Tom Angelripper splits up with Bernemann and Makka of Sodom!

The New Year has started with a bang for all Sodom fans.
Vocalist/Bassist Tom Angelripper has split up with guitarist Bernd “Bernemann” Kost and drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald.
Statement of the Vocalist/bassist Tom about his slip up with the band:
“After much thought and reflection, I have decided on this difficult step to pave the way for new challenges,” Sodom has always lived off the commitment and passion of everybody involved. Makka was part of the band for almost eight years, Bernemann even for more than twenty. To obviate a possible routine setting in which would make it impossible to continue our creative work optimally, I would like to start all over again with fresh and hungry musicians. At the same time, I would like to say thank you to Bernemann and Makka for many successful years in which we performed fantastic shows and released a number of real metal manifestos.”I haven’t really made up my mind in this respect, I’m open to all options. I will now install the band’s new foundation pillars and look around for new musicians. One thing is already clear: Sodom will become even stronger!SPV also look forward to our future collaboration and can expect a totally motivated band.”
Regardless of this spectacular line-up change, all scheduled Sodom shows will take place from April 2018 as announced. Tom is set to introduce his new comrades-in-arms at the Full Metal Mountain.
Whether Sodom will continue to operate as a trio or perhaps become a quartet in future remains unclear.
Together with his new line-up, Tom wants to start working on the upcoming album to be released on Steamhammer/SPV as soon as possible.
Sodom Tour Dates 2018:
07.04. AT-Kärnten – Full Metal Mountain
21.-23.06. FI-Kauhajoki – Nummirock Festival
23.06. DK-Copenhagen – Copenhell
04.-07.07. DE-Ballenstedt – Rock Harz Open Air
14.07. SE-Gaevle – Gefle Metal Festival
18.08. AT-Graz – Metal On The Hill
25.08. DE-Cham – Mosh Club Open Air
31.08. DE-Hamburg – Weltturbojugendtage 2018
06.10. DE-Lichtenfels – Way Of Darkness Festival

Sodom-Decision Day

1. In Retribution
2. Rolling Thunder
3. Decision Day
4. Caligula
5. Who Is God?
6. Strange Lost World
7. Vaginal Born Evil
8. Belligerence
9. Blood Lions
10. Sacred Warpath
11. Refused to Die


Legendary German thrash metal band realeased the album. This album is a great thrash metal album, a liitle bit different from their other realeases. On this album it can be heard this modern approuch to thrash metal, but the atmosphere on the album is in old school thrash metal style, interesting combination, with new approuch to thier music.

Kickass solos, powerful riffs, pure thrash metal sound made this album interesting, and strange good. Tehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This album is all about death that devours, darkeness that swallow, chaos that destroys, apocalypse that continues all over again.

The vocals are a little bit different from their other realeses, it has black metal vibe to it, but it’s still a thrash metal vocal, and it sounds great.

Sodom is the band that has been for years a synonym for thrash metal music, this is the band that is a role model for all metal bands, but with this album is not the case, it is different, but it is not the same Sodom, with the same thrash metal energy. The album is a very good modern thrash metal album, that has it good sides, that needs to be heard.

Резултат слика за Sodom 2016


 Rating Album: 8/10

sapronRating album: SAPRON

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