Impureza premiere and full streaming of the new album upcoming album ”La Caída De Tonatiuh”is available, the album will be out on November 10th!

French/Spanish death metal band Impureza premiere and full streaming of the new album upcoming album ”La Caída De Tonatiuh” is available, the album will be out on November 10th, via Season Of Mist Records.

The band stated this about the new album:

“Seven years have passed since the release of the first album, ”La Iglesia Del Odio”. After almost a decade of evolution. Impureza is above all a project of boundless passion and a demonstration of limitless determination. Without denying our Iberian origins, and with the initial spirit of the concept, we spill our guts out on this album. We are proud to highlight our roots. Time seems endless, friends, but we are now looking forward to present our new album in its entirety. We hope ”La Caída De Tonatiuh” will make you enter and guide you through our universe! Exitus acta probat – the end justifies the means!”

A great civilization is not conquered until it has destroyed itself from within’ (Ariel & Will Durant). Enter the Hispanic metal universe of Impureza. For more than ten years, the Franco-Spanish conquistadors have been pioneering their unique style, which combines Iberian soundscapes with brutal death metal.

Impureza’s new ground-breaking second album, ‘La Caída De Tonatiuh‘ has been recorded and produced by Sylvain Biguet, who is known for his work with Klone and Trepalium among others and the album was mastered by tripleGrammy award winner Bob Katz, which resulted in a perfect blend of sonic extremes with the traditional instrumentation to achieve a warm yet aggressive organic sound.

Impureza express the traditional part of their musical heritage through the use of acoustic folk guitars, flamenco rhythm patterns, and exclusively Spanish lyrics. This concept derives from the interest of founding member Lionel Cano Muñozand his “compañero” Esteban Martín, who are both of Spanish origin and draw inspiration from their identity.

Esteban Martín adds his multiple vocal facets that range from death metal growling to clean singing inspired by the sadly late gitano-legend CAMARÓN DE LA ISLA among others. In a similar way, Lionel Cano Muñoz shifts between the aggression and power of his 7-string electric guitar and the intricacy of the Spanish flamenco guitar. This is backed up by Florian Saillard, who complements the electric string section with his 6-string bass and the flamenco parts with an acoustic bass guitar. Even more string power is added live by rhythm guitarist Olivier Hanoulle. Drummer Guilhem Augeis perfectly complementing the band with his unique rhythm patterns and Hispanic groove.

Impureza have been amused to find the nickname “French Nile” being attached to them at times for combining the ferocity of death metal with “exotic” sounds. The band’s influences range from Behemoth and Morbid Angel to PACO DE LUCÍA.

The Spanish-French outfit gained a reputation of an excellent live act, which was well earned by capturing audiences across Europe alongside acts such as GojiraSuffocationCattle Decapitation, and Benighted as well as performing at prestigious festivals such as HellfestMotocultor, and Wacken Open Air, the latter as winners of the W:O:A Metal Battle France.

Impureza created a quick buzz within the underground metal scene with the release of three demos, ” Y Correra Tu Sangre” (2005), ”Ruina De La Penitencia”  (2006), and ”En El Desierto De La Creencia” (2007) – all of which were compiled under the heading ”Inquisition Demos” in 2007 , as well as two split-contributions on the ”Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Démence” (2006) and ”Reincremation” (2007) samplers. These prepared the ground for the band’s acclaimed debut full-length, ”La Iglesia Del Odio” (2010), which considerably widened their international following – a trend that continued with the following 2013 EP ”El Nuevo Reino De Los Ahorcados / Leyenda Negra”.

Taking their time to refine their self-developed style and to come to terms with several changes in the line-up, Impureza are ready to spearhead Hispanic extreme metal around the globe.  ”La Caída De Tonatiuh” is a proud statement of musical identity and cosmopolitan embrace of the world at the same time. Be prepared to welcome this Spanish conquest via a unique new vision in metal.

Track list:
1. Lamentos De Un Condenado (3:03)
2. Sangre Para Los Dioses (6:17)
3. Otumba, 1520 (5:25)
4. El Dorado (0:55)
5. Abre-Aguas (En la Tormenta de Tlaloc) (5:11)
6. Leyenda Negra 04:58
7. Corazón Al Cielo (Homenaje A Paco De Lucía) (1:29)
8. Camino Hacia Mictlán (3:49)
9. El Nuevo Reino De Los Ahorcados (5:04)
10. Ultimo Día Del Omeyocán (4:19)
11. La Caída De Tonatiuh (5:58)
12. La Llegada De Los Teules (3:43)
Esteban Martín: vocals
Lionel Cano Muñoz: rhythm, lead, and Spanish guitars
Olivier Hanoulle: rhythm guitar
Florian Saillard: fretless bass
Guilhem Auge: drums
Guest musicians:
Mayline Gautié (Adagio & Idensity): violin on “El Dorado”
Xavier Hamon (Yapa): latin percussion (cajón, bongos, congas, chimes)
Hakata Ooh (Akphaezya): female vocals
Available formats:
Digipak CD
Gatefold LP in various colours
27 Oct 17 Saintes (FR) Théâtre Geoffroy Martel (Hell’Oween Festival)


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Check out the premiere and full stream of the new upcoming album ”La Caída De Tonatiuh” here, enjoy it:

Archspire released new crushing song from their upcoming album ”Relentless Mutation” called ”Human Murmuration”!

 Archspire are premiering the third mind-blowing new track taken from their forthcoming album ”Relentless Mutation”, which has been scheduled for release on September 22nd via Season of Mist Records!

The band stated this about the song:

“Human Murmuration” is the second track off our upcoming release ‘Relentless Mutation’, and also the second song we wrote for the album. This spacy, sometimes ethereal jam comes with some pretty groove-heavy parts to balance things out. It was one of those songs that took a long time to put together, but once we were in studio listening to the final version, it became clear that this song had something different. We are looking forward to sharing the full album with you on September 22nd through Season Of Mist! Stay Tech!”

 Archspire have previously released the artwork of ”Relentless Mutation”, which has been created by renowned artist Eliran Kantor and can be viewed together with the track-list below.

Archspire cover art by Eliran Kantor

1. Involuntary Doppelgänger (3:46)
2. Human Murmuration (4:13)
3. Remote Tumour Seeker (4:01)
4. Relentless Mutation (4:35)
5. The Mimic Well (4:05)
6. Calamus Will Animate (3:50)
7. A Dark Horizontal (6:10)

Welcome to first class technical death metal madness. Machinegun vocals rattle remorselessly over a furious flurry of arpeggios, scales, and everything else that the two string wizards of Archspire can pick at break-finger speed out their guitars. If this sounds hardly human at the level of technical execution, the Gatling-style hyper-drumming pushing these monstrous compositions forward is adding to the alien impression. It cannot even be a question that the Canadians have outdone themselves with their third full-length, ”Relentless Mutation”.

This album is simply insane in a most excellent way. The level of musicianship that Archspire offer, will leave even tech death fans drooling. Yet the outfit from Vancouver in British Columbia is bringing an important extra to the table, the rare ability to write great songs. ”Relentless Mutation” is not just another compilation of outstanding musicianship, but the songs come with recognisable patterns that make sense in the greater conceptual framework of the album. And a clever use of contrasts leaves moments of clarity for the listener to take a breath and get ready for the next assault.

Archspire exploded onto the scene in the year 2009 – after an earlier prelude under the moniker Defenestrated. The band grew out of the rich Canadian scene for technical extremes that includes illustrious names such as Gorguts or Beyond Creation. Yet  Archspire  set out to take the sound to the next level from the start as their debut album ”All Shall Align” (2011) made clear, which immediately received critical comparison with the scene’s spearheads like Obscura.

The band developed a lyrical concept revolving around a dystopian science fiction universe, which was expanded on their sophomore full-length, ”The Lucid Collective” (2014) that witnessed Archspire gaining widespread international recognition as one of the hottest names within the tech death community and beyond.

With ‘Relentless Mutation’, the Canadians are pushing the limits of their genre even further than before on all levels. Archspire come crushing like a whirlwind to free ears and minds from pre-conceived notions about technical death metal. Time to leave your shelter and face the tempest. This is the future.

The cover of ”Relentless Mutation” has been painted by renowned artist Eliran Kantor already well-known in the metal world for his works for Testament, Atheist, and Hate Eternal among others.

Dean Lamb: guitar
Spencer Prewett: drums
Oliver Rae Aleron: vocals
Tobi Morelli: guitar
Jared Smith: bass

Recording, Mix, and Mastering
Dave Otero at Flatline Audio



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Available formats:
Gatefold LP in various colours

Check out the video for ”Human Murmuration” here, enjoy it:

Cannabis Corpse released ”Left Hand Pass” song from the new upcoming album ”Left Hand Pass”!

Cannabis Corpse are premiering the third smoking hot track taken from their forthcoming album, ”Left Hand Pass”, which has been scheduled for release on September 8th.

The title-track “Left Hand Pass” is available for streaming via the Season of Mist YouTube channel.


Cover art: Pär Olofsson

Track list:

1. The 420th Crusade (4:29)
2. In Dank Purity (2:57)
3. Final Exhalation (2:54)
4. Chronic Breed (4:46)
5. In Battle There Is No Pot (3:26)
6. Grass Obliteration (3:21)
7. Left Hand Pass (3:18)
8. Effigy of the Forgetful (3:32)
9. Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks from He Who Is in the Bong Water (4:27)
10. The Fiends that Come to Steal the Weed of the Deceased (3:50)

Total playing-time: 37:00

Available formats:

Vinyl LP in various colours
Picture Disc

Turning a classic album title such as Entombed’s ”Left Hand Path” into a weedy phrase would normally be punishable by having to listen to the worst of modern talking on continued play. Yet Cannabis Corpse not only get away with it, but the death metal and pot aficionados are actually doing exactly what their massive following is happily demanding of the Americans.

Cannabis Corpse were conceived out of a passionate love for Floridian death metal shared by Municipal Waste bassist / vocalist Phil “LandPhil” Hall and drummer Josh “Hallhammer” Hall, who created the band in 2006 in Richmond, Virginia.

Sharing a penchant for marijuana, the brothers decided from the start to leave the stereotypical genre subjects of gore, splatter, and horror behind and infuse a green sense of humour into their lyrics. Meanwhile it has become a badge of honour for many of the Halls’ idols to have one of their titles turned into a tongue-in-cheek parody. And while there can be no doubt about what inspired a verbal monster such as “Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks from He Who Is in the Bong Water“, the track-list of ”Left Hand Pass” may be read as a death metal quiz for sorts.

Cannabis Corpse immediately hit a nerve with their debut ”Blunted at Birth” (2006), while the following full-length ”Tube of the Resinated” (2008) and the EP ”The Weeding” (2009) demonstrated that the band was a musical match to those that they paid obviously tribute to the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide, and Obituary. With ”Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise” (2011), the Americans set another benchmark of keeping the old school spirit alive. Before the release of fourth acclaimed album, ”From Wisdom to Baked”(2014), the spliff lovers’ complete catalogue was re-issued on Season of Mist.

Now Cannabis Corpse are doing once again what they are best at and hammer out a perfect death metal album that combines straight-to-the-point songwriting with technical prowess. Time to fly high again with ”Left Hand Pass”!

Phil “Landphil” Hall: vocals, bass
Josh “HallHammer” Hall: drums
Ray Suhy: guitar



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Check out the video for the ”Left Hand Pass” here, enjoy it:

Gorguts is going on European summer tour!

Gorguts will kick off their European summer dates  at Brutal Assault Festival in Jaromer, Czech Republic tomorrow, August 9th. Right after, the Canadian death metal pioneers will perform at Belgiums Ieper FestivalVagos Metal Fest in Portugal, and Germany’s Summerbreeze before embarking on four special package shows, which are featuring Gorguts alongside Fallujah, Havok, Revocation, and opener Venom Prison. After these special dates, the rampage continues with a regular tour in support of Converge together with Havoc and Revocation.


09 Aug 17 Jaromer (CZ) Brutal Assault
11 Aug 17 Ieper (BE) Ieper Festival
13 Aug 17 Vagos (PT) Vagos Metal Fest
18 Aug 17 Dinkelsbühl (DE) Summer Breeze

GORGUTS poster EU 2017

+Fallujah +Revocation +Havok +Venom Prison
14 Aug 17 Wiesbaden (DE) Schlachthof
15 Aug 17 Leipzig (DE) Naumanns (Fallujah, Revocation, Havok, Venom Prison)
16 Aug 17 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg (Fallujah, Revocation, Havok, Venom Prison)
17 Aug 17 Oberhausen (DE) Kulttempel (Fallujah, Revocation, Havok, Venom Prison)

GORGUTS EU 2017 poster

+Converge +Havok +Revocation
20 Aug 17 Wrocław (PL) Zaklęte Rewiry
21 Aug 17 Bratislava (SK) Majestic Music Club
22 Aug 17 Wien (AT) Arena
23 Aug 17 München (DE) Backstage Halle
24 Aug 17 Aarau (CH) Kiff
25 Aug 17 Paris (FR) Trabendo

Gorguts will be performing in support of their previous albums as well as their critically highly acclaimed latest EP ”Pleiades’ Dust”. which is still available in various formats via the Season of Mist shop.

GORGUTS album artwork

The artwork of the EP that contains only its epic title track was created by renowned Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak

Canada’s long-running and much loved craftsmen of technical death metal are returning with a 33-minute song. Entitled ” Pleiades’ Dust ” this complex, image evoking, and masterly arranged eponymous track fills an entire EP. Expect the unexpected, when it comes to Gorguts.

In an age of a postulated clash of cultures, mastermind Luc Lemay delivers a piece of music that is conceptually and lyrically based on the “House of Wisdom“, a medieval library based in Baghdad and at the heart of the Golden Age of Islam with its many scientific breakthroughs in various fields of learning.

Vocalist and Guitarist Luc stated this:

“It is a story about curiosity, beautiful minds and sadly, about how man destroys great discoveries and achievements.” Musically there is more narrative feeling as each section is introduced in such a way that every riff has the space to evolve like a character in a story.

Few extreme bands can boast the pedigree of Gorguts. During their early days as part of death metal’s first wave, they created a legacy of legendary releases including their debut album ”Considered Dead ”(1991) and its more experimental and technical follow-up ”Erosion of Sanity” (1993). After a hiatus of five years, Luc Lemay returned with a new line-up, which released the highly acclaimed and seminal third full-length ”Obscura”(1998). By then Gorguts had been busy at expanding and redefining the language of death metal. With a new line-up that left Lemay as the sole original member, the next milestone album was released under the title ”From Wisdom to Hate ” (2001).

GORGUTS picture by Jimmy Hubbard

Yet again the band went into hibernation, while their musical legacy continued to inspire and thrive as their native Quebec became a focus for technical death metal with acts such as Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, and Beyond Creation to name but a few following in their footsteps. After more than a decade of silence, mastermind Luc Lemay unleashed ”Colored Sands” (2013) with an all-star line-up including Colin Marston (Behold The Arcotpus), Kevin Hufnagel (DYSRHYTHMIA), and John Longstreath (Origin, Skinless), who has in the meantime been replaced by Patrice Hamelin (Quo Vadis, Beneath The Massacre).

Now Gorguts return with their most experimental song so far that combines all their virtues into one massive masterpiece. Lean back and listen carefully!

Artwork by Zbigniew M. Bielak, check out the links, below:


Available formats:
Digipak CD
Gatefold vinyl album in various colours

Luc Lemay: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Hufnagel: Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Colin Marston: Bass
Patrice Hamelin: Drums
Style: Progressive / Technical Death Metal


North Amercia:


Streaming of their latest last years album  ” Pleiades’ Dust ”  is available here, enjoy it: