Inferno (Czech) is going to play in Ukraine on March 25th (Grand Sounds promotion gig)!

Grand Sounds promotion present – Hellish Meeting gig! Czech black metal cult INFERNO to play in Ukraine (Lviv) on March 25th!

Inferno is going  to release “Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)” on April 4th! The band is touring now, and one of March’ stops – the cultural capital of Ukraine – Lviv!

Inferno will be supported on the stage by these Ukrainian bands:

Ungoliantha – Black metal
NordWitch – Female fronted blackened death metal
Atra Mors – Old-school black metal

About the Inferno:
Inferno came into the existence in 1996 in the Czech republic even though.The band’s foundation has been laid a year before, in 1995.
The first demo offering entitled “Peklo Na Zemi” was released in run of 500
copies which sold-out fast and the second demo “Temná Poselství Dávných Předků” which came out a year later and also limited to 500 copies followed the same fate.
This very first releases of Inferno have opened many ways and possibilities in then black metal underground. Inferno have played numerous concerts alongside the bands like Maniac Butcher, Eminenz, Impending Doom and others.
The established contacts in the scene have also helped the band to realize
several notable 7″ LPs with the bands such as Moonblood or Celestia 
which were released or co-released by a cult label Sombre Records.
Other realized splits were with the bands Maniac Butcher, Sezarbil, Infernal War, Apolokia, Fagyhamu, Tundra, The Stone, Front Beast, Amalek, Winter Blasphemer, Naburus, Sekhmet and The True Endless. The band then has also recorded one live album and three subsequent
Full-Length albums are:
1.“Duch Slovanské Síly” (2001),
2.V Návratu Pohanství…” (2003) 
3.“Nikdy Nepokřtěni” (2006).
The year 2008 marked several important milestones. Firstly, the Undercover Records released the fourth album entitled “Uctívání Temné Zuřivosti” – a very fine offering of melodic yet aggressive black metal – which helped the band to strike a deal with polish label

Agonia Records who put out a crucial album “Black Devotion” (2009).

Things started to move in new directions as the band’s name broke
through the borders of Czech republic and Europe, performing eleven
concerts in Mexico as well as at various places around the Europe. But
the finest hour of Inferno is yet to come.

The apocalyptic year of 2012 has been dedicated to the creation of the band’s most potent and
deranged creation yet. Inferno entered the well-known Swedish studio
Necromorbus twice during the year to seal cacophonic sounds and
malevolent powers into the album entitled “Omniabsence Filled By His
Greatness“. This massive sounding magnum opus of sinister black metal art shall
see the light of the day in 2013 through Agonia Records.

Inferno comprises of the founding member :
Adramelech (vocals)
Ska-Gul (Guitars)
Sarapis (Drums)
O. (Bass guitar)  
Morion (Guitars)
Here is the video clip of the band, enjoy it:
About the Nordwitch:
Nordwitch is a combination of “north” and “witch“. While creating name for the band members were inspired by the ancient mythology of Scandinavia, North, cold and mysteries.
Nordwitch was formed in February 2015. At first it was Ukraine/Hungary project (most musicians were from the Ukraine, but the drummer Donets Stepan was from Hungary).
The band immediately started to create music for the album. The main idea for ‘Mørk Profeti‘ was to create a concept album, starting with the lyrics and powerful extreme female vocals, mixed with the brutal, gloomy guitar riffs and strong rhythm section.
During the recording sessions the band began to cooperate with the promotion agency Grand Sounds PR (Ukr) and Dark Ritual production (USA). When the band finished recording sessions, there were some line-up changes: new drummer Zhenya joined the band, so the band became exclusively Ukrainian band.
Image may contain: 4 people
There is a pretty dark and interesting legend in Norse mythology about three witches who can control people’s fate. Pretty dark and interesting legend. Under this inspiration we created a band name and our first album ‘Mørk Profeti‘ (“Dark Prophets” in English). The idea of this legend was also included in the booklet. Album’s art design by Vyacheslav Smeshko, who also worked with such great bands like Rotting Christ, Batushka etc…
First live show was in Kiev where the band shared the stage with cult German black metal band Nargaroth. Then Nordwitch shared stage with one more with US band Inquisition.
Mørk Profeti‘ was released in 2016. Before it was released and till now it receive good reviews from various world’s major music portals and magazines. After that Nordwitch signed with Satanath Records (Russia), Spiritual Beast records (Japan) and Qalaqas Black Art Production (for limited cassette release) (Malaysia).
At this moment the band preparing for new gigs in Lviv on March, 25 and in Kyiv on April, 29 at “DAILY METAL FEST: V Years Of Metal“.
Here is the video clip of the band, enjoy:
About the Ugoliantha:
The Ungoliantha  was formed by Lord Sinned in Stakhanov city Lugansk region after the collapse of the doom/death band Imajica.
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The first rehearsal was held June 6, 1996, and since that day the band takes its origin. Initially the aim was to perform Black Metal.
The band was founded by members:
1.Lord Sinned (guitars/voice)
2.Beard (drums)
3.Katerina (keyboards / block flute) (all – ex-Imajica)
4.Vyach – (session bass) (from Benighted Sky)
The first concert the band gave in November 1996 and in February 1997 the rehearsal tape “Reign Him” was recorded, that was rerecorded in 2001 by label HOLOCAUST prod. with sound remastering, album cover and live bonus song.
In April 1997 the band played for a big at that time fest in Alchevsk – GrinDeathMadness with Eclipse, Mental Demise, Astrofaes, Nokturnal Mortum, Infected. The band starts to perform actively. A few lineup changes followed. Some attempts to record a demo-tape were made, but unsuccessfully.
In January 1999 a new guitarist came to the band from Benighted Sky  Marquise de Masquerade. Since the new bassist had not been found, Lord Sinned changes the guitar to bass-guitar, and later keyboardist Yuri, former Imajica guitarist, joined the band, and again concerts along with new attempts to record followed.
 In 1999, Yuri creates his own band Vampirion, also including some Ungoliantha members: Beard (drums) (also played with Benighted Sky in that time) and Lord Sinned (voice).
That summer in Lisichansk the live concert of Ungoliantha was recorded. In September 99, after the concert with Vampirion, Beard left the band because of the lack of time , he was just used to play with Benighted Sky (until 2001). Marquise de Masquerade also didn’t find time for the bands life suspends. Despite at fact, in 2001 the remake of the demo “Reign Him” was recorded in a limited amount at HOLOCAUST prod., and also drum and bass tracks for four songs were recorded, that had to be the demo-tape, but thanks the outdated equipment the record died together with computer`s HDD.
The bands life suspends again until the end of 2004, when the band gathered with previously mentioned Yuri (guitar) and Virus (drums). Only in February 2006 in Lugansk studio instrumental tracks for the demo were recorded by Lord Sinned (bass) and Yuri (guitars). That summer some voice tracks were recorded and the mixing was performed by Lord Sinned. The demo was called “Dedicated to All Demons” and sent as a promo.
In 2010 the band gathered with new members to play concerts and in autumn 2011 starts to write full-format album which was finished in May 2013 and was called “Through the Chaos, Through Time, Through the Death“. Since the war in Donbass Lord Sinned was forced to leave Lugansk and reallocated to Kiev, where in 2015 gathered the new staff. The original drummer  Beard joined the band.
I hear the bells of hell, 4 amazing bands are united together to bring chaos. With Inferno, Nordwitch, Ugoliantha, Atra Mors united, you will expirience a jorney trough hell on March 25th in Ukraine. Black metal madness, coming your way to destroy the light in your, and make your soul wicked. Be there and taste the wrath and rage of black metal alliance.

Nordwitch-Mork Profeti


1. Mørk profeti (Intro)
2. Dominion
3. Walker from the Shade
4. Lady Evil
5. The Call to an Ancient Evil
6. To Nord Gods
7. No Regret
8. Messiah of Death


Ukranian/Hungarian blackened death metal band Nordwitch released there first release. I can say that this album has many influences as well as some tempo to it, with the melodies and solos, it is not typical blackened death metal album, it is something different.Heavy,melodic death  and thrash metal are those influences on the album combined with black metal and brutal  death metal, creating some very interesting extreme metal fusion, that in some songs is not done very well, but in the rest of the songs on the album is perfect.

With tehnical balance and compliance there are some problems with melodic parts on the album, but in some other moments on the album is just great, acoutic is solid, production can be better.

The vocals of the singer Masha are brutal as fuck, she delivers that raw, evil blackened death metal vocal, which is the most times death metal vocal, pure badass growl, which made the atmosphere on the album better. So the album is about darkeness, paganism, destruction and chaos, in each song this things were very well delivered. The crushing powerful solos will for sure be mindblowing for someone that will listen to this album.

Nordwitch has delivered as a band very solid and powerful album, with some melodic darkness ready to take over everything good in the word. Unigue atmosphere and combination of genres is the trademark of the album.


Rating Album:7,5/10


Rating album: SAPRON

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