Cynic release stunning new song called ”Humanoid”!

Cynic have released a digital single titled “Humanoid”. This song marks the first new music from the progressive pioneers since the Americans’ 2014 full-length, ”Kindly Bent To Free Us”.


Frontman Paul Masvidal stated this about the song:

” ”Humanoid” is a portrait of contrasts, like those between struggle and stillness, or the immediate against the limitless. Our Stargate is planet Earth consciousness, the transmitter. We, sentient creatures of light, are alive now — on a sphere, floating in a galaxy fixed amidst the infinite. It’s quite miraculous to be aware of this, and it invokes a sense of urgency and empowerment that is unlike anything else.”

“Humanoid” was recorded by Paul Masvidal and longtime Cynic bassist Sean Malone. The song also and marks the debut of the band’s new drummer, Matt Lynch, who brings a renewed sense of energy to ‘Cynic’s rhythm section.

CYNIC picture current line-up

For the mixing of “Humanoid”,  Cynic partnered with renowned engineer Adam “Nolly” Getgood. Sean Malone comments: “Nolly’s approach is equal parts expertise and intuition. Working with him was quick, clear, but most of all, musical.”

The artwork for “Humanoid” features a detail from the painting “Ayahuasca Dream” by Robert VenosaCynic‘s longtime collaborator and celebrated an artist who sadly passed away in 2011.

On further news, Sweden’s award-winning Strandberg* Guitars are announcing a new Paul Masvidal signature instrument today, the “Masvidalien Cosmo”, which can be viewed at the picture below.

Paul Masvidal by Darrin Noble

Paul Masvidal stated this about  the Strandberg Masvidalien Cosmo custom guitar:
“Strandberg breaks new ground yet again. Kabir, the 15th-century Indian mystic poet said ‘Wherever you are is the entry point’, and the Masvidalien Cosmo captures this spirit as an instrument.
When I first started conversations with Ola about the guitar, words such as ‘effortless’, ‘ease’, ‘elegance’, and ‘versatility’ came to mind. Not only was this captured with the instrument, but it was also taken further. The finished product managed to strike a rare alchemy, where everything from the way it sounds, feels, and appears fell seamlessly into place: the guitar both expresses and is itself an expression.”
Strandberg is in a league of its own, holding the greatness of progressive design at its heart. Ola’s work benefits the present by not being bound to it. It’s truly an honor to be working with a visionary company like Strandberg.”


Current line-up:
Paul Masvidal: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Sean Malone: bass, stick
Matt Lynch: drums


Official biography



Check out the song “Humanoid” here, enjoy it:

Halcyon Way is going to tour with Angra and Operation:Mindcrime!

Alpha Omega Management has a huge pleasure to announce that  Halcyon Way are confirmed, as main support for Angra’s Omni World Tour 2018, alongside Operation:Mindcrime, kicking off on March 22nd in Belgium!

Statement of the band about the tour:

“HW is hitting the road in Europe again in March/April 2018 with Angra and Geoff Tate. We’re gonna be hitting a bunch of markets we’ve yet to play in, like Slovakia, Portugal and Spain but we also will get to see tons of old friends in places we’ve been before. And Russia again!!”

Halcyon Way with Angra and Operation:Mindcrime on ”Omni World Tour”2018 dates:

22.03 | BE | Diest | Moonlight Music Hall
23.03 | NL | Leeuwarden | Neushoorn
24.03 | FR | Paris | Le Forum
25.03 | FR | Lyon | Ninkasi Kao
27.03 | ES | Barcelona | Razzmatazz 2
28.03 | ES | Valencia | Rockcity
29.03 | PT | Oporto | Hardclub
30.03 | PT | Lisboa | RCA Club
31.03 | ES | Madrid | Arena
01.04 | FR | Montpellier | Secret Place
03.04 | IT | Milano | Live Club
04.04 | IT | Roma | Orion
05.04 | IT | Bologna | Zona Roveri
06.04 | AT | Vienna | Szene
07.04 | SL | Bratislava | Babylon Club
08.04 | CZ | Kosice | Colloseum Club
10.04 | HU | Badapest | Barba Negra
11.04 | PL | Warsaw | Progresja
12.04 | DE | Berlin | Lido
13.04 | DE | Munchen | Backstage
14.04 | CH | Pratteln | Z7
15.04 | NL | Rotterdam | Maassilo
17.04 | UK | London | Underworld
19.04 | DE | Essen | Turock
20.04 | RU | Moskow | Tba
21.04 | RU | St Petersberg | Opera House

Based in Atlanta, Georgia and founded in 2001, Halcyon Way is the ultimate example of blue-collar work ethic, self-reliant bootstrapping, and hard work & perseverance in spite of nearly insurmountable odds. The band has released three albums worldwide through Nightmare Records/Sony RED, and performed in a dozen countries and counting.  Halcyon Way’s sound cannot be neatly slotted into any sub-category of metal; but it can be described as heavy, catchy, technical, and above all, focused on mature songcraft. In December 2016  Halcyon Way toured Russia with Sabaton, and has also hit the road with bands such as Queensryche, Saxon, Fates Warning, Skid Row, and many others, playing to fans across 4 continents.

Check out the official video  for ”Web Of Lies” here, enjoy it:

More information at:


Heretic’s Dream Video Footage of Full Saint-Petersburg Show is Available!

Just recently the Italian progressive rock/metallers Heretic’s Dream joined the Finnish progressive metal masters Amorphis on the 10th Eclipse Anniversary Shows in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Spika tour Agency has released the full video of Heretic’s Dream show performed at Zal Ozhidaniya Club 13.05.2017, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Watch below:

Heretic’s Dream is a female fronted five piece Rock band that can’t easily be labelled as playing anyone type of Rock music! Their music is Hard Rock, Alternative, Progressive and Metal, combining unusual and complex rhythms with a fierce energy, making their music unique! Check out their latest video for the song ”Secret Place”, taken from the fortcoming album ”Floating State Of Mind” here:

More information at:




Band Members:

Lead Vocals:Thomas Gabriele


Guitar, Vocals:Matteo Palladini


Keyboards: Giancarlo Vizzaccaro


Bass Guitar: Andrea Prestia


Drums, Percussion: Alessandro Giordano

Hometown: Roma

1.How the band started?

Hi and first of all thank you for the interview! The band was formed during our school years and carries on today(with some line up changes,you know) with the same mood and aim: ALWAYS searching for something different in music.

2.Which band is your role model?

We are influenced by Prog Stuff most of all, no matter is Rock or Metal. In the Prog Metal World we can certainly say that Dream Theater and Opeth both had a big role in our influences. Instead in the Prog Rock stuff we bet on Genesis as the bigger portrayal of that period.

3.What do You think about today’s metal scene?

Well, there are a lot of valuable bands technically and musically speaking, the risk is always that the first prevail on the second one. Music is not a race, Music is when groove,musicality and melody go together in the same direction.

4.How would you describe in one sentence your work?


5.Why did you decide to play this musical direction?

We did not decide to play Prog Music, it is simply what we are, the way we write togeter and the sum of our musical influences.


6.Where would you most like to play a concert?

Rock in Rio would be right!

7.Do you think that the metal festivals are enough visited?

People ask for Metal Music! They want some more and the Wacken numbers testify that.

8.What are you listening to, the most right now?

Actually one of the Top five band we listen to is “Circus Maximus”, they’ve done a great job with their last album. Usually we like to listen for very different musical genres: classic rock, pop, world music and so on.

9.What would you say to your fans?

We take advantage of this interview to thank our fans. In this weeks you are asking for news, live shows, full lenght release and many many other things… Amazing! We can’t be more proud of this! Everything is going to happen very soon,so stay tuned…step by step we’ ll reveal everything! Meanwhile you can watch our new video(follow the link and share it with your friends. Thanks guys, You’re The Best!

10.What are your plans for the future?

As we said we already published our new video, and at the end of September our first full lenght “Skyscrapers and Firefalls” will be released under Sliptrick Records. We look forward to everyone listen to it! We have also plans for the release party and tours, so stay tuned guys! Thanks to all for the interview, Heartache


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HEARTACHE launched new video “Breaking News”

HEARTACHE launched new video “Breaking News”

Brand new Official Video by Italian Progressive Rock/Metal band Heartache, for the track ‘Breaking News’ off the upcoming album ‘Skyscrapers and Firefalls’.

Progressive rock, metal, atmosphere and skill are fused with almost pop music flavoured melodies in what becomes the perfect marriage of inspiration and history of the great progressive and rock bands from the seventies until today. Novelty and experimentation that also manage to grant the pleasure of familiarity.
Born during the school years from the minds of friends that show musical affinity and great passion, Heartache began to lay the foundation of what will become its peculiarity: crating original, innovative music, done with care in every detail. After a few important line-up changes, the embryo transformed into what it is today, with its launch in the musical scene thanks to numerous live events that put the band on the scene of important roman clubs such as the Jailbreak and many Italian town squares.
Great amount of ideas, technical ability and style. Such drive will see the birth, in 2012, of the EP “Apophis”, and it will also establish the band’s collaboration with the italian label CNI.
The album consists in a four movement suite, where the events of the myth of Pandora are fused with a real encyclodepia of musical genres, with lyrics telling introspective stories, investigating the human mind.
«What happens in this short but intense Apophis is justified by great passion and skill, there’s no need to go around in circles: the quintet is nothing less than many better known realities and it’s legit to expect something more from them in the future.» this is what the web zine Metal Wave stated in an enthusiastic review of the EP.
Year 2015 will finally sees “Heartache” back in studio to record their first full-lenght, a masterpiece where the same tune and cohesion that described the four movements of Apophis, is now found in all tracks, in a concept album that sees a man, emblem of his time, living in the trap of social isolation, lost in technology’s unreal net.
Every track gives mind to the subject of the appearances and deception of human relationship, in a true spiritual voyage that will take its protagonist to the awareness and detachment needed to  escape from that world to find contact with the reality surrounding him.


GC Project video “Another Me” @ Sliptrick records

GC Project video “Another Me” @ Sliptrick records

Italian Progressive/Rock/Fusion/Blues project GCProject has launched new video!

On the scene since 1992. Once graduated at University of Music in Rome, he played live and recorded demos with several bands from the Naples rock/metal scene. He played in the album “A New Day” from Silent Field, for Nocturnal Music label, followed by a live tour. After moving to Bologna, he recorded “Rock, Groove, Sexy & Funky” (2004) with Alias, “Misteriosevoci” (2005) and “Rebus” (2008) with Barock Project, for the french Musea Records label. He recorded two songs with GOS (Ivano Zanotti, Vince Pastano, Giorgio Santis) in 2006. Official drummer for Rain from 2011 to 2014, he played in “XXX” tour, “Mexican Way” album and the following 9-months tour. Member of Ypnos (actually in studio recording their first album) and Coda (Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin tribute). On September 2014 he started writing songs for his solo project, the GC Project, the Giacomo Calabria’s soloproject. After three years on tour in Italy and Europe, studio recording and many sessions, his desire is to play music tha includes many genres, progressive, hard rock, heavy metal, blues, latin, and play with several artists who are friends too, to create an album with different kind of sounds, attitudes and interplay, All songs and lyrics are written by Giacomo Calabria.
The album is titled Face the Odds, released on december 7th 2015 by Sliptrick Records, and contains 11 original tracks and one ghost track, The Black Page #1, tribute to Frank Zappa, and it’s available in stores, on Itunes, Deezer, Amazon music, Google play, Musimania, KKBox and others platforms.