Live Report: Wolf’s Hunger strikes hard, with the almighty wrath!

Blaqutio Cojones/Putrid Blood/Wolf’s Hunger

Dom Omladine, Belgrade


Wolf’s Hunger held a concert in the club of Dom Omladine, and this concert was a promotion of their latest new album “Bezte Zivi Vracaju se Mrtvi“.Well the one think I can say about this concert was, that it had some energy and the atmosphere was really great. The other two bands have had a great perfomancies, the rage and anger was all over the place in the club.

The first band to perform was Serbian punk rock band Blanquito Cojones. When they entered the stage the fans supported the band like there was thousands  and thousands of people there, well the club was almost full, they began the show with the song”Alkohol“. This band is quite interesting, thier perfomance is always unigue, the interaction with fans is like the fans are friends with them personally. They gave the beer and other alcohol drinks to all the fans in the front of the stage, as a introduction to the song “Vinjakolada“, of course the alcohol that was given to the crowd made the atmosphere even more crazier and positive and to get even more crazier they brought on the stage some other punk musicians to play with them, the crowd went in trance completely.They sang many of thier songs like “Deca iz bloka“, “Bubasvaba” and “Rakija” which on the third one second vocalist Dusko gave more alcohol to the audience again. So the time went on, and the band had to leave the stage.

Blanguito Cojones

The second band to play was Serbian thrash-hardcore black metal band Putrid Blood. Well in my opinion the band that crushed with the sound was this band, the club was shaking. The crowd screamed after each song, because the band has some kickass and badass sound to their perfomance. One of the song they played and crowd reacted very positive to them was “Silovanje”, the song is a strong one, and the crowd gone mad on it, also the second song that brought out the most attention was “Pokvaren Do Srzi“, the crowd headbanged, there were some moshpits, it was a real good atmosphere. The fans of the band were enjoying every second of their concert. The third song that brouhgt out the most attention was “Vođa“,crowd singed some songs about the politics, but that was not important everyone had a blast. The band got off the stage and left the crowd and fans in disbelief in a good way.


Finnaly the stars of  the night and headliners Wolf’s Hunger Serbian thrash black metal band arrived at the stage to promote their latesr album. Sadly the larger crowd left the club before the show and the loyal fans and friends stayed to the end, it’s sad because the band is really great, and desirves more, so they played in almost empty club.So they began the vocalist Caslav has some amazing screams coming from his throat.The first song to play was one from their latest album called “Bez’te Zivi Vracaju se Mrtvi” as the album itself is called. The crowd reacted very good to the song, and then there were other songs from the new album like “U Vatri Sazdan” and “Gvozdeni Puk” and they played other songs from their album also, but in my opinion could sound better, but they didn’t as on the album.They played some other older songs too like “Great Serbia” and “Krv Moja Srpska“.This band needed that anger and passion like they had on the album, they had it but, they needed more, so that their songs could sound more agressive and raw as their are. The last song they played was a song of the Serbian punk metal band Ritam Nereda called “Heroj” with vocalist of the Serbian band Mortal Combat- Milos Krickovic, and then the fans got on the stage to sing some song and then the band got off the stage, and the show ended, some people were satisfied some very not, but  the thing is you can not satisfy everyone, that’s the thing about the great bands you can love them or hate them. This band is going to be big, but they need more that raw power on thier live shows, great concert with some amazing atmosphere.

Wolfs Hunger

Rating Concert:8,5/10

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Wolfs Hunger- Bezte Zivi Vracaju se Mrtvi


1.  Wolf’s Hunger-  Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi
Wolf’s Hunger – U vatri sazdan
Wolf’s Hunger – Vostani Serbije
Wolf’s Hunger – Rusija
Wolf’s Hunger – Slava Gromu
Wolf’s Hunger – Lešinari će slaviti moje ime
Wolf’s Hunger – Egzekutor
Wolf’s Hunger – Rod


Serbian thrash black metal band Wolf’s Hunger realeased the album. This album is a very powerful album, with  very unigue  thrash black metal  sound.

On this album it can be heard, the crushing solos on the album, that perfectly presents, the power of thrash and black metal, also the combination of thrash and black metal is, very well harmonized, both of genres are ideally combined, and the sound is raw and brutal in thrash and black metal style. The smashing riffs, the chaotic atmosphere, makes this album interesting and powerful.

Tehnical compliance is almost brought to ideal, acoustic is solid, too loud, but still great and the production is awsome. This album is inspired by World War 1, Serbian Heritage and Slavic heritage. Behind all of this, the music itself follows this great stories, like they are one soul together, the music and the stories.

Wolf’s Hunger is one of those bands that has a music with attitude, that will for sure find a way, to get more listeners. This band is a awesome thrash black metal band, with some very cool music and  symbolic massages brought by this album.

Wolfs Hunger

Rating Album:9,5/10


sapronRating album: SAPRON

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Wolf’s Hunger first official video released, signed contract with Symbol Of Domination

Wolf’s Hunger first official video released,  signed contract with Symbol Of Domination (Wolfs-Hunger)

Приказује се VMP_3739 fb.jpgПриказује се VMP_3739 fb.jpgПриказује се VMP_3739 fb.jpgПриказује се VMP_3739 fb.jpgwolfs-hunger

Cult Serbian thrash/black metallers Wolf’s Hunger have released their first official video for the track “Gvozdeni puk(Kult rata)”. The song is taken from the and’s long awaited, second full length album “Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi” which is set to be released by the end of August/beginning of September via Symbol of Domination from Belarus(sub label of Satanath records from Russia).

Song “Gvozdeni puk(Kult rata)” tells about famous Serbian infantry regiment named & quot ;The Iron Regiment & quot; which participated in all the wars that Serbian army fought since September 1912 until the middle of December 1918. That regiment was famous by their legendary courage they have shown in the battles.

Video was shot in the city of Ruma, and it was directed by Vladimir Milovanović.

Link for the video:

Wolf’sHunger are:

Caslav Nickovic (vokal/bas)

Vladimir Musicki (guitar)

Igor Maric (guitar/backvocals)

Ivan Gaspar (drums)

Contact person: Vidoje Muric

Phonenumber: +38163693795



Nervosa is On ” Agony All Over Europe” tour, and they will be in Belgrade in 23th June.

Nervosa is On ” Agony All Over Europe” tour, and they will be in Belgrade in 23th June.

Nervosa, Agony All Over Europe tour

Legendary thrash metal band Nervosa is on ” Agony All Over Europe’‘ tour which they are promoting they second album ”Agony” via Napalm Records, also they are coming to Belgrade to held a concert and the organizers of the concert ” Route 011 ”. The concert is going to be held, at the ship called ”Les Enfants Terribles”-Grozna Deca. They will play this concert with the bands:

Nemesis-Serbian melodic death metal band

War-Head-Croatian death-thrash metal band

Jenner-Serbian old school thrash-speed metal band

Wolf’s Hunger -Serbian black-thrash metal band

The show will start in 23th June at 20:00 pm. Come an support this brutal thrash metal ladies, and support the other bands.

Metal chaos and destruction

Metal chaos and destruction

metal chaos

METAL FEST-Madvro, Wolf’s Hunger, Pokerface,CounterIgnitioN, Upijtaj Prah (see gallery)


Belgrade Vrtoglavica

At Belgrade, there was held a festival called METAL FEST, held in Belgrade in club Vrtoglavica. There were five bands on this festival, and two of them were Wol’f Hunger and Pokerface. Approuching the club Vrtoglavica, there were people outside the club, waiting to get in the club, for the show to begane.

The bands delayed performances about for a half an hour. The people entered the club, and the first Serbain psychedelic stoner doom metal  band Madvro started playing in the almost empty club. The band played fiarce and loud.

The crowd supported them like they were a very famous band, and also they had a special guest, that played in one of the songs mouth organ, that was fitted awesome with the song.

metal chaos

The second band to play was Serbian thrash black metal band Wol’f Hunger, the club was almost full. The band’s was brutal, loud, in a very rage mood, that lift up the atmosphere in the club. band had a special guest Predrag Milovanovic, who perfomed a punk song with this band, a the song was very addictive.There were most pits,headbanging,screaming and the public gave the full support to the band, as they desirve it.

The next band was Russian thrash metal band Pokerface the stars of the night, they entered the club, and the show begane, the public in the full club went wild, there were ovations, most pit’s, headbanging, complete chaos. The female singer Alexandra Orlova was in a great mood, and also at the begging of the show she said: We are a band from Moscow, we are glad to be here in Serbia Belgrade. Alexandra Orlova the singer of the band, lift up the atmosphere to the most highest point, she was headbanging, dancing, screaming, all over the place, the whole time, and the whole band was in extreme amazing mood.She was cheering the audience, to go crazy with her and the band. The band was fiarce, loud, powerful and very incredible.

The next band that is going to play was Serbian thrash groove progressive metal CounterIgnitioN. They played were loud, powerful, they were great. The public supported them in the best way, in small numbers. The last band was Serbian Wartburg Rock ‘n’ Roll band Upitaj Prah, they music is interesting, and it was interesting to listen to them, they were different from other bands in the festival. This Festival was great, even with the small crowd, the festival was metal to the core. The bands were awesome, the club atmosphere was great. The stars of the night thrash metal Russians are the true thrash metal band, there music is the sweet punch to the face. Ultimate thrash metal band that proved with this concert way they are so unigue and special in thrash metal genre. METAL FEST is one of those festival, that has a cool relaxing vibe to it. Great atmosphere and festival,in the most best way.


Rating concert: 10/10

sapronConcert report: SAPRON

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