Artillery releases new music video for ”When The Magic Is Gone”!

Danish Power Thrash Metallers Artillery have just released a brand new video for the song ”When The Magic Is Gone”. The song is taken off the bands latest album ”Penalty By Perception”.

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Statment of the band about the song and the video:

Our new video ‘When the magic is gone’ is a song about death and grief, it is a very personal song which shows the more mellow side of Artillery. The Video was recorded in Nørrebro, Copenhagen by Terkel Christensen (Aggressive Art) who is an old friend of Artillery.”

This week Saturday Artillery will start their co-headline tour with Onslaught.

Artillery will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their ”Terror Squad” album on this run, playing 5-6 songs from that album + new songs of their latest album ”Penalty By Perception” as well as some more classics.

”Thrash Till Death” tour dates:

+ Onslaught
+ Exarsis
+ Chronosphere
23/09 – Helvete Club – Oberhausen (DE)
24/09 – Hedon Club – Zwolle (NL)
25/09 – De Verlichte Geest – Roeselare (BE)
26/09 – Roxy Concerts – Flensburg (DE)
27/09 – Garage Deluxe – München (DE)
28/09 – Moonlight Music Hall – Diest (BE)
29/09 – Fuizenfest – Riel (NL) (ONSLAUGHT)
30/09 – Kiehool Burgum – Burgum (NL)
01/10 – OFF DAY
02/10 – Schwarzer Adler – Tannheim-Egelsee (DE)
03/10 – Escape Metalcorner – Vienna (AT)
04/10 – 7er-Club – Mannheim (DE)
05/10 – Musigburg – Aarburg (CH)
06/10 – Dada Live Club – Pavia (IT)
07/10 – Revolver Music Hall – Venice (IT)
08/10 – Borderline – Pisa (IT)
09/10 – Sala Utopia – Zaragoza (SP)
10/10 – OFF DAY
11/10 – SMAC de La Gespe – Tarbes (FR)
12/10 – Sala Upload – Barcelona (SP)

Artillery will tour Denmark in November together with support Imaplers and with a different setlist!

+ Impalers
13/10 Amager Bio – Copenhagen
03/11 Konfus – Esbjerg
04/11 Pitstop- Kolding
10/11 Ungdomshuset – Fredericia
11/11 TBA
18/11 Von Hatten – Randers
24/11 Kontrast – Herning
25/11 Sønderborghus – Sønderborg
01/12 Templet – Lyngby
02/12 TBA

Surf over to the landing page at to watch the video for ”Live By The Scythe”! At the same location you can purchase Artillery‘s latest album ”Penalty By Perception”. The album has been voted Danish metal album of the year at the High Voltage Rock Awards in April in Copenhagen, Denmark!


Check out the music video for  the ”When The Magic Is Gone” here, enjoy it:

Artillery – Penalty by Perception

artillery, penalty by perception

Artillery- Penalty by Perception

1. In Defiance of Conformity
2. Live by the Scythe
3. Penalty by Perception
4. Mercy of Ignorance
5. Rites of War
6. Sin of Innocence
7. When the Magic Is Gone
8. Cosmic Brain
9. Deity Machine
10. Path of the Atheist
11. Welcome to the Mind Factory

Legendary Danish thrash metal band realised the album. This album is a kick ass apocalyptic trash metal album, the album demostrates the true power of thrash metal.

On the album it can be heard this raw trash metal sound with awesome solos, that are so amazing, that you can fill that clean and raw power through your own bones.

The vocal is very good, it’s like the vocal and the music are the one with another. This album is one of those albums, that are badass thrash metal, so perfect and brutal.

Tehnical compliance is brougt to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This album will take you to a world of death,apocylpse,chaos, destruction,pure trash metal power.

Artillery is the band, that has a unigue thrash metal style to it’s music, it’s raw, it’s brutal and insane trash metal music, because of this, the band is one of the best known thrash metal bands. This band is a ultimate thrash metal arrmagedon, that will blow your mind with the true essence and power of trash metal music, in the best way.

artillery, penalty by perception


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