G./Direktori/T-Error/Blanquito Cojones

Dom Omladine, Belgrade


The second Belgrade Riot fest began with some very interesting and awesome bands. In a Dom Omaladine at big hall Americana, punk and metal were united together, to take over the world.

Infected Rain

First band to perform was Infected Rain Moldavian nu metal band. The crowd was there in few numbers, they were mosh pits, headbanging, ovations for the band, like the hall was complete full, but it was not. The singer Lena of the band, has a powerful influence on the public, and has that crazy energy, that keept crowd sreaming for more.The said that they are glad to be in Serbia, also in Belgrade of course, the singer asked the crowd how to say thank you in the Serbian language, it was funny how everyone responed at the same time on that question. So the Lena said thank you on the Serbian language. The band played on, and they went off the stage, they were sad because they didn’t have time to play more, but the crowd was very satisfied.


Second band to play Scordisci  Serbian Celtic punk band, brought the joyfulness to the crowd, everyone was singing, dancing the irish dance, there were mosh pits also. The band was great, they played fierce with the true punk attitude, but with the spirit of celtic roots, there was magic in the air. The band played on, and they left the stage, in a good mood with smile on thier faces.


Third band to play was Nadimac Serbian thrash metal band. They thrashed the stage out. They were fierce, loud, fast, brutal. The crowd was headbanging, there were mosh pits. The singer was all over the place, he had that energy, to keep on jumping, screaming all the time, and to entertain the crowd. Trash metal power in thrash metal style. The band get off the stage, leaving the metaheads satisfied.


Fourth band to play was Serbian punk rock band N.B.G. . They entered the stage and there were ovations and screaming right from the start. The band showed, that they are old punkers, with the old school punk attitude. They were all over the stage, the crowd was hypnotized, and the hall was full of people. They celebrated on the festival the 32 years of career, the show was amazing. Band kept playing on, and they left the fans and crowd very happy.


Fifth band were the stars of the Serbian punk band Direktori, that crowd was waiting for.They were ovations, crowd fall in trance, it was madness. The band itselfs, looked like they are going to create a insane party, which they did. With every song, the fans and the crowd were singing like it was as a anthem, and even some fans and other members of the bands were on the stage dancing and screaming with them. The band kept playing on, and it was time for them to left the stage, but they have return for a encore, and the fans went crazy, and finally they left the stage, and the fans and crowd did not know  what hit them, they were beyond happy and of course they wanted more.


Six band to play was Serbian hardcore band T-Error, the big crowd left the festival, after the show of the Direktori. So the smaller crowd stayed to support the band, and they did support them very good, they were headbanging, screaming with the band. Their show was quite good, they satisfied the crowd. They left the stage, and the show goes on, crowd was tired, but satisfied.

Blanquito Cojones

Seventh band was Serbian punk band Blanquito Cojones. The band are the true stand up comedians, they had there speach at the beginning of their concert, and after that the show begin, the fans and friends of the band, were happy, and it was a intimate atmosphere, cool sound, and more cooler attitude of the band, in the punk style. The band played on, and they left the tired fans and friends, to go in one piece to their homes.

Belgrade Riot Fest is one of those festival that brings fun, pure fun. This festival brought pure enjoyment to the fans of punk and metal. This was a very special night, with punk and metal power, united to make a change, to show the true side of rebellion.

Rating Concert:10/10

sapronLive report: SAPRON

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Direktori as Headliners will make a Riot for the second time in Belgrade

Direktori as Headliners will make a Riot for the second time in Belgrade


With the return of the punk band Direktori,six bands will play also on the Second Belgrade Riot Fest. After the successful premiere of the First Belgrade Riot Fest. Route 011 decided this fall, to gather as many musicians from the alternative scene as possible.

Приказује се Direktori 1.jpg

After many years of not playing, we are now playing  for some old friends and young forces, which did not have a chance to hear us uzivo.Here we are again at the “Dom Omladine ” after twenty years on “Riot” at Americana hall, 3 days after 5th October. We are preparing some raw punk and ska hits, and we promise, that we are going to make a great atmosphere. Come on the concert, if you dare.

This is a statment about their concert on the “Second Belgrade Riot Fest”.

Приказује се NBG 1.jpg

Punk rock  band N.B.G. said this about thier concert and the “Second Belgrade Riot Fest”:

Punk is coming back in Belgrade. N.B.G is calling you to come on the “Riot Fest”.You are going to listen to many good bands, also we will play a premiere of our song “Akcija”.We are going to make a madness, and we are celebrating 32 years of existence.Friends. We are waiting for you on the concert.


The bands that are going to play on the festival are:


Приказује се Direktori 2.jpg

The band was formed in 80’s, and they began recording music in 1990, such as these few songs they recorded “Mrzim Hajduk” then “Cisticete Ulice”,”Ide Voz”, “Bando Crvena”, “Ko je Svestski Sampion”, “Volimo Pivo”


Приказује се NBG 2.jpg

This band is reunited again. They were formed in 1984, as a part of the authentic rock,punk and rap scene. Their first album from 1997, and it is talking about Novobeogradskog(New Belgrade) way of life.




The band was formed in 2003. With the friend from school, to play kickass thrash metal music, they began there jorney, when thrash metal was almost dead in the Serbian metal scene. To keep honesty and energy, as basic mark of their music style.


Band is formed in 1993 in Nis. Musical style of the band is between crossover hardcore and metal. The lyrics are about personal, social, love themes.They have bare and personal attitudes.



Band was formed in 2014. The band is made up of eight people for the love of the irish traditional music, as well as punk. There wish and they wanted to add on the scene of Irish music in Serbia, a band with more aggresive and heavier sound.

6.Blanquito Cojones

This rock and roll band was formed last year. They recorded covers of the most famous  old school punk bands, and aslo they recorded their own songs in Serbian language.

7. Infected Rain

Приказује се infected rain.jpg

This band is a alternative/nu metal band from Moldova formed in 2008 and made its debut on August 3, 2008, also they perform  in a concert dedicated to Slayer.In June, the band played at OST fest 2012 in Bucharest on the same stage with Dimmu Borgir and Motley Crue.

Fb event:


Belgrade Riot Fest, punk madness is coming your way

Belgrade Riot Fest, punk madness is coming your way


The second Belgrade Riot Fest is going to be held at Dom Omladine , in the hall “Americana” at 19:00 pm 8th October. The bands that are going to play on the festival are:


2.Gavrilo Princip

3. NbG


5. T-Error


7.Blanquito Cojones

8.Infected Rain

Here are some video clips as annouched of the festival:

The first video is censored.

Here is the second with uncesored version:


Support this festival and this great bands at Belgrade. Be Punk.