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”Club Fest/Serbia”


On October 1st at Club Fest three amazing band SatanaKozel, Welicoruss, GRAI held a concert in Belgrade as a part of their Balkan tour. My opinion of this show is that it was amazing, all three bands demonstrated the true power of metal and the atmosphere in the audience was magical, the bands and the audience enjoyed the show.

The first band to open the show was russian folk metal band SatanaKozel. The band started playing with some heavy riffs, the vocalist rocked the stage, his growl’s were some kind of mix of giant monster and demon in one, the audience was in trance and the band of course too.

Then they began to play a first song, but before that was intro, “Битва”, the crowd reacted very good to the band, they were listening to all of the song with attention, the second one was ”Kузнец”, great song the reactions of the crowd is getting better and better, the third one was ”Mедведь”, the reactions are quite good to this one, the fourth one was ”Bъюга”, the fifth one was ”Musta Mado”and the final one was ”Баня”. The reactions of the crowd were amazing for this band, they were headbaning and satisfied with the hole performance it was just great, sadly they had three more songs to play, but the pedal of dummer Nickolai Kuskov was broken. The band left the stage satisifed with performance although there were technical problems.


The second band to perform was czech/russian symphonic black metal band Welicoruss. This band is unique with their performance and with that dark atmosphere in their music yet melodic, they owned the stage, they were so in a good mood, like they were in their own little dark world, the crowd was hypnotized by them, for me personally it was something amazing. The first song that they where playing was ”Az Esm” in English ”I am”, before that there was intro, the second one was ”Bridge of Hope”, after this one they played the third one ”Kharnha”.

I like how this band have made all the time, this insane dark atmosphere on the concert, like you were in Siberian forest all the time, and the vocalist Alexey Boganov dominated the stage with his unclean and clean vocals with pure pagan power. The forth song on the playlist was ”Slavonic Power”, great song, amazing reactions by crowd, fifth song coming up and it was ”Slava Russi”, the crowd is in trance, and they liked this song in a special way, six song was ”Voice Of Millennium”, then the seventh song ”Outsider”, eight song was Woloshba, the ninth song was  ”Sons of The North” the most famous song by the band, the crowd got tired, but there were some loyal fans that headbang to their music until the end. The last song that they played was ”Waterwalking”,then the band left the stage and they were satisfied with their performance.

At last the third band that played was russian  folk metal giants GRAI. This band rocked the stage in every possible way. Irina Zybina vocalist of the band had a chat with audience in russian and then she had some jokes about that the Serbian audience don’t understand them and that they don’t understand Serbian too, it was a funny moment on the concert.

The first song was intro  ”Марево” intro song and the crowd was impatient from the beginning of the concert to hear all of the songs. The second one  was ”Поступь зимы”, crowd goes crazy and the show can began. Irina had that magical slavic influence all of the time on the concert, she has that magical hypnotic voice that left everyone in the club hypnotized, the power of her voice and energy is insane in a positive way. The true slavic warriors destroyed the hole club into pieces with some slavic warrior power, that tear up the walls and the souls too. The third song that they played was ”Млада”, the crowd gets more crazier and crazier, they began dancing in treditional folk style and headbang, the fourth song was ”Тень”, the atmosphere was like a fire pit in hell, but the crowd was very happy, with the sound and the fire in their hearts, the fifth song was ”Мгла со мной”, the six song was ”Береза”, the seveth song was ”В объятиях Мары” the most best reactions were to this song, crowd was dancing and singing out loud to this song, it was some pure slavic atmosphere, the ancestors were proud for sure, the eight song was  ”Доня”, the ninth song was ”Крепкая охота”, the tenth song was ”Крепкая охота”, the eleven song was ”Пшеничная”, and the last one they played was ”Лешак”.

This concert was something special, it had that vibe of pure slavic destruction, the whole magic of it. The negative thing about this, is that it should have been more crowd on the concert, they deserved it. Pure chaos in a positive way, the night of pure russian metal destruction, that left a mark on a soul.

Rating concert: 9,5/10

Live report: SAPRON

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Pictures from Russian Folk night at Club Fest in Belgrade on October 1st. Check out this amazing pictures and fell the complete atmosphere of the folk metal madness!!!!

GRAI, SatanaKozel, Welicoruss are going to held a concert in Belgrade at Club Fest on October 1st!

Within the European tour called “FOLK METAL MARATHON”Russian metal bands GRAI, SatanaKozel and  Czech/Russia metal band Welicoruss are going to held a concert in Belgrade at Club Fest in October 1st! The russia metal folk night is upon us, be there to witness the cool and magical power of raw and folk sound combined together.  The price of the ticket will be RSD 700 in pre-sales, and on the day of the concert it will cost RSD 900. Booking can be made via e-mail:

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About GRAI:

The band was created on the 3rd of July in 2005. The style can be identified as folk-metal. At the very beginning the name of the band was changed several times. It was “Raven Blood”, then “Vorog” ( the enemy), and in February of 2007 it finally got it’s name “GRAI” (meaning the bird’s cry). Gradually the material for the new album has been composing and there were given a few concerts. One of the first band’s appearances took place on the 6th of May in 2006 together with such folk-metal bands as Alkonost, Svarga.

On the 2nd of December in 2006 the band participated in Folk/Brutal Metal Fest jointly with Rossomahaar, Alkonost. From February to August of 2007 there had been recording an EP(demo) entitled “Ot Istoka”( From the Source), which included 4 compositions: The Birch, Winter, The Winds, The Source. The recording was proceeding at the studio of Sergey Kamyshansky in Naberezhnye Chelny, RF.

On the 1st of November in 2007 there was held a performance at the presentation of the new album by Arkona from Moscow ”Ot Serdza k nebu” (From heart to heavens”) within the framework of their tour of 2007. At that very concert ”GRAI” presented their EP ”Ot Istoka”.

During the period from February till June of 2008 at the studio of Sergey Kamyshansky in Naberezhnye Chelny, RF had been recording the band’s first LP ”Polyn” and ”Trava” (”The Sagebrush”). The album consisted of 9 compositions. It’s no mere chance that the album has such a name – it’s symbolical and reveals the concept of creative work and the world – outlook of the band musicians. The Sagebrush is a symbol of grief and sorrow for the times which had passed – the times of Slavic pride, valour, courage and honour.

The album is just permeated with the spirit of those ancient times, each song’s reflected in a striking image. And there’s more in this than meets the eye! Folk tunes, excellent wind-instruments parts coupled with guitars and splendid female voices of the band vocalists produce their own certain effect. The album is released by the Moscow label VOLH Records( During the period of the album presentation there had been given a set of concerts joined with many groups including Alkonost, Svarga, Arkona, Rossomahaar.

After the edition of the album two members left the band  Darya “Rodonitsa” and Andrey “Char”. Meanwhile a new bass player  Yury Bedusenko , appeared in the group. Since that time the role of the second vocalist had been performed by Alija Latypova  the flutist.

On the 10th of September in 2009 the album ”Polyn” ”trava” was represented in a Moscow club “Relax”.
On the 25th of of 2010 at the studio of Sergey Kamyshansky the band began recording the second LP consisting of 10 tracks.

As the members of the group see it the album would be stirring and cheerful. On the 27th November in 2010 in Nizhniy Novgorod was held a concert together with Arkona. Continuing working at the studio the band didn’t stop giving concerts. At this very period the group hired Irina Zybina as the third vocalist who participated in recording one of the Alkonost’s albums as folk  vocalist.

Irina’s beautiful powerful voice blended with the band repertoire perfectly.
Now work in the studio is finished and the group continues to do concerts in various cities throughout Russia. The group’s going to release the album and to make it’s super-presentation!=)

On the 27 of September the label Sound Age Prod ( released a new album of Grai-band entitled “O Zemle Rodnoi” (”Our native land”).

Having released it’s first CD ”The sagebrush” in 2009 the band Grai is now presenting a new album entitled ”Our Native Land”. The album to come is going to include 10 conceptual tracks, which create remarkably profound images forming the musical unity in the familiar band’s style.

The new album by Grai is a distinctive synthesis of traditional pagan metal elements based on the rhythms and the atmosphere of traditional Russian folk-rock. In this synthesis the flute-sounds are interwoven with solo guitar play against the dynamic rhythm-section. Hard imposing fragments being intensified by the bagpipes sounds are enriched by appeasing keyboard passages. But the main piquancy of new songs is lace like well balanced vocal trio of the band-singers. With their voices they plunge a listener into the world of our forefathers and ancestors and make us fly by the fields, meadows and forests with fresh wind. And they open to our eyes and hearts the hidden beauty of Native Land.Also the T-shirts are printed.

We tried to make this album as much merry, dynamic, diverse as possible, with a particle of good humor and the sunlight so that everyone could find something to one’s taste.
Moreover, one of the songs was written under the influence of sharing stage and getting acquainted with a splendid band, our friends now – Leshak-band (Moscow).
We hope, all the listeners would like this album.

During 2012-2103 the band participated in many concerts and festivals. Such fests as Bylinnyj Bereg-2012-2013 (the prominent historical reconstruction fest), Zov Parmy-2013, Folk Summer Fest-2103, Slava Vesne-2012, Peredvizhenyje-2012, Uletaj-2011 are among them.
In September 2012 the band signed a contract with the Dutch label Vic Records, which re-released the band’s album ”O Zemle Rodnoy” (About Native Land) including bonus track ”V Objatyach Mary” (”In the arms of Mara”).

In March 2013 the recording of the 3rd LP album is began.From the 4th to 13th of October 2013 the band went to the tour abroad. 10 concerts were held in Poland jointly with such bands as Dalriada, Alestorm, Radogost, Percival Schuttenbach, Cruadalach. On the 26th of October the Dutch label Vic Records re-released the first album ”Polyn’-Trava” (”Sagebrush”).

In 2013 there was shot the first official video for the song ”In the arms of Mara” (”V obyatyjach Mary”). Presentation clip was held in October 2013.

At this very moment the 3rd album is recorded and in the process of mixing at the ”Drygva Studio” by Alexey Stezyk (Drygva band). The new album is going to be released soon and is waiting for it’s listener!
In September 2014 it is planned to tour Europe. 

Check out the music video for ”В объятиях Мары” here, enjoy it:

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About SatanaKozel:

The band SatanaKozel was founded in 2003 by Vasiliy Kozlov and Nickolay Kuskov. Soon the band grew up and started to rehearse. During the next 5 years the band had been taking part in some gigs and making few demos, which didn’t have wide distribution. The band had changed its members several times during all this time. SatanaKozel started to record their 1st full-length album in march of 2007, which is called ”Rogatiya”. It consists of songs that were made in the very beginning of the band’s existing.

”Rogatiya” was released by the independent finnish label Varjot Productions in summer of 2008, russian digi-pack version was released by SoundAge Productions. Two years later the band released their second album named “Solntse Myortvih” (The Sun of the Dead).

The band SatanaKozel will never collaborate with any political movements or parties ’cause our creativity is aimed to glorification of the Nature and propaganda of Fun!

Check out the song ”Banja” here, enjoy it:

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About Welicoruss:

Founded in 2005 by Alexey Boganov, the band Welicoruss have established themselves in the top ranks of pagan metal scene with intense live gigs and striking, full-length masterpieces that were appreciated by fans and critics both.
Throughout its history band has released two full-length albums on the major russian metal label CD-MAXIMUM, shot 4 official video, blast the scene of many cities in Russia and CIS as well as participated in many large-scale festivals.

Welicoruss posted on the internet new videos ”Kharnha” and ”Sons Of The North”, which received high marks in the press and made a new coming album very anticipated for the fans of as well as symphonic as pagan / black metal. At this time, band is actively working on his long-awaited third album, making new video “Az Esm`” and prepares for fans an intriguing DVD with delicious moments of life and stage presence.

Welicoruss delivers dark, intense and mystic sound that demonstrates how to impressively unite the contemporary metal with the dim and distant mythological past. Their music recreates the Old Rus solemn and sunless atmosphere, expressing both national feelings and personal perception of the Ancient Northen Rus Spirit through the lyrics. Devoted to their pagan heritage, Welicoruss reflects in their compositions their admiration of Nature and search for the hidden mysteries of the secret Powers that rule the Universe.In autumn 2013 the band decided to change their place of location and moved to the center of Europe – Prague.

Check out the music video ”Sons of the North” here, enjoy it:







Satana Kozel:





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Slavic madness at it’s best

Hrast Festival:Groteska/Woodscream/Kalevala/Percival

Dom Omladine, Belgrade


At Belgrade in Serbian in Club Sioux, Hrast Festival was held. The most amazing slavic pagan metal bands played on the festival. Celebration of Slovenian culture and tradition was the most important think on the festival.While approuching the club the bands were arriving, but the crowd wasn’t still there, so the bigger crowd was there at the beginning of the first band.


The first band to play was Serbian melodic gothic metal band Groteska. They statrted playing slow, and then some of the songs were faster, the atmosphere was great, the sound of the band was not to good, but they transfer the emotions to the crowd. The vocal was good a emotinal and also then with growls, which is a great combination from soft to hard. Crowd was enjoying there show, there were singing with them, but they didn’t gave the full support to the band. They got of the stage, and the show goes on.


Second band to play was Russian folk metal band Woodscream. There were ovations right from the start. The band said:”We are glad to be in Belgrade” and the show goes on. The sounds of folk music and metal were crusing the walls in the club, the beautiful vocal of Valentina the singer of the band was amazing also the growl of the guitarist too there were like beauty and beast together, the crowd was in trance. There were also mosh pits, headbanging, crowd diving, the crowd had an awesome time during thier concert.The band gets off the stage and the crowd was satisfied,with the smile on their faces.


Third band to play was Kalevala also a Russian folk metal band. Kalevala entered the stage, the crowd went crazy and then there were massive ovations. The interesting think about this band, is that thier music has that raw metal power, with some really great folk music. Thier show on the festival brought out the most reactions. There were ovations, screaming, headbanging, crowd diving, mosh pits. With each songs, the crowd was crazier and more crazier, as the time went on. With the specific vocals by lead singer Ksenija, the atmosphere was amazing. The band rocked the club, they brought out trought there music a true meaning of Slavic pagan tradition, with every song, the spirit of Slavs was there. The band left the stage, the fans were paralyzed with happiness.


The fourth band to play was Polish Slavic pagan band Percival. Besides other metal bands that played on the festival, Percival is different, they played a show with traditional slavic pagan music. With the awesome traditional pagan costumes, and the music, the audience was hypnotized by thier music, there were singing with them, it was peacefully, with some true pagan energy, that was in the air all of the time.They were singing one song that was about Kosovo, the audience reacted to it in a very positive way, as time went on, the band played the last songs, and they left the stage. The audience was tired, but they were very happy with the Percival and the hole festival.

Hrast Festvial is one of those festival, that is one of the most amazing, yet interesting festival that brought out the Slavic tradition and culture trought music in the best possible way. So Hrast Festival is going to get bigger and better  in the name of the gods. Slava.

Rating Concert:10/10

sapronLive report: SAPRON

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Slavic Pagan metal party coming in 4 days, Percival is the headliner of the festival

Приказује се hrast plakat.jpg

One of the leading folk metal and folk acoustic bands in Europe Percival, can  wait for the concert in Belgrade .To present to the serbian audience is an opportunity to introduce the repertoire, consists of traditional folk songs of all the Slovenian people. Particularly interesting is that they sing in the language as it is written.

Приказује се Percival 1.jpg

Not long after the first concert of Kalevala in Belgrade.Thus band from Russia led by a singer Kseniya is excited to see and meet Serbian audience.The crows will once again be able to enjoy enjoys music motifs of fairy tales, myths and legends of different nations living on the territory of Russia.

Приказује се Kalevala 1.jpg

Russian folk metal  band WoodScream is going to perform in Serbia and we are glad to to play a concert with a bunch of riffs and a fantastic melodic folk metal.

Приказује се Woodscream 1.jpg

Serbian metal band Grotesque will perform at the festival and play a dark and melodic music.

Here are some comments of the bands about the festival:

Percival:” Our band  is dedicated to promote a broader culture of all Slavs, their legends, traditions and rituals, visiting  Serbia is very significant, because we regularly perform many of the songs from the Balkan region and consider them important part of our repertory .We are trying  to see Slovenian people as a whole and to show incrediblesimilarity of Slovenian nation, through songs from different places around the world, in which, as in amber from the Baltic Sea, stayed old traditions, rituals and legends.”

Here is announcement of the band for the festival:

Kalevala:”Belgrade here we are again. We are immensely grateful for the hospitality and the energy that you have given us in March, since we have missed you, we decided to visit you again.This time  we come with our friends and guests and we are preparing an even bigger and energetic gig, all in honor of our common  culture and traditions.”

Here is announcement of the band for the festival:

WoodScream:”We are going to play faster songs that make you want to dance, and it will return you to hot summer days, and a slower songs are more mysterious and will remind you of the dark forest and Russian winters.We are preparing for you unigue costumes, special shows and a lot of positive energy.”

Here is announcement of the band for the festival:

Groteska:”We are honored to have the opportunity to perform in Belgrade after a long time,with such  recognizable names from around the world, the festival has an original concept.With standard repertory we will play a few new songs.I am sure that the Hrast festival will be visited, in order to continue to grow in coming years.”

In the cultural part of the program, which begins at 18:00 am, the visitors will as well as during the first edition of the festival have the opportunity to see the works of art workshop “Rod”, which finds inspiration in Serbian and Slovenian . Especialy the unigue  chess, inspired by Slavic mythology, the work of sculptor Jovan Petronijevic, who brought  the attention during the first edition of Hrast festival.Also part of this opus will be featured by  Slobodan Marinic, who is making shields, swords and bows.He will talk about interactive lecture about medieval Serbia.



Hrast Festival- Join the Slavic pagan celebration in pagan metal style

Hrast Festival- Join the Slavic pagan celebration in pagan metal style

Приказује се hrast plakat.jpg

Second Slavic festival Hrast is going to be head at club Sioux at November 5th 2016. in Belgrade. After the first successful first edition of the festival, organized by “Route 011”. Again the festival is going to gather, many slavic pagan metal bands in one place.

The bands that are going to play on the festival are:


Hrast Festvial, Percival

Polish folk pagan band is most associated with music for the video game “The Witcher Wild Hunt”,and it is one of the most important folk metal and ethno acoustic bands in Poland, even in Europe. Music and the sound are inspired by slovenian myths, and the hole tradition of  slovenian people. The band was formed in 90’s by Mikolaja Ribackog and Katarzine Brominske, and they were before Percival, a members of the another folk band Rivendel. Which they played their music, across the Europe, with symphonic orchestra and the choir under the direction of Auard Sora (Composer of music from the “Lord of the Rings”). Band is covering the traditional folk songs of the all slovenian people, and there are perfoming the songs on the original language, as they are written in that way. Are responsible for the growth of Slovenian culture and tradition among western nations.

Here is the video clip of the band,enjoy:

2. Kalevala

Hrast Festival, Kalevala

Kalevala is a pagan folk metal band from Russia, they exist 8 years on the metal scene. This is band that combined a pagan folk metal sound with heavy guitar sound, and there are one of the best folk metal bands in Russia. Music of Kalevala, can be described as happy and melodic, with heavy sounds of metal, with emotional female metal vocal, and traditional russian instruments, wich are balalajka and accordion. In there music in which aremotifs from fairy tales, myths and legends dominated trough thier music in large extent, which are from different nations from all over the Russia, such as Slavs, Cossacks, Marianne, Karelia. In Belgrade they had a concert in March this year,as a part of their spring tour.

Here is the video clip of the band,enjoy:


Hrast festival, Woodsream

This Rusian folk pagan metal band is one of the most important bands of the folk metal scene in Petrovgrad. Formed in 2006. The music of this band represent’s symbiosis of different modern metal styles, combined with with medieval,also as original slavic music.The atmosphere of this band is energetic, powerful and dark in some moments, this can also be  be experienced in their lyrics.

Here is the video clip of the band,enjoy:


Hrast Festival, Groteska

Band was formed in 2006. This band was formed, with an idea to develop musical genre that is influenced  by dark metal and gothic metal bands.They play dark and melodic music whose quality does not depend on the model of the guitar process, and vocals depends on unadulterated impressions. The lyrics are on the serbian language.Avoiding the trend of banal and simplistic refrains, deep lyrical tone is the standard, stands by to it.

Here is the video clip of the band,enjoy:

Beside the perfomances of  the bands. There  will be presented work of the art workshop “Rod” which makes and sales a souvenirs inspired by the Serbian and Slavic mythology, and it had a remarkable performance in the first “Hrast “festival, also Slobodan Marinic, blacksmith of swords, armor production and port. He will present a peace of his creation related to medival Serbia and held an interactive workshop during this period of time.

Support the festival, and also learn more trough music and art, about slavic metal culture, and bang your heads with folk pagan metal music.