Alexandra Orlova (Lady Owl)-Pokerface

In this interview with Alexandra (Lady Owl) vocalist of Pokerface I had a chat in Nis at Black Stage in Serbia at April 22th, about their tour ”Game On”, their latest release ”Game On”, the video ”The Fatal Scythe”, and Alexandra’s clean vocals on ”Game On” video, and change of the musical style of the band in the song, her reaction to a role as a permanent vocalist in the band, their new lead guitarist Xen, and her role in the band, new upcoming shows, with which bands they would like to tour again. More exclusive info here, at link, down below, enjoy:

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The King Must Die

The King Must Die

  • Genre: Metal
  • Band Members: 
    Doggie:Vocals –
    Corky Crossler: Drums –
    Mike Sloat: Guitar –
    Kent Varty: Guitar –
    Scott Paterson: Bass –
    The King Must Die

1. How the band started?

We formed in 2011, starting with myself (Mike Sloat, Guitar), Scott Paterson on Bass and Corky Crossler on drums, then soon after we added Doggie on vocals and Kent Varty on second guitar. One year after forming we played our first show.

2. Which band is your role model?

We all grew up in the Bay Area Thrash scene during the 80’s and 90’s, so we’re highly influenced by all the thrash bands; Testament, Exodus, Metallica, Death Angel, Anthrax, Slayer….

3. What do You think about today’s metal scene?

It’s still going very strong in my opinion, some places more than others of course. Our own scene in the San Francisco Bay Area is pretty amazing right now. Tons of great bands and people in our scene.

4.How would you describe in one sentence your work?

Old-school thrash with a modern spin

5. Why did you decide to play this musical direction?

It’s engrained in us to play this type of metal, having been in the bay area scene for most of our lives.

The King Must Die

6. Where would you most like to play a concert?

There are several great venues in San Francisco that we want to hit sooner or later; Slims, Bottom of the Hill, Thee Parkside, the DNA Lounge…

7. Do you think that the metal festivals are enough visited?

I rarely attend the big festivals these days, but they seem to be doing great.

8. What are you listening to the most right now?

I listen to anything from Dio to the Allman Brothers, Death Angel to Jackson Browne…Our influences come from all over the musical spectrum!

9. What would you say to your fans?

Thanks for the support! It’s so important to support the DIY bands, and our fans are really amazing and supportive. It’s very cool in this day and age to be able to reach people so far from our home-base.

10. What are your plans for the future?

We are still promoting our new album MURDER ALL DOUBT with shows around the bay area, and are looking to venture out much farther in the coming months, plus to keep promoting through music videos and lyric videos.

The King Must Die

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Nervosa is On ” Agony All Over Europe” tour, and they will be in Belgrade in 23th June.

Nervosa is On ” Agony All Over Europe” tour, and they will be in Belgrade in 23th June.

Nervosa, Agony All Over Europe tour

Legendary thrash metal band Nervosa is on ” Agony All Over Europe’‘ tour which they are promoting they second album ”Agony” via Napalm Records, also they are coming to Belgrade to held a concert and the organizers of the concert ” Route 011 ”. The concert is going to be held, at the ship called ”Les Enfants Terribles”-Grozna Deca. They will play this concert with the bands:

Nemesis-Serbian melodic death metal band

War-Head-Croatian death-thrash metal band

Jenner-Serbian old school thrash-speed metal band

Wolf’s Hunger -Serbian black-thrash metal band

The show will start in 23th June at 20:00 pm. Come an support this brutal thrash metal ladies, and support the other bands.

Bay Area thrashers THE KING MUST DIE just released a new video!

bay area

Bay Area thrashers THE KING MUST DIE just released a video for “In Blood”.

The songs comes from the upcoming sophomore record, due April 15th. The clip was directed by the guitarist Mike Sloat.

The King Must Die

is a thrash metal band formed in 2011 and operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area. All five members of TKMD came of age at the height of the Bay Area thrash scene and those influences are evident in their aggressive, riff-driven, uptempo music.

Their new record, “Murder All Doubt” picks up where their 2014 debut, “Sleep Can’t Hide the Fear”, left off and shows a continued evolution of TKMD’s signature sound. Guitarists Mike Sloat and Kent Varty trade off galloping riffs and unexpectedly melodic solos with equal skill, while drummer Corky Crossler and bassist Scott Paterson provide a dynamically fluid and tight rhythmic base. Vocalist Doggie Doyle’s poetic lyrics, syncopated phrasing, and powerful delivery blend perfectly with the rest of the band to deliver a powerfully complete package. If you’re a metal fan, check out TKMD’s “Murder All Doubt”…and don’t miss a chance to see TKMD live!

Source:  Wlodzimierz “Vlad” Nowajczyk