Altarage streaming and premiere of their album ”Endinghent” is available today in it’s full, album is going to be out tomorrow on October 13th!

Spanish Death metal band Altarage will release new album  ”Endinghent” tomorrow on October 13th via Season of Mist Records, streaming of the album is available today.

Statement of the band about the new album:

“Thus, the trumpets of failure are finally blowing. The sound of doom is crushingly deafening as we are dragged into the worthlessness. Give up. No hope. Endinghent!”

Altarage deliver exactly what the underground buzz around them promised.

Their second full-length, ”Endinghent” is bristling with black and dissonant death metal fury that immediately evokes a plethora of sinister images in the brain. Their relentless soul-crushing sound is sending the scared mind on overdrive. Little is known about this secretive death metal collective, except their origin from Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque country of Spain.

In 2015, Altarage unleashed a demo simply entitled after its year of release, ”MMXV” generated massive interest in the extreme metal scene around the globe. This was followed by the debut album ”NIHL” (2016), which received high praise from critics and fans alike.

Altarage return to mercilessly drag you into an abyss of nightmares and twisted meanings. ”Endinghent”, in their own words, calls the doom inhabitants to reach a whole nothing. Welcome to this new dimension of sonic darkness.


Track list:

1. Incessant Magma (5:58)

2. Spearheaderon (3:56)

3. Cataclysmic Triada (3:33)

4. Fold Eksis (3:03)

5. Rift (4:56)

6. Orb Terrax (4:06)

7. Weighteer (6:31)

8. Barrier (4:38)

Line-up: n/a

Available formats Digipak CD Vinyl LP in various colours




Booking contact:

Check out the full stream of the album ”Endinghent” here, enjoy it:

Astray Valley released first single “Singularity” , which is out today!

Wormholedeath Records are proud to announce that Spanish modern metallers Astray Valley have released their new single “Singularity” today!

Astray Valley signed a licensing and publishing deal with Wormholedeath Records for their upcoming album which will be available in Europe, USA and Japan during 2017. More info coming soon!

About Astray Valley:

Between mystical places and ancient stories, Astray Valley is a conceptual Modern Metal band born in 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Formed by frontwoman Clau Violette, guitarist Joan Aneris, bassist Jorge Romero and drummer Erny Roca, the band has been influenced by many bands ranging from death metal to progressive metal and modern metalcore, creating their own identity and theme, and talking about stories that relate the human mind and behavior with the world.

Despite being a young band, Astray Valley has taken part in international tours with bands like The Agonist and Jinjer, and played many shows and festivals including Rock Fest Barcelona 2017, sharing stage with legendary bands such as Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Avantasia, Alter Bridge, Ensiferum, and many more.

Here is the lyric video for the ”Singularity”, enjoy it:




MorphiuM to perform on Resurrection Fest 2017!

MorphiuM will be playing in Resurrection Fest 2017, among Rammstein, Arch Enemy, Mayhem, Napalm Death, The Black Dahlia Murder, Agnostic Front, Pentagram, Suicidal Tendencies to name a few!

Tickets and info –

The metal band MorphiuM was formed in 2005, their music style is difficult to catalogue since it is inspired by a wide variety of musical influences which go from the most extreme metal to the more melodious and melancholic metal.

They record their first album “La Era de la Decadencia” in 2008 .
In 2011 MorphiuM signed with Roadrunner Records‘ affiliate in Spain, Kaiowas Records. Global/Mass Records launched their debut album. The first LP was described by the media as one of the best albums of the year receiving a valuation of 9.5 out of 10.

That same year MorphiuM initiate their European and American tour. This enabled them to share the stage with bands like Megadeth, Fear Factory, Overkill, Moonspell, Kataklysm, Destruction, Brujeria, All Shall Perish, Tristania, Dark Funeral… in well known festivals like Hell & Heaven Metal Fest in Mexico.

In 2012 they continue to tour around Spain to later in the year start the composition phase of their second album.

In 2013, with the release of “Crónicas de una muerte anunciada” they return to the amercian continent to share stage with Anthrax, Motórhead, Suicidal tendencies, In Flames, Six Feet Under, Exodus, Testament, III Niño, Suffocation… A tour that follows up until June.

Back in Europe they continue to tour in venues and festivals like Ripollet Rock Festival.

“The Blackout” is released at the beginning of 2016, this is their third and latest album, an LP which contains 12 tracks produced in Italy by Eugenio Fresco, mixed by Marco Barusso and mastered by Marco Dagostino.

The launch of the LP is accompanied by a new music video of the single “What lies behind words” that quickly surpasses 40.000 views during the first few days and other thousands of reproductions in streaming from digital platforms.

The presentation of the new material and the promotional acts takes them to tour through China in June and book dates for Spain, some still to be published, which will be followed by international tours which are being announced these days in their up to date social sites.

After being praised by specialized media with all their prior work, this album sung in english is a big step towards MorphiuM‘s career. The Blackout is giving a lot to talk about, some of the specialised media have already named it one of the best releases of 2016.

¨A 10 out of 10 album, I can’t find words to deny this. A masterpiece”
Trueno Metálico



NOCTEM: New Track “Through The Black Temples Of Disaster” is avaible for streaming!

NOCTEM: New Track “Through The Black Temples Of Disaster” is avaible for streaming!


Spanish extreme metallers NOCTEM have prepared a new serving of their explosive blend of black, death and thrash metal with the debut single “Through The Black Temples of Disaster” from their upcoming new release, “Haeresis”, due out September 30 via Prosthetic Records (N.America & UK/EU) / Art Gates Records (Spain). Let NOCTEM guide you through the haunting new track streaming at Metal Injection, which showcases the albums astonishing artwork completed by Seth Siro Anton (Septicflesh, Behemoth).

Stream “Through The Black Temples Of Disaster” at Metal Injection, here:

Self-recorded and produced at Valencia’s Firework Studios earlier this year while being mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studio with Tore Stjerna (Watain, Valkyrja), “Haeresis” conceptualizes the dark history associated with their home country of Spain over 10 gut-wrenching symphonies.

1. Through The Black Temples of Disaster (listen)
2. Auto-Da-Fe´
3. The Submission Discipline
4. Blind Devotion
5. The Dark One
6. Haeresis
7. Whispers of the Ancient Gods
8. Conjuring Degradation and Morbidity
9. The Paths of the Lustful Abandon
10. Pactum With the Indomitable Darknes


NOCTEM, Haeresis

More information at:
NOCTEM: http://www.noctemofficial.com

Carnal Decay to tour w/ Virulency and Cancerous Womb

Carnal Decay to tour w/ Virulency and Cancerous Womb

Switzerland based Brutal Death metal machine Carnal Decay to tour Europe next month! They will crush the scene together with Virulency and Cancerous Womb!
Tour dates are listed below:

Carnal Decay / Virulency / Cancerous Womb tour dates:

Carnal Decay, Virulency, Cancerous Womb, Virulent Womb Decay Over Europe

05.07.2016 – D – Leipzig – 4rooms //


06.07.2016 – NL – Tilburg – Extase //

07.07.2016 – BEL – Antwerpen – Music City

08.07.2016 – BEL – Roselare – De Verlichte Geest //

09.07.2016 – D – Schriesheim – Awwgegrinded //

10.07.2016 – T.B.A.

11.07.2016 – FL – Vaduz – Take 5 //

12.07.2016 – CH – Zürich – Ebrietas //

Isas chainsaw-riffing combined with Markus’s blasting drums underlined with Nasar’s basslines and garnished with Michael’s growling is what makes Carnal Decay’s hate-driven Deathmetal.

The band released 3 full-length Albums called : ON TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN (2011, Sevared Records USA), CHOPPING OFF THE HEAD (2008, Fastbeast Entertainment SUI), CARNAL PLEASURES (2006, Fastbeast Entertainment SUI), which are all selling very well.

Carnal Decay is an absolute live-Powerhouse which catches you in seconds and makes you want to start a pit immediately.
They’ve been able to play stages nearly all over Europe, in Mexico, the USA, Russia and more on tours with bands as Malignancy (USA), Katalepsy (RUS) Beheaded (MLT), Vomit God (USA), Devour the Unborn (USA), Despondency (GER), Rottenness (MEX), Prophecy (USA) and Covenance (USA), just to name a few.
Several Club-Shows and Festivals like Obscene Extreme (CZE), NRW Deathfest (GER), Mountains of Death (SUI), Central Illinois Metalfest (USA), Houten Deathfest (NED), Extremefest (GER/SUI/AUT), Las Vegas Deathfest (USA), Tel Aviv Deathfest (ISR), Malta Deathfest (MLT), Berlin Deathfest (GER)… showed the band a couple of times that they’re on the right way doing what they love to do!

In January 2016 Carnal Decay is at Kohlekeller Studio (Benighted, Aborted, Crematory…) to record their 4th full-length. Carnal Decay is looking forward to a promising 2016! There will be the release of a new Album and already some killer shows booked like: UK Slamfest (GBR), Berlin Deathfest (GER), Holsteiner Deathfest (GER), Mehsuff Metalfestival (SUI)…

Come out and see Carnal Decay when they’re playing next to you and give yourself a picture how Deathmetal can be played with pure devotion for aggression!
See you in hell!