Norrsköld is writing new material for next album!

Soon after the successful Eastern Europe tour with Amon Amarth, the Swedish “multi-metal” act  Norrsköld began writing material for their new album. The follow-up to the latest release “Withering Virtue – The second chapter” is planned to be recorded during the second half of 2018, with a preliminary release in early 2019.

Statement of the band about the writing process for the new album:

“Currently we have demo songs for about 10 songs, with more ideas constantly coming up. Following the classical trademark of Norrsköld, we aim at writing songs that are both brutal and catchy at the same time, where blast beats and devilish twin guitar harmonies are mixed with sections of pure evil in auditive format. We’re determined to write as exciting and original songs as we possibly can, while maintaining the melodic nerve that defines our music. As always, we do not fear to mix styles and influences in our songwriting, which gives us the edge of “multimetal”. The upcoming album will definitly please fans of classical melodic metal bands like Dissection, Arch Enemy and old In Flames while also giving the listeners new elements of melodic metal that have never been heard before. Keep an eye out for more updates on the album process, and make sure to follow Norrsköld on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Twitter!”

About Norrsköld:

Deriving from the cold forests of Sweden,  Norrsköld (formed in 2012) has entered the global metal scene to spread a unique metal sound, blending atmospheric black metal with melodic death/folk metal. Both the debut EP ” Blessings of winter ” (April 2013) and a year later the debut album ”Reflections of the night sky” gained a lot of overwhelmingly good reviews from all over the world. After releasing the EP ”Ridden” in April 2015, the band released a new double single “Shores Forsaken” in April 2016, followed by a music video of the title track. “Shores Forsaken” was promoted during an European tour together with the Swedish death metal veterans Nightrage. In March 2017,  Norrsköld released their second full-length album “Withering Virtue – The second chapter” (on Rexius Records), consisting of 12 fresh multimetal tracks and also featuring Marios Illioupolos from Nightrage as a guest musician. The album is already available in a CD format, and will also be available as a vinyl during the summer of 2017.

Watch the band’s first official Music video ”Shores Forsaken” (recorded in March 2016), the title track of the 2016 double single, here enjoy it:

More information at:

Amon Amarth ”Surtur Rising” and ”Twilight of the Thunder God” LP re-issues now available for pre-order via Metal Blade Records!

LP re-issues are going to be released on December 8th!

Amon Amarth has a long history with Metal Blade Records, that goes back to 1998 when they released their debut album, ”Once Sent From The Golden Hall”. That album, along with 1999’s ”The Avenger”, were the first two Amon Amarth records that received the Metal Blade “Originals”-treatment, followed by ”The Crusher”, ”Versus The World”, ”Fate Of Norns” and ”With Oden On Our Side”. Now it’s time for ”Surtur Rising” and ”Twilight of the Thunder God” to receive the same treatment!

Both ”Surtur Rising” and ”Twilight of the Thunder God’‘ will be released with 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves (inside out print), 60x60cm two-sided artwork posters and 250g inserts.

See below for an overview of all versions. Pre-order your copies now via EMP or at our eBay store!

”Surtur Rising” “Originals-Series” LP re-issue:
–180g Black Vinyl
–Clear Signal Orange Vinyl (EU exclusive – ltd. 500)
–Brown-Marbled Vinyl (EMP exclusive – ltd. 300)
–Flame-Splatter Vinyl (eBay exclusive – ltd. 200)
–Clear Vinyl (US exclusive – ltd. 200)
–Orange Vinyl (US exclusive – ltd. 200)
–Clear-Flesh Vinyl (US exclusive – ltd. 100)

”Twilight of the Thunder God” “Originals-Series” LP re-issue:
–180g Black Vinyl
–Clear Seablue-Marbled Vinyl (EU exclusive – ltd. 500)
–Olive Green-Marbled Vinyl (EMP exclusive – ltd. 300)
–Flame-Splatter Vinyl (eBay exclusive – ltd. 200)
–Clear Vinyl (US exclusive – ltd. 200)
–Orange Vinyl (US exclusive – ltd. 200)
–Grey-Brown Vinyl (US exclusive – ltd. 100)

For fans planning to collect all of the releases, a limited, specially designed slipcase-box is available (exclusively at EMP) that fits the complete Amon Amarth back catalog! Get it while supplies last.








Pimea Metsa unleash the track “Attack of Einherjar”!

Viking metallers Pimea Metsa unleashed the song “Attack of Einherjar” taken from the album “No Blood, No Glory” to celebrate the worldwide release of their album.
“No Blood, No Glory” is available on all major digital stores via Wormholedeath/The Orchard, at your local retailer via Aural Music, in America via Carlo Bellotti Publishing U.S. and it will be out the 22nd February for the japanese market via Wormholedeath Japan.


The track can be streamed on youtube here:

Source: WormholeDeath

Montreal Viking Metal VALFREYA Streaming Full Album ‘Promised Land’

 The world needs heroes now more than ever. In the shape of Montreal’s larger-than-life metal warriors VALFREYA, it has them! And in their striking vocalist Crook, they have their own Valkyrie!.

In 2009, vocalist Crook wanted to play something akin to folk metal, but even more aggressive and fast paced. Combining Valhalla and the Norse goddess Freya, the band has been creating music and lyrics to revolve around stories inspired by Norse mythology.

Orchestral and death metal with a hint of folk music, the prolific VALFREYA have released two well-received EPs (‘First Chronicles’ and ‘Acoustic Chronicles’), an impressive 2012 debut album entitled ‘Path To Eternity’ via Maple Metal Records and have just unleashed their second ‘Promised Land’ independently on January 13, 2017.

“The album is a journey through a lot of emotions and situations, giving life to a host of varied songs, each with a different sound and personality. The story behind the album is about Eric The Red discovering America and how he defies the Gods, but pays a hefty price for that defiance. ” says VALFREYA about the release. “It’s a step-up in sound quality and has more intricate guitar parts and better-written music that with every listen you can discover parts you hadn’t noticed before. On top of that we have an original sound and songs! We want to give more to people that enjoy good riffs!”

Just as you hear on record, VALFREYA promises the fans a unique live experience. What you hear on the album is what you get on stage. All vocals, whether clean or screams, are done by the band members both in studio and live. They dress in a fantasy-like Viking fashion to go with their story-telling, which gives an interesting visual aspect, while delivering the instrument-playing with precision. VALFREYA has shared the stage with Arkona, Dark Tranquility, Nekrogoblikon, Necronomicon, Koorpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Tyr and Insomnium.

‘Promised Land’ is now streaming in full at the following links:

Available on iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp and all online major retailers.

1. Horizon (1:28)
2. Odin’s Fury (4:25)
3. Mortal Supremacy (2:46)
4. Pandemonium (4:10)
5. The Icelanding Sagas (1:15)
6. Shame And Despair (6:15)
7. Peuple Du Nord (3:40)
8. Promised Land (6:26)
9. The Choice (4:19)
10. Warlords (4:30)
11. Evolution (4:50)
12. Undying Tale (2:47)
Album Length: 46:56
 For more info:

The most famous metal vikings Amon Amarth announced U.S. Tour with almighty Goatwhore

After the world tour this past year in support of their latest album, “Jomsviking“, Swedish death metal band Amon Amarath will be back  on the road this spring for a U.S. tour with Goatwhore their labemates from Metal Blade records. The tour will start in 30th Arpil and it will last through 21th May. Amon Amarth will make appearances at some of the country’s premier music festivals such as: ”Welcome To Rockville”, ”Carolina Rebellion”, ”Dark Lord Day”, ”Northern Invasion” and ”Rock On The Range”.

Резултат слика за Amon Amarth 2017

Amon Amarth and Goatwhore:

Apr. 30 – Welcome To Rockville – Jacksonville, FL *
May 01 – Vinyl – Pensacola, FL
May 02 – Varsity Theatre – Baton Rouge, LA
May 04 – New Daisy Theatre – Memphis, TN
May 05 – Carolina Rebellion – Charlotte, NC *
May 06 – The National – Richmond, VA
May 08 – TLA – Philadelphia, PA
May 09 – College Street Music Hall – New Haven, CT
May 10 – The Paramount – Huntington, NY
May 12 – 20 Monroe Live – Grand Rapids, MI
May 13 – Dark Lord Day – Chicago, IL *
May 14 – Northern Invasion – Somerset, WI *
May 16 – The Cotillion – Wichita, KS
May 17 – Boulder Theatre – Boulder, CO
May 19 – The Blue Note – Columbia, MO
May 20 – Mercury Ballroom – Louisville, KY
May 21 – Rock On The Range – Columbus, OH *

Amon Amarth added this about tour : “United States! We return to your lands this spring and we will raid and plunder your little cities as we please. For the first time, we will be sailing our longships towards the curious native celebrations called ‘The Loudest Month’ (Welcome To Rockville, Northern Invasion, Carolina Rebellion and Rock On The Range) where we will sack and burn them to the ground and feast on the spoils. Our good friends in the almighty Goatwhore will be joining us on this voyage on all headlining shows. You have been warned.”

Goatwhore vocalist Ben Falgoust also added this : “We are looking forward to hitting the road with Amon Amarth and playing some raw-as-fuck metal for you people. Show up with your anger and let’s make some chaos happen. I know you all need to vent some issues. Let’s do it together and crush the opposition.”

Резултат слика за Ben Falgoust 2017


“Jomsviking”was produced and mixed  by Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, ACCEPT). The epic original story is set in the world of the Jomsvikings, the legendary order of mercenary Vikings.

Jocke Wallgren is named Amon Amarth  new  drummer in September. Jocke had been sitting behind the scene for all shows on the current “Jomsviking” world tour.

Hellheim new offical video for the song “Baklengs mot intet” of the upcoming new album

Image may contain: text

Very well known Norwegian viking metal band Hellheim released a new offical video for the song “Baklengs mot intet” of the upcoming new album called “landawarijaR”, which is going to be out in 20th January via Dark Essence Records. Finnaly after a long time this band is back, with a new album. This song is different, but no so much it’s almost the same as all of thier other songs. They surely have there viking spirit in this song and they didn’t changed a bit as a band. Watch the clip and enjoy awesome fucking music, that will blow your mind and soul.

Here is the video clip, enjoy it:

Myrkgrav-Takk Og Farvel:Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen

Myrkgrav Takk Og Farvel Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen

1. Skjøn jomfru (Norwegian version)
2. Vonde auer
3. Bakom gyrihaugen
4. Soterudsvarten
5. Om å danse bekhette (10th anniversary edition)
6. Spålsnatt
7. Tørrhard
8. Finnkjerringa (10th anniversary edition)
9. Østa glette
10. Sjuguttmyra
11. Uttjent
12. Tviom!
13. Skjøn jomfru (English version)
14. Takk og farvel


Finnish folk one-man metal band Mykgrav released the album. I can say about the album that has a soul to it in viking folk style, it is a special musical piace of art.

On this album there are the influences of black metal, rock, melodic music. All of this has a part in creating a unigue story that this musician present’s trough his music.

The sounds and melodies on this album are perfectly combined, there are some mistakes in crossings between melodies and sound, but it’s nothing special, everything is in perfect order.

The vocals are amazing, pure traditional folk vocals with some black metal vocals in some of the songs, they totally made the atmosphere more unigue in the songs.

Tehnical compliance is great, few thinks could have been done better, but it’s perfect as it is, acoustic is awesome, production is good.

Instrumental songs themeself’s tell a story trough sound and music about traditional scandinavian culture as well as the lyrics, making this album powerful and interesting for the listening.

Mykgrav doesn’t  present only music, it present emotions, tradition and culture. Everything about this one-man folk metal is unigue and in perfect musical balance. Music for the ears and soul.


Rating Album:9,5/10


sapronRating album: SAPRON

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Italian Gothic Metallers LIGHTLESS MOOR are confirmed to support the Finnish Folk Metal Lords KORPIKLAANI and Iceland’s Metallers SKALMÖLD on their shows in Tallinn and Riga, see the details below.

October 22nd
at Rockclub Tapper – Tallinn, Estonia
Facebook event page:

October 23rd
at Melna Piektdiena – Riga
Facebook event page:

LIGHTLESS MOOR’s new album “Hymn for the Fallen” is out via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group through worldwide digital market and CD


Watch “Qualcosa Vive Attraverso” official lyric video here:

More information at:
LIGHTLESS MOOR: http://www.lightlessmoor.com


ENSLAVED to reissue ” VIKINGLIGR VELDI” for the first time ever on the vinyl this September

ENSLAVED to reissue ” VIKINGLIGR VELDI” for the first time ever on the vinyl this September


Enslaved, Vikingligr Veldi

Legendary Norwegian progressive black viking metal band Enslaved is going to reissue of “VikingLigr Veldi“, and it will be coindice with the bands 25 European Tour, and will be avaible in a limited Enslaved 25 webshop edition and regular edition this September.

The band said this about reissue: “We have been waiting since the day we recorded it, and at last it is happening! It has been a challenging jorney, and it has demanding a lot of patience, and understanding from all parts ivolved. The day we hold a finnished product in our hand, will be as sacred for us, as the day we finished recording it.”Ivar and Enslaved.

Enslaved first full-length album was, co-produced, with the Legendary Pytten in Greighallen in Bergen in Norway.

The band said this also about this reissue: This album has a lyrics in icelandic, and is a tribute to the Norse landscape, history and mythology. The songs are matching these themes, with horizontal songscapes, dences atmospheres and winds from the past.